Seitokai yakuindomo (2010) s01e13 Episode Script

Seitokai Yakuindomo! Thanks!

1 We need to get Tsuda's confirmation for this.
But Calling at this time might be a bit troublesome.
He could be taking a bath or getting ready for bed No! Perhaps he's right in the middle of his climax! So I couldn't contact you last night, thinking all that What troublesome kindness Ousai Academy's Student Council rules: Thirteen! LIFE IS Don't say any more! Isseiichidai Ichinenhokki It's once in a lifetime, be determined and accomplish something We'll round up the whole lot of you Issaigassai Ichimoudajin Isshindoutai Doutai? We're one in body and soulwait body? ONLY ONE! No.
1! OSAI GIRLS AND BOYS!! Junjoukaren de are Be pure and pretty Aspiration is a beautiful thing Uruwashiki koujoushin so engrave it well into your heart Gutto mune ni kizande Your bangs, the length of your skirt Maegami skirt no take Kousoku junshu shimashou let's follow school rules Pin to shisen tadashite Stretch and stand up straight I sincerely want to inherit them Seijitsu ni uketsugitai wa Those gallant teachings are Ririshii oshie wo Genzai kako mirai in the present, past, or future, Nadesico no makenai policy the policies that Nadeshiko used and never lost with S.
, S.
! Don't be shy!! Yay! Be proud and don't get washed away Hokorashiku nagasaretari shinai yo by myself Yukkuri to sakasemashou Let's bloom it slowly Purely, correctly Kiyoku tadashiku Keep your pace!! Ichiban no mikata ha jishinjibun Your greatest ally is yourself Everyone, be more and more beautiful Minna motto motto utsushiku are Massugu ni susumimashou Let's go straight forward! WE LOVE OSAI.
WE ARE SYD! What? Is it an earthquake?! Let's seek shelter underneath the table.
Seems like it's settled.
It was pretty big.
Earthquakes are scary.
They are for everyone You see, I had a traumatic experience with earthquakes.
When I was little, I was straddling over a pull-up bar as an earthquake occurred So ever since, I've remembered that experience Why did I have to straddle over it? It jammed in between and hurt so much! Seitokai Yakuindomo! Good work! Oh.
A Robot Research Club? Robot Club So they have these too But if I say it out loud, they're probably going to yell at me, saying, "You should've been aware of that!" So I'll keep quiet Oh, we have these too? Woah Todoroki-san, are you there? Oh? Well, if it isn't Suzu-chan.
This is my friend, Todoroki-san.
Oh, I see.
I've heard stories about you all, especially you two over there.
I heard that the Prez strictly whips the Vice-President! You pig! Pig! You pig rascal! That's a weird nuisance! But it's not bad! Seriously? Wow This is quite impressive.
It makes me dizzy just watching it.
Hey, is this one of the parts for the robot too? That's my private property.
A new character on the last episode?! This is the essence of ignore play for one season I would like some photos of the student council from your childhood days to put on next week's Ousai Newspaper.
By tomorrow if possible.
That's quite sudden.
Um I won't be here tomorrow because I have some family business.
Is that so? Then do you want to take one now? You're a senior but I'm still going to kill you! The Next Day Aria, is this your photo album? Can I go through it? Sure.
This is so cute! Just as expected from a daughter with a rich background! I was so innocent when I was young So much so, that I thought you gave birth to a baby from your bum after you had anal sex! Such a fearful child you were! Hm? This door is locked.
Prez, what are you doing? Well, something bad might be going on in there I think it's empty, like any other normal person would.
Robot Club Do you like toying with mechanical things? Yeah.
But to be honest, I've only recently started to have an interest in it.
The motive was that V r r r r I wanted more stimulation! Sorry, I know you're still talking, but I'm going to quit listening.
What? You want to use it that badly? Nope.
I made a small one for you too, Suzu-chan.
I don't want it! We have arrived, Milady.
Thank you for your efforts.
Dejima-san, you work as a driver too, huh? Seems like hard work.
Not at all.
I have a gold license, after all.
I just don't like reversing.
I guess your own body and cars have different controls.
Yeah, they're different.
Just like how this conversation is different.
The Usual School-Wide Gathering Now it is time for an announcement from the Graduation Ceremony Executive Committee My heartrate goes up every time I stand in front of everyone Tsuda-kun looks really nervous.
