Selling Sunset (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The One That Got Away

1 [upbeat music playing] I'm feeling like Heather! What's up? - How are you? - It's been forever! It's been way too long.
I know.
What, like five years? I think it's been about that.
 It just flies by.
You look fantastic, as always.
So do you.
[Heather] Brandon and I are old friends.
We did a photoshoot together back in, like, 2012.
We just clicked on set, and he's super funny, and he now works for one of the top architecture firms in the world.
Wait, so where's this tan from, because you're in Washington.
[laughs] Leave it to you to call this out on me.
Seriously, I'm like, I need one, too, to match you.
So, I landed the other day and I realized I was so pasty white Did you go to the beach? Or did you spray-tan? You got me, I spray-tanned.
- Typical LA, come on.
- Come on.
I can't believe you just called me out on that.
[chuckles] I mean, you could've lied.
I can't lie to your face.
I look at you.
You know, we're catching up.
I just - I know.
- Okay, so tell me about you.
I just got back from Slovakia.
I was visiting my boyfriend, Nick.
- Did you speak Slovakian? - No.
I tried to learn a few words.
- I know na zdravie.
- What's that? Like, "Cheers"? - That's "cheers.
" - Okay.
- What does he do? - Hockey player.
Oh, yeah.
And you're in love? - I am, but it's hard - Wait, let me see your hand.
- There's I don't see a ring.
- Oh, God.
Oh, I don't have a ring.
So you're chasing after him.
- That's a long way to move, and - I'm not chasing after him.
[chuckles] It's hard.
- 'Cause I'm I don't - Thank you.
Of course, yeah, I love him.
But at the same time, we've been together two and a half years, and I don't want to pressure anyone to marry me ever.
Like, that's not what I want.
But I don't even know if I want to marry We don't know.
- I don't know what I want.
- Okay.
So you're back.
Yeah, I'm back.
It's stressful being back in LA, but I love the opportunity here and, like, the money here and, like Like, where else can I sell a $20 million home? Or like, you know, it's insane.
I actually have a potential new listing.
It is around 40 million.
It's not done yet, so it'll be done in, like, two months, but it's sick.
The views are amazing, the pool, everything about it.
- If you have this property - It would be life changing.
Once I did something like that, the doors would open completely for me even more.
There is competition with some of the girls in my office, but I'm not worried about it.
- You gotta pull out the nails.
- I'm prepared.
For sure.
I mean, I'm not a mean person, though.
I'm not gonna, like You're in real estate in LA.
[chuckles] I know.
That's my problem.
You're so nice and you're so attractive in that sense, and you have to pull out the claws now.
I like being friends with people, and I feel like it's a natural connection but I don't wanna, like, lose that in myself just to make money.
Like, I don't want to.
I'd rather have this connection with someone and they use me 'cause they trust me, rather than me, like, hurting people to, like, get farther in life.
I don't want to be that person.
So, yeah, I might be too nice and I might not.
But I feel like it's gonna be my advantage in the end.
If I could bring you a $40 million client I represent some of the largest manufacturers in China, like billionaires.
You don't have to give me a percentage.
I'll give you a referral, 100 percent.
I have the perfect buyer who's been looking for a property.
I'm gonna send an email right now, because - Are you being serious? - I'm being serious.
- Like, we have to make this happen.
- Okay.
Make it happen.
- Show me the views, show me the money.
- Show me the money.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
- Na zdravie! - La zdravie! Did I say it right? Hey, you Tripping off my life Shivers up and down my spine Oh, oh, oh This is just some crazy, crazy love My hazy, crazy, crazy, hazy love Hello, Christine? - Hi, guys! - [woman] Hi.
Hi, how are you? Come on in.
Nice to meet you.
So nice to finally meet you.
I feel like I already know you guys, though.
- Christine, thanks for taking the time.
- Come in.
- [Sepi] Thank you.
- [Christine] Look at the view.
[Sepi] Oh, my goodness.
This view's incredible.
This is pretty big.
It's just over 3,000 square feet.
- It's a good size for you.
- It's what we're looking for.
[Sepi] It's bigger than our current home.
But right now, we have a three bedroom, and I'm pregnant.
So, this one's on the way and we have a 14 month old.
