Secrets and Lies (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

The Husband

1 Previously on "secrets and lies" I'm Detective Andrea Cornell.
Please let go of the victim.
She's my wife.
Cornell: Kate fell from the roof.
I need to know if I'm investigating a murder or if this was a suicide.
My wife didn't kill herself.
How can you be so sure? 'Cause she was pregnant.
Amanda: Cornell thinks Kate was murdered.
- You are the prime suspect.
- Kate didn't commit suicide.
Someone killed her.
Who would have pushed my wife off the roof? Eric: Somebody was in here.
Did you know she had a P.
Box? Kate Warner died from a 12-story fall.
This is a homicide.
There were signs of separation of the pelvic girdle.
You didn't know your wife had another man's baby? - I did not kill my wife.
- What about Steven Porter? I didn't mean to kill him.
Amanda: You publicly exposed Eric's juvenile record at his wife's memorial.
A record that was sealed and expunged.
It no longer exists.
[Beep] Employees mentioned seeing your wife with a black eye.
You want to explain that? Kate's black eye was an accident.
She was walking into the kitchen when I opened the cupboard.
Are you telling me that your wife walked into a door? I know how it sounds, but it's the truth.
Why did you go up to the roof, Mr.
Warner? It was time for me to give my speech.
I was nervous about it.
Kate practiced with me for weeks to prepare.
She wrote down talking points on 3x5 cards, told me to tell a few jokes.
Kate couldn't tell a joke 'cause she'd always blow the punch line.
Anyway, the the cards were in her purse.
When I couldn't find her in the office, I figured she'd be on the roof.
She liked it up there.
[Door opens] [Footsteps] [Exhales sharply] But we didn't find any 3x5 cards on the roof or by your wife.
Why would I lie about this? Why does anybody lie, Mr.
Warner? You think I killed my wife.
I didn't.
And I didn't kill Steven Porter either.
Your juvenile record says you had something to do with it.
Porter was a star running back.
He liked to bully, and I was his favorite target.
Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.
So I took a swing at him.
One punch, and the guy died.
No one knew Porter had a broken neck or how long he'd had that injury.
Even the medical examiner couldn't tell.
What the M.
did say was that Steven Porter's neck was likely broken playing football, and he could have died from any sudden contact after that.
You can read it in the transcripts.
Well, as you said, counselor, the transcripts no longer exist.
Except for the ones in my father's possession.
I'll make sure we send it over.
Will that suffice? Did you know that your wife withdrew $100,000 from the bank? Don't answer that.
From your savings account, in cash.
[Knock on door] Excuse me.
[Door closes] How you feeling? You okay? Honestly, I don't know.
We'll be leaving soon.
Sure doesn't feel like it.
That man was Cornell's boss, and he's telling her to back off.
- Why would he do that? - We have a lot of friends.
I'm well aware, but they're making me look bad, and I don't have anything to hide.
[Door opens] You're free to leave.
You already sent one innocent man to prison.
Don't be a repeat offender.
Amanda: It's gonna be fine.
There's no way it can be.
Tell me what I can do.
What do you need right now? Answers.
Kate's dead, and I keep finding out things about my relationship that make me question Eric, don't do that.
Don't pick apart your relationship when Kate is not here to defend it.
She had a baby, Amanda.
A baby.
Where is it? Did it die? Did she give it up for adoption? Who's the father, and where is he? $100,000.
What is going on? Did you know about any of this? No.
But I know that she did not take that money without a reason.
- Then why not tell me about it? - I don't know.
All right.
I-I got to find out.
- [Car alarm deactivates] - [Car door opens, closes] If if that's all the space I get after giving up my lease, we should talk.
What, I gave you two shelves, and okay.
That section.
Why don't we just get a bigger place? No, not until we're ready to start a family.
- Uh-huh.
- Wait, I thought you wanted kids.
Of course.
Kids are great.
Your place is Yes, it's doable, but, um, the closet is what's not gonna work.
Why do you need more space than this? If you got rid of half of your stuff, - I'd have all the space I need.
- No, I need this.
[Chuckles] Okay.
You you're moving.
I'm not.
Am I being pushy? I know your last girlfriend Was certifiably crazy.
- She hoarded clothes, too.
- [Laughs] Funny.
At least you're honest.
Why wouldn't I be? Lots of couples lie to each other.
Well, in order for this to work, we have to tell each other the truth.
I don't want to give you half my closet.
[Chuckles] [Knock on door] - [Knock on door] - Neil: Come on, buddy.
Open up.
My hands are full.
You've gone rogue.
