Sequestered (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Proof of Life

Nicholas - Nicholas.
Say something to your mommy and daddy.
- Are they here? They're watching.
Do you have something you want to say to them? I want to come home.
Governor? Governor Bennett? I'm sorry.
What? You were saying, the last time you saw your son Was the proof of life video.
He was still alive on the day we made the money transfer.
The entire $80 million ransom? - Yes.
We gave him the money.
There's no reason that he should've killed Nicholas.
We did everything he asked.
Everything that he asked of us.
"He" being Malcolm? After what he did I mean, that man, we let him into our home.
We treated him like family.
We trusted him with our son's well-being.
And for him to Our justice system works.
And we will respect the jury's verdict, whatever it is.
It must be difficult to maintain your public life, especially in face of such gut-wrenching tragedy.
How do you deal with it? Our marriage.
We take comfort in each other, and through God, of course.
A tragedy like this very often destroys a marriage, but with us, we have grown closer together.
And the public overwhelmingly supports you.
You've never polled higher.
And it looks like your gun control bill will pass.
Does that give you some measure of comfort? I'm sorry, are you asking if I'm okay with my son's death because I got a bump in the polls? No.
I - Do you really think that I care about anything more than my son? Mark.
- No.
I apologize, Governor Bennett.
That's not at all what I had meant.
What I said earlier wasn't true at all.
My wife and I, we do not take comfort in each other.
I don't give her the time she deserves.
I didn't give Nicholas the time either.
I was an absentee father, too caught up with work and politics to watch him take his first step.
And now he's gone and we'll never get him back.
The last thing that he said to us was in the proof of life video.
He said, "I want to come home.
" Well, Nicholas was what held us together.
He was our home.
And now we are having trouble finding our way back.
So Well, Nicholas was what held us together.
He was our home.
Thank God the jury's sequestered.
- Why's that? Bennett just did a hell of an interview.
Guilty or not guilty? What do you think? - I'm thinking not guilty.
No, I mean what do you think of my new necklace? I think it's beautiful on you.
That's why I bought it.
You want to do dinner? - Maybe.
I have a procedural on the Casteel case this afternoon.
Who's presiding? - The Honorable Wayne Sterritt.
Oh, the talker.
All right, scratch dinner.
If your verdict comes in, we can turn it into a celebration Oh, definitely celebration.
- You nervous? Yeah, I'm jumping out of my skin.
I hate waiting.
Are you sure you gotta go to work? - Yes, I'm sure I have to go to work.
How sure? You look really good right now.
Cover that thing up.
It's gonna make us both late.
Wanna carpool? - Yeah, but I can't.
I gotta meet somebody.
Another dead body? - Close.
- Hey.
Can I come in? - Yeah, you want some coffee? Nah, no, uh Who's the guy who used to fry up the pan steaks at our pool parties? Oh, you mean you'd eat one and you could sink in the Dead Sea? Breslow.
- Yes.
Does he still work for the FBI doing facial analysis? I don't know.
I assume he does.
I haven't seen him in two years.
His son joined the FBI, like his dad.
Dad, it's - Christ.
I'm just saying.
I don't mean anything by it.
You're here, you must want something.
I tried to talk to your buddy Sanchez down at the precinct.
He said the connection's flimsy, and they don't have time to chase down dime bag dealers.
But I do.
My gut tells me that there is a connection.
Okay? And if there is, my client gets off scot-free, so You don't need to show me.
Just send it to me, and I'll get Breslow to run the guy's face.
Okay? - Okay.
Thank you, Dad.
I'm sorry about the other day.
You know, I know that I can be a dick sometimes.
- I'll call Breslow.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Thank you for the phone call.
And distracting Clark.
I know I'm not supposed to be doing it.
I just, um I had an emergency with my sister.
I hope she's okay.
Yeah, everything's okay.
Do you have siblings? - Yeah.
Two sisters.
You know, they were a handful growing up.
I only worry about them more now that they're getting older.
I know what you mean.
Eighty million dollars.
The governor transfers the money into four dummy accounts in Switzerland, Dubai, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands.
The money disappears 18 minutes after it hits.
Does that sound like something a manny could orchestrate? He wasn't just a manny.
He was a political activist.
A political blogger.
His I.
was Hater, bullshit, whatever.
- It's freesoil91.
And he used it to rant ad nauseam against the one percent and how they should all burn in hell.
Well, guess what? His boss, the billionaire governor, that's the one percent.
- He allegedly used it.
Remember? We can't prove it was actually his blog.
He was working for the governor for a reason.
And he was plenty smart enough to orchestrate this.
There's a difference between being smart and pulling off a Bernie Madoff global money scheme.
If Malcolm is so smart, then why kill the boy? After the governor had already transferred $80 million into your account, you're home free.
- That sounds just stupid to me.
Except that the boy could identify him.
So he had to tie up loose ends.
Yeah, that totally makes like sense.
Also, I think I read like this expose in the New York Times saying how easy it is to set up phony international bank accounts.
You didn't read that in the New York Times.
I said that yesterday.
Oh, right.
I think we have to admit that we can't link Malcolm to any of the accounts, and if we can't link him to the money, we can't say that he did it.
"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.
" You're a teacher, you know that.
- But it does create doubt.
"Beyond a reasonable doubt.
