Selling Sunset (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

(Real) Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

1 [birds chirping] Thank you, babe.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- I had so much fun last night.
- Yeah? It was a blast.
It was good seeing everybody.
Yeah, that was really nice.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
What? I know you took it the wrong way, you know, in the restaurant when I explained myself about - this thing with us.
- Mm-hmm.
And it kind of bothered me, 'cause it really didn't feel good the way I said it.
But, um I just wanted to tell you how much I love you.
- I love you, too.
- And I do have something for you.
What? Are you serious? Yeah, for sure.
I'm sure of what I want, and it's you.
So, would you marry me? Yes.
Of course, yes! [Mary] Oh, my god.
- Do you like it? - I love it! I'm so happy! The change to feel alive Thank you.
You're welcome.
I love you.
It's nothing like we've ever seen This is where it all begins Oh, oh, oh We take control Oh, oh, oh We steal the show Oh, oh, oh No chains at our feet Like a fire, we're burning free We break the rules Hi.
- How are you? - Good, how are you? Good.
- It's good to see you again.
- You, too.
How's everything been? Good.
Good, it's looking good.
We have a lot to show you.
Do you want to go inside? I've been waiting and waiting.
I cannot wait to see it.
- Let's go in.
- Please.
I'm excited to show you what we came up with.
Oh, is it different or It is, I got inspired in a different direction, - so hopefully you like it.
- Oh, okay.
Oh, I like the mirror I'm seeing.
Yeah, we do just what we want to [Catherine] Okay.
So this is not really what we talked about.
No, I kinda got inspired by the reclaimed wood cabinetry and took this more in a rustic direction.
The staging is definitely not what I pictured.
It's very far from that.
So I did the Navajo blanket, we have a cowhide rug Is that real? Yeah.
Is there any way we can get rid of that? Oh.
Are you I just feel like, in West Hollywood, I don't know if people would like that when they walk in and have a real cowhide.
Something went wrong in our communication, because this is not what I wanted at all.
So I don't know if I'm feeling this.
I'm confused what this bust is.
I don't even know what that is.
So it's a little much for me.
I really felt like it spoke to the scale of the room.
To have something that big and that impactful that really doesn't drown out the rest of it.
- I get it.
It's not for everyone.
- Yeah.
Don't worry.
I can switch it out and do something a little less.
For the average person, I think, that's coming in here, I don't picture them understanding it and liking it.
- Okay.
- Let's try something a little more simple.
It's fine.
No problem, but I thought it worked really well with this.
Sorry, I'm just trying to take it in.
It's not really what we talked about.
I was almost thinking more clean white rather than more eclectic.
- But I know you said you felt inspired.
- Yeah.
Definitely the rug I would like to I felt it was Hollywood and funky, and when I left here and I was thinking, originally we talked about, like, California beachy.
I feel like that's really done sort of everywhere.
[chuckles] I was I think I lost my voice for a little bit.
This whole staging debacle really screws me.
So now we have to restage it.
It's gonna push us back a week and sellers are not gonna be happy.
Brett and Jason aren't gonna be happy, so, you know, it's really on me, and it's stressful for sure.
When the kitchen is done, I want to see that.
- Okay.
- I want it to stay simple and just feature the beauty of the kitchen, - but make it lived in like we talked about.
- Okay.
Let's see.
Uh, I really like the chair in the corner.
- Oh, good.
- Um So maybe just tie in some more mid-century modern and we can connect tomorrow and then Whatever doesn't work, we'll just switch out.
- Just don't worry about that.
- Okay.
Thanks for understanding.
You best believe I'm never underrated Keep watching me 'Cause I'm the renegade, yeah [Chrishell] This open house is really important because, you know, this is a listing that really is kind of my chance to prove to Brett and Jason that I can sell these big ticket houses in the Valley and, you know, give me more of them.
I got the whole wide world In the palm of my hands So I guess there is a little bit of a stigma in Los Angeles about the Valley because, you know, everyone knows, you know, Valley girl and they talk like this and "Oh, my God.
" You know, it started out, it was a less desirable place to live, but you get better price and better square footage for your houses, and there's not so much of that "showy" vibe going on where it's like, just a little, what's the word? Douchey? I don't know.
[chuckles] Wide world in the palm of my hand I don't try to hide it I just be who I am I got the whole wide world In the palm of my hand I got the whole wide world In the palm of my hand I got the whole wide world In the palm of my hand I don't try to hide it I just be who I am I got the whole wide world In the palm of my hand [man] Hello.
[Chrishell] Hi, guys.
Welcome! Let me grab this.