[Christine] This is four bedroom and three and a half baths.
[Sepi] Well, we're sold on the view.
- [Christine] A perfect day, too.
- [Max] I love it.
I'm sold on the TV.
[Sepi] Is there a yard? So there is a little area over here.
A California yard.
I would call that a very LA yard.
You still have the patio area, you know, where they can play.
Let's go take a look at the kitchen.
I think you guys will love it.
This was recently renovated in 2018, so everything's brand new.
Cappuccino maker.
Come down, make your cappuccino, stare at yourself in the mirror in the morning.
- This is a really cool vibe.
- Who's gonna clean this? [Sepi laughs] I don't know if a mirror behind a stove is the smartest thing.
- I'm a bit of a cleanness freak.
- He's a clean freak.
Oh, really? So who cleans and who cooks? - [Max clears throat] - [Christine laughs] Both! See how unfair this relationship is? She's taking really good care of our son.
I gotta give her that credit.
[Christine]I'll be honest.
I really don't normally sell to families, but Max and Sepi are friends with Brett, and I think Brett was so busy.
It was nice he, you know, connected us.
And families buying houses in the Hills isn't necessarily as common, but it's kinda hip and fun and they're cute and quirky and I like that about them.
And here's the rooftop.
- [Sepi] Oh, wow.
- What do you guys think of this view? - [Max] Oh, my God, it's beautiful.
- [Christine] It's incredible.
[Max] This is the place to entertain.
- [Christine] Yep.
- [Sepi] This is wonderful.
- We host a lot.
- This is the perfect spot.
- [Sepi] Having friends over and stuff.
- [Max] There's a barbecue, TV I mean, I like it.
I like the house a lot, I think it's beautiful.
I think that if it was just us two, it's a no-brainer.
But maybe, perhaps, if you have other things that you could show us that are more conducive to families.
It would be great if there was a yard.
- But stick to the view.
I like the view.
- [Christine] Yeah.
I know you love the view.
- [Max] Cool.
- [Sepi] Thanks for showing us.
Of course.
I'm so glad you guys came.
[Max] Yep.
[Christine] This couple definitely feel like best friends and they have that power-couple element that I love, and I do want the relationship that they have.
Right now not so much.
I'm working on my career.
But they made me really like it.
It struck a chord with me.
They're perfect.
This is not a love song This a not a sing-along But, ladies, are you with me? I know that you're with me Add a little sugar, they say Be a little sweeter, they say Gotta give and take But I say This time, it's my way My way, my way This time, it's my way My way This time, it's my way, my way [woman] Hi! - How are you? - I'm good.
How are you? Good.
Good to see you.
You, too.
Thank you for showing me this.
This is so beautiful.
I love how light and airy and open And the vaulted ceilings.
It's so pretty.
Yeah, and I know you said, because we've seen so many, in some of the other ones, you mentioned they're just cold.
You know, it's like they're too contemporary.
You wanted something a little bit more homey.
Yeah, I feel that with this so much.
[Mary]Finding a home for Emily has been a little challenging.
She has been looking at all modern homes.
And she said that that's what she wanted, but I'm starting to notice that as we're seeing these homes, she really doesn't like as modern as she thought she did.
I mean, how great is this? Just a cute little reading nook.
You know, just chill in the sun.
- I could live here.
Right here.
- [chuckles] [Mary] The house has an amazing flow.
Everything opens up to the outside.
So on a nice day, just open up all the double doors, and you have a really nice indoor-outdoor flow.
All right, let's get to the master bedroom.
[Emily] Oh, my God, that's so pretty.
You can even see your pool down below.
[Emily] Oh, I love that.
[Mary] I definitely relate to Emily.
I think we have very similar taste.
I love modern and trendy and cool, but a little more homey, kind of like this one.
- I've saved the best for last.
- Wow.
[Mary] The views, obviously, are such a great selling point on this home.
You can actually see all the way out to the ocean on a clear day.
- Oh, my God, I'm in love with this place.
- [chuckles] I was hoping you would be.
If you don't buy it, I would consider buying it.
[Emily] So how much are they asking? Four-nine-nine-five.
So, just under five million.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Do you think that they could come down in price at all? I think we could probably get it a little cheaper for you as long as we come in strong.
