Selling Sunset (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Loose Lips Sink Relationships

1 I've been catching vibes So fresh and clean I can feel the sunshine calling me It's a beautiful day [Mary] Who's winning? Come out and play Go long! Oh.
Touchdown! It's a beautiful day All right, guys.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's kick some ass.
Do just the girls wanna play? [Maya] I'm gonna be the judge.
I don't want a ball to hit my stomach, 'cause what if I'm pregnant? Do I have cellulite? Does it look bad? - No, not at all.
- I'm ready.
Name of the game: don't let the ball hit the sand.
If I break a nail, I'm invoicing Jason, like, $12 for each nail.
[chuckles] [Heather] Let's go, girl! Yeah! [cheering and yelling] - Nice job.
Ow! - [Jason] That was our best bump-set.
Come on, fire up, fire up Life in the fast lane To the beat, beat, beat Move it Point! Be superhuman [screams] What you waiting for? [cheering] What you waiting for? Fire me up, let's go What you waiting for? [cheering] Ew, you're so sweaty.
[Chrishell] I'm gonna be sore tomorrow.
We both are.
My booty's gonna fall out.
[Heather] Do we have any, um, like, coconut water and stuff? That's sick! I'm sorry, I wanna ride to the office in that sick-ass creature of a bicycle.
[Chrishell] That is amazing.
We should ask if she'd let us, like, take it for a spin.
Am I, like, super white or what? Am I okay? Mary, why are you You're quiet, Mary, over there.
Why am I? Because I lost my voice.
- I'm trying to save it.
- Aw.
She lost her voice from screaming at me.
Why? Did you yell at Christine or what? - We got into a little tiff.
- Are you being mean to more girls? No, they're being mean to me.
She was just expressing her concern about Romain and I being together, and it was such a big deal when it shouldn't have been.
And then to have people judge him and judge me based on that, it just sucks.
No, I should have been more understanding and empathetic towards you.
I'm totally aware.
And I know that it was coming from a place of me seeing you be hurt before and me not wanting it to happen and just trying to be careful for you, so I'm sorry if that came across wrong.
[Mary] You had my best interests at heart, which is the most important thing and so just, whatever, let's squash it.
[Maya] I mean, I think we all do.
We don't have any intention to hurt anyone when it comes to relationships.
- [Heather] Yeah.
- [Chrishell] Yeah.
[Maya] Heather, how was your vacation? It was a nice little break, being in Europe and being around that culture, but I missed the sun.
So you think he's gonna play next year also in Slovakia or somewhere else? What's the plan? He signed with Sweden.
- In Sweden? - [Christine] Oh, my gosh.
[Maya] What do you think about Sweden? Like, you're going to go? I don't know.
I mean, I wanna see how work's going [Maya] Yeah.
and obviously, of course I wanna go and be with him, but You should totally go! Of course you want me to go.
[in Swedish accent] I love ze furniture store, I love ze meatballs, I love ze svedish fish.
I love it all.
- You'd do good there.
- You wanna come? - No, I just want you to go.
- Can you not hate me now and hate the new girl? - Trust me, I know.
I'm working on it.
- I might take the hazing on.
She's gonna hate you forever or you gotta start sucking up, girl.
[chuckles] - You guys done? You shot? - Good job, guys.
[Maya] I think I'm going to head out.
It was fun.
What are you going to do about Jacob? Do you think you'll give him a chance? I've always been attracted to you.
Obviously, you're beautiful.
I just feel like you've been showing me houses and it's been reminding me of, you know, how well we get along and that's tough to find.
[Christine] He's sweet and I've known him for so long.
I think I will give him a chance.
I don't know.
I think that's awesome.
- Yeah.
- Seriously.
- Don't get used to me being nice, though.
- [chuckles] I won't tell anyone.
Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.
It's our secret.
You have such a nice ass.
[chuckles] [Chrishell] So I'm super excited.
I got an offer for the Tara Drive house, and if this closes, this will be the biggest deal that I've closed to date.
But this offer is a little more complicated than just a straight offer.
So I wanna get to the office really early and I wanna put in all the work, because I don't want anything to go wrong and I wanna beat the traffic and be the first one there.