Hi, how are you? I'm Chrishell.
Here's some stats on the home.
Anyway, the house is gorgeous.
Um Five bed, six bath.
Have a look around.
I'm happy to help you, whether this is what you're looking for.
If it's not, please tell me.
You know, we have a lot of other properties, too, but this one is really special.
So people have shown up, I'm so excited.
Um, you know, I'm not sure right now if they're legitimate buyers or not, but thank God, just right now I need to have some action, have some contacts.
Hi, what brings you guys in? Are you familiar with the area? - [man] Yes.
- Chrishell.
And then, you know, hopefully I can turn them into a buyer.
Or if not, maybe they want to sell their house.
- It has a lot of counter space.
- [man] Yes.
[Chrishell] Yes, you get You could entertain over here.
[woman] How many, um, dishwashers? [Chrishell] Uh just the one.
Master suite bedroom's upstairs.
Downstairs you'll see the screening room, which is gorgeous.
So, as you can see, you have an attached balcony to the master suite, and you can open up these doors and the sound is absolutely gorgeous.
And so you can see it doesn't even look like you're in a city right now.
Listen, it sounds like you're on vacation.
This is like an entertainer's dream out here.
[man] I can see having dinner parties and stuff like that out here with friends.
So one of my favorite features, as you walk out, I'm gonna take you down the elevator, so you can see how beautiful this is.
You get the fancy exit.
You have to see all the perks.
All right, we'll meet you on the main floor.
[chuckles] Guys, if you just hit 2.
You hit 2 on the elevator.
I don't know.
Come to life Come to life [Heather] Oh, this home's really pretty.
- [Maya] Yeah, it's fun.
- It's nice, right? I haven't seen the inside.
I like the pool area.
- Hi, guys! - Hi, love.
- Morning.
- How are you? - Hi! - Hi! I called you, I was like, "Is she still in bed? Where is she?" No, I was just I had an awesome morning.
Oh! So what happened? - [Davina] Hey now.
- Oh, my god! - What? - [Maya] You got engaged? - Wait, did you get engaged? - What? - Oh, my god.
- Oh, my god.
- Yeah.
- So happy.
This is not my first engagement, but this one is different.
Uh, the others, we planned it together and it wasn't a surprise.
And this one was a total shock, and it's with the right person this time.
And I cannot wait to be married to this man.
He woke me up and just made me coffee and was just saying how much he loved me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and he proposed.
He said it's moissanite, so it's not a real diamond right now, but he's going to save up for it.
He wants to show, like, how he wants to be with me and then he's gonna give me the ring that I deserve.
- Aw! - When he can get it.
[Maya] Moissanite? Moissanite? Moist-anite? Maybe it's, like, moist.
Moissan Moissanite is naturally occurring silicon carbide, poly God knows what.
And it's a rare mineral.
Okay, so it's a mineral.
How do you feel about the ring being moissanite, or not a real diamond, per se? [Heather] Davina! [Davina] I was a little shocked that it's fake.
I would rather have a real ring, me personally.
I think most of the girls probably feel the same way.
I think even Mary feels that same way, but if she likes it, you know, that's fine.
Well, I mean it doesn't matter if it's real or fake.
It's meaningful between them, so it's kind of rude to say that.
[chuckles] If that's how you feel, that's fine.
[Heather] I don't think a diamond defines love.
If you're in a strong, loving relationship a ring means nothing, so I think Davina asking that to Mary, it's very abrasive and I thought it was super rude.
Do you think that this is something that he had planned the entire time? Or because the dinner went so bad, he was like, "Uh-oh, I need a ring!" - Do you know what I mean? - I hope not! No, um, he says that he's been thinking about it for a while and planning to do it for a while.
I don't But I'm not sure when he bought the ring.
I don't know if he already had it, or if he decided, "Yes, I definitely want to do it," and and bought it.
But he said he's been thinking about it and he wants to - The kid thing - Yeah, I was just gonna say - Did that change? - No.
The kid thing has not changed, but we have decided to put that on hold.
He's 25.
He doesn't know what he wants and how he's gonna feel in five or ten years, but we're just gonna cross that bridge when we get there.
I mean, I might freeze my eggs or whatever in case, just so that the option's there.
I'm really shocked, because it's so fast after she was just crying about their relationship.
But sometimes these kind of fights have a way of shaking things loose, so I'm hoping that it's for the right reasons, though, and he realized in that moment, like, he could lose her.
- So now we need another party.
- I know! Christine.
Get to work, Christine.
Oh, I thought you meant my getting engaged.
Party? I'm on it! Mary, did you have, like, any idea while you guys were laying in bed No.