I mean, I love it.
But I wanna, like, consult with my boyfriend first and kind of see.
This is a big move.
This is our first home.
I just wanna make sure that we're making the right decision.
Of course.
Well, think it over and talk to him, but don't take too long because I think time is of the essence.
We do need to move on it quickly if you do want it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I'll call you.
- Okay.
Turn up the heat Turn up the heat I get it loaded whenever I'm going Turn up the heat Turn up the heat Ready, set, fire [Chrishell] Hey.
Well, hi, babe.
Hello, how are you? - You look amazing.
Look at you.
- Thank you.
[Chrishell] Well, you inspired my outfit.
- [Christine] I love it.
- [Chrishell] I thought you would approve.
I am loving this sexy new Chrishell.
- Thanks.
- This is amazing.
I mean, I love you cute and innocent, but this is a whole other level.
Thank you for inviting me.
I was like, "How would Christine go through my closet? "Okay, I got it.
" Christine definitely approves this message.
What are you drinking? I'll just do, like, a Sauv Blanc.
- Sauv Blanc.
- Thanks.
- Start you out with a water as well? - No, two shots, no water.
But I have to wake up so early for You'll be fine, I promise.
This is one of our signature cocktails turned into a shot.
It's called the La Brea.
Cheers to having me on your side.
[Chrishell] I love that.
I look forward to taking you under my wing.
Uh! Cheers.
That's so sweet.
- That was surprisingly easy.
- That was like if a salad was a shot.
So what are your thoughts on dinner the other night? Well, it was nice to see everybody outside of the office.
- Yeah, it always is.
- There were a few awkward moments.
So, you actually knew before I did that Maya was pregnant.
I know Honestly, though, it was by accident.
I know it was an honest mistake, but just be careful next time because we're a really small group of people.
So secrets and things get out and it causes explosions.
I have no defense.
- I know.
- I literally just still feel so bad.
Just live and learn.
But it seemed like Davina was really calling you out.
It's frustrating that people are talking You did ask me about, like, does he pay for stuff.
Yeah, and I think it's because you don't really know.
You know? Okay.
You know what it is? It was just interesting.
She kind of brought it up in conversation, and so I asked her a few questions, 'cause I was trying to understand where everybody's concern was coming from.
So I said, "Well, is she paying for everything?" And she was like, "I don't think so.
" So I was like, "Okay.
" But then, in front of Mary, she was kind of like, "Well, Chrishell said" and I was like, "I never said that.
" First of all, I don't know them, so I wouldn't say that.
When Davina threw me under the bus, I'm not gonna be that person that just doesn't say something.
So here's the thing that I love about Davina, is she's a lot like me.
She's no bullshit.
Like, you know, she will say it how it is.
So she's one person that you probably wanna be friends with.
If you don't own up to the things that you say, you're gonna get in trouble in this brokerage.
It's small.
So you need to not get your feelings hurt and don't think that you're being thrown under the bus because you're being called out on something that you've said.
She can't be meek and she has to be stronger.
And if she's not, she's not gonna last.
As long as you know don't with me I would say, don't with Davina, and be careful around Mary.
You'll do fine.
I know you have a tough exterior, but you seem like a teddy bear on the inside.
I'm bound and determined to see it.
I'm a total teddy bear.
I can see it.
I was, like, the nerd in high school.
Everyone made fun of me.
Like everyone said I would go nowhere in life.
- I swear to God I could cry right now.
- What? No, I swear to God.
- No! I'm like, "Why am I crying?" - No.
No, but, seriously, I am a teddy bear.
I really am.
I'm also, like, very just to the point and honest, and sometimes that comes across, like, the wrong way.
And I hate that.
That's not my intention, 'cause people don't have a sense of humor.
What were you like in high school? I'm curious.
I come from poverty.
So I was, like, the smelly kid, 'cause sometimes I didn't have running water.
Now, I'm not gonna cry.
Um But, um, I really relate to you, because it's one of those things where it's like people would never assume that now 'cause I've worked so hard to get away from that.
It's crazy.
Like, you really don't know what people have been through, and I think you're so strong.
I really do.
