Secrets and Lies (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

The Liar

1 Previously on "Secrets and Lies" Amanda: You are the prime suspect.
She had a baby, and she took a bunch of cash out of my savings.
It's an extortion letter.
You were being blackmailed.
Where were you two weeks ago on Wednesday night? I was watching my wife have dinner with her ex-boyfriend, Shane Campbell.
- No! No! - Hey! Hey! - Stay out of it! - Was this the man that attacked you? That's him.
You're lying to that cop.
Now you're lying to me.
- What are you hiding? - Nothing.
- Get out.
- Kate's assistant, Liam, hasn't come back.
[Grunts] Son of a bitch.
Who are you? You scare pretty easy for a killer.
You do your wife? What the hell do you want? - Did you kill your wife? - No.
Did you? Where's Liam? - Where's Liam?! - I don't know.
He stopped coming to work.
- When? - About a week ago.
He hasn't been in since Kate died.
[Breathing heavily] Why are you looking for Liam? I'm not.
[Cellphone clicking] I'm looking for her.
How did you get that picture? It was your party.
- Who'd she come with? Her name is Carly.
- I don't know.
- She's 19.
- Why are you looking for her? - Where's Liam? - I said I don't know.
I think you do.
[Breathing heavily] Too bad.
The last time I saw you, you beat up a friend of mine.
Even if I knew where Liam was, I wouldn't give him over to you.
[Chuckles] Dumb and brave.
I like you, Eric.
How did you get that photo? Your wife sent it to me right before she died.
Cornell: I understand that you can now identify the young woman in this photo.
I know her name.
It's Carly.
I'll need her contact information.
Okay, well, you'll have to ask the guy who beat up Neil Oliver, then broke into Liam Connors' apartment, and carries a gun.
- You you have a sketch of him.
- I'm doing my job.
I don't need you to do it for me.
Okay, well, whoever he is, he is looking for Liam.
He is dangerous, and he's committed.
Aren't you supposed to protect and serve? What exactly would you like me to do? Find Liam.
Maybe he saw who killed my wife.
Maybe maybe he's in trouble.
What makes you so sure that Liam's missing? His apartment was tossed, and he hasn't been to work since Kate died.
Maybe he quit and just packed in a hurry.
[Scoffs] - This is a waste of time.
- Attrition, Mr.
What? Your guests were led past Kate's body in a pool of blood.
It's a miracle anybody went back to work at all.
We're a family.
Still, most people don't come that close to violence and remain unscathed.
You seem to be handling it rather well.
I don't have a choice, Detective.
Your employees do.
Thank you for coming in and doing your civic duty.
[Door opens] [Knock on door] Eric: I made a mistake.
Amanda: Then call a lawyer you'll listen to.
I'm busy.
Kate's assistant went missing, and when I went looking for him, I was confronted by a guy with a gun.
The same guy who beat up Neil.
You okay? Then call a lawyer.
[Sighs] Mandy, I'm sorry.
[Scoffs] You always do this.
The puppy-dog eyes and the earnest apology, and I give in.
- Well, not this time.
- Okay.
I'm used to being the guy who knows what to do The guy other people listen to The guy [Sighs] whose shoulder you cry on.
That was a long time ago.
Amanda, you're my kid sister.
Sometimes I forget you're not a kid.
You have to know there's no one I trust more.
What happened? I told Cornell about it, and she brushed me off.
You talked to her alone? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- That's it? - What do you want me to say? I have told you over and over again what not to do.
Take my advice or don't.
But the ones who don't usually end up behind bars.
Mandy I'm really sorry.
[Scoffs] Write down everything you said to that woman, and don't leave anything out.
[Indistinct conversations] You can go with this officer here.
So long, and good luck, bitch.
Third time isn't always the charm, huh? See, there is no charm, Eric.
Okay, a marriage, plain and simple, is bondage designed to separate men from their buddies and their money.
You invited Kate? - Yeah.
- We had plans before you called.
You know how long it takes to get a reservation at red door.
Yeah, nine years and three months less than we've been friends.
That's just a rough calculation.
She's my wife now.
- I can't bail on her.
- Ah, so it begins.
Oh, hello.
Neat the way you like everything.
I'm gonna go find some new friends.
- [Scoffs] - Amy left him.
Aw, man.
Why didn't you say something? - We had plans.
- No, no.
You can't be one of those guys that abandons his buddies after he gets married.
You know he's sensitive.
Neil? His third wife just dumped him.