Absolutely not.
Someone asked him at the party, remember? And he was [Christine] I did! I did.
Oh, my God, that's right.
Are you guys getting married? Um You asked him that? Ah! Yes, I asked.
I willed your marriage, basically, through my bruja powers of manifestation.
[Maya] Honestly, just enjoy it, girl.
And congratulations, again.
Thank you.
- Hi, guys.
- Hi.
[Heather] Do they know yet? - Know what? Know what? - Guess who got engaged? Shut up! - You should have let her tell! - Sorry.
Sorry, guys! That's awesome.
- Congrats, beautiful.
- Thank you.
Jason, how do you feel about that? - Oh, come on.
I couldn't be happier.
- [Mary] Aw! I mean, he did beat me to the punch, but I'm always a couple years behind the ball.
Yeah, you were a little slow on that one.
Jason and I dated about four years ago, and we dated for about a year.
We broke up because he cannot commit, but that's just who he his.
And we adore each other, so, thankfully, we've been able to be good friends.
I'm just gonna marry the second best girl on the planet at some point.
[girls] Aw.
Jason's definitely genuinely happy for Romain and I.
He loves both of us, he loves us together, and just truly wants nothing more than us to be a happy couple.
[Davina] I wanna see the ring you get someone if you ever get engaged.
On your deathbed you're like, uh, I guess I'll finally do it.
Who's next? [chuckles] No.
Not No.
She doesn't have a boyfriend.
She can't go before me or you.
[vocalizing] [Jacob] You're just crushing it in these heels.
[Christine] I'm, like, sinking into the dirt.
- I'm okay with it.
- Oh, that would be bad if you tripped.
Nobody else can do it like me I'm making the jealous Walk in the room And they all turn their cheek You know they can't help it And up here is your bachelor's dream.
- Wow.
- [Christine] Do you love it? [vocalizing] So come and take a look at these doors.
They're absolutely amazing and you can open them all with the push of a button.
- That's amazing.
So they're electric? - Absolutely.
Just the waterproofing and the glass cost over a million dollars.
- Wow.
That's serious.
- I know.
I know.
- I know you're the man for this house.
- This is what I'm liking.
I could look at this view all day, but can we go take a look at my bedroom? - Yeah, let's go.
Let's go! [chuckles] - [laughs] Let's go.
- [Christine] This is your master bedroom.
- [Jacob] Okay.
And does the balcony wrap around the house? All the way around.
It has the same doors, so you can just set the mood with the push of a button.
- I know you're all about that life.
- Yes.
- Turn on some Marvin Gaye, Chardonnay.
- [laughs] - Pop the window open.
- Rosé.
- Rosé all day! - All day.
- Damn, that's good, let's keep going.
- You should be a rapper.
- I should.
I'm in the wrong industry.
- No, you're in the right business.
[laughs] Showing Jacob a house today is an interesting experience, because not only is he a client, but he's a great friend.
We actually went to high school together, and I've known him for years.
Jacob's always been really smart.
He made it really big in the tech industry and it's nice to see how far he's come.
- This view is just - Yeah.
It's really amazing.
It's super amazing.
- All right, let's take a look at the roof.
- All right.
Just keep on winning [Jacob] Wow.
- Look at this! Isn't this incredible? - [Jacob] Damn Just this rooftop alone is 4,000 square feet.
It's record-breaking.
This is the biggest rooftop in all of the Hills.
- The view is - Yeah.
I can't even I don't even have words for it.
I can see myself coming to a lot of your parties here.
You should show up every Thursday with a glass of rosé.
- I like that.
- For me.
- Rosé all day.
- Can we negotiate that in the deal? We should negotiate that in the contract.
- Okay, let's do it.
- [laughs] How much does the house cost? - Forty million.
- Whew - [Christine laughs] - Man! You can afford it, and you deserve it.
You just moved to LA and this is a record-breaking house.
Here's LA, baby, right here.
This is the house.
This really is truly amazing.
- We've come a long way from high school.
- [chuckles] We really have.
And I never thought that we'd be in a position to, you know, have you sell me a house like this.
Isn't that crazy? Well, now that I'm in town we should grab drinks sometime.
All right.
I'd be cool with that.
- Okay, let's do it.
- Okay.
- Let's do it.
- All right.
[Christine laughs] You Got love in your base Color the night in hues Count one, two, three Don't think it's time to lose 'Cause we have the night Open your mind Get loose Count one, two, three Don't think, don't think now Just do it Just do it Count one, two, three Don't think, don't think now Just do it Just do it Count one, two, three Don't think, don't think now [car beeps] - This is fresh.