- Hey! - Hey, how are you? - How's it going? - Good, how are you? You're here early, huh? Yeah, I'm actually the only one here now.
No one's here? Like Jason, Brett, no one? - It's nice and quiet.
- The girls? Nobody's in the bathroom? - No, uh-uh, just me.
- Oh, my gosh.
Remember I told you I wasn't drinking in the party, - I think I might be late? - Yeah.
I bought a pregnancy test.
- [gasps] - I have a showing in, like, 30 minutes, but I don't wanna wait until the end of the day.
No, take it now! I'm nervous 'cause I don't wanna be disappointed, right? 'Cause it could be I'm just being late a few days.
Like, I don't know.
Do you wanna just take it and get it over with? That way you just know? Yeah.
- I'm so excited! - You wanna come wait with me? - Okay, what do you need? What can I do? - I don't know.
I'll be there for moral support.
- Okay, fine.
- How about that? I'll just be outside the door and I'll be rooting you on.
[chuckles] Okay, sounds good.
[Chrishell] Yay! - I'll be right here.
- [Maya] Thanks, girl.
Good luck! [Chrishell] Are you okay in there? [Maya] I'm good, girl.
[water running] There is a time and place for everything, and I think right now in my life, I'm in that time and place, which I don't want to put work always first and I wanna expand my family with my husband.
Now when I potentially be pregnant, I want to have it positive, but I'm just so paranoid and so cautious about it.
After two miscarriages, I'm just worried it's going to happen again.
Just out of my control.
How's it going? I took it, but it's, like, thinking, so it's like [Chrishell] Let me see what the box says.
- It's a digital thing.
Keep it simple.
- Three minutes.
- Oh, is it? - Okay.
Can I see? It's just, like, two lines flashing.
I'm, like, nervous.
'Cause, you know, we've been trying for one year and, you know, it's like It's, like, every time, it's like I can't imagine it, how nervous you are.
I know, right? Oh.
It just needs more.
[gasps] Oh, my God! [squeals] [laughs] Let me see.
- Pregnant.
- You're pregnant! - I'm sorry, I just screamed at you.
- I don't know what to do.
I'm so excited! Oh! - I need water.
- What do we do? Here.
Okay, don't First of all, don't tell anyone.
- Okay, I won't.
- My mind is, like, spinning right now.
- Do you wanna sit? - I know, right? I wanna be the first to say that to you.
My heartbeat is, like, I'm so excited.
But at the same time, because it's so early, - I just hope it's gonna be okay, you know? - Yeah.
I'm happy that I got to be here for you.
- No one knows.
Like, you're the first one.
- Okay.
Pretend like you're just like, la-la-la, nonchalant, even.
Nothing was told to me today.
I'm just gonna hug you one more time.
Thank you.
[Christine] Mary, can I show you something? This new MLS has me all sorts of whacked out.
So let's do Beverly Hills.
- Let's do Bel Air.
- Is that Hollywood? Special order for Christine.
Oh, really? Aw! - [Maya] For your house.
- [Christine] Oh, my God, so cute.
- Hi.
Thank you.
- [Davina] Christine! Can I film this and send it to my boyfriend? [Davina] Those are gorgeous.
"Hey, Christine, so glad we were able to reconnect, and it's been awesome having you as a tour guide around LA.
Can't wait for you to find me the house of my dreams so we can both really say, 'Look how far we've come.
' - Lots of love, Jacob.
" - [all] Aw.
- That's so cute! - Aw! That's really cute.
What a sweetheart! So you had dinner with him? What happened? Yeah, we had dinner and we had a really good time and, um, I don't know.
Obviously, it went well.
So what is it about him that you liked or that you didn't like? I mean, he's really sweet.
- [Davina] Okay.
- He's so nice.
He's so funny.
But I just don't get that, like, passion and chemistry.
You don't want to jump his bones? Yeah.
But, I mean, I think you should give it at least a couple of dates.
I mean, sometimes it takes time.
He might grow on you a little bit more.
And if not, then you guys remain friends.
I don't want someone who grows on me, though.
I want someone who I like instantly.
Like, wow.
I wanted that too.
In the long run, that's not the best thing.
I agree.
