Secret Invasion (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


PRISCILLA: Do I dare ask what
calamity must have transpired
to bring you home to me?
How do you explain
Mr. Fury's presence in Moscow?
They sent you to fire me?
I volunteered.
That mess that you created in Moscow
that resulted in getting
- one of our best people murdered?
You earned all this smoke, brother.
GRAVIK: At the Council meeting,
I told you I had a plan
for taking Earth as our own.
The heroes of Earth will react.
The only way we can counter that
is to become super ourselves.
All of us.
Super Skrulls.
TALOS: G'iah.
- Go on, turn around.
- G'IAH: No.
Are you a leader of Skrulls
or our worst enemy?
MAN ON THE PHONE: St. James Church,
one hour.
As I was watching all the news
coverage of those guys'
heroics over in the States,
strangest thing,
I kept having this feeling
that someone I know had something
to do with getting them all together.
And what if it was someone you know?
Wouldn't surprise me.
Why is that?
Because if he's the man I think he is,
he has a powerful sense
of righteousness.
He understands that the universe
is a dangerous place.
That home is worth fighting for.
And that the weak are worth protecting.
Good book?
It's a collection of poems.
Raymond Carver.
- You familiar?
- Nah. More of a history guy myself.
He's known for his brevity.
I mean, some of his poems
are just three or four lines,
but they pack a punch.
Do you have a favorite?
It's called Late Fragment.
Hmm. How's it go?
Actually, it's a conversation
between two people.
You read the first line.
"And did you get
what you wanted from this life,
even so?"
"I did".
"And what did you want?"
"To call myself beloved,
to feel myself beloved on the earth".
- Fury was fired a couple of days ago.
- Fired?
How'd that happen?
President Ritson must have
found out he was in Moscow.
(CHUCKLES) President Ritson
doesn't find out that the sun's come up
unless I brief him.
I fired Fury, okay?
No, I'm sorry, correction,
I DDT'd that dude from the top rope.
Yeah, it was like Undertaker level.
It was really impressive.
I don't understand. If it was you
If it was Gravik, then
why does he need me?
What Gravik needs,
what Gravik doesn't need,
that's none of your concern.
I'm the one telling you to kill Fury.
I'll make it easy for you.
(OVER EARPIECE) One of the two occupants
of that lovely country manor of yours
is catching a bullet today.
You can flip a coin for all I care.
He's broken.
He's been broken ever since
he came back from the Blip.
The old Fury, the one with power,
the one with ability, the one
who was indispensable to us,
that Fury's gone.
Now this new one,
he'll be dead from exhaustion
and defeat soon enough.
We don't need to kill him.
You keep telling me
what you're not gonna do,
I'm gonna show you what I am going to.
Now you enjoy this concert.
PAGON: We have a problem.
Oh, yeah?
What's that?
Take a look around, G. There's
a reason G'iah isn't here with us.
She's the mole.
I've already taken care of her.
PAGON: Yes, sir.
Hey! Remember, we want them
to think it's the Russians.
Make it big, loud,
like the Russians would.
CREW MEMBER: Yeah, that's cargo only.
Steady now.
I should never ever
have forced you into this,
and I am so sorry.
I don't need your sorrow or pity
for anything I did of my own free will.
The reason I'm with you now
is because with you, Dad
It's the only answer
to the question of where I belong.
The only thing that I need from you
is a plan.
Once and for all, Dad,
what is your plan
for finding our people a home?
Because Gravik has
already implemented his,
and it works.
First, we take down the insurgency.
You, me, Fury.
Once that's done, we
go to the President.
And we have a big bargaining chip.
And we tell him,
"Guess what? Just saved your planet.
Now give me a little
something in return".
And we wait and see what
can happen next. All right?
And I believe that I can
secure an amnesty
for the one million of us to remain.
Don't you want to live in your own skin?
Of course I do.
But we have to deal with reality.
G'iah, we're a people without a planet.
We depend on the goodwill of our hosts.
We just have to keep
showing them who we are.
We just keep contributing,
show them our hearts.