Why are you here? Thought you might need company.
How long you planning on staying? As long as you need.
A few days to talk, listen, or just be quiet.
I don't need a sitter.
You need something.
Um I went through Kate's things to try and figure out who the hell she was.
Why? She was hiding things.
Who doesn't have secrets? Hmm? We're good friends.
I didn't have a clue about your time in juvie.
It was hard enough to do that time.
I just never wanted to look back.
So, you, uh you find any of Kate's secrets in this mess? Nope.
She had a baby she never mentioned.
What? And she took a bunch of cash out of my savings.
- Well, how much? - Six figures.
- Did you find the money? - No.
But maybe it's in the P.
Box, that I didn't know Kate had.
Check that out tomorrow.
[Bell dings] Hi.
- I wanted to know about - Cornell: Mr.
Thank you.
A search warrant.
As next of kin, you're entitled to a copy and a receipt for the contents.
I want to see what's inside before you take it.
- Do you have a key to the box? - No.
I didn't know Kate had one until recently.
You didn't want to report it to the police? Where were you two weeks ago on Wednesday night? Why are you asking me questions without my attorney? I can ask.
You don't have to answer.
But it makes me wonder what else you're hiding.
Where were you, Mr.
Warner? Two weeks ago, I was watching my wife have dinner with her ex-boyfriend, Shane Campbell.
- Did you have an open marriage? - Of course not.
Shane has a high-tech security firm.
Kate said he just needed legal advice.
There are plenty of good lawyers in this town.
Nothing happened, Detective.
- I trust my wife.
- And yet you followed her.
I don't trust Shane Campbell.
He and your wife met two more times after that.
Were you aware that Kate was seeing her ex on a regular basis? No matter how much you dig, you'll never find anything to prove I killed my wife.
[Elevator bell dings] [Indistinct conversations] Eric: Good morning.
Good morning.
Hey, Sherry.
[Sighs] John: Yes, of course.
Sherwood equity group.
John Warner's office.
Hold, please.
Hold, please.
- Can I have him call you back? - Mm-hmm.
- I will be sure to tell him.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, the family's doing as well as can be expected, Phil.
Thank you for the flowers.
That was very kind.
Well, I'm disappointed.
You'll be missing future opportunities.
Let me know.
Eric: Looks like our investors are jumping ship.
Don't blame yourself, Eric.
Doesn't require much for a good reputation to take a hit, son.
It's just rumors and gossip, Eric.
Problems we can fix.
I want everyone in the conference room in five minutes.
is a business.
No question.
But my father wasn't wrong when he said we've evolved into something more.
We've become a family.
Which is why I owe you an explanation.
Some of you overheard that I killed someone.
And without knowing the facts, you naturally filled in all the blanks.
I want you to hear from me what really happened.
[Indistinct conversations] - What are you doing, numb nuts? - [Locker door slams] What are you doing? Don't you walk away from me when I'm talking to you.
I was scared.
I was pissed off.
And I wanted the attacks to stop.
[Laughter] [Young men jeering] You know your mother's a lush.
Bet she sleeps in her own puke.
[Laughter] Young man: Come on, man.
- Ohh! - Oh, man.
I served six months in juvenile detention.
I paid with my freedom for hitting Steven Porter.
But no one No one paid more than his family.
What happened here? What happened? [Indistinct conversations] Steven! Dial 911! Now! If I could go back and And change the outcome I can't.
I am responsible for Steven's death.
But my wife's a different story.
Someone murdered her.
I am a suspect, but so is everyone who was there.
You all know me, and you knew Kate.
What you didn't know was that whoever killed my wife also killed [Voice breaking] Our unborn child.
My world is gone.
The easy thing would be for me to go home, shut the door, and just give up.
But I won't do that.
And I hope you won't do that.
is successful because of each and every one of you.
And I can't do this alone.
I need you now more than ever.
Now, if any of you feel like I still had something to do with Kate's death, you should leave.
No hard feelings.
Otherwise Stay.
Help us heal.
And let's get back to work.
[Applause] That took guts.
Drama queen.
Uh Well It looks like a few people are missing.
- Where are they? - Two analysts quit.
And Kate's assistant, Liam, hasn't come back since your father gave everyone time off.
He and Kate were close.
Maybe we should reach out to him, give him a call, and make sure he's okay.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
Hand over my father's call sheet.
It's time the investors heard it from the horse's mouth.
Okay, I'm, uh, ready for the next one.
May: That's the end of the list, Eric.
Thanks, May.
[Sighs] How'd it go? [Sighs] You'll probably have to follow up, but Everyone heard me out.