My husband grew on me.
[Davina] But you do have to, you know, feel attraction.
Christine, I think you should totally go for him.
I agree with Mary.
Give him a chance.
- I think so, too.
- What's it gonna hurt? Flowers are so sweet, so I'm voting for him.
[chuckles] Do we get to vote? Are we voting? Who is Team Jacob? Maybe I'll entertain dinner with him again, you know.
- Yay! - Maybe I will.
- [Maya] We totally sold her on Jacob.
- Okay, fine.
[Maya chuckles] [whimpers] [Chrishell] Hi.
Um, I have, um, good and bad news.
Um, okay, so I have an offer for Tara Drive.
It's obviously beautiful, and I do think that it's gonna sell quickly.
Well, let me get some stats of what you are looking for and give you my information.
So that's super exciting, but it's contingent that their house sells.
- If the buyer's house sells? - Yeah.
So it's not just a straight offer.
Is their house on the market already? It's not, but it's ready to go on the market, so There's a couple of ways we can do it.
One, the buyer can release non-refundable funds.
The other way to do it is just to not offer any non-refundable funds and to get into escrow, but you have to give the seller an out.
So if the seller gets a better offer, they can kick the buyer out.
- But they won't lose any money? - They won't lose any money.
When you release non-refundable funds, basically that's you saying, like, "Okay, I'm putting all this money at risk.
If for some reason I don't end up buying your house, now you get to keep all that money for the inconvenience.
" We can triple end it.
We can represent the seller, the buyer, and the buyer's home, and maybe even the buyer of the buyer's home.
Okay, that would be amazing.
But no pressure.
- There is pressure.
Let's get this done.
- All right.
[Jason] This is a really complicated transaction.
That said, I expect anyone at this office to close it and that includes Chrishell.
Hey, Mark, it's Chrishell Hartley.
I am just calling you to let you know that we got an offer on the house, which is amazing, but I need to talk to you a little bit about it, so just give me a call back when you can.
Today Will be the day Today It all will change Nothing and no one - Isn't it beautiful up here? - Oh, wow.
It's a lot of light.
- I know.
It's gorgeous.
- And I love those skylights.
I'm the Director of New Developments at the Oppenheim Group.
Jason hired me to kind of oversee the process, so I'm working with lots of developers in luxury condominium high-rises.
[Davina] So this is a penthouse that we're going into.
This is a furnished model.
It's so beautiful.
[Chrishell] Oh, wow.
- [Chrishell] I like how bright it is.
- Isn't it gorgeous with the high ceilings? You get your own sunroof.
And a little tequila to make you feel at home.
[chuckles] - [Chrishell] Always a good time.
- This is the master.
[Davina] It just feels so open.
It's very inviting and the views, of course, I love it.
I have two people off the top of my head I'll bring in to see this.
[Davina] Oh, cool.
I'd love to get you involved.
It was fun to hang out with you guys the other night outside the office.
I know.
 I'm happy we all got to be there for Mary, too.
- That's cool.
I'm happy for her.
- I know.
They're so sweet together, but I was a little worried for her after their, like, rocky anniversary dinner or whatever.
Like, her reaction kind of made me, you know, wonder.
When I met her and him, I thought it was more like good for her, like it was her boy toy, and then when they got engaged, I was like, "Wait, what?" I thought she was, you know, just enjoying the fruits of her labor.
[chuckles] Yeah.
You know when you're 25, think about what you wanted and who you were with - versus like, now, what you - Oh, I know.
- It's so crazy.
- It's so different.
I mean, I wouldn't wanna be with the person I was dating at 25.
Oh, my God.
I did not know who I was at 25 and I didn't know what I wanted, because actually if I ended up with the person I was with at 25, I would want to kill myself.
[laughs] And, yeah, you can Google that.
You were a dick.
[laughs] Sorry.
Honestly, I don't know if it's fair to even ask someone at 25 if they want kids or not.
He does want kids, I guess.
- She's aware of it, you know? - Oh, yeah, she can make her own decisions.
So obviously I want Mary to be happy and I hope that this is the right move for them.
As somebody that is married, and I'm married to a wonderful person, sometimes it's freaking hard.