But I'm just really happy that you joined our brokerage, - and that, um - You'll keep me in line.
If I give you a hard time, I'm sorry.
It's not my intention, I just want you to be professional and I want people to love you.
So, that's my only intention for you, I promise.
- I feel a hug coming on.
- I feel a hug coming on! Come here.
Aw, that's so nice.
- Aw.
I love - Thank you so much for inviting me out.
- [Christine] Of course.
- [Chrishell] It's been so nice.
[Christine] Of course.
Ooh, on top of the world On top of the world [Brandon] So they built all the way up to the hillside.
As high as they could, yes.
And it doesn't look as tall from down here, but I swear it's insane.
So look at the view.
This is not even anything compared to what else you're gonna see.
I'm looking at those power lines, and I know you said Well, you won't be looking at them for very long, 'cause they'll be dropped.
He's spending half a million dollars to drop the powerlines.
[Heather] It's around 20,000 square feet - Okay.
- which is giant.
And this is actually the last home of this size that is allowed to be built in the Hills.
The city shut it down.
So this is it.
So basically when you walk in, on this side, there's a full gym, two saunas - Two saunas? Why would you need two? - I mean, why wouldn't you? Atrium with a palm tree.
- That sells it right there.
- Who has a palm tree in their home? And there's a beautiful movie theater.
- This is all pool right? - The pool, yeah.
The pool basically wraps around the whole house, so I think that you should get in and take a little swim.
Oh, I can feel it already.
Are you sure you don't want to get in? I've decided not to swim today.
You could have rafts in here and float around like a lazy river.
- [Brandon] A giant swan! - [Heather] There you go.
- How big is this? - A hundred and fifty feet long.
Have you ever been inside of a pool that big? At a hotel, yes, but on a private property, no.
Hello, this is a huge listing.
It'd be the biggest one I've ever had and the biggest one at the Oppenheim Group.
It would make a huge statement for me.
So tell your client this is the last one of this size.
You better jump on it.
It's gonna go quick.
We can do a really good housewarming party if he buys it.
- Or when.
Let's say when he buys.
- Yes! Let's do it.
You've got to let it go You've got to live out loud You've got to let them know We're flying up above the clouds - Me so hungry.
- Oh, I know.
Me too.
Oh, my God, I'm starving.
Can't wait to get my coffee.
We haven't seen each other a lot.
- You've been really busy.
- I know.
- It's ridiculous.
- Your work, yeah.
I think we saw each other more when we weren't living together.
[chuckles] Yeah.
[Mary chuckles] This is getting - [Romain] Yeah, you're working so much.
- Jeez.
It's tough.
Good morning, welcome to Fig.
Hi, my name is Chris.
I'll be your server today.
- Thank you.
- Some menus for you.
All right.
Thank you.
I think I'm gonna do an egg white omelette with avocado.
[Chris] Perfect.
I'm going to get, like, a toast with juice and coffee.
- [Chris] Sounds good.
- Cool.
Thank you.
- How was your morning? - It was good.
You know that house that I showed the other day - The one you really liked? - on Fremont? Yeah.
- I really want you to see it.
- Yeah? It's so cool.
It feels homey and just hip at the same time.
Yeah? What did he say about it? - Are they gonna make an offer? - She likes it.
- She likes it a lot.
- [Chris] A latte for you, miss.
- [Mary] Thank you.
- [Chris] For you, sir, whole milk latte.
[Mary] Thank you.
We should probably start thinking about what we're gonna do once we get married, - like where we're gonna live.
- Mm-hmm.
Do we want to keep the same kind of, like, condo - situation - I don't know.
or do we want a house? Because, after seeing that Fremont house, I'm, like, that's what I want.
[chuckles] Um, I've thought about it.
I don't know if it would be better for us to just keep living where we are.
But we need to have a couple extra bedrooms, for whenever Austin comes out to visit - or whenever your parents come.
- Mm-hmm.
So we need at least two bedrooms, maybe three so we can have an office.
[chuckles] Do you want to get a bigger place? Do you think it's important for us to have more room, or do you just I don't know.
I also will see, I have to do, you know, more - Maintenance and stuff on it.
I know.
- Yeah.
More, I guess.
I mean, it doesn't need to be huge, but No, that's for sure, I mean I don't know.