Well, if they don't like it, they can take their money somewhere else.
Screw them.
You don't mean that, Dad.
Business always came first.
I did the best I could.
I'm worried about you.
So many people are worried about me.
I'm fine.
No, you're not fine.
And you won't be fine tomorrow.
You won't be fine the next day.
But eventually, you will.
And when is that supposed to happen? I have no idea.
I don't know your pain.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Don't be.
I have my memories of your mother.
And I have you kids.
[Breathes deeply] This is Hard But I have to give you this.
A birth certificate.
Kate was 16 years old.
She had a baby boy at a Boone County Hospital.
Father is listed as "unknown.
" She gave her son up for adoption.
Why do you have this? I had an investigator run it down 'cause I knew it was gonna eat at you.
[Hand thuds] I should have known about this.
What what if he came looking for her? What was I supposed to say Just, "welcome to the family"? Eric, this is not necessarily about you.
What were the circumstances of her pregnancy? Was she forced to give up her baby? Don't judge when you only have half the story.
[Engine shuts off] [Man grunts] [Man grunts] - No! No! - Hey! Hey! - Hey! - Stay out of it! - You okay? - [Door opens] - There he is.
- Mr.
Why were you at the police station yesterday, Eric? Where were you when Kate went off the roof? Any idea who pushed Kate off the building? Reporter: How are you feeling at this time? They're saying your wife was pregnant.
Could you please give us a statement, sir? How does it feel to lose a child? Mr.
Warner, did you know your wife was pregnant? Reporter: Any indication at all that How bad is it? Ohh.
I've been better.
You know that guy? Never seen him before.
You look fine, so I guess you didn't catch him.
God, what were you thinking? I don't know.
Let's get you to the hospital.
Ohh, you go.
I just need ibuprofen and three fingers of scotch.
- You need a doctor.
- He didn't hit me that hard.
[Gasps] Ohh! Okay.
I got you.
- I got you.
I got you.
- All right.
- You owe money? - [Breathes deeply] Only to those bloodsucking ticks I was married to.
What about other women, huh? Any crazy boyfriends or husbands trying to run you off? [Chuckles] The only women I see are on pay-per-view.
[Laughs] - Why? - Oh, come on.
[Door opens] Just what we need.
Warner, Mr.
I understand there was some trouble here this evening.
What are you doing here, Detective? One of your neighbors heard a fight and called the cops.
I recognized the address.
Do you sleep? Or have a life? I don't know.
Anything else? Yes.
I'm ready to take your statements.
I'd prefer if we did this some other time.
Well, you can tell me what happened here, or I can take Mr.
Oliver off your hands.
It's up to you.
Interesting what you've done with the place.
[Sighs] Cornell: So, Mr.
Oliver, your attacker? He came out of nowhere and just started pounding on me.
Have you seen him before? Thanks.
I see.
So, he didn't ask you for your wallet or demand that you hand over that very expensive breitling watch? Of course he did.
Eric showed up and stopped him.
Then what happened? I chased him out of the lobby, but he got away.
Do you know what he looked like? He's white.
6 feet.
Was this the man that attacked you? That's him.
Who is he? I believe Mr.
Oliver is the best person to explain that.
I just told you I don't know the guy.
Kate: I don't think you're telling me the truth.
As usual, you're making a big deal out of nothing.
What's going on? Neil's expense report.
You will reimburse the company management $400.
It's a legitimate expense.
- I had lunch with an investor.
- Who? Marty Fields.
Really? He says he hasn't seen you in months.
- Try again.
- You called him? Oh, see, that's dirty.
The S.
is cracking down on inflated fund expenses, - so knock it off.
- [Chuckling] It's a lousy 400 bucks.
Next time you treat the interns, tell them not to talk about it after.
And who eats at a buffet at a strip club? Men, Kate! Men! We get hungry.
That's why you're paying for it.
[Sighs] We had a blast.
You should have come.
Wings and ass don't go together, Neil.
Sure, they do.
Why didn't you call me? Because you're married now and legally dead.
Let's go over your movements the night Kate died.
At any point, did you leave the party and return? I already gave you my statement.
A lot of witnesses forget details or leave things out.
I'm giving you a chance to remember.
[Sighs] I, uh I went outside for about a half an hour.
- Not up to the roof? - Where'd you go? I went downstairs to smoke.
You don't smoke, not even cigars.
I-I got bored, so I took a joint off one of the assistants.
- Satisfied? - The assistant's name? Liam Connors.
What's the name of this woman standing with you and Liam? I don't know her.