So I just hope that, you know, at 25 years old, he knows, you know, what that entails, asking someone to marry you, because it's not always easy.
Does Romain pay for his own share of stuff, do you think? Not much, I think.
So she pays for everything? Yeah.
I mean, I don't know him super well.
- I've heard he's a baker.
- Yeah.
She's gonna do a prenup, right? I don't know.
I haven't talked to her about it yet.
- We can recommend it, but - I'm not gonna recommend it.
- I won't recommend it either.
- [laughs] You know, she's obviously gonna do what she wants to do.
He's gonna do what he wants to do, and hopefully that aligns.
I mean, it's possible that it works out, but it's risky, you know? [chuckles] [Heather] I'm so excited to see it.
I cannot wait.
- I hope that it's way better.
- [Brett] Oh, that makes two of us.
[Heather] Yes! [gasps] Yes! I love it [Heather] I love the couch.
It's white, exactly like what we wanted.
So let's see the kitchen.
I didn't wanna take away from the countertops.
I feel like it's perfect.
[Brett] No, it's clean, it's modern.
I love the chandelier.
That's perfect.
It ties in that table so nice.
So I feel like this is super universal now.
Anyone can walk in and envision themselves.
I love it.
I love it, too.
I mean, it could've been done last week, but I love it.
Let's go upstairs.
Perfect, I love it.
[Brett] This could be my bedroom.
I really like it.
- See the view? - Yeah, let's go outside.
[Heather] So private up here, don't you think? - Yeah, this is great.
- Oh, it's beautiful.
- [Brett] You'll sell the shit out of this.
- Yay! I hope.
- You will.
- It's gonna happen quick.
- It's got to.
- Yeah.
You will.
I got my license when I was 27, and literally a few months later, I sold my first home, which was, like, around 7.
2 million.
For me to have to prove that I am a good agent and connected and a strong worker is kind of bullshit because I've brought clients and deals in, and I shouldn't have to defend myself.
- Let's chat about what happened here - Okay, what's up? because honestly this house could've been in escrow already.
You could've had an open house.
It could've been staged and finished - and photographed a week ago.
- Yeah.
I wanna know what happened.
[sighs] Um I definitely let my personal life get in the middle of work.
I took a call with Nick right in the middle of going over the staging of the house so It's hard, 'cause I never know when he's gonna call.
You know, your priority's to your clients - and to selling homes.
- Yeah.
So that's where my interests lie.
So I do not wanna minimize and I fully respect - that you have a lot on your plate - Yeah.
but this is the priority.
- I know.
I'm here to work.
- Okay.
And that needs to be my focus.
But it's not the end of the world.
You can recover.
 What you need to do is sell it for a great price - and everybody will forget everything.
- I know.
- And no phone calls during the open house.
- Yeah.
If you're gonna move, come on Don't keep it to yourself No need to take it Not from anybody else You're gonna move They have, like, a banana one and I kind of wanna try that one.
- Uh, it's fine.
- Have you tried it? - No, but I'm not in the mood for coffee.
- I also don't know how to use this.
How's it going with Lionel? Oh, um, I walked Chrishell through the building.
- [Maya] Did you? - [Davina] Yeah.
I feel like she does wanna learn about new developments, so that's cool.
Actually, Chrishell was asking a lot of questions about Mary and Romain.
- Oh, really? - Yeah, like does he even make money? Like, does he have a job? Does he even pay for anything? That's not cool, you know? Like, and then I feel like, "Oh, are you gonna talk about me behind my back, too?" She's so nice to Mary, but she didn't say anything about how she really feels to her face.
I mean, I get the concern, at the same time.
[Davina] Sure.
- it's none of our business.
- It's none of our business.
But I feel like if you have such strong opinions, don't come talk to me about it.
Go talk to Mary about it, you know? I'm gonna have Mary's back more than, like, Chrishell.
- Like, you're the new girl.
- Yeah.
Watch me like cable I'll let you decide A hustle so real, certified What you, what you gonna do When you look rear view And I'm right at your tail Never matters how far I'm behind In the end, I don't know how to bail Throw me straight into the fight Come now, diamonds I'm a fighter - He versus me and no one else - No one - Do we need to get a fireplace? - [Mary] Hey, guys.
