Seitokai yakuindomo (2010) s01e09 Episode Script

How Much Will You Pay?

1 A summary of the last episode! A summary outline of the last episode! Who are you?! Student Council Room Something new? Indeed, a whole new experience exactly because it is co-ed! Isn't the choice obvious already? Since we have both men and women, sex games are the way to go! Oh, I see! Sex games, huh? That means we could organize an orgy marathon too! The only time you're allowed to have it hanging out is during sex! Like the other day, I accidentally said cunnilingus instead of cleaning.
Virgin sex might become the "new thing.
" He's having Suzu-chan take care of his things "down there.
" Masturbation, you say?! This is the first time I've seen such a bad summary We're changing our uniforms today.
Although it's October, it's still pretty hot.
Good morning, Taka-nii! Oh, hey.
You're still wearing your summer uniform.
Are you still half asleep there? What?! Oh, come on! I'm obviously doing it on purpose! I'm also changing my personality for the season.
I'm now a ditz! A happy sister as usual.
Ousai Academy's Student Council rules: Nine! Never forget to carry around condoms.
I saw that one coming! It's once in a lifetime, be determined and accomplish something Isseiichidai Ichinenhokki Issaigassai Ichimoudajin We'll round up the whole lot of you We're one in body and soulwait body? Isshindoutai Doutai? ONLY ONE! No.
1! OSAI GIRLS AND BOYS!! Be pure and pretty Junjoukaren de are Aspiration is a beautiful thing Uruwashiki koujoushin so engrave it well into your heart Gutto mune ni kizande Your bangs, the length of your skirt Maegami skirt no take let's follow school rules Kousoku junshu shimashou Stretch and stand up straight Pin to shisen tadashite I sincerely want to inherit them Seijitsu ni uketsugitai wa Those gallant teachings are Ririshii oshie wo in the present, past, or future, Genzai kako mirai the policies that Nadeshiko used and never lost with Nadesico no makenai policy S.
, S.
! Don't be shy!! Yay! Be proud and don't get washed away Hokorashiku nagasaretari shinai yo by myself Let's bloom it slowly Yukkuri to sakasemashou Purely, correctly Kiyoku tadashiku Keep your pace!! Your greatest ally is yourself Ichiban no mikata ha jishinjibun Everyone, be more and more beautiful Minna motto motto utsushiku are Let's go straight forward! Massugu ni susumimashou WE LOVE OSAI.
WE ARE SYD! Student Council Room Shower Breeze Spray, spray Aria, you sure like keeping things clean, don't you? I can't see a single speck of dust.
Oh, it's nothing special.
Though, they call me obsessed with cleanliness if I go overboard, so I gotta be careful.
Yeah, I guess a proper human being should have some flaws.
According to my intel, it seems wearing dirty underwear pleases your partner more.
That's not a reliable information source How much will you pay for it? I'm so sleepy And I have to attend a meeting now I better get my spirits back up.
Are you awake now? Yup.
A whole new, pleasant feeling I better run! Ouch.
Don't do it.
Please don't do it.
Should I help you? No, thanks.
Having no problems at all! Honestly, there's no upside to being short And I'm dead! It's not like I think I was saved because I'm short at all I don't really get it, but comfort me I'm sorry! I'm inside.
Are you the type who prefers tampons? That's not what I meant Kame hame HA Aria, why are you crying? It's because of this love novel.
I just adore things like the Red String of Fate, you see? The Red String of Fate, huh? If such a thing really did exist You'd probably get told to pull the red string from down there every day.
You're not gonna talk back?! Come of think of it, Tsuda-kun, are you going out with anyone? You mean like a lover? Unfortunately, I don't have anyone like that.
Then, that means your right hand is your lover, eh? Uh, no It might be his left hand.
Not that either.
Then, could it be your mouth?! Just how flexible are you?! That's the worst one yet.
So what's the topic today? Oh, right.
This time, I was thinking of setting up a Student Council Newspaper.