- Right? Yeah.
It's kind of got the architectural, industrial look - Yeah.
- I thought you'd like.
- It reminds me of New York.
- Exactly.
[Mary] So it's brand new construction.
I think that you are gonna love this house.
[Taye] I like all the light already.
[Mary] It just screams Taye to me.
Uh-oh, okay.
Uh, right? It's kind of your vibe.
Kind of? This is exactly what the doctor ordered.
[Mary] I think most people know Taye from How Stella got Her Groove Back.
He was also on Empire, which is huge.
He was just in a new movie for Netflix, called Set It Up.
He's been on so much.
Really nice, open floor plan.
- This makes me feel like a movie star.
- [laughs] You are a movie star.
Taye and I met about 15 years ago, and we met at a club in LA.
He and I have just become super, super close ever since.
This actually isn't even the first time I've helped Taye find a house.
I totally know his style.
I know what he likes, what he's looking for.
[Taye] How many square feet is this? [Mary] So it's just over 3,000 square feet.
I thought because you always like the loft-style places [Taye] One hundred percent.
when you were in New York, you'd love that.
These are amazing.
So whenever you have friends over - Oh, okay.
- You know, indoor-outdoor kind of living.
[Taye] Oh, this is fancy.
[Taye] Oh, snap, this is a hot tub, huh? - [Mary] Yes.
- [Taye] Yeah, buddy.
[Mary laughs] - It's cool.
And you got the privacy.
- Yeah.
Whose furniture is this? Like, what's going on with the furniture? - It's very cool.
- Okay, so this furniture It was all imported from Italy.
- Oh, really, was it? From Italy, was it? - [chuckles] Fancy.
And it comes with the house if you want it.
- I mean, they will sell it with the house.
- [Taye] For real? Okay.
- Well done, Mary.
Well done.
- I nailed it! - Um - [Mary laughs] Then all the light.
I love the light.
- Yeah, so this is the master bedroom.
- [Taye] This is the master.
[Mary] There are two additional bedrooms downstairs where, you know, Walker could have his own room.
[Taye] Walker and a guest room or a playroom or something like that.
[Mary] Exactly.
I know you have so many shoes and clothes.
[Taye chuckles] I think you have the biggest collection I've ever seen.
- That and your hats.
- Oh.
All of these are closets.
So you can put all the shoes you want to fill these up.
- Look at this.
I had no idea.
- [Mary chuckles] [Mary] All right, so a little bit more of the house.
I think you'll love this kitchen.
- [Taye] This is fresh, Mary.
- [Mary] Mm-hmm.
[chuckles] Where's the refrigerator? Hey, fridge.
Is it, like, voice activated? Fridge open.
- Where is it? - Right here.
- Oh, snap.
- [Mary] Yeah.
- I have never seen a house like this.
- [Mary chuckles] - This is cool.
- Yeah.
This is super fresh.
I really I really like it.
When we got the listing, I just thought of you.
It's got an LA feel with a New York vibe.
Exactly, yeah.
And plenty of room.
- Yeah, so much room.
- I know you wanted a little more space.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, for me and the little one.
Taye is all about his son, Walker.
When he's looking for a home, he wants to make sure if fits in with his lifestyle, something that Walker would enjoy.
I know that's really important to Taye.
I think, also, location.
He, you know, splits custody with his ex, so he wants to find a home here in LA where he can co-parent with his ex, um, and they can be in the same city.
And how's Frenchie? [chuckles] - He's good.
He's good.
- Is he? Yeah.
We got a place together.
- Is he still super ugly and just fat? - He's hideous.
He's so good-looking it makes me a little bit uncomfortable.
[laughs] But I'm like, "That's a good-looking white boy.
" When did this happen? [laughs] - You didn't see it? - No! Yeah, so we Yeah, we got engaged.
And we started planning, um, trying to plan - I want your opinion.
- All grown up.
Look at you.
- I know.
- I'm very proud of you.
Thank you.
So, let me know if you want to put in an offer.
I def I guess, maybe, like, do you have time next week? - Yeah, let me know when.
- I definitely want to bring Walker in.
- Perfect.
- Um - In the meantime, I'll let you know - Get his blessing.
- if anyone else, like, is interested - Please do.
and is writing an offer so we can get yours in.
Yeah, so I can, um, put a hit out on them.
[laughs] Exactly.
If somebody tries to mess with this I'm gonna beat they ass.
[Mary laughs] - Hey, girl.
- Hi, ladies.
- [Heather] How are you? - [Maya] Hey! Are you ready for this meeting? God, I know, I feel like we have a lot to talk about.