- Able to do that? - Yeah.
Yeah, 'cause it's just an appliance.
- Oh, what's up, girl? - Hey.
- [Jhoiey] Hi.
- [Jason] Thanks for making it.
- Of course! - Mwah! Oh, my God, it looks so good.
- [Jason] You haven't seen it in a while.
- No, it's come such a long way.
[Jason] I wanna show you one thing.
We've got this working.
This is the television.
Boom! [Mary] That is epic.
Where'd you guys get that idea? - Oh, just in my head one night.
- [Jhoiey] He's crazy sometimes.
Eighty-five-inch TV right in front.
[Mary] That is so cool.
That is incredible.
I'm pretty happy with it.
- How much did that cost to do? - [laughs] Uh, almost 35,000 with everything.
Your TV cost 35,000? [laughs] Well, no, the TV cost 5,000, but you have to - But the whole TV system cost Wow.
- You dig down, pour It's basically a safe room down there.
It's basically a bunker.
[laughs] Now you've got the industrial kind of thing.
Well, the last one we did was more contemporary, but this is more my style: one-story vaulted ceilings, wood, metal, timeless, more sophisticated.
I really like it.
- I love it.
- This is more me.
So Jason and I used to date, and, yeah, that didn't work out.
I think in most cases, it's very hard to work with an ex, but it works for us.
So it's nice to be able to offer my opinion objectively.
And then this is gonna be glass.
One piece of glass.
By the way, I believe I told you to do glass there - instead of the other thing, didn't I? - Instead of metal? Yes, you might have.
And then this is gonna be a neon sign with my favorite poem.
So it'll become like a bar vibe over here.
Here, let's go outside.
We're just getting started on the pool.
So the coping goes first and then they're gonna float everything around that.
Then all of this is gonna be fake grass, the entire deck.
The brick on all the pillars, are you leaving it brick? - Yes.
- Oh, yeah, for sure.
- Okay.
- It's called thin brick, which you'll normally see.
I hate the word veneer, 'cause everyone thinks it's fake.
It's actually brick.
It's just thin.
- It;s just the thinner - So let's go with thin brick, deal? [Jhoiey laughs] - He's making up his own words.
- This is gonna be a fireplace right here, too, in the corner.
What's up, guys? What's up, girl? Hey.
I was just here and Mary told me she's going to be here, so I figured I'd come say hi.
- Oh, I wanna brag about the house.
- I know.
- Hey, hon.
You look cute.
- You look nice too.
- I love your jumper.
- Oh, thank you.
- Wow, this is so nice! - You know Jhoiey, right? I'm sorry, I got distracted.
Oh, by the way, we're gonna have a huge pool party/dinner party when I'm done.
When is it gonna be ready? I don't know.
Jhoiey, when's it gonna be ready? - The pressure is on.
- Uh-oh, here comes another fight.
[Jason] We're gonna go inside.
We have a ton to go over.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
[Maya] What's going on, girl? [Mary] Nothing.
Just coming to the house to take a look a look at it.
He's just, like, done so much to it.
I was here a couple months ago and it just looks completely different.
It's the first time I see it.
I like it.
So how have you been? - Good! - Yeah? - Yeah, really good.
- What's going on with you and Romain? I know it's been kind of like, you know, the girls are, like, chit-chatting in the office and making, I guess, some comments about, - you know, him being young and - Who was talking about stuff? I guess, I don't know, Davina and Chrishell were, like, talking about, you know, I wonder if, like, you are, like, supporting him or something.
But I get it, people talk.
They will always say something.
Well, I don't support him at all, but if they have questions, if they have something to say, they can just ask me.
What Was there anything else said? - No.
That's what, as far as I know.
- Okay.
If they want to know, they can come to me.
- Right.
- They don't need to talk behind my back.
I hope my fears don't catch me And you won't see me when I fall [Chrishell] Do any of you guys have an agent that works in Vegas? - I do.
- I need a referral.
[Heather] Yeah.
It's from ten to two.
Are we still going to the Century next week? - Wasn't there something - I have to talk to Eric about that.
All right.
- Hey.
Sorry, um, do you have a second? - Yeah, go ahead.