- She wasn't your date? - No.
I tried getting her number, and she shot me down.
Thank you so much for your time.
I'll be sure to be in touch if I locate your attacker.
[Door opens, closes] You do know why that guy was after you.
No, but, you know, the last few days, I thought someone was following me.
- I just saw - What the hell is wrong with you? You came here to hide out, and you bring trouble with you? You know what? I see it's time for me to give you some space.
You're lying to that cop.
Now you're lying to me.
- You need to cool down.
- It's too late.
- What are you hiding? - Nothing.
That guy kicked your ass.
He'll be back.
Next time, I won't be there.
- You've got this all wrong.
- Kate's dead! The guy who hit me doesn't have anything to do with Kate's murder.
Then why does Cornell already have a sketch of him? Get the hell out.
Get out! [Door closes] Were you able to contact Liam? No.
I've left three voicemail messages.
- He hasn't called back.
- Okay, text me his number, please.
[Sighs] Dad wants me to go to meetings.
Probably not a bad idea.
Maybe give the bottle a rest.
Business meetings, dumb-ass.
Not A.
Makes sense.
Owes it to the firm to make sure things are running smoothly - in case I have to bail.
- Oh, how did this get to be about you? Me going to lunch with Dad's farting cronies is a trick to get me to be more responsible.
You should want that for yourself.
I am very happy the way that I am, thank you.
And besides, Dad is not worried about you.
This isn't the first time he's tried to get me to be more like you.
The old man is always playing the odds.
- If something happens - Let me rephrase this.
Dad is not worried about you getting pinched.
I went away once.
That's not happening again.
The only place that you're going is to lunch with me.
- I'm working, Patrick.
- [Sighs] You're not sleeping.
You're not eating.
Come on.
Let's roll.
Look, you should probably drive, though.
I'm not I'm not saying that I've had a few.
- Okay.
- But I'm not denying it either, so Okay, you got to stop.
Look, Melanie's already at the restaurant waiting, and she does not like to wait.
[Chuckles] Or cook.
Or clean or service me in any way.
- All right, all right.
- Come on.
I lost my father when I was 18.
It gets bearable, but it never goes away.
I read that on a sympathy card once.
It's so true.
Um Mel is not a shrink, even though she plays one in her own mind.
[Scoffs] I think Melanie likes to mislead people as to how smart she really is.
[Scoffs] So, Kate was a teen mom.
I mean, did anyone think she was that interesting? This is like reality TV, but better.
- It's pillow talk.
- Oh, come on.
This family never talks about anything Anything important at all.
You guys just brush everything under the rug.
Ever cross your mind it might be too soon for me to talk about my wife? Why, Eric? Kate was young when she had the baby, right? It was a long time ago.
Long before she married you.
How much of her life were you entitled to? Have you ever kept something from Patrick? She only tells me what I need to know.
[Sighs] [Doe Paoro's "The Wind" plays] You only show enough to keep me guessin' feeling like I know ahh-ahh but I could never know [Woman vocalizing] Feeling, feeling feeling like feeling, feeling [Woman vocalizing] Feeling, feeling [Woman vocalizing] Feeling, feeling [Knock on door] [Sighs] [Breathes deeply] [Knock on door] [Sighs] When did the cops search your place? Don't get excited.
They didn't.
I did.
Why? Because my wife was a liar.
Okay, you know that's not true.
I just found out about a baby, a P.
Box, and a lot of missing money.
It sure sounds true to me.
All right.
You are in a place right now, and I don't know what to say to pull you out of it.
Well, then leave me alone.
So you can keep doing things like this? What exactly were you expecting to find? Answers.
Who the hell was my wife? I know she loved you.
Just stop.
You didn't know Kate either.
I tore this whole place apart, and I didn't find anything.
Maybe I never will.
Did you check the bathroom? [Sighs] Why why would I look in there? Women will hide things in the one place a man will never look.
Eric: What is it? It's an extortion letter.
You were being blackmailed.
Did you know about this? Who the hell was blackmailing you, and why? Amanda: Blackmail is a felony.
Did you pay it? I absolutely refused.
This came in the mail? There's no stamp, no return address, so someone must have slipped this in the mailbox.
I have no idea who sent this.
Pay it.
Hell, no.
If my time in juvie comes out, I'll resign.
I'm not gonna pay someone 50 grand to cover up my past.
One day soon, your father will hand you the firm.
You don't need this hanging over your head.
[Sighs] I won't lie, Kate.
I'm not asking you to.
We we pay the blackmail.
We track the money.