What do you girls think about, like, the whole Mary and Romain engagement? I'm just so protective of her, because, you know, she's my best friend and I've known her for years and I just want to make sure that he's in it for the right reason.
What other reason would he be in it? Well, you know, she's a very successful woman.
You know, who wouldn't want to be with someone like that? The only thing that scared me was about the kid thing.
She said, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
" Those conversations should probably come, like, sooner in the relationship.
You know, he is young.
He is 25.
Like, does he really know what he wants? You're married.
You're married.
When a guy puts a ring on your finger, it's that security that you feel, right? - Like, it's like - It is, it is.
It's a great feeling.
Like, I don't know.
I don't know.
- I feel like - Christine knows.
[Chrishell] Wait, I heard you say that earlier.
You I didn't know that.
She told me that the other day.
- You've been engaged three times? - Yeah, I was raised Catholic, and you never get divorced.
So that was something that was really important to me and I really cherished it.
And I just felt wasn't right.
These guys were nice, great, stand-up guys, but I just didn't want to end up breaking their hearts and I didn't see myself with them in the long term.
So I kind of let them go.
I'm not really that shocked that Christine has been engaged three times.
I mean, look at her.
She's beautiful.
But maybe it sounds like she's a little too picky.
She's trying to, like, Weird Science a guy and kind of create the perfect man.
Good luck with that.
- [Chrishell] Did you keep the rings? - I could never keep the ring.
And not to mention it just doesn't feel right to me.
Speaking of rings, hey girl! - How are you? - Good.
What's it What did I miss? We're talking about marriage and rings.
- Oh, okay.
- [Jason] Team.
We're all here, so let's start today's meeting.
We have a lot to talk about.
Let me go over some general things, and then we'll go over some more specific listings.
I wanna hear what everyone's doing.
In terms of commission, I want to be pushing five and a half, six percent total.
I know there's a lot of people taking listings for less, but you get what you pay for.
I just don't want to see listings coming in at five percent.
Our standing right now, 150 million dollars in active listings.
It's a little below our average.
I like to keep it close to 200 million.
Just want to put the bug in everyone's ear, let's pick it up.
So a couple of development issues quickly.
Uh, Davina, Jason, and I had a good meeting with the owner of the Lion Lofts.
Yeah, 82 units, contemporary, beautiful property, very architectural, in Hollywood, just slightly north of Sunset.
Yeah, it's ready to go.
I've said this a million times, but you get out of it what you put into it.
And Davina's an example of getting massive buildings.
- Congrats! - Thank you.
[Davina] Thanks, you guys.
- Christine.
- I have a client of mine, Jacob.
Him and I went to high school together.
I showed him Hillside, and he liked it.
Nobody else has shown that yet but Christine, so good work.
- Yeah, good work.
- I'm really excited.
Um, it seemed like it could be big enough.
All of you, try to bring people up to our listing.
Christine, well done.
Heather, tell me what's going on with you.
I have 1490 Sunset Plaza.
We're just finishing the landscaping.
I met with the staging company the other day, and there was a little goof.
The style just was not working, and it should be up on the market soon.
I don't mean to put you on the spot in front of everybody, but if this was done right the first time, it would've been on the market already.
- So - Hold on, at what price point? Five-point-five million, just under 4,000 square feet.
So if anyone has a buyer I actually met a buyer, and they're looking for something.
That one's at six, - and they're looking between four and six.
- Perfect! - Look at that! - Let's be in touch, then.
Wait for it to be staged, and the hour after it's staged, get them in there.
- So make sure that happens.
- Okay.
- Good job, new girl.
- Thanks, mama.
We also need to talk about this girl and what we're doing for her engagement party.
- [alll] Yes! - Yes! What do you want to do? I'm so open.
I think a winery could be fun.
- I love wineries.
- Winery, boat - Let's have it at my house.
- Oh, I don't know.
- Yeah, that would be nice.
- That would be cool.
- All right, we'll figure it out.
- Should we talk to Romain, too, maybe? Nah.
 No, no, no, no.
We're just planning our party.
Romain will be there.
[all chuckle] I do what I please I"m never gonna stop Till I get what I need Ready or not Give me what you've got Give me that bang Some of that ooh I'm never gonna stop Till I break on through - [Christine] Hi.
- Hey, how are you? - Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
- You look nice.
- Thank you.
You do, too.
- You smell nice tonight.
- Thank you, I showered for you.
[laughs] - You work today? - Yes.
Calls and meetings, but I'm happy to be here with you.
Yeah, I know.
- What about you? - I'm waiting on these buyers to pick between three houses, and hopefully they'll choose my listing.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- You got the fancy drink.
