Seitokai yakuindomo (2010) s01e12 Episode Script

It's Usually Embarrassing

1 Music Award Shine!! Japan-wide Internet Delivery And the Newcomer of the Year award goes to Triple Booking! Congratulations.
Sign on Boat: Treasure Fortune, come to us.
Come with a bang.
Tokyo Koda Temple Nosa Master Exorcist of the Evil Spirit Extermination The plans for the year are made on New Year's Day.
The Nosa Master Exorcist of the Evil Spirit Extermination.
Do Not Laugh Anime Studio Hours Is everyone here? This is the studio you all will be working at from now on.
Become admirable animators, and provide children with dreams and hopes, okay? That's the life of an animator: a press board.
Try pressing the switch on your right.
It's ready! Oh, good job.
You should help out too! Okay, so I'll get you guys to say- Your goals in this studio- Taka-nii.
What's your goal for the coming year? To become a Japanese that's able to say "no.
" Oh! So you're saying you don't want to get dragged with the flow? Do you have one? One erotic scene a day for me! By the way, I'm currently at about ten scenes! Isn't that a little too pubescent? It's the New Year's Eve bell! This year's coming to an end, huh? Ousai Academy's Student Council rules: Twelve! In judo, start with the floor moves and go like this! Please apologize to all the judo lovers in our country right now! Isseiichidai Ichinenhokki It's once in a lifetime, be determined and accomplish something We'll round up the whole lot of you Issaigassai Ichimoudajin We're one in body and soulwait body? Isshindoutai Doutai? ONLY ONE! No.
1! OSAI GIRLS AND BOYS!! Be pure and pretty Junjoukaren de are Aspiration is a beautiful thing Uruwashiki koujoushin Gutto mune ni kizande so engrave it well into your heart Maegami skirt no take Your bangs, the length of your skirt Kousoku junshu shimashou let's follow school rules Pin to shisen tadashite Stretch and stand up straight I sincerely want to inherit them Seijitsu ni uketsugitai wa Those gallant teachings are Ririshii oshie wo in the present, past, or future, Genzai kako mirai the policies that Nadeshiko used and never lost with Nadesico no makenai policy S.
, S.
! Don't be shy!! Yay! Be proud and don't get washed away Hokorashiku nagasaretari shinai yo by myself Let's bloom it slowly Yukkuri to sakasemashou Kiyoku tadashiku Purely, correctly Keep your pace!! Your greatest ally is yourself Ichiban no mikata ha jishinjibun Minna motto motto utsushiku are Everyone, be more and more beautiful Massugu ni susumimashou Let's go straight forward! WE LOVE OSAI.
WE ARE SYD! Happy New Year.
Let's hope we get along this year too.
Well then, shall we start our New Year's annual event? First sex of the New Year? Aren't we going for a New Year's prayer?! It's universally embarrassing Oh yeah.
We've already received our New Year's cards.
That's fast.
Aria, thank you for your gorgeous New Year's card.
Hagimura, thank you for your cute New Year's card.
Tsuda Your New Year's card was very bold "I want your vagina as a New Year's gift," was the message I got from you.
Please, don't put my New Year's card together with your spam! That kimono suits you well.
Thank you.
It was really difficult to put on, though.
Dejima-san! Could you please help me put this on? Me? I am terribly sorry.
Unfortunately, I was not taught how to put on a kimono.
Oh, is that so? I'm quite skilled at taking them off, though.
It sounds more "dangerous" than "difficult.
" So many people! Suzu-chan, do you want to hold hands? Please, don't treat me like a child! But getting separated would be a problem How surreal At any rate, this sure is a huge crowd Did we lose the Prez? Oh, I'm sorry.
Haa-Happy New Year I-It's pretty cold today, isn't it? Obviously a different kind of shiver than one you'd get from the cold.
Tsuda-kun, what did you pray for? Me? I prayed for- Losing his virginity.
Oh, my! No, I didn't! By the way, I prayed for a good fuck session! That's terrible.
And we've only started the new year What about you, Hagimura? Do you really wanna know? Oh, sorry I don't know but sorry Shino-chan, did you have your first dream of the year? Yeah! That's weird.
I'm sure I had it, but I can't remember it at all.
Yeah, that happens.
It's come out up to here Where are you planning to have it come out from? In the meantime, survival battle fighters Woohoo! A dream?! Not wet! That's good.
I never thought I'd get to flash my pubic hair.
I was so excited! 3rd term We're so busy, even though it's only the beginning of the year All this pressure is making my body want to scream.
I'll massage your shoulders for you! Here I go How is it? Ah, it feels good It feels so good that my body is gonna moan.
You really are moaning! It's started to snow.
Oh, jeez I'm all wet.
If you're wet, you'll catch a cold if you don't dry yourself off.
You're overexaggerating.
I'm not that wet.
This conversation sounds like it's working, but it's not.
Oh, it's so cold! The more you mention you're cold, the more you're going to feel it.
It doesn't make you feel very erotic, does it? Sorry, I take back what I just said.
Take your own opinions more seriously.
