Sequestered (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Folding Laundry

Miss Russo.
Mi Miss Russo, it's Danny Ferman.
You ca So that's it? You don't need anything else from me besides my statement? There isn't much to do until we get toxicology.
But I can tell you now it's gonna say smack.
She was a witness on the Malcolm Miller case.
Usually kill 'em before they testify.
She lied on the stand.
- I've seen it a thousand times.
They finally think they're clean, then something stresses them out.
Like the trial.
And they just have a little too much.
I'll call you when I get the tox.
But I promise you, she OD'd.
What about the juror assault? Any leads on that? We're still looking.
I'll send you a copy of the report when I get one.
Hey, tell your father not to be such a stranger.
I'm forgetting how ugly his mug is.
You're lucky you didn't get his looks.
Oh, shit.
So you're telling me your sister is on a TV that is completely cut off from any sort of signal? Yes, that is why I need to call her now.
- Anna, you know it's against the rules.
Only one 5-minute call at the end of each day.
You know, it's easier to just deliberate and get it over with then to try to get out of it.
If I tell the judge you think people are trying to talk to you through a TV that's not even connected, what do you think she's going to say? You're right.
Look, Anna, I know it sucks being down here, but look at the bright side.
Maybe you'll make a friend or two.
Sorry I'm late.
- No, menstrual cycles are late, lawyers are on time.
Time is money, isn't that right? Yeah.
It's 7:30 in the morning.
It's 7:51, actually.
Can I get you a drink, sir? - Coffee.
He'll have a Bud.
I'll have coffee.
And he's had enough.
This is my first.
Right, Danielle? Just messing with you.
Why do you do that? - What, screw with you? Because I can.
You're my son.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I can't be 15 minutes early like you are.
I have an actual job I go to.
- Collecting disability, I'm sure, is not as time-consuming as whatever you're doing.
Do you two need a minute? I can come back.
It's fine.
What are you having, Dad? I'm buying.
I'll have a couple of scrambled.
Is that all? You don't want bacon? You love bacon.
Get bacon.
He loves bacon.
Get him some bacon.
Rye toast.
Right? And I'll have scrambled egg whites and avocado.
Thank you.
Avocado? Is that what you eat with your lawyer friends? Avocado.
- I'll be right back.
Why do we Can we just, like, try to have a normal conversation of some kind? I'm not starting anything.
- Fine.
Fine, okay.
What did you do yesterday? Same.
You win or lose? You look like you just got out of an all-night game.
Dad, sitting second chair on this case was a really big deal for me.
Okay? You could just maybe, I don't know, pretend Pretend to be proud.
I just don't want you to do anything you're gonna regret.
Or are you just taking pot shots at me because I didn't become a cop like you? Were.
- Listen to me.
Are you proud of what you do? This is what you do, man.
This is You know, you dig at me and you dig at my job.
And you know what? I don't need it.
I don't want it.
I I'm just gonna go, Dad.
See you.
A big winner.
Hold the avocado.
Yes, it should be a bipartisan effort.
We have a historic opportunity here.
We pass this bill, we have the most stringent gun regulations in the country.
We can create a real precedent.
Look, I need you to get behind me on this.
Not anybody else.
Well, you tell me when is the right time? Sharon, don't forget you owe me.
If you need me to remind you, why, I will.
Thank you, Sharon.
You won't regret this.
Good morning, everyone.
Let's get started.
- Shouldn't we wait for Anna? I got my ass up out of bed on time, now I gotta wait? Well, while we're waiting, I just wanna put this out there to everyone that if we keep an open mind, there's no reason why we can't go home today.
Excuse me, before we actually start, can I make a quick announcement? It's a query.
I am missing a very nice pen.
A Montblanc.
Has anyone seen it? Is that directed at me? - No.
Have you seen it? No.
- Okay, if anyone does see it, I would very much like it back.
It was a gift from my wife on our anniversary.
Aw, that's so sweet.
We're deliberating a murder case and you're talking about a pen.
This pen happens to be worth more than you make in a month, so you can go fuck yourself.
Yeah, I'll do that.
- Charles.
He's Anna.
I'm sorry.
- No, no.
We're about to get started.
Have a seat.
So we can get out of here.
Anna and everyone, we are required to be here on time.
We have a lot of work to do and it's not fair to the others if we're late.
Yes, it won't happen again.
I'm sorry.