He's hurting.
Go find him.
I'll meet you at home later.
- All right.
- No, I got it.
You're gonna need your singles.
- Mm.
- [Chuckles] - Love you.
- And I love you.
May, did you get the Liam's personnel file? Right after you called.
And I contacted the references like you asked.
But it isn't gonna be much help.
- What are all your notations? - May: Fabrications.
He lied about all of this? Y-you marked his name.
He lied about his name? Well, the name he gave matches the social, but neither of them Belong to the kid we hired.
This is bad.
Have you told my father about this? I thought you'd want to.
Bottom line, May [Sighs] Is anything on this résumé actually true? Well, I did confirm that a boy by the name of Liam Connors, who'd be about 20 now, went to Watauga High School in Boone, just like it says on the résumé.
- In Boone? - Yes.
But that boy died in a car accident, and I just submitted Liam for a background check, but the agency told me that Kate already ran one Before she hired him.
[Sighs] [Clears throat] Kate knew it was all lies, but she hired him anyway.
I don't understand why in the world she would do that.
I might have some idea.
[Knocking] You have a minute? I won't accept your resignation, Eric.
I can't.
Dad, I need to talk to you about Kate.
[Door closes] Kate's assistant, Liam, made up information on his résumé.
Lots of people pad their CVs.
What did he lie about? Education? Work history? What? Everything.
[Sighs] So you're saying that a man that we know nothing about has direct access to our investors confidential credit information? Yes.
[Sighs] How did that get past Kate? It didn't.
Kate knew.
Why would she be so irresponsible as to put our company at risk like that? To be near her son.
What we know for sure is that they both were from Boone.
Liam's around the right age.
He could be the son that she gave up for adoption.
Kate let a wolf in the henhouse.
Biology alone does not excuse such an enormous lapse in judgment.
What lengths haven't you gone to for me? I know you.
I have a basis to make that call.
- Kate was my wife, and I knew her.
- Maybe you didn't.
Maybe none of us knew her as well as we thought.
Where is Liam? I need to talk to him.
He's gone.
This is my problem.
If he did anything wrong, I'll take care of it.
[Door opens] [Sighs] Patrick: What are you doing? Putting out a fire.
I figured.
The old man looks pissed.
Let me help.
You can't.
Was it something I did? No.
Uh, it's Kate.
That's No, she didn't make mistakes, Eric.
I mean, she went over every document with a loupe Used colored tabs, recorded notes, and wrote them down just in case Created calendars, tickler files.
I mean, it sounds like fun, but, really, it's not.
Kate gave Liam the benefit of the doubt, and she shouldn't have.
What have you got? Files Kate pulled to look into.
The last stuff that she was working on.
She's got a voicemail.
Woman: You have two new voice messages.
- First message.
- [Beep] - Next message.
- [Beep] Markum: Hello, Mrs.
It's Hal Markum, Fraud Division.
We did have an unlimited credit card recently opened under the name Keith Blair.
When Mr.
Blair called to say he didn't apply for the card, we closed it immediately.
If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to call.
Who who's Keith Blair? Woman: End of messages.
One of our investors.
[Sighs] How bad is this gonna get? [Sighs] [Indistinct conversations] [Keys jingle] [Sighs] What do you say we call it a night? It's just that you You look so so tired.
- Maybe you should lie down.
- Oh.
No, I'm not tired at all, but you can go to bed if you want.
I'll be in later.
But, uh Then I'll be asleep.
[Chuckles] And you don't want that.
What's more important Our bills getting paid or your immediate happiness? I was thinking more about your immediate happiness.
[Keyboard clacking] [Mouse clicking] All systems go we don't know we don't know [Laughter] Has she been here? Our clientèle relies on discretion.
Why don't you just tell me what I need to know? No badge, so you must be the husband.
[Sighs] She was here With some guy.
Sorry, man.
Been in your shoes.
This place is the only thing I got to keep after I divorced my cheating bride.
Is that the guy? Yeah.
That's him.
Even looks like a cheater.
Word of advice liars lie.
Don't forgive her.
Divorce her.
[Vehicle approaching, tires screech] [Engine shuts off] [Breathing heavily] [Breathing shakily] [Siren wailing] [Engine turns over] [Engine revs] [Elevator bell dings] [Keys jingling] - Check it out? - Yeah.
Eric! [Sighs] Don't worry.
I didn't tell that detective anything.
[Dog barks] Mind your own business.