- I guess - What style do you like? You know, with a hot tub.
- With a hot tub? - Yeah.
What? [laughs] A hot tub? Okay.
Or a pool or I don't know, but something like that.
Well, I mean, you have to have a house, it's cool, no? Yeah.
If you're all set, I'll have the check dropped.
- Perfect, thank you.
- My pleasure.
- Let me know if you need anything.
- [Romain] Thank you.
[gasps] I don't have my Do you have your wallet? Give me your card.
I don't have my card with me, baby.
- It's in my car.
- Uh-huh.
I see how you are.
[Romain chuckles] - Babe, I swear I don't have it.
- Mm-hmm.
I really don't have my wallet.
Put a ring on the finger and now you're like, "Baby, you can pay, right?" I forgot my card.
[laughs] Yeah, right.
I'm looking in there when we get back.
- Yeah! - I'm joking.
- This is cute.
- Yeah, this is super cute.
So, you know, this area called, like, Hollywood Dell.
East Hollywood Hills, like old, classic, Spanish.
Yeah, it's pretty cool, they remodeled the whole property.
[Chrishell] I can't wait to see inside.
This is pretty.
- Yeah, super nice.
Very Spanish.
- [Chrishell] I like all the greenery.
All right.
 Welcome to our Spanish revival new listing.
It's not your typical, like, open floor plan.
It's an amazing house.
So you kind of know the stats, right? You have the setup sheet.
Why don't I'm gonna be your client and you're just gonna show me the house.
Oh, a little role play.
If I'm a buyer and I'm walking into a Sunday open house and I'm asking the agent questions, they better know the answers.
Size, price, details.
So I wanted to test Chrishell and play with her a little bit just in case she will see the open house on Sunday when I cannot be there.
So this is a beautiful Spanish home and it's very unique.
Um, you know, you won't find this everywhere.
A lot of the homes around here are very modern.
But that's the thing.
When I sent you the listings that I want, I wanted a modern house, so why did you bring me to the Spanish one? - Oh.
- So can we just leave? - I'm kidding.
I'm giving you a hard time.
- My God! [laughs] I'm kidding, okay.
This is beautiful.
All right.
Shit, you really got me.
[laughs] Okay.
All right.
So, uh, as you see this is a huge, nice living space with a beautiful fireplace.
Yeah, I got eyes.
I can see the fireplace.
We've got four bedrooms, four bathrooms My phone is ringing.
Hold on.
It's my husband.
- Oh, okay.
- Hello? Yes, I'm seeing a house here, just a second, bye.
I'm just I'm giving you a hard time, 'cause this is what clients sometimes are.
- Okay, go ahead.
- Okay.
All right, I wanna see the kitchen.
Okay, I will move you into the kitchen.
This next, it is a gorgeous open space.
The kitchen runs beautifully into the dining room.
Yeah, right? It's pretty.
And you've got an amazing fireplace, which you never get.
You've got these balconies outside the kitchen, which could open it up, have amazing ambiance.
And the really high ceilings are incredible.
Is this chandelier gonna stay? Is the seller gonna keep it? If you want to keep the chandelier, you would need to specify that with your offer.
Good answer.
Let me tell you.
People buy millions of dollars of house and they argue about little things.
I'm like, "Come on, guys.
You can replace a chandelier.
" - But, no, they want that specific one.
- That I knew.
- That was on my test.
- That's a good answer.
So let me give you a round of applause.
- Oh, thank you.
- You passed the audition.
You know, like, real estate is such a great business once it's up and going, but, I mean, you know, my first year, it took me one year to sell a house.
It was not even a house, it was a condo.
- Really? - Yeah.
Like, you can say to Jason, like, "Throw me some bone.
" Like [laughs] Sorry.
I just It's so cute when you say that.
"Throw me some bone.
" Not the real bone, like, you know, real estate bone.
- A lead, a listing.
- [Chrishell chuckles] Okay, so tell it nicely, like, "Hey, Jason, I do want to be more in the game, I just don't want to deal with leases.
Would you co-list with me?" Yeah.
Yeah, I'll ask.
See if he can give it to you.
 Like, one listing, one condo, one house.