I thought it might be helpful today if we watch the confession again.
Why? And I don't know how it happened.
I don't.
Danny, come into my office, please.
I heard about what happened last night.
That was crazy.
Must've been a horrible thing to discover.
First time I've seen a dead body.
It was shocking.
I bet.
I bet.
Did the police give you any trouble? Because if they did, I can take care of it.
You know I've got you covered.
Thank you, Henry.
No, I think I'm good.
She'd been dead for a couple of hours.
Ruled me out as a suspect.
And she had a history of abuse, so they're pretty confident it was an OD.
What were you doing there in the first place? She had called the office looking for me, so I was just following up.
I see.
So you didn't actually speak with her? No.
Bad timing.
I assume she had something to tell me about the trial or her testimony.
- So it's not a total loss.
Not to be insensitive, but it is lucky you found her body when you did.
I'm looking into the possibility of a mistrial or better yet, if the police find anything suspicious, I'll argue for the charges to be dropped altogether.
So good work, Danny.
That's not why I brought you in here.
Rodriguez bank robbery case? - It's yours.
I thought Burke was handling it.
- He was.
Now you are.
- Burke was first chair.
Danny, you've earned it.
Plain and simple.
Now get out of my office before I change my mind.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
I will not let you down.
I bet you won't.
But that is a big case, so you better get to work.
I'll have Burke bring the case files to your office.
Thank you, sir.
Danny, that's wonderful.
You've gotta be the youngest attorney in the firm to sit on a case this big.
I don't know.
Listen, here, hey.
I was gonna give this to you at dinner, but it feels appropriate here.
Oh, my God.
I saw it and I thought of you.
It's beautiful.
Here, here, here.
- Can we afford this? I had some stocks pay out dividends.
You know.
Can't a guy do something nice for this girl? Yes, he can.
I love you.
Wait, you didn't get this off that dead girl, did you? Wow.
- Just checking.
I'm just pushed too far to his throat.
Did you know - I don't know.
Tell me how.
Say it.
Yeah, I would've.
- How? I don't know, okay? No, it was an accident.
I didn't want him dead.
You must've choked it back into his windpipe, right? Yeah.
Yeah, it was an accident.
- Yeah.
So there it is.
How can you choke someone to death if he could still breathe through his nose? He could've been face down in the trunk of the car.
Malcolm Miller shoved that rag so far in the back of that boy's throat that it didn't matter that his nose was open.
Charles is right.
If you shove something far enough in the back of somebody's throat, it cuts off the airflow from the nose.
What the hell does it matter? You heard that man.
He confessed.
If the police went after me, I'd tell them what they wanted to hear too.
Yeah, they were like really mean.
Regardless, there is something about this confession that rings true.
- This is a police recorded confession.
Of course it's coerced.
It's a police recorded confession.
He confessed of his own free will.
- He was in that room for more than 21 hours.
Okay? Worn to the bone.
No offense but scared and confused don't add up to free anything.
That confession was bullshit.
So, what, like it never happened? That's your position? - That's my position.
It's not as if they were waterboarding him.
- They badgered him for an entire day.
That's it's own form of torture.
Guys, we have a confession, we also have a witness who saw him driving away from the governor's house that night.
At 1 in the morning.
In the dark.
While behind the wheel of a car with headlights on.
So? - Marisa, how long have you smoked? None of your business.
- Just humor me.
I don't know, since, like, 10th grade.
When I was 15.
- You've always smoked Camels? Pretty much, except for when I've bummed from friends.
You've seen that pack of Camels thousands of times.
Think real hard about the man on the package.
Was he sitting on the camel or is he leading him with a rope? Oh, come on, Marisa, this is a fastball right down the middle.
This is ridiculous.
- Ah-ah-ah, no cheating.
Come on.
Okay, fine.
I am 99 percent sure that the man is leading the camel by a rope.
There is no man.
Wow, that's crazy.
What people see and what they think they see are often two different things.
How can we put so much weight on what a witness saw in a flash in the middle of the night? Trick question or whatever, the fact is you don't admit to murder if you didn't do it.
They wore him down until he believed what they told him to believe.
- I want another vote.
Judd? Okay.
All those favoring guilty? Hey, Jean.
Yeah? - Did you clear out my messages? The one from Sophia? - No, why? Okay, never mind.
Thank you.
- Sure.