We hand the bastard over to the police.
We don't even know who this is.
They could be desperate or even dangerous.
We don't have to get close.
There's tracking software.
Eric, we need to control this information.
It's my past.
It's my decision.
[Whirring] So Kate must have intercepted a second demand.
They wanted 50 grand the first time.
This time, $100,000.
They must have doubled the price when I didn't pay it.
That is why Kate took the cash out of your savings To protect you.
What's in the second envelope? It's a DNA report.
Kate sent the envelope to a private lab.
She wanted to identify whoever was trying to shake me down.
You should have brought this to me, Eric.
I know how to handle scumbags like this.
You work in the Public Defenders' Office.
Like you said, it's a felony.
Wouldn't you have to report it to the cops? Yes, and if I had, the bastard would probably already be in cuffs.
Maybe Kate would still be alive.
Can we use the DNA report to find him? There are 350 million people in this country.
Less than 4% are in the database.
A long shot's better than nothing, right? Following a paper trail in the digital age is not so easy.
If your blackmailer's not in the system, his DNA won't matter until he's caught.
That's Cornell's problem.
We cannot give this to Cornell yet.
- Eric.
- [Elevator bell dings] How do you think a Homicide Detective will receive your new evidence? Cornell will have to investigate it.
"Interesting you're only bringing this to my attention now, Mr.
" [Both chuckle] [Elevator bell dings] Seriously, Eric, Cornell will accuse you of trying to distract her from finding a killer who she thinks is you.
If I give her this DNA report, she'll know it's not me.
As, P.
Ds, and cops all think alike.
We are used to people lying to us.
We even expect it.
Kate asked you to pay the blackmail.
You refused.
Now I am asking you to wait before you hand it over.
Until when? Until Cornell stops thinking you killed your wife.
Can't do it, Mandy.
This guy could have killed Kate if she found out who he was.
If I don't turn this in, his trail goes cold.
Gatling juvenile was like Summer Camp compared to prison.
Ben Crawford, the innocent man Cornell put away, was killed there.
I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I really need your support right now.
I want my little sister, not a lawyer.
Well, you know what? I can't be both.
- What's this? - It's a list Of the best defense attorneys I know.
Do not talk to Cornell without one.
- Amanda called you.
- I'm glad she did.
I know you're upset.
The hits just keep coming, and this feels like the right next step.
I have thought this through.
If you had, you would not be here now.
This isn't a business deal gone wrong.
You don't have any experience in this world.
That's not true, Eric.
I learned a lot about this world the last time you were in trouble.
[Breathes deeply] This is different.
I have friends in the know who advise me that you are squarely in that woman's cross hairs.
And I need you and your friends to back off, please.
[Elevator bell dings] You can go with the officer.
- Thank you.
- Come with me.
Is there something I can help you with, Mr.
Warner? I just want to know when I can see the mail from Kate's P.
The contents will be returned to you if they're not logged as evidence.
And when will that be? When I've made my arrest.
I'd like to thank you for your donation to the fraternal order.
We so appreciate your generosity.
Who was that woman who was with the detective? Her name is Tina Sawyer.
We, uh We dated briefly.
And why does Cornell want to talk to her? Because she's gonna tell her exactly what she wants to hear.
Hey, what's going on? I'll tender my resignation first thing in the morning.
What are you talking about? What can that woman say that could be so damaging? If any more of my past gets leaked, the firm goes down.
If if I get arrested, the firm goes down.
Just let me put some distance between us so that you and the company are protected.
I am your father.
I protect you.
Not this time.
Please don't do anything rash.
How can I help you if you won't tell me what's going on? There's nothing you can do about it.
- [Sighs] - [Engine turns over] Is everything all right? It's fine.
I didn't think you were coming in today.
Uh I have some paperwork I got to take care of.
Want me to stay? No.
Were you able to reach Liam? I sent you the number.
Uh, slipped my mind.
I'll try him now.
Uh [Dialing] [Ringing] Liam: You've reached Liam.
Leave me a message.
It went straight to voicemail.
You know what? Just give me his address.
And I'll, uh I'll check on him later.
- [Cellphone beeps] - Anything else I can do? Um, no.
Go home.
- Good night.
- Good night.
It's been a rough few days.
You're upset.
But you know me.
I would never do anything to jeopardize our friendship.
I know you like to cover your own ass and pretend you're doing everyone else a favor.
That's fair.
I have my faults, but I didn't think I was alone in that.
You're not.
So we're good? As soon as you come clean We'll be great.
[Door opens] [Rustling] [Door creaks]