He doesn't want to go to the Valley.
He doesn't wanna go to the Valley or East Hollywood Hills and he's also not gonna cross the 405.
Jason? Where is Jason? - I think if he gets [chuckles] - He's not there.
- He could be.
- Jason is nowhere to be found.
- [Maya] Look how cute the balcony is, huh? - Oh, this is so cute.
I think it'll sell for sure really quick.
Yeah, I hope so.
I really hope so, 'cause I flew from Miami literally last night.
- Really? - Yeah.
To do the open houses and do the showing.
You don't look like you flew in last night.
- I know, you know.
[chuckles] - Maybe it's that glow you have going on.
I wish I could say it's the glow, but it's just so early.
- I know.
- And the thing is, it's like, you know, I had the miscarriage and then the other miscarriage.
And then I had a cyst on my ovary.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
- You got it taken off? - I did.
- Okay.
- The gynecologist, she couldn't separate them and she had to remove the ovary, so I'm 36 with one ovary now.
It's like, great.
I can't imagine being under that much stress.
So if you ever need to decompress, - I mean, I'm here.
- Thank you, girl.
Thank you so much.
- I really appreciate that.
- Of course.
Singing la, la, la, la, la, la I'm moving on I'm moving on [phone ringing] [dog whimpers] Hello, this is Mary.
- Hi, Mary.
It's Emily.
- Hey, Emily.
Listen, I wanted to talk to you.
I am in love with the house and I want to put an offer in.
That's amazing.
Here's the thing is I want to put in the best price so that I don't lose this house.
I don't want to have to go back and forth.
So what do you think that price would be? Four-seven-seven-five.
- That's kind of the sweet spot.
- You think that's the best we can do? I think in this situation, it is.
Four-seven-seven-five is where we would land if we did go into negotiations, so I think if we went ahead and just came in strong, we could win the deal.
I think that sounds good.
I wanna try and lock this in today if we can, - 'cause that would be amazing.
- Perfect.
I'll let the agent know.
We'll send it over now.
- Awesome.
Thank you so much, Mary.
- Okay.
Don't stop I'm living my best life Living my best life Do what I feel like Living my best life I'm staying up all night Keeping it all right Do what I feel like Living my best life [Maya] I'd kill you if would tell me not to bring tennis shoes.
Like, no way in hell I'm wearing high heels.
- I got your back.
- I can't.
This is not Ferragamo-friendly terrain.
[Maya] No, not at all.
Nineteen thousand square feet lot? - Eighteen-five.
- Wow.
You've been mentioning to me you want to learn more about development, - so this is a great opportunity.
- Yeah, I want to be more involved and be knowledgeable more about, you know, the whole process.
So if you could just show me.
[Maya] I think learning about real estate development is very important, because eventually I want to do it or maybe invest with my client and be part of the deal versus just an agent who negotiates between buyer and seller.
I want to have a piece of the pie, too.
On this project, I was really involved.
So I actually engaged the architect and the builders.
I reviewed these plans for a month, I would say, to make sure everything was good to go.
In fact, we went as far as to change the name of the street.
- It used to be Pinto Place.
- Yeah, Pinto, right? I'm like, wait, that street had a different name.
 It was Pinto Place.
Yeah, now it's Hummingbird Place.
Yeah, 'cause what was Pinto? Like, what is that? - It's more like a bean.
- Yeah.
[chuckles] The Bird Streets is an area in LA in Hollywood.
It's right north of Sunset Plaza up in the Hills, and it's a very prestigious area.
You have so many celebrities that live around that pocket and not to mention all the nice, brand new constructions.
The houses are going for 30, 40, 50 million.
If you really want to be able to step up the game for house flippers and renovations or for development, - it's a whole different skill set.
- That's interesting, you know? Like, my husband is in finance, and obviously I'm in real estate.
Like, I kind of want to try to convince him to start from, like, a small flip and then just go from there.
- It makes sense.
- Just something that's crossed my mind.
What's up with you guys? Everything's good? Yeah.
Actually, I'm pregnant.
Shut up.
- Really? - Yeah, it's very early.
- Come here! Wow.
- Thank you.
Thank you, but it's, honestly, it's very early.
Whatever happens, happens.