It would make it easier for us to inform the students about our work and the upcoming events.
So, we're going to ask the Newspaper Club to cooperate with us.
Leave the pictures to me.
I was taking photos of you earlier, just in case something like this happened.
How much will you pay for it? What kind of photos did you take?! That was a joke This is the picture I'd recommend: Tsuda-kun attempting to get through the door by crouching, while bumping his head in process Huh? And Hagimura-san, who was observing all that a little enviously.
Hey! Won't this look like I have a height inferiority complex for him?! I thought you'd say that.
So we changed it to this! Hey, dammit! See ya.
So, what did you have in mind? I'd like to publish the kind of article everyone would actually want to read, of course.
Why don't we try printing them double-leaved? Double-leaved? It's when you stick the edges of the pages together, so it's impossible to see what's inside.
Oh! You're talking about dirty porn magazines, right? Those are stuck together for different reasons Stop! If you pry it apart too much! What do you think about this kind of layout? This picture over here isn't straight.
Like this then? Now it's not straight over here.
Like this? Here too.
There too? Yeah.
Here too.
Prez! You're going to go bald if you worry too much about these petty details.
If it's the pubic hair you're talking about, I'll gladly accept it.
Right Takatoshi Tsuda was left to do the essay Tsuda, are you done yet? I'm not too confident about this, though Well, it's your first time after all.
If you just try to relax while writing The hell?! It's quite a wonderful and touching story.
Let me see Is that?! I'll leave the rest to you! George! George! Well That essay has nothing to do with the images shown earlier Aren't you two just overreacting? Pussy cat, are you alone? So cute.
Would you like to stay with me? I think I'm going to try it all over again.
Even though he's not with me any more, I feel that I'm going to meet something new again.
Just like this little cat here.
I'll walk on.
I'll step forward.
There's not only rain in this world.
A time will come when the sun will shine Where the hell did George go?! Yeah! Don't "Yeah" me! The Student Council Newspaper was safely issued and was well-received I was quite surprised to discover I actually had literary talent.
Well, I guess I've always been the one being surprised ever since I transferred schools This gives me a little confidence.
Vice-President Tsuda.
There's a rumour spreading about you driving a great number of girls to tears Making girls cry is the crap of art You drink it all up Do it Yup.
I'd like to set up the management team here, but We just need to put up a tent here, right? P-Putting up a tent? You're full of confidence, huh? Yeah, I'm used to it.
U-Used to it? I often go out camping with my family, and then I volunteer to put it up myself.
A-Always in front of your family?! Do you put up your tent that often?! No, as I was saying When I go out camping with my family- He can't help it.
He's a boy after all.
Um, could you at least let me finish? I see! We have nothing to do with it! Please, spread those flags around the grounds as well.
Those are the flags of many different countries, right? Venezuela.
That's impressive.
It's general knowledge.
That's a pad, right? Aye.
The period, huh? Isn't it a flag?! Huuuh?! What's wrong, Aria?! I got all tangled up A rope play! Isn't this a bit loose, though? It should be more more like this! How did this happen? That's the net for the obstacle race.
Put that out onto the grounds for today too, please.
Prez, what should I do with this ball for the ball-rolling race? Ball rolling?! Wouldn't that be rated X?! Is it really all right?! Okay, time for rehearsal.
An oath! In accordance with skinship, we vow to confidently have sexual intercourse.
That's perfect! Both men and women keep getting Could you let me do it tomorrow instead? Tomorrow's probably going to be a pretty tough day.
Taka-nii, you probably shouldn't masturbate today as preparation for tomorrow.
You have to save energy, right? Children that sleep, grow.
I'm way too excited I can't sleep! Oh yeah, I have to take off my chastity belt.
I-It has gotten quite bright outside.
Sports Festival Ladies and gentlemen! In accordance with sportsmanship, we vow to play fair and square I wonder what sportsmanship means, if it's not fair Maybe doping or something? Of course, sporting while having sexual thoughts in your mind is not very pure.