It already stopped snowing, huh? Where's Hagimura? She told us to go on ahead because she's going to be a little late.
She's running late? She's late? Are you the father? How did it turn out this way?! Either way, it's time to replace the posters around the school.
Good luck, you two.
Are you going to be all right on your own? Yeah.
Maybe it's a little too high Oh, Yokoshima-sensei.
Could you please hold the chair for me? Okay! Um Could you please not peek? Just because we're both girls Oh, sorry.
Are you dirty there? It's universally embarrassing.
I feel like I'm getting a fever Did you catch a cold, Yokoshima-sensei? I think so.
I've lost my appetite.
And my sexual craving is gone, too This is severe! It's serious! Then I found a green onion just at the right time! Why a green onion? I heard sticking an onion into your anus helps against the cold.
I don't think there's any scientific proof for that.
This is really bad! Yeah! Take her to the hospital right away! Excuse us! Oh, Hagimura.
I'm sorry, I was on duty today.
Well, we should head to the Gardening Club then.
Oh, please return this.
So that was a green onion from the Gardening Club Yokoshima-sensei did? Yeah.
It sounds like there's a cold going around these days.
Even I've caught a cold.
Are you okay? Well, this is the nature of mass media We're not good with what spreads around! Was that supposed to be funny? Just laugh anyway.
Nobita-kun~ Fu Fu Fu I can make it.
I make it all the time.
I can make it quite well, too.
I can't make them Tsuda Takatoshi has erectile dysfunction We're talking about cooking.
Quick cooking by Vume-sama Butsudan Flip All right! Let's do our best for the club today! It's cold.
It's so cold I can't move.
Come on! Then, why don't you practice some floor techniques today? Naked, that is.
Seriously, what are you saying?! We can't hold onto each other naked.
That joke didn't quite hit the mark You'll start to feel warmer once you get moving! We're going to start now! Yeah! And the last one! What's wrong? Don't you feel warmed up? Mitsuba, you're energetic as usual, eh? I used to be weak when I was younger.
That's why I started training.
That's amazing Humans can train their erogenous zones as well?! Oh, that's not what she meant by weak.
I'm strong now She's terrified.
Amazing It's so big! Pervert! This is my child! That is not right! School uniforms are best when half-worn Tsuda Kotomi Applicant for Ousai Academy She just might get in So, please be my emergency tutor! Sure.
By the way, I perform better when complimented.
And I get excited when I'm insulted! I won't do either of those.
I also get even more excited when people are watching me.
Shut up and study already And so, this turns into this.
Oh You're pretty good at teaching.
Really? Please teach me this section as well! Suzu-senpai! Senpai.
Senpai Senpai Senpai She looks happier than when she was praised I made some lunch for all of you! Wow! Thank you so much.
It's delicious! A taste of the mother's cooking, huh? Really? That's great.
The breast milk must have been a good touch.
It's kind of hot in this room, isn't it? Yeah, the heater's turned on pretty strong.
Maybe I should take it off Looking at me as if I like to expose myself There's no way I'm going to take it all off! Yeah, I guess you're right.
School uniforms are best when half-worn.
This person is hopeless after all! Yawns are contagious, huh? They are.
We should be able to give everyone orgasms using this method as well.
What the hell are you talking about? Good morning, Takatoshi-kun! Good morning.
What's up with that hairstyle? It's nothing much.
Same old.
You might not appear often enough for people to remember you, but that's obviously different from usual! No no, it's not like I'm doing this because today is Valentine's Day.
Hey- You Don't look at me as if I were a sad person.
Sorry Isn't it okay to expect a little? There's a lot of girls around here, after all! What's wrong with expecting more chocolates from girls than before?! Yeah, you're right.
But look around you.
Um I didn't think about that at all! Here.
Thanks! Don't mind it.
Here you go; some Valentine's chocolate.
Thank you very much.
Oh? But these are cookies.
It's all right.
Just try some.
Oh! There's white chocolate inside! Yeah! Aye, sweet cum is weird! I call it "the cum cookie!" Isn't "chocolate cookie" good enough?! I received a lot of Valentine's chocolate.
I can't eat them all by myself so Tsuda, help me out with 'em.
You sure about that? How about this? Thank you! Wow! This is really good! I'm glad.
But I thought that was the one you made, Shino-chan Why don't you try one more?! Oh, I forgot to copy these.
I've already done that.
Oh, thanks.
That's my Hagimura! Um Please, stop treating me like a child.
Right I don't get how this is supposed to be "treating me like an adult.
" Meeting Room Please clear away all private belongings in classrooms being used for the exams.
Well then, that is all.
They're going to use your classroom for the exams too, right? Yes.
Males might get to use it, right? Well, there's no deeper meaning to it.
Please, don't play with her Kotomi-chan's going to take the exams for Ousai Academy as well, right? She is.
I tutored her.
Using words like "falling" is taboo when you're with exam students, so you need to be really careful.
Well, this is the hardest period.
You can't even fall into pleasure Is that what you're crying about? Good luck.
Just do it your usual way, and you'll be fine! I know But I just can't stand this feeling of bondage! I meant this tension! Oh, I must be nervous! You're the same as usual! Begin.