- [Christine] Yeah.
- Cheers.
- Looks like a science experiment.
Thank you so much.
- Cheers.
- Well, cheers to us in LA.
I know, and cheers to causing trouble.
- Can I try it? - Yeah.
[Jacob] You look good drinking it.
I love it.
Right? [coughs] It's good.
I just want to pay people to come around with dry ice and just put it in my drinks all the time, so everything I'm drinking It's a lot when you're trying to drink it, though.
- I like it.
I'm okay with it.
- It's a lot.
[both] So - Jinx! - [chuckles] - So you go first.
- You owe me another margarita.
[laughs] Okay.
Um I was gonna just ask, um, so how has, you know, the dating scene been in here LA.
Honestly, it's a little weird.
I've been on the apps and stuff, gotten a lot of strange messages.
Um I can't imagine being a girl and being on the other side of that.
I feel like in LA people have so many options that they just don't commit to the possibility of one person, so they're like, "Oh, let me see what's out there.
" Well, you do really have to commit, and I feel like a lot of stuff happens last minute.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
- [Jacob] Awesome.
It's just hard when you're a girl, because obviously you have to get ready, like, it takes time.
I'm not a last minute person.
- Do you know what I mean? - I think a lot of people would think that you were like the cheerleader-type in high school.
You hung out with an interesting group of people.
Yeah, I had so many, like, nerd friends.
And I will continue to apologize for this, but I saw other people kind of being mean to you, which was not right.
The hardest thing I went through in high school was knowing that I was different.
I was always really tall.
I had a growth spurt and I was, like, the tallest girl in my class.
I was, like, I don't know, probably like five-eight.
And I had long, blonde hair, and I feel like girls were jealous of me.
And guys liked me, but wanted to make fun of me.
I think there's a certain, like, perception of high school and I think anyone that thinks outside of the box or acts differently, you know, isn't necessarily treated so well.
You were so much ahead of the game, mentally, and knew that, hey, being yourself was cool.
'Cause not a lot of people are comfortable in their own skin, so you kind of figured that out quicker than most people.
But if I wasn't treated totally unfairly, I wouldn't work as hard today.
I just wouldn't.
You know, I've always been attracted to you.
Obviously, you're beautiful.
I just feel like you've been showing me houses and it's been reminding me of how well we get along and that's tough to find.
I think that next year's gonna be amazing for you.
I'm back in LA.
[laughs] [laughs] You're like, "It's gonna be amazing for you, because I'm here.
" [Jacob] Yeah.
What do you got going this weekend? I have a date tomorrow night.
Do you? Okay.
- Are you jealous? - A little bit.
A little bit.
If you wanna say it I'm good If you wanna feel it I'm good Girl, you gotta own up all your power Before you know it's through [Jason] Just getting stuff out on the table if you want to help.
Bread and I'm gonna throw some pasta up in these bowls.
Oh, this is all bread.
I don't know how much bread we're gonna eat.
[Brett] Why don't we just put in the oven and make it look like we cooked it? - 'Cause they'll definitely know better.
- [Brett] Yeah, that was sarcasm.
- Looks good, though.
I'm getting hungry.
- Yeah, it'll be nice.
Have a little toast for Romain and Mary.
- That looks good.
- This is like the most cooking I've done.
This isn't cooking, dude.
- Yeah that was again sarcasm.
- Oh.
[Jason] Let's just get all the meat and fish on here.
Can we? Meat and fish together doesn't look right.
Or sound right.
Can, uh Can I just do that that way, bud? The wood is what we got.
- Oh, what's up, girl? - Hi, how are you? [Jason] What's up? - Hi.
- Hi.
That's wonderful.
Look at you guys.
Do you need help? Yeah, Jason wants to put steak and fish on the same platter.
Is that a good idea? Yeah, I don't know if you should steak and the fish on the same one.
Then the steaks gonna be fishy.
You can put it on the wood right there if you want.
- [Chrishell] Hello.
- Hey, sweetheart.
How are you? Oh, this is so nice! - [Jason] Oh, yeah, you've never been here! - [Chrishell] No! - [Jason] Oh, my gosh.
- [Chrishell] Oh, this is beautiful.
I love that the company gets together and has dinners, like, at Jason's house.
I think that's awesome.
Even though they're so successful, it's still boutique enough that he can have everybody over for dinner.
And I just like seeing people outside of the work environment.
[Brett] We should get some drinks.
- [Brett] Yeah, we should get some wine.
- [Jason] Yeah, we should.
- [Heather] You want some wine? - [Brett] It's hot, man.