I guess that's why he's massaging his nipples to relax! I understand! I sense that there's a terrible misunderstanding Igarashi-san, do you not like mushrooms? Yeah I somewhat dislike them Doesn't like mushrooms That's why you're afraid of males Why is that topic coming up here? Mushroom Turtle Peach Student Council Room Apparently, Tsuda's writing another essay for Hata-san.
But he looks a bit troubled In these situations, words like "Do your best!" have the opposite effect.
We should silently watch over him together.
I agree.
Stare Stare Listen! You don't have to mind me, just act normally please.
Really? But how do we normally act? Well, how about we watch over him yandere-style? Huh? Hey! That's scary! Seriously, it's scary! Oh, I just remembered I'm on duty today.
Sorry! You guys carry on! Gotcha! Honestly I'm already busy with my club.
It's such a bother Good morning, Mitsuba.
You're on duty with me today.
Yeah! Let's cooperate! What's wrong, Mitsuba? Well Today I had morning practice So I might smell of sweat.
I don't really mind that.
R-Really? U-Um Are you the type that has a fetish for smells? Who gave you that worthless idea now? No I just had P.
I sweat It's fine Sensei, what are you looking at? My sister sent me a picture of her son.
He's 6 years old.
Ohh! He's cute.
He's got the face of an idol.
He's got a bright future ahead of him.
What are you talking about? This is the right time for him, no? Sensei, I think we need to have a talk.
I've been sitting for so long that my body's all stiff.
That means your blood circulation isn't very good.
You should stretch from time to time.
I'm not confident that I could make that a daily exercise Then, I shall help you go one step further.
If you keep stretching, your body will become more flexible.
You'll be able to do so many more positions! You see, even if you have an expression like that Have some tea.
Woah! I'm so sorry! I spilled tea on your cellphone! Oh no It's okay.
This phone is waterproof.
Is it really? That's why it stays fine even if you put it inside.
Our duty for today is over! It's this late already It's getting dark Mitsuba, If you don't mind- Yup! I'll walk you home! The world is dangerous these days! I'll protect you no matter what! Judo Mastery Two Okay, let's go! I feel ashamed that I have nothing to say in this situation This is bad I'm scared, and I need to go to the bathroom on top of that I don't really want to go But I guess I have no other choice Hey I need to use the toilet That's fine.
I'll catch it for you! No! Just NO! Here go ahead and let it out Production Ousai Academy Student Council Room Last Episode Special Discussion A lot has happen until now.
You're right.
Huh? What's this all of a sudden? Well, nothing big.
Do you remember how we first met Tsuda-kun? Yeah What with this abnormal flow of conversation? Hey! The male student right there! You're not wearing your uniform properly! Tighten up that necktie! Speaking of which, my tie is nice and tight.
Because Because I Because I don't! I don't want people to think of me as a loose woman, after all! I'll fix it for you.
But simultaneously, I will commence the punishment for breaking the school rules.
Oh yeah, I remember that! And after that, I was forcefully put into the Student Council.
Forcefully, you say? That's not true.
Even if it was forceful, you like it better that way don't you? No, I don't.
Tsuda, we know for a fact that you are a masochist, but you should use restraint more often.
That's beyond my understanding.
Oh, yeah.
We also went on a school excursion! It's a present from our school excursion.
Thank you very much.
Wait, that was just a flashback of when you were giving out the souvenirs from your trip, not from the actual excursion.
Why did you end it there? Speaking of souvenirs By the way It's about yours Well This is the first time I'm giving a gift to someone of the opposite gender I'm not sure if you will like it or not "You don't have to worry.
Anything is fine as long as you put your heart into it.
" Is that so? Then accept this! I hope you like it.
"I like it very much.
" Yay! Yay! Yay! Huh? What's with that? Why? Didn't you like the souvenir that I bought you? That's not what I'm saying The souvenir I got from you was that.
Do you remember it? To be honest, I always have it with me.
Why? Let's see See? What the hell is this?! What's wrong, Tsuda? You seem weird today.
The school excursion was fun, wasn't it? It sure was.
Not only was it beautiful The synchronization with the scenery The reflection it showed on the lake Yay! Honnou Temple! So this is the Honnou Temple.
Shino-chan, have you decided on what to buy? Yes.
Th-They're so cute! Here you go.
It's a rice cracker for deer.
Eat up.
That flashback was surprisingly normal.