So, unfortunately, um, remember the last time I told you they had an offer in, we're in escrow, but it was contingent on their house selling? - On the Encino property? - Yeah.
So we're basically to the point now where their deposit would be at risk and they've taken their offer off the table 'cause they're afraid their house is not gonna sell.
- So my escrow fell through.
- Hmm.
[Jason] Well, where's the backup offer? Well, this is the only offer I have.
Well, we need a backup offer.
If you think that there's an escrow that could fall out, then you gotta have a backup offer, maybe even an offer before that.
Two backup offers.
I don't wanna hear you coming to me saying I lost an escrow and I don't have a backup offer.
Did you continue to have open houses and broker opens and continue to make phone calls and send out emails and do print marketing? If you can get one offer, you can get two offers.
I did show the house privately a couple times, but I didn't hold it open after I was in escrow, but You gotta keep working.
I mean what, you lost your first deal? - Not a good batting average.
- [Chrishell] Well [Jason] I mean, I lose maybe one in every 20 or 30 deals.
Well, then maybe this is just my one and I'm getting it out of the way, and then all the rest of them will be real successful.
I don't want you coming back and saying, "I fell out of escrow and I don't have a backup offer because I didn't continue to work hard.
" I did show it privately a couple times Because now the client's not happy with us, right? Because you got them excited, they felt like they sold the house, they might've made plans to, you know, move or spend that money or do something, and now, boom, we're back to square one.
I mean, listen, I'm not just gonna judge you on one deal, but, you know, it's not a great start.
All right.
 I'm going to hold it open on Sunday, Tuesday.
I'll blast emails out.
I'll call some people that did come to see it, to make sure they know it's still available.
Let's get our marketing back.
Let's get people back to the house.
All right.
Thank you.
Let's get an ad in the LA Times, get an ad in the MLS Caravan.
The whole team can send emails.
Tell everybody.
- Okay.
- All right.
Thank you.
You guys have anybody that's looking to move to the Valley? - [Maya] What happened? - [Chrishell] I fell out of escrow.
What happened is that she fell out of escrow on her deal because she didn't have a backup offer.
We're back to square one.
So, lesson for everyone, if they don't know this, and I think everyone does, use your first offer to get a backup offer.
[Heather] It's not your fault.
If you don't have a backup offer, you can't wait around for a backup offer.
Well, it is her fault, actually, but, you know, you could've had a couple more open houses.
You can go and sit next to Jason, Christine.
[Christine] I'm just saying it happens.
It's okay.
She knows now.
It's not a perfect world and not everyone has a backup offer for every listing.
[Christine] But she knows now that she should.
You know, you're the one that's missing out on a six-figure commission, so I'm not trying to be the bad guy here, but, you know, you're batting zero right now so let's close maybe our next 15 deals and then you'll be back to average.
Don't worry, like, it happens.
High, is it what you want? Taking me, breaking me Getting me high Is it what you want? Touching me High, is what you want? Work it with me [Maya] Wow, what a long day, ladies.
[sighs wearily] Oh, this is so nice.
Have you guys been here before? - I have, but only downstairs.
- [Christine] Yeah? It's super cute.
You know, it's nice to finally escape from Jason and Brett.
[chuckles] Are they gonna show up from nowhere? Like, they always show up.
- Probably! - [woman] Hi, ladies.
Welcome to the District, I'll be helping you out tonight, my name's Chanel.
I'll start with your drinks? - Sauv blanc.
Great, thank you.
- [Chanel] Yeah, definitely.
- Would you wanna do a New Zealand one? - Wonderful.
- [Chanel] Okay, for yourself? - Could I have a mojito.
[Chanel] Mojito.
- I'll do a champagne.
- Champagne.
- Mojito.
- And a mojito.
- A virgin one.
- Virgin.
[Christine] Four lemon drop shots, please.
- [Chanel] Sounds good.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Now we need to just work on the 40-million-dollar houses.
I know! I feel like my client, in his mind, that wasn't even when he wanted.
- Jacob? - Yeah.
- This is the guy that - Oh, my gosh.
- Yes, this is the Jacob.
- Okay.
- Cheers.
Thank you.