They will see us.
You are delusional.
That's not who we are.
And that is not who I've become.
- Didn't think you'd be home until later.
- Surprise.
- Tea?
- Sure, I'll take a cup.
What's the matter?
Your fingers swell up?
You're not wearing your wedding ring.
Came in the back way, slipped my mind.
Does that mean you're coming or going?
(SIGHS) Going.
One of those "Fury, we
need you at work" things.
- Know what I mean?
- I know how it is.
Of all the dumbass, wrongheaded,
reckless things I've done in my life,
you are by far and away
the greatest mistake.
I lost all my reason to be your husband.
Ignored every signal
in my head, heart and body
that screamed, "Stop!"
Even now, as I sit here,
knowing you plan to kill me
with that pistol of yours,
I don't know that if I had a
chance to do it over again,
that I'd do anything different.
Would you tell me the story?
About how you
chose her?
Dr. Priscilla Davis had
a congenital heart defect.
She was keeping it a secret.
Didn't want the people she loved
gathered around for months,
watching her die in a hospital.
And I would visit her in her room
almost every day towards the end,
and we became quite close.
But at some point,
I had to acknowledge the truth of
what I was actually doing there
- in the first place.
- Which was?
Looking for someone
who would slip your defenses.
So you were playing the long
game on me, even then.
Don't do that, Nick.
One day the doctor came in and told me
that it would be just a matter of hours.
I decided to just come out and ask.
You asked if you could assume her life?
I asked if she wanted to fall in love.
She wanted to know how, of course.
And I told her about you.
She made me make her three promises.
that I would bury her
at sea, which I did.
that I would continue to be
a daughter to her parents.
- Which you've also done.
- Mmm-hmm.
That I would never hurt you.
Sorry, darling.
"And did you get
what you wanted
from this life, even so?"
"I did".
"And what did you want?"
"To call myself beloved".
- "To feel myself
- "Myself
- beloved on the earth"
- beloved on the earth".
I'm not sure if this means
we should get divorced,
or we should renew our vows.
They'll be coming for you.
I'm a big girl. I can
take care of myself.
Would you have loved me
if I'd never changed?
If I'd been my true self?
Guess we'll never know.
Fury, what the hell?
You mind telling me what
the hell you're doing in here?
Memory serves, I shit-canned you
into oblivion a few days ago.
I didn't like the way we left things
between us the other day, you know?
I mean, for real, though, you know,
us brothers gotta stick together.
You know what I mean?
And you thought you'd demonstrate
that by breaking and entering?
I wanted to share
my favorite liquid lunch with you.
Pappy Van Winkle.
Twenty-three years
of distilled perfection.
I figured we could settle our beef
like, you know, proper gentlemen.
Mmm! Mmm, mmm, mmm!
Pappy! You done outdid
yourself on this one.
This the real thing?
$5,000 worth of 24 carat liquid gold.
- Should I be worried about poison?
- Poison? No! Nanotechs.
Maybe I should pour this out,
make myself a fresh one.
You do whatever makes
you feel comfortable.
But let me tell you,
if you waste one drop
of this Family Reserve,
I guarantee you, your ancestors
will reach out from the beyond
and strangle your Black ass.
You wanna tell me
the real reason you're here?
Can't get nothing by you. Huh?
Aside from really wanting to squash
this beef between us
- I stopped by
- You broke in.
Broke in, to tell you
(SOFTLY) There are Skrulls
inside the U.S. government.
This again?
Skrulls in my security detail,
in the U.S. government,
there are Skrulls everywhere?
- I have it on excellent authority
- Mmm-hmm.
that there is a Skrull mole
very close to the President.
Wow. Really? How close?
As close as you and I are
right now, uh, closer.
- That's a wild story.
- Ain't it now?
But here's the kicker.
All you got to do to keep
my mouth shut about all this,
give me my job back.
You mind if I make a counter?
You see this all right?
Oof! That's bad.
And that's you.
You and I both know
that's Gravik.
Come on.
Is that really what you're
gonna go with at your trial?