No, that's not what I really meant Hey, isn't this the "harem" we've always dreamed of? Sure is.
Why is it that I'm not happy at all then? Well, that's probably because we're not very relevant to the story here.
We get it! We have nothing to do with it! On your marks! Ready But I haven't fired yet! What? I'm sorry, I was just practising some spanking.
To slap the butt with something flat for punishment or sexual reasons It is popular in the West I'm going to throw you out of here.
Ball Tossing Sorry, Takatoshi-kun.
Oh, it's okay.
What the hell are these guys doing during the ball tossing? Right.
Scavenger Hunt Tsuda, could you come with me for a sec? What does it say? "The person you try to be.
" Huh? You were buying red bean tea at the vending machine the other day, weren't you? It's my dream to be able to do that myself one day.
I'm so good- Tsuda-kun, could you please come with me? What does it say? "An animal you'd like to have as your pet.
" Takatoshi-kun is trying to escape Wait up! Dream on! We're in the same group, eh? I won't go easy on you.
That's the way I like it.
Male Student Tsuda! Again You're so popular.
Yay! What did it say? I don't really want to know, but Then Then I won't tell you.
Huh? Are they getting closer? Ta-da! I came to cheer you on.
You sure have enough free time.
Aren't you an exam student? It's called having a little time off You're studying in your "little time off," aren't you? Oh? Tsuda-kun, who is that girl? Oh, this is my younger sister Kotomi.
Sorry to have my brother always trouble you You siblings look so much alike.
Very true, as neither of us has had any sexual experience yet.
That's not what I meant.
You can't put a male virgin and a female virgin at the same level in the first place.
What's with this shameful play? Venezuela Three-Legged Race Shino-chan, let's aim for first place.
Let's get it over and done with.
Everyone! Run! Our class will be in the lead if you place first in the 100m sprints, Takatoshi.
Go for it! Don't put so much pressure on me.
You should start with the crouching position to get a good push off.
How does that work? First off, you take the "obedient position" on all fours.
Then you stick out your hips.
Then use the energy you've been piling up to- Fine, thank you for your explanation! The last event will be the club relays.
We'll be entering as the Student Council Club as well.
Yeah! We better start preparing our plan.
The most important thing about running is probably the position.
Oh, really? You could probably fix it into place if you wear briefs You guys should take this more seriously.
The last competition will be the club relays.
Let's try to avoid injuries, and give it our best! I will now present the first set of runners: The Disciplinary Committee, Biology Club, Newspaper Club, and our school's breeding horse! Hold on a second! On your marks! Ready! Go! Taka-nii! Hang in there! The ones currently in the lead are a member of the Discipline Committee and the Student Council's breeding horse! A shutter chance! Hey! This will sell! President, I'm not going to lose against you this time.
Very well.
Chief! Prez! Nooo! Chief! Where are you going?! Here you go.
Amazing! She's fast.
That one would've sold better Is that something to cry about? Aria The true reason why I selected you as the third runner I'm sorry I did not mention it.
The true reason why I selected you as the third runner is Because I can't accept a victory narrowly won due to the size of your breasts My body feels really light.
Must be because I've taken off the chastity belt for today.
She's doing unexpectedly well! There are bouncing boobs too? Stop crying every single time! Hagimura, I'm counting on you.
Yeah, I'll just take it easy.
Don't just take it easy! It's all about taking it easy, you know.
Suzu-chan! There! Got the first place! You did really well, Hagimura! She tries really hard You're shining! It's great, Hagimura! My legs are all sore from moving around all day long.
That's true.
Ouchie Did you hurt yourself somewhere as well, Yokoshima-sensei? My lower body I guess you have to wear one your own size.
What have you been doing this whole day?! Everything seemed like a big pain at first, but in the end it was a lot more fun than I imagined.
I was trying to clean up and somehow ended up like this! That's our Aria for you! There are no flaws in your flaw-ridden self! Can I go home now? Venezuela.