He did not kill his wife.
- [Dog whimpers] - [Sighs] [Door opens, closes] Involuntary manslaughter.
Five with parole in three.
No way.
Your client's a habitual offender.
This time he stabbed a man to death with a screwdriver.
7 to 15, and that's generous.
Check the pocket.
In limine.
- Screwdriver's out.
- Cops had a warrant, Mandy.
For the house, not the garage, and certainly not the car they found it in.
- I've got witnesses.
- Vendor: Short-rib taco up! Huh.
I've got witnesses, too.
I'm giving you a freebie.
Take the win.
Never knew you could be so ruthless.
I'm just keeping them honest.
So, what did you need to see me about? A woman I dated, Tina Sawyer, showed up at my loft last night.
- And I might have seen her at work.
- Is this the woman Cornell interviewed? - Dad tell you? - After the cops did.
I work with these people, Eric.
They tell me things.
So, who is she? We saw each other for a couple of months.
Then things got weird.
And you didn't see the red flags? She always had an explanation.
Yeah, the Cray-crays always do.
I broke up with her, but she just wouldn't take no for an answer.
She kept calling, e-mailing, texting.
Then she started showing up everywhere I went.
One night I came home, and she, uh She was inside my apartment.
Boiling a rabbit? Covered in bruises Threatening to go to the cops to say that I beat her if we didn't get back together.
Well, Cornell must have lapped it up.
It corroborates her theory that you're a woman-beating killer.
[Sighs] - So, what do I do? - Nothing.
You let Cornell come to you.
And in the meantime, I will go to court and file a restraining order.
[Indistinct conversations] Hey.
Copies for everybody.
Everybody should have that.
This [Speaks indistinctly] What's going on in here? I'm just bringing Neil up to speed on the meeting.
My meeting? Oh.
Look, I'm happy to play second fiddle, Eric.
Won't say a word unless you ask me to.
I've been asking.
Still waiting on that answer, though.
[Clears throat] Look, you know I'm on your side.
I'd do anything for this firm, for this family.
- Is there a problem? - No.
Do you have a minute? You're prepping Neil for my meeting.
You don't think I can do my job anymore? I thought you were resigning.
I was distancing myself to protect the firm.
I don't want what's happening to me to destroy what you've built.
What we built.
We weather the storm.
We don't quit.
The company was for all of you, but it's become clear Patrick's in no place to run anything.
Amanda's not interested.
So that leaves you.
If you walk, we might as well just shut the door.
I'm not gonna let that happen, and I don't need anyone looking over my shoulder.
[Sighs] It's been less than two weeks.
- I'm not sure you're ready.
- When do you think I'll be ready? Three weeks? Three months? Three years? When were you ready after mom? [Sighs] Some days I'm still not.
[Sighs] I'm just trying to help.
Without Kate, this is all I have left.
When I am here, I know who I am.
I know what to do.
It's my meeting, my investor.
I'm doing it alone.
Great to see you.
I have about three portfolios I want to walk through with you, and we have a reservation at Luna.
You and I have a seven-year history, so I wanted to give you the respect of doing this face-to-face.
I can't have my money invested with someone accused of murder.
I haven't been accused of anything.
- Not officially, but - Surely you don't think I had anything to do with Kate's death.
I don't believe you did, but that's not the point.
The accusation itself is enough to taint you and the firm.
[Sighs] I like you, Eric, but my fiduciary duty takes precedence over my personal feelings.
I'm sorry.
[Cellphone vibrates] Tina Sawyer told me her side of the story, and I'd like to hear yours.
Why do you need us to tell you anything? I have to follow every lead, or I get challenged in court by someone like you.
Warner, tell me about your relationship with Ms.
You don't want to give me your version of events? There's no point.
Your wife was murdered.
Eventually, you're gonna have to answer all kinds of questions, and a Grand Jury can be very invasive.
Stop trying to scare my client.
You don't have enough to convene a Grand Jury.
I don't care.
I didn't kill my wife.
So it doesn't matter.
I told you about Kate's black eye, and I came to you about Liam's disappearance.
Nothing gets through.
Clearly you don't believe a word that I say.
The only thing left for me to do is stop talking to you.
Are you now refusing to cooperate with the investigation? Yes.
If you want to arrest me Come and get me.
Eric: I know less about Liam now than I did a week ago.
All I know is the kid listened to some god-awful music.
I had ask him to turn it off all the time.
Yeah, me too.
Me too.