- Detective, it's Danny Ferman.
- Danny boy, how are you? I'm good.
Thank you.
Did you guys call my office to pull, Sophia's voicemail off my machine? Maybe.
We do that.
I'll look into it.
Oh, and by the way, tox came back on her.
OD'd like I said.
- Okay.
We got a statement from the neighbor.
Russian woman.
A real character.
- Yeah, I saw her last night.
She said she saw a man stop by at the vic's early in the day, but no sign of a struggle.
My gut says they were either shooting up together, or he was a dealer.
- She give a description? Vague.
She said it was a white guy.
Really big.
That's it? - That's it.
Well, she barely spoke English, so Okay.
Well, thanks anyway.
You got it, kid.
They're beautiful.
- Yes, well, it's very important to put your nervous energy into something, huh? Do you have any more of them? Hello? - Ginny, thank God.
You need to go to Uncle Peter's house.
Stay there until I tell you to come back.
Visit gross Uncle Pete? Hard pass.
So did that cute Ryan guy ask about me? Is he single? For once in your life just do what I ask.
- What is the matter with you? Don't give me a hard time.
Just go to Uncle Peter's house and do not come back to the hotel, okay? Just go now.
Okay, okay, I'm going.
Hey, Clark.
Hey, I know you said that we can't use an iPad, but what about an eReader? - That's a good question.
I don't see why not.
- Yeah, there's no Wi-Fi.
I mean, there's no connection to the outside world, so That's a question for the judge.
--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Can you believe this shit? They started a Kickstarter account in my name called Justice For The Kyles.
I'm not the Kyles, I'm just Kyle.
And I don't need justice.
I get it.
I mean, you didn't sign up for this.
If you weren't on the jury, you wouldn't have been downtown, you wouldn't have gotten jumped.
I got jumped because I'm a gay man in a world full of haters.
My mom and dad think I have a gay-bash target on my back.
They're worried any guy I meet at a bar is gonna jump me.
You didn't meet him at the bar, you got jumped in the alley.
Right, that's what I said.
That's what I meant.
Do you want something to drink? I got all these gift baskets, like fancy tequila and stuff.
What do you want? What? - Do you remember Sophia Russo? She was one of the character witnesses at the trial.
The cook at the mansion, right? Yeah.
I stopped by her house the other night.
Oh, great.
How's she doing? She's dead.
The thing is, the last person to see her alive was a big white dude.
A really big white dude.
Wanna tell me what really happened? Here, tell you what.
I'll take a stab at it, okay? You met him in the bar.
Told you he thought you were cute.
Couple drinks, one thing leads to another, you're heading out to the alley to go do the fairly obvious and, before you know it he's punching you, he's kicking you, he's all over you.
Okay, I didn't meet him at the bar.
But I had seen him before.
I kept running into him outside the courthouse and I was like Outside the courthouse? Yeah, he'd be across the street at that coffee place.
I just thought it was his spot.
And he was big and muscly and like every gay man's fantasy.
I just couldn't believe that he was actually talking to me.
You know? So we started talking, and I told him that I was on the jury.
I know I shouldn't have, but I just was trying to impress him or whatever.
And then he smiled at me this big seductive smile.
And he threatened me not to tell anyone.
So you lied to the police? - No, I was just I was scared that he - Did you happen to tell him, which way you were leaning, guilty or innocent? Yeah, I told him innocent.
Kyle, we have to take this to the police.
It could change the whole outcome - No way, man.
Are you fucking kidding me? He's gonna kill me this time.
- Okay, okay, okay.
What do you have on tap? First gay bar? Newcastle.
My name's Danny Ferman.
I'm one of the attorneys representing Malcolm Miller.
Look, if this is about that juror, the cops already turned this place inside out.
Okay, so I assume they checked the camera footage already.
Just there to scare anyone looking to cause trouble.
Like you.
Were you working the night of the assault? You were here? Yes.
And I've already been interviewed.
Okay, what did you tell the cops? - That I don't remember seeing him.
Bar was a little crazier than usual, but My girlfriend was having a little birthday thing.
Girlfriend? So you're Gay guys are the best tippers.
Yeah, I mean, not that You know, it doesn't matter.
Birthday, okay.
Cake, presents, the whole thing? Yeah.
She needs a lot of attention.
Did you happen to take any photo, videos or Look at this.
Recognize him? No.
Could you send me this file?