Normal isn't good enough? As expected from a masochist.
No That's not what I meant So Tsuda-kun, you can't be satisfied by normal types of plays? Come on! Hey! Members of the Student Council.
What are you guys up to? We're reflecting on memories.
For some reason.
Really? Sounds interesting.
Come to think about it, my first entrance scene was Yo! Who are you? This place is off limits to unauthorized personnel.
Um, and who would you be? I am the teacher supervising the Student Council, Yokoshima Naruko! When did that really happen? Violence is necessary at times, right? Oh yeah, the day at the beach was fun too, wasn't it? Yeah That was fun.
It's so cold! Oh, geez man Wait up, Tsuda! Give it back! Tsuda-kun! Only if you can catch up to me! Tsuda, was that your dream? Well dream or not, only the first part of that actually happened.
The rest was all fabricated.
So I'm asking, was the fake part your dream? I really don't get you.
Hey, everyone.
Seems like you're all having a fun time in here.
It's not fun at all.
What are you doing? Talking about memories.
I see.
Then I'll join too.
Well, I'm pretty sure none of us want to hear it.
Everyone, think back Back to when I first appeared.
I'm going to begin, ok? Countdown to my flashback.
5 4 3 2 1 Cue! My name is Hata.
I'm a cameraman who lives in the world of journalism, where the weak are devoured and the strong feast.
Gotcha! Today's topic is on the committee meeting that will be held next week I will do anything to make a scoop.
Even if it's a dirty job, I don't mind.
There are some that speak badly of me.
You're an embarrassment to all journalists! You piece of trash! How about that one for 70,000? But it's fine This is how I live.
"No scoop, no life," is my motto.
That's enough! What's wrong, Tsuda? Don't interrupt! It was finally getting good More like, what was that? What, you ask? It was a flashback of my first entrance scene.
You liar.
Those were all new cuts.
Excuse me! I brought our club's equipment request form.
You decided to come now, of all times Ah, well done.
Oh? What are you all doing in here? Talking about our memories.
Really? Mitsuba, do you have anything to share? Maybe something related to your club? Of course there is! We've worked hard so far! Here I go! Oh my God! That's the kind of dream I had last night.
Um, just talk about your memories Aww! But it was really interesting! It might have been, but You know there are many males here and I see you were assaulted by many people Oh we've heard about that Don't really care anymore Silence! I'm thirsty.
Slipped! All right, a second helping of tea, then.
Come to think of it, it's nearly graduation! Who should we have do the student speech this year? Tsuda, do you want to do it? Really? It's a bit embarrassing No, that's why it has to be you.
Because Tsuda loves embarrassment play! Don't broadcast it throughout the school! Uh-oh.
We broadcasted it New show, Magical Mako! New Show: Magical Mako I'm Aragaki Mako, a 6th grader! So Senpai did have a person he liked Ouchie! Eh?! Yo! It talked! Nice to meet you.
I'm Faji, and I came from the land of magic! Nice to meet you, do it wildly, and go bustle about! What a jerk.
Wait, the land of magic? What's that? It's easier to show you than try to explain.
Jerk! It's time to transform, Mako-chan! Aw, whatever! Mako mako magical change! Hey! What's with this outfit?! It's embarrassing! Oh come on, you were all for it! What in the world's going to happen to me? New show, Magical Mako! New Show: Magical Mako Look forward to it! Huh? What was that, just now? It's the new show starting next week.
I see.
Stop telling lies.
Animage has Hakuouki listed as the next show.
Though, in some regions it may be different.
Huh? Didn't they do that show before? Apparently it's the second season.
Wow, that's amazing! I can't wait! Oh, the cherry blossoms are budding.
So one year's passed already.
That was fast.
It felt like the whole year was only a few months long.
In an anime, it'd be about 13 episodes.
Don't say things that are too dangerous You two will be seniors starting in spring, right? Will you be retiring to focus on entrance exams? We won't retire yet.
Even if we're seniors, we're going to be Student Council Officers.
That's right.
Myself and Aria including Hagimura and Tsuda.
We're the best Student Council in the history of Ousai Academy! Though the fact that we like dirty jokes detracts from our perfection.
Eh? I'm included in that? So don't worry.
It'll be all right.
We're leaving.
Student Council Officers! Let's tighten up and work hard next school year too! Yeah! That ruined it Thank you! -The SYD Staff