I don't understand it at all.
What should I do? I should just start off by filling in the mark sheet Time's up.
Please flip over your answer sheet and leave the room.
All right! Just fill it in if you don't know! Thank you very much.
Let's see, the next one is My name is Tsuda Kotomi! Nice to meet you! Right Nice to meet you.
Please, take a seat.
So What was the reason you applied for this school? It's close to my home! Well, that's important.
The distance from home, that is.
I-It is! What's your best subject? Sex Ed- I mean Health Education.
I see.
It's important.
Health Education, that is I was thinking of becoming a school nurse, you see Uh Yokoshima-sensei? Really?! Well, it's erotic, don't you think? A school nurse, that is.
That's true! But in my opinion, the P.
teachers are pretty good, too! In the P.
storage room and such Mats that smell of sweat O-Okay! This bring us to the end of our interview! Yes! Thank you very much! That girl passed! She seems like an outstanding talent worth teaching! Thanks for waiting! All done? Yup! How was it? There was a teacher that seemed to get along with me pretty well during the interview.
Yeah! It's probably her Master! What's up with that face? Lately, I've been having dreams where I fell.
Those are just dreams.
Don't worry about it.
You'll be fine! Yeah, you're right! Yeah! There's no way we'd fall into an incestuous relationship, right? Uh, what were we talking about again? Wasn't it your own version of exhibition play? Stare Please, at least tell me when my fly is open.
What? That wasn't your own version of exhibition play? That's just stupid! Stare What's the matter, Shino-chan? Oh, my! This is my version of exposure play! I see! Subtle, yet bold, isn't it? That's just stupid! The other day, I went to my high school reunion.
And I met the person I used to like.
But, he was already married.
A perfect chance for me, since I've been interested in stealing people's husbands! We want to take that load down, but we can't.
Nothing we can use as a stepladder, either.
I'll hold you up.
That's usually not allowed, but I guess there's no other choice.
Here we go.
This is a strange way to hold someone up I-I'm sorry Couldn't help it.
Ish this Suzu-chan~? Aww so cute~? I'll kill you by Suzu My shoulders are so stiff My bra has felt a bit tight recently.
Oh, my.
They suddenly feel a lot lighter.
Watch where you're walking, goddammit! Ousai Academy's Acceptance Presentation Yay! It's finally here! Yup.
What's your number? It's number 19! Number 19, huh? Number 19 I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come ! Please, shut the hell up! I'm gonna come! I'M GONNA CUM! I did it! Congratulations! This isn't a dream, right? Please, pinch me a bit.
It feels so good Reality is horrible Ousai Passed Administrative Office Entrance Exam Center Ha! Yada asa da Ha! Oh no it's morning Hi! What time is it? Hi! Ima nanji? Fu! It's okay just five more minutes Fu… Mada heiki ato gofun He? I need to hurry He? Isoganakya With some hot milk Ho-t milk de Go! I'm totally ready for the day Go! Ichinichi ha danzen banzen Going around the corner with toast in my mouth, Toast kuwae magari kado Gottsunko de I fall in love and crash, that's where I fall in love Cho w anime no misugi ja nai? Stop, aren't you watching too much anime? My hobby is fantasizing! I am a common Mousou ga shumi I am shomin Yeah yeah The first lesson is also a type of training Hai hai! Shigyou aru shu no shuugyou is all part of the days of youth Seishun no hibi yo Yeah yeah first period in the pool so ridiculous Hai hai! Ichigen pool ariene These days you really have to say "good job" Good gob na hibi yo Googling Guguttari Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! Wikittari wikittari Use your voice more Motto voice wo It's an information society Jouhou shakai Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! If I swim and use up unnecessary strength then the drops would splash too in the blue spring Oyoide muda ni ne tairyoku tsukau wa shizuku mo hajikeru aoi haru Second period, I'm already hungry Nigen de sude ni hungry Digestion, absorption? I agree Shouka kyuushuu ni I agree I've been waiting for it, it's lunch time Mattemashita lunch time Housoubu anison nagasu! The Broadcasting Club sends out anime songs Yeah yeah love affairs I've had crushes too Hai hai! Ren'ai koi ni koishite! Yeah yeah let me borrow your notebook it's a give and take Hai hai! Note wo kashite yo, give & take It's like an e-mail "I want to meet you right now" from a boyfrend Aitai! Kare kara mail kita teki na Yeah yeah It'm my technique i've been modestly pride about Hai hai! Kenkyo ni jiman technique The sunset Yuuyake ga Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! brings about sorrow Aishuu sasou Use your voice more Motto voice wo In the classroom Kyoushitsu de Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! hai! hai! hai! Imifu na tawagoto uketari hiitari doui ga ureshiii aoi haru Talking and listening a meaningless nonsense… I'm happy that someone agrees in the blue spring Next Time Preview Next week will be the last episode.
Is that your new joke, Prez? But it actually is true 100% truth.
What? Seriously? And so, everyone! I'll be looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you! Seitokai Yakuindomo! Good Work! We still have the next week left, though