Either something bad happened to him, or Liam is running because Kate was onto him.
By "something bad," you mean the guy with the gun? That man doesn't know how to take no for an answer.
You think he killed Kate? No.
No, I think he's just looking for Carly.
You know That that girl in the photo.
Who did Liam bring to the party? I don't know.
[Chuckles] Check the footage.
You know dad is too paranoid about proprietary information leaking.
There are no cameras in the office.
There are security feeds at the entrances and exits.
[Breathes sharply] You're a genius.
And tall, handsome.
I'm sorry, Mr.
I can't give you that footage.
Unfortunately, I don't have anything from 7:00 to 10:00 P.
that night.
Eric: Did the police take it? No, sir.
They were upset, too.
I don't get it.
I thought we had a 24-hour system.
Either the computer rebooted itself, or someone erased everything.
You know what? The party started at 7:00.
I can still see who's coming and going.
Give me all the footage you do have Everything before 7:00 and after 10:00.
Right away.
[Remote control clicks] [Remote control clicks] You're gonna be great.
[Vehicle door closes] Okay.
I wasn't done yet.
You've been obsessing over these cards for the last three days.
This is a party for you.
Enjoy it.
I'll enjoy it when my speech is over.
- Can I tell you something? - I know.
I've closed multimillion-dollar deals before.
I shouldn't be nervous about a little speech.
Yes, there is that.
There's also something else.
You love me? I do.
But so does everybody in there, and no one cares what you're gonna say.
They're all just really happy for you.
You're ready for this.
[Keyboard clacking] [Keyboard clacking] [Keyboard clacking] [Keyboard clacking] [Cellphone beeps] Markum: I don't have good news, Mr.
All the accounts you asked about have recently opened unlimited credit cards.
I think it's fair to say your company's secure data has been breached.
[Sighs] Thank you, Mr.
I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.
I'll go ahead and close those accounts immediately.
And, of course, S.
will cover all cost incurred.
I'll get the figures to you shortly, Mr.
- Thank you.
- [Computer beeps] [Sighs] [Fingers tapping] Where's my dad? It's Monday, Eric.
You know where he is.
Woman: Willowbrook.
Oh, yes, Doctor.
[Telephone ringing] [Monitor beeping] [Radio chatter] Sorry, sir.
Your children called 911.
Seems your wife was intoxicated and fell down the stairs.
Woman on P.
: Orderly to E.
orderly to E.
Eric, this is unexpected.
I'm glad for the company, but I know you didn't come to visit your mother.
Kate was onto Liam.
She started an investigation into his activities - not long before she died.
- How bad is it? He stole the identities of four of our investors and opened up unlimited lines of credit.
[Sighs] If we can't protect our investors, we'll lose them.
- I'm so sorry.
- I know.
And whether you believe it or not, I didn't want to be right.
Have you spoken to the Fraud Department? Yeah, I've shut down the accounts.
But I wanted to tell you first before I went to the police.
"No," what? We're not gonna tell the police anything.
Kate caught Liam with his hand in the till, and And you shut that down.
- We can cover the costs.
- This isn't about the money.
Did it ever occur to you that Liam may have killed Kate to cover it up? Yes.
And if so, he should answer for it.
But we can't let one senseless tragedy create another.
Whatever damage it does to the firm, our family can handle it.
Eric, this is not just about our family.
Think of our employees, our investors, their families.
What we do now affects hundreds of lives.
So, what, you want You want me to bury this? - I'm still the prime suspect, Dad.
- But you didn't do it.
Cornell is a good cop.
She will figure it out.
If Liam killed Kate, she will find him, she will arrest him, but the rest of this stays between us.
Look, you have to trust me.
And if you can't do that Obey me.
That's new.
Hey, which one of us is currently day-drinking? [Laughs] How'd you find me anyway? I got friends, just like dad.
- Only less reputable.
- Ah.
Want to tell me what you're doing here? [Clears throat] Our father Is an ass.
[Laughs] Yeah.
[Laughing] Yeah, he is, but not usually to you.
It's Monday.
And you were talking to Dad, which means Did you see mom? But she didn't see me.
[Chuckles] That's not funny.
[Sighs] When was the last time that you were there? [Sighs, sniffs] I don't know.
Why don't you ever go and see her? [Sighs] Do you? Sometimes.
[Breathes sharply] I was 7 when it happened, Eric.
You and Mandy had a mom.
I didn't.
- And I try to remember how it was.
- Hey, hey.