You got AC? Alexa, it's hot as fuck in here.
Turn the air conditioning down.
That's not how it works.
Alexa Can I do it? Alexa, set the living room temperature to 69.
[Maya] All right, 69, of course.
- [Jason] Chrishell, wine? - Yes, please.
- [Jason] White? - [Mary] Honey, I'm home! - Who is it? - Get them, guys.
Get them.
- Hello.
- Hey, what's up, guys? My babies! What's up, bud? Good to see you, man.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- How are you? I'm so excited for you guys.
- [Maya] Cheers, you guys.
- Cheers to Mary and Romain.
- Yay! - Thank you! - Cheers, you guys.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- You guys, congratulations.
- You'll make the most beautiful bride.
Oh, I thought you were gonna say babies.
I was like, "Whoa.
" Oh, that too.
Oh, wait.
Do me a favor, grab the food, and let's all get to the table, yeah? Where should we sit? Do you have name tags? [Maya] Can I be over here? Romain and Mary, you come down this way so I can sit with you guys.
Is this the Last Supper? Please feel free to spill on the floor, 'cause the kiddos are hungry too.
I thought you we'd say 'cause your maid's coming tomorrow.
- That's something you would totally say.
- [Davina] Yeah, me too.
We get Branzino.
[Brett] Romain, you better get on that steak 'cause that's all there is for you.
[Christine] If Heather did not have a boyfriend, would you date Heather? No.
I want everyone single, because then they focus on work more.
To be honest.
Guys, take note, okay? - [Davina] You guys want salad? - [Chrishell] Yay.
Okay, that's it.
That's it.
Let's start with wine, then we'll move on to the hard stuff.
- [Jason] Just tequila shots.
- Oh, I don't drink tequila.
Well, you're gonna have to.
Christine! How are things with Jacob? We had an amazing date at Ocean Prime.
He's like, "What are you doing tomorrow?" I was like, "Oh, I have another date tomorrow.
" And I was like - Wait, what? - Oh, no As soon as I said that, I was like, why would I have told him about my date with someone else? Like, he's too nice.
She needs, like, a douchebag and then then she gonna be turned on.
No, no, no, I really like boring, finance It's weird.
Like, I don't like people that are like me.
No, seriously, I don't.
I don't.
He's cute and sweet.
I mean, did you guys feel like there was an instant like - "I want to kiss this person"? - Say yes.
What made you finally decide to pop the question? Oh, about the age? About the age? No! [laughs] - No.
- About getting married.
Getting married.
- About getting married, bro.
- Remember, the engagement, that part.
Popped your question, as to, what made you ask me to marry you? Well, it was, you know, everything.
Um We moved together.
- Basically, he wanted to have sex.
- I wanna hear his answer.
Don't be rude.
Shh, don't say that.
I wanna hear his answer.
We moved together, you know, living together and And then Mary put a gun in my head and told me it's about time.
You don't live no more.
- I want to hear what he's saying.
- I know, me, too.
She puts a gun to my head.
Stop making me horny, guys.
Okay? I want to hear the sweetness that he was saying.
I just wanted to move forward.
Uh I mean, we're working a lot together, so But you know if you marry Mary then you also marry Jason, right? You know, it comes as a package.
Well, I've got one girl and two brothers now.
We wanna hear the romance and we wanna hear the love and that's not what he was giving us.
Come on Romain, give us something.
I want to know which side of the aisle am I gonna stand on? Am I gonna be best man or best ma'am? I think you should be on my side.
We do share dogs.
Wait, so Zelda and Nico are his babies, but then, is he step-daddy or daddy now? Jason and I got Zelda together when Romain and I were together.
Wait a minute, I'm confused.
So you got Zelda after you and Romain were together, - but you got him with Jason.
- Yeah.
It worked so well sharing Nico that we just adopted another dog.
And how long did you and Jason date? I mean, it depends if you include the break-up period - Six months to a year.
- Yeah, we had a lingering kind of period.
We lived together for Yeah, we lived here for a few months together.
- You lived here together? - Yeah.
[chuckles] Oh, my God.
You guys are like the That's so funny.
Not only could I never be that close to an ex, I wouldn't want to be that close to an ex.
Every time Jason and Mary get a little, like, friendly, I look to Romain, 'cause I'm waiting to see if, like, does this bother you or are you jealous? I always do, like, out of habit.
I look to him, 'cause that would make me mad, but he always seems fine about it.
We broke up but still dated.
We're learning a lot.
It's very interesting.
Interesting history, but it works.
[Christine] Crishell.