- I'll grab some waters as well.
- Thank you.
Cheers, ladies! - Of course.
Cheers, guys.
- Yeah.
- Cheers.
So I had buyers like that, actually.
Well, I have a question: you haven't talked to him since the flowers? Like, in person? No, I haven't seen him since the flowers.
- [Chrishell] Could I see a picture of him? - So here we go.
Yes! Oh, he looks sexy.
Wait, I wanna see him.
I'm missing all the action.
- [cell phone rings] - [gasps] [laughs] [Maya] Who is that? Can I answer? Can I get it? - Oh, that's Jacob.
- No, I'm busy.
Why? Let me answer! I can't talk to him right now.
I can't.
He's like my brother, do you know what I mean? It's like, I don't know, I've known him since, like [Maya] Yeah.
[Chanel] Some lemon drop shots.
[Chrishell] Oh! Thank you.
All right, cheers.
- I'm not - [Christine] You gonna do it? To the baby! [laughs] - I'm sorry, Maya.
- That I'm kidding! I'm joking.
Why are you not drinking? Well, I'm basically pregnant, it.
Good job, Chrishell.
[chuckles] - I forgot.
I'm sorry.
- It's very early.
- Basically pregnant or you're pregnant? - Well, I am.
- I am, but it's, like, so It's fine.
- This is why I can't drink! I'm sorry.
This is great, though.
This is great news.
It's great, but I just hope it's gonna, you know, stay, right? So that's why I'm like I'm so sorry! One sip of alcohol, this one is already like [Davina] Done.
[Maya] Seriously.
Try to not tell Mary and Heather or something? Or just keep it kind of I better not drink then because I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Hi, babe! - Hey! - Hi, guys.
How are you? Hi, honey.
- You look cute.
- Thank you.
- Come on in.
- You need a drink.
We have a few extra lemon drops if you'd like one.
Ooh! [Maya] So how was your day? It was all right.
I just did a walk through with a client, and, um, it was kind of a disaster, but Oh, no, what happened? It didn't go as So basically the seller moved out and just left it a mess, so I was trying to, like, scurry and clean everything up and stuff and It's much more responsibility representing the buyer and the seller because you're, you know, at fault for everything, literally.
Yeah, that's true.
But you also make, like, a lot more money.
[Christine] Yeah, that's true.
Absolutely true.
- Yes, but I did find it - [Christine] So Mary's buying.
- Drinks on Mary.
[chuckles] - [Davina] Drinks on Mary! [Mary] Oh, my gosh.
- Um oh.
So - [Davina] That's funny.
I'm just going to get this out, like, in the open right away because I did speak to Maya the other day and she just said that there was some talk about Romain and my relationship.
To be honest, I heard, like, you guys were talking.
But here's the thing: you guys are new.
How would you know anything about us? I do want to make it clear he's never asked me for a penny.
He pays for the two of us all the time.
It's frustrating that people are talking I swear to God, I don't remember.
You did ask me about, like, does he pay for stuff? Yeah.
And it's I think it's because you don't really know, you know? Okay.
I'm gonna use the restroom.
- [Maya] Me, too.
I have to pee, too.
- Crazy.
I do, too.
You threw me under the bus to Mary about that I asked, like, if she paid for everything.
I was only asking because I legitimately was wondering why there was all this concern.
[Davina] Well, I feel like she does know that it was, like, about the kids and about the money.
So those are the two general points and you're like, "For me, it was only about the kids.
" Then I'm the one that obviously was talking this shit about, uh, the money.
So I was like, "That's not the case," and so I feel because - So then you threw it on me.
- No.
Maya's the one that told Mary, "Oh, you know, they were talking about it.
" So it's not like I was like, "Hey, Mary, uh, by the way, this is what was talked about," you know? So just know that.
The way that you brought it up to Mary sounded like you were throwing me under the bus But you could've owned up to it and said, "Oh, actually, I don't know him.
I don't know you very well.
" And that's the reality of the situation.
Uh Really? It's just letting me know who I can trust, who I can't.
Did you get your fried rice? - [Maya] Yes.
You want some? - [Mary] Nah.
Just another day in paradise A day in paradise Another day in paradise