But because I already had two miscarriages, he's like, "Why don't you just take it easy and stay more in Miami and maybe just refer business to the girls?" Just so you know, I'm here.
I'm committed.
I'm not going anywhere.
Just have to juggle everything, right? I just want to be perfect in every aspect in my life.
Being a good wife, being a good real estate agent to my clients, and obviously being a good, perfect mom.
And I think you cannot have it perfect.
Something has to give at some point.
I just don't know what.
I can't be available for my clients all the time once I have a newborn.
I'm proud of how you've handled everything.
- Thank you.
- I can sympathize tremendously - with what you're going through.
- Can you? - Well, I can sympathize.
- You don't even have a dog.
I'm pregnant and I'm really sweaty.
You can show me the plans in the office where it's cool and a glass of, like, I would say champagne, but lemonade.
- I can't even offer you drinks anymore.
- I know.
I'm lame.
I have hot flashes.
And I feel it coming And I know the reason to shine - Hi, Mary.
- Hey, Emily, they accepted your offer.
- That's awesome.
- Four-seven-seven-five We're gonna open escrow today.
I'm heading to the office right now and I will send you all the remaining documents for you to sign.
I'm so happy, you have no idea.
I'll call you just in a little bit when I get to the office.
- Sounds good.
- Okay, bye.
These are walls that never break Oh, oh Nobody could take our place Oh, oh Everybody wants to be us All right, we've got, actually, a few things we need to go over here.
Let me get an update from everyone here.
Mary, you wanna give us a quick update? I have some good news.
I just got the offer accepted, and we are closing the deal on the Fremont house.
[Maya] Congratulations.
We need, like, a bell.
Every time someone closes something, we ring a bell.
Uh, Christine, go ahead.
Um Well, obviously I would love to get my client Jacob up to the house after, um, those finishes are put in.
I'd love him to see it and get a better idea of the direction that it's going in.
Um, and then I have a showing for my $14 million house.
This is probably the sixth showing.
I hope it goes good.
Okay, good luck with that, Christine.
Chrishell? Okay, so, uh on the Tara Drive, I'm gonna try to find a new buyer and I'm gonna try and get some backup offers.
We're still gonna sell it.
I have faith.
I know what I've got I know what I need Hi, guys.
- [all] Hey.
- [Heather] What's up? How are you? I'm so sorry I'm late.
I have some exciting news.
So I think I have a potential buyer for the $40 million house.
- No way! - Are you serious? Christine, you heard that? You heard that, Christine? I heard it.
I have someone who's interested as well, but, you know, let the games begin.
The race is on, girl.
I guess you're not moving to Sweden, huh? Christine, don't tell me you bought her the flight ticket already, like, one-way back to Sweden.
Yeah, she gets miles, coach ticket.
- Oh, no, honey.
Oh, no.
- Norwegian Airlines.
You're still together, though, and Yeah, we're still together.
Long distance is hard, but we'll make it work.
[Jason] Oh, ten percent of the time, it works every time.
How would you know? Have you done it? - [Davina] Taking advice from this guy! - Don't listen to him.
Get it, get it [Mary] Are you excited? - Yes, I'm so happy.
- [chuckles] Good! Oh, my God.
Welcome home.
I think you guys are going to just love it here.
And then we pop the hood And, yeah, we love it [Mary] This is it.
You've got your keys.
- I know.
Oh, my gosh.
- You've got your new house.
I cannot believe it.
And then here is a bottle of wine to celebrate It is one of the best feelings when you finally get to hand over the keys to your clients, because that is such a huge day for them.
The house is yours.
It's so beautiful.
Thank you for everything.
Of course, I hope you're so happy here.
I am.
This is my dream.
[Mary] But it's bittersweet because I would love to be handed my own set of keys for a house like this one day.
I Recall The times you dropped by [Mary] Do you feel like you're missing out? Eh, a little bit.
We'd stare into the sun Run wild like dragonflies [Mary] He doesn't want kids for ten years.
What? [Chrishell] No, don't cry, Mary.
- [exhales] - [Christine] Yeah, it's so sad.
[Mary] Do you want a house? I converse I can't do this alone Remember me When I'm gone In dreams We're gonna live on We're gonna live on