Why did you break up? And I found the most amazing man that's like I know everyone gives him shit because how young he is, but he I mean, who Even 40 I know, like who Since you guys are so cool, I feel like its not weird to ask.
Why did you break up? That's probably more on me.
[Maya] Commitment issue.
[coughs] What's monogamy? [coughs] I thought it was monopoly.
There was, like, a transitional period.
Poor Romain.
Do you want to hear this, or no? We were good friends before, and we're much closer now.
[Mary] We're much closer now.
It's gotta be awkward for Romain.
- Brett hates talking about relationships.
- I'm not a super jealous person, but I wouldn't be able to be in Romain's position.
That's exactly why I just asked him, "Do you want to hear this?" I mean, I wouldn't.
I don't need all this detail.
This situation, I couldn't handle.
[Brett] All right, that's enough talking about that.
Forty-five minutes about relationships, come on.
All right, let's talk about something else.
Let's talk about the Raiders! - Don't be a dick.
- The Raiders? Should we clean our shit? Yeah.
Let's clean up, guys.
You know what, I used to be a waitress, so I'm gonna clear some of these plates.
That was my biggest thing.
Oops, sorry.
Okay, I've lost touch, guys.
I've lost my No, wait, wait, wait, the dogs are like, they're on it.
Don't worry.
Get it, Zelda.
Get it.
I've lost my touch.
[Maya chuckles] - [Jason] I'm gonna go get my wine.
- [Maya] I'm gonna sit down.
Yeah, guys, I got the fire on outside if you wanna go.
[Heather] That's nice.
Who else is drinking? Are you guys not? What'd you want to talk to me about? I just want to talk to you because I feel like it's really fast, and I just want to make sure - What? Me and Romain? - You and Romain getting engaged.
[Mary] Seriously? [Christine] You've been married a few times, so I just, like - Oh, thanks, but - I mean, I just want to make sure Okay, there's still Yeah, but okay.
- Yes, I have, but - that he has the right intentions.
- Like, I love you.
- They were different situations, in both of those and I was, like You're my best friend, I just want to make sure that this is it.
You know? He is everything that I've wanted.
He's everything that's right.
But I want to make sure that he has good intentions.
Like, you're a very successful young woman.
I'm like, is he taking advantage of you? He's never asked me for anything.
I just want to make sure that, like, you've thought about all this, because, you know, you came to the office the other day and you were so sad about your conversation about kids, and I was like, these are the conversations I would be having on first dates.
And that's just me, but, you know, so I was just like, I want to make sure that my best friend, my coworker, my, like, sister is, you know, like, thinking straight.
That's all.
I just don't understand.
This is supposed to be a celebration.
We're all happy.
What has he ever done to make you even question that he has bad intentions? He had apprehensions about your relationship and kids.
It's crazy to me that you guys, you know, were on such different pages about that and now you're engaged.
It was a misunderstanding about him saying, like, it works for now.
That was just lost in translation, the kid thing.
Yeah, we don't have it figured out.
You're right.
We don't.
He's too young to know what he wants, so I'm not worried about that.
If he's too young to know what he wants, is he too young to know what he wants in terms of marriage? For now, we are happy, we love each other, we want to be together.
But do you know what I mean when I say that I have doubt? - How many times have you - I'm confused, I just want to make sure like, been upset about a dude that ends up being a complete douchebag? He is the one, and I want you just to be happy for me.
Imagine that places that you and I have come from, where you and I were both on the floor crying, upset about guys.
- It's like It makes me sad.
- They were the wrong guys.
They were the wrong guys.
- I wanna make sure he's the right guy.
- How often have you seen me cry Two days ago! - That was a misunderstanding.
- I'm, you know, worried about you.
Christine, when was the last time you were in a relationship? Like, a proper relationship where you can even talk to me about this? - That's up.
- It's true.
Seriously, just let us be happy.
You know what Mary, like, do your thing.
You know? I just can't.
I want to be happy for you right now, but I can't.
- I just, like, can't do this right now.
- Nice.
Guys, I'm so sorry, I have to leave, but I had an amazing time.
- [Brett] Really? - Yeah, you got better things to do? I know with depression It's getting cold - [Maya] What happened, Mary? - Oh, nothing.
- Whatever.
Hey, baby.
- My love.
- [Jason] Everything cool? - Yeah.
- [Heather] What happened? - Don't worry about it.
It's fine.
[Heather] It doesn't seem fine.
Going home in LA Can't believe what they say I think I'm losing my way California dreaming Wait for it to sink in, no No, no, no, no, no, no California dreaming Got me heavy in my feelings California dreaming Got me heavy in my feelings California dreaming