Next Time Preview Next time on Seitokai Yakuindomo! Next time on Seitokai Yakuindomo Takatoshi-kun! Come back! Kahou Suspense Theater The wandering, fishing-loving idiot of a detective The closed operating table and the cat's happy meow We suddenly felt like airing it, so even if the regular Seitokai Yakuindomo starts, please consider it as though you were watching the Kahou Suspense Theater Tsuda-kun! Tsuda! It's a lie! He hasn't even kept his promise yet! Tsuda! It's a time where the collaboration of the creators and audience has become very important Thank you for your cooperation Tsuda! I died.
This might be good news for the Japanese medical world, however Actually, we got bored of it However! We demand the regular Seitokai Yakuindomo next week! If I give up at this point, I won't be able to face Takatoshi-kun ever again! Um Um Matsumoto-kun Um Um The Wrapping Cloth Don't go! Don't go, George! The Wrapping Cloth Don't go against that violent, shredding whale any more! Hey! George! We extended it a bit too far! I've caused you a lot of trouble.
To be honest, I feel bad about it.
I am sorry However! If I don't bore a hole through that violent, shredding whale's belly We all come together to apologize to you all Staff members my life up until now has no meaning! Bring it on! Seitokai Yakuindomo Love!! George! So who is George?! And also Matsumoto! Yeah! DON'T "YEAH" ME! Ha! Oh no it's morning Ha! Yada asa da Hi! What time is it? Hi! Ima nanji? Fu! It's okay just five more minutes Fu… Mada heiki ato gofun He? I need to hurry He? Isoganakya With some hot milk Ho-t milk de Go! I'm totally ready for the day Go! Ichinichi ha danzen banzen Going around the corner with toast in my mouth, Toast kuwae magari kado and crash, that's where I fall in love Gottsunko de I fall in love Stop, aren't you watching too much anime? Cho w anime no misugi ja nai? Mousou ga shumi I am shomin My hobby is fantasizing! I am a common Yeah yeah The first lesson is also a type of training Hai hai! Shigyou aru shu no shuugyou is all part of the days of youth Seishun no hibi yo Yeah yeah first period in the pool so ridiculous Hai hai! Ichigen pool ariene These days you really have to say "good job" Good gob na hibi yo Googling Guguttari Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! Wikittari wikittari Use your voice more Motto voice wo It's an information society Jouhou shakai Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! If I swim and use up unnecessary strength then the drops would splash too in the blue spring Oyoide muda ni ne tairyoku tsukau wa shizuku mo hajikeru aoi haru Second period, I'm already hungry Nigen de sude ni hungry Digestion, absorption? I agree Shouka kyuushuu ni I agree I've been waiting for it, it's lunch time Mattemashita lunch time The Broadcasting Club sends out anime songs Housoubu anison nagasu! Hai hai! Ren'ai koi ni koishite! Yeah yeah love affairs I've had crushes too Yeah yeah let me borrow your notebook it's a give and take Hai hai! Note wo kashite yo, give & take It's like an e-mail "I want to meet you right now" from a boyfrend Aitai! Kare kara mail kita teki na Yeah yeah It'm my technique i've been modestly pride about Hai hai! Kenkyo ni jiman technique The sunset Yuuyake ga Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! brings about sorrow Aishuu sasou Use your voice more Motto voice wo Kyoushitsu de In the classroom Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! Talking and listening a meaningless nonsense… I'm happy that someone agrees in the blue spring Imifu na tawagoto uketari hiitari doui ga ureshiii aoi haru Next Time Preview Next time on Seitokai Yakuindomo, we'll cover pages 53 through 86 of volume two.
Culture Festival, woohoo! Sticking with the same energy from last week, eh? A shutter chance! There might be a little exposure, too.
Of Tsuda-kun? You guys sure like your exposure! But I keep tell you there won't be any! The maid saw! The princess' dirty (omitted) I don't have such a character setting I'll go out with you if you don't mind, but