You shouldn't, Patrick.
Okay? Maybe Dad can't face it, but the truth is, she isn't here anymore.
All right? [Clears throat] Come on.
Come on.
I'll take you home.
One for each drink.
It'll soak up that booze.
That's why you always smell like syrup.
[Chuckles] I know my way around a kitchen.
I grew up watching you.
We needed to eat.
I still do.
If I relied on Melanie to cook a meal, - I'd have starved to death years ago.
- [Both laugh] Thanks for coming to pick me up.
You'd do the same for me.
Actually, you have done the same for me many, many, many times, so - [Chuckles] - [Knock on door] - [Sighs] Damn it.
- Who is it? Shane Campbell.
I saw you outside my store the other night, - so I figured the police told you - I know about the motel.
Motel? What motel? - I just want to say - Hey, shut up, Shane.
Nothing happened.
Okay? So, what the hell were you doing with my wife at a motel, Shane? I work in security.
She asked me to meet her there to help install tracking software on her iPad.
Tracking software? At first, I thought it was to track her cheating husband.
That's a large part of my business.
[Chuckles nervously] I, uh I made a pass.
It was a big mistake.
Kate wasn't interested.
So, what did she want you to track? I don't know.
She wouldn't say.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know the truth.
She chose that motel specifically? Yeah, I sure wouldn't have.
I am so sorry.
She was one of a kind.
She was.
[Door opens] [Keyboard clacking] I think I know what she was doing.
Amanda: It's an extortion letter.
[Clacking continues] She was tracking the money.
What money? What are you talking about? - Blackmail.
- What? This is the location of the motel where Kate met Shane.
This is the location of the money drop.
- They're right across the street.
- Wait.
Who is blackmailing you? I have no idea.
No one tells me anything in this family.
- Does Amanda know? - [Cellphone vibrates] Okay, that is creepy.
How did she do that? Nah, nah.
Uh, do you have cameras in the house? Because we were just talking about you and it was not nice.
Oh, um Does he have to go right now? He Okay, Mandy.
I will let him know.
What is it? Uh, Cornell wants you to come in.
Something about Tina Sawyer, and who is Tina Sawyer? [Sighs] I'm not going back there.
Amanda: Eric, I hear you, and I get it, but she's not gonna drop it.
Would you rather she come to you? Fine.
I'll see you in a half-hour.
Amanda: What do you want? I understand you took out a T.
So? I found out more about Ms.
Sawyer's story, and it turns out you're not the only man that she's accused of domestic violence.
So I added a recommendation that the judge lengthen your restraining order against her.
- What's in it for you? - [Sighs] My job is to protect and serve, Mr.
- Amanda: Is that everything? - No.
It seems Kate was using digital-tracking software.
Did she have any electronic devices other than her business computer or personal laptop? You have her cellphone.
Yes, I do.
So no other devices? No.
Amanda: We done? [Sighs] [Door opens] I can't believe Cornell backed the restraining order.
Not okay.
She's been building a case against you, and part of it centered around your history of violence.
First, you hit Steven Porter.
Then she thinks I beat Kate - And Tina.
- And Tina lied.
So Cornell's theory that you're a wife-beater gets blown up.
She would never go in front of a judge in your defense if she really thought you killed Kate.
I don't know what to say.
What have I been telling you? - Don't say anything.
- Mm.
- [Elevator bell dings] - Yes, counselor.
I don't know which poor bastard Cornell is onto next, but she is no longer focused on you.
- Hey.
- [Cellphone clicks] You got any connections that can run a plate? Where did you get this? - The security footage at S.
- Why do you need a plate run? Because I want to know who owns this vehicle.
Less than 15 minutes ago, you were the prime suspect of a murder investigation.
Any misstep, and you will be back in Cornell's sights.
- Okay.
- I wouldn't even jaywalk if I were you.
Got it.
So You gonna help me run that plate or not? Ricky, uh, I need an address.
Can you run this plate for me? - Sure thing.
- It's got to be done right now.
No big deal.
Can you, uh, do it off the books? [Rock music blaring] [Dog growls, pants] [Car alarm activates] [Dog barks] Open up.
I know you're home.
Open the door.
I I was sleeping.
Where's Liam? Who? Liam Connors Brown hair, about this tall.
I don't know any Liam.
Sure, you do.
You picked him up from a party in that very car that's in your driveway.
I, um Yeah, she knows where Liam is, but she's not talking yet.
So, you staying or you going?