The alien defense?
"No, Your Honor. That's not me.
That's a six-foot tall, bald, Black,
one-eyed extraterrestrial".
(CHUCKLES) Good luck with that.
Look, I don't want you to worry, okay?
I'm gonna do everything
in my power to protect you,
to keep this video,
and you know all the copies
that I made under wraps.
But I can't have you running around
spouting wild conspiracies,
and I certainly can't have you
breaking into my hotel suite,
threatening me.
But what I can have
is the rest of this Pappy,
'cause, baby, this is fire.
Now, why don't you hobble
your ancient ass on out of here
before I have you defenestrated?
Liquid location tracker.
It's not a bad idea.
- Welcome to England, Mr. President.
- Colonel Rhodes.
Hope you had a restful flight.
Most important negotiation
since the Cuban Missile Crisis,
yeah, I slept like a baby.
Point taken, sir.
There's a full briefing book
for you inside Stagecoach.
One word if I may.
The key thing about the Russians
is you have to project strength.
There's an old Lenin quote,
Vladimir, not John.
"When you find flesh, you push.
When you find steel, you stop".
You gotta be steel, sir.
Colonel, can I ask you something?
Absolutely anything, sir.
Did you pre-game
for our bilateral with the Russians
with a half-bottle of bourbon?
I'm not sure I understand
the question, sir.
Let's make sure the Colonel here
has a large coffee for the road.
Get me a mint.
AGENT: Yes, sir.
Get the door.
Giddy up.
We're in transit to the summit.
Citadel is in position number four.
- AGENT 1: Two o'clock!
- AGENT 2: Incoming!
AGENT 3: Fire! Fire! Fire!
AGENT 4: Go ahead and fire!
Confirm, Citadel is alive.
- AGENT 3: I repeat, Citadel is alive.
- AGENT 4: This way!
- AGENT 5: Enemy in sight!
- AGENT 6: Taking heavy fire.
it's the Russians!
- AGENT 1: Watch your six.
- AGENT 2: Cover!
AGENT 3: Get down!
AGENT 1: Go! Ten o'clock.
AGENT 2: Watch the chopper!
AGENT 3: Two and twelve.
Two and twelve. Advance.
Bloody hell, Fury. It's a kill zone.
Whole planet will be a kill zone
if we don't save Ritson.
AGENT 1: Defend Citadel!
AGENT 2: Fury inbound.
AGENT 4: Ten o'clock!
Fury's here.
Cover the Stagecoach!
AGENT 5: Take this mag!
AGENT 6: South side!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
SOLDIER 1: Fury. Fury's here.
- Reinforcements here, sir.
- Fury.
- Cover up!
- More men coming, sir!
FURY: Move! Move! Move!
AGENT 3: Get to the president's car.
- AGENT 4: Go, go, go!
- AGENT 5: Hold the line.
AGENT 6: Requesting backup.
Repeat, requesting backup.
SOLDIER 1: Let's go!
SOLDIER 2: Sniper!
FURY: Mr. President? Sir?
- He's out.
- I've got this. Stand back, man.
- AGENT 1: Reinforcements now!
Take care of Talos. Now!
SOLDIER 1: The Russians
are still coming!
SOLDIER 2: Russians, two o'clock!
They're still advancing!
He's a bloody alien.
He's trying to get to Ritson!
No, no, no! Hold your
fire! He's with me.
- He's with us.
- SOLDIER 1: Where are those helos?
AGENT 1: Alpha, Bravo, Tango,
get those choppers in here, now!
SOLDIER 1: Reclaim your positions.
SOLDIER 2: Where are they?
AGENT 2: President's out of the vehicle!
Cover the President!
Talos, hang in there.
I'll be back for you.
- Put him in my car.
- I got my own ride.
Come on, I've got you.
I got you.
Come on. I got you.
SOLDIER 1: Fire!
SOLDIER 2: I'm hit.
Put him down.
I said put him down, now!
SOLDIER 1: Reinforcements are here!
SOLDIER 2: Here they come, lads!
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