" Isn't that the measuring stick here? Can we really say that the prosecution proved that? Yes.
Let me break this down for you people.
We all accept the fact that Nicholas Bennett was taken, he was killed and a ransom was demanded, right? Right.
- Okay.
Let's assume for a second that Malcolm Miller didn't take the kid.
Let's assume that he didn't open the account.
And let's assume that he didn't write the ransom note, and he has nothing to do with this at all.
You're talking big-time, from the top to the bottom conspiracy? I like that.
- Shut up, nerd.
Why is it every piece of physical evidence and testimony points to him? I mean, every single piece of irrefutable physical evidence.
Irrefutable evidence? - Yeah, irrefutable evidence.
Chloroform in Malcolm's car.
Hairs in Malcolm's trunk.
DNA under the boy's fingernails.
Yeah, I'd call that pretty irrefutable.
I think what Anna is trying to say is that there's still some doubt around those things.
Nothing that we say or no matter how much we speculate will change any of that.
- Is that what you're saying? So the first day it was not guilty, and then yesterday guilty, and then today, not guilty? Which is it? - I'm not I'm not saying that I'm changing my vote.
I was just asking you a question.
Is that okay, Marisa? That's right.
It is a deliberation.
Questions are a part of the process.
I need a cigarette.
- Okay, everyone.
Five minutes.
Don't worry.
We're not gonna have to stay too late.
It's fine.
A bit of glad-handing for a few hours.
We'll be good to go.
It's fine.
I'm actually looking forward to it.
I gotta be honest, when I heard someone from the governor's camp wanted to stop by and take a look, I was a little surprised.
- Yeah, why's that? Well, I figured you guys would be wrapped up with this trial.
If it was my kid who had been murdered, I'd be a wreck until I got the verdict.
Well, that's why I'm here.
The governor's gun bill is on the top of his agenda.
That's why we need to make sure nobody derails it.
I wouldn't call whoever shipped this over derailing it.
More like giving it the finger like they just didn't give a damn.
Coast Guard intercepted her about a half mile out.
A shipment authorization which matched the description out of Johannesburg of a possible mule.
Johannesburg? - South Africa.
I know that.
We have five minutes.
Five minutes for what? I'm meeting the new Assistant DA at 11 for drinks.
Buy him a tequila shot for me.
- Her.
Even better.
What? - No, nothing.
Too much? - No, this is hot.
No, it's good.
I'm just I'm kind of, you know I know.
Clearly it's something, because you would have had me on this couch by now.
Yeah, okay, I guess it is.
I just I can't stop thinking about it.
Why didn't Pritchard cross examine Sophia on the stand? I mean, she lied about Malcolm hitting the boy.
That's big.
Pritchard said it was because he didn't want her repeating her story over and over again, getting the jury hung up on it.
- That makes sense, doesn't it? Yeah, but Pritchard would have decimated a witness that he knew was lying on the stand.
We've seen him do it a million times, right? He probably just had a bigger strategy.
Then he missed the perfect opportunity to create reasonable doubt.
I mean, it doesn't get more handed to you on a silver platter than that.
A witness lying on the stand.
He could've easily implicated her.
- So why? What, did he just miss it? I guess that happens, but Yeah.
Speaking of missing perfect chances and silver platters, your five minutes is up.
- Oh, oh.
No, no, no That's not You know, I don't buy that he messed up.
That was way too high-profile a case.
And with the media coverage, Pritchard wouldn't have half-assed it.
His ego's too big to have missed a single detail.
I don't really miss my kids.
It's nice being here though.
Getting to know new people.
Don't you think? Why don't you tell me more about your family, huh? I have a real Leave It To Beaver household.
My husband's a doter and my two kids, a boy and a girl, they're in the gifted program.
The older one's already talking about Johns Hopkins.
So he wants to be a doctor.
- How did you I suppose you learn a lot about our country driving a cab.
I also learned about Johns Hopkins in Pakistan where I used to be a surgeon.
Hello? - Hey.
How is everything? Crappy.
The doctors gave me some Percocets, and I forgot how tired these things make you.
What doctor? I was in a car accident this morning.
Why are you not with Uncle Pete? What is going on? - Oh, my God.
I already had a nail appointment.
I didn't wanna cancel.
- Jenny.
What happened? This asshole just veered into my lane and then, like, I suddenly have to swerve out of the way and ended up hitting this parked car.
The asshole didn't even stop.
Just drove off.
It's like somebody knew you were on my case to get out of town.
As long as you're okay.
These pills don't even let me feel my own hands.
You need to go now.
Are you listening to me? Does your car still work? - Yeah, I guess.
As soon as you feel like it, you need to drive, okay? Okay, I know.
I'm going.
You made your point.
I'm still voting guilty.
Port Authority pulled a crate of these off a South African cargo ship in Long Beach.
Almost 200 weapons.
This was after they searched the ship for stowaways.
One of the crew members bailed overboard, but he left his forged papers behind.
- When did he get here? About a week ago.
He's here.
In California, probably Los Angeles.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
No, that's all right.
We're just wrapping things up.
Oh, no, no, I just wanted to say good night.
Find him.
So I have a friend who has a house, a beach house, down in Laguna.
You know, maybe one of these weekends we could go down there, if we ever get out of this hell hole.
Come on.
Nah, I'm good.
I'm good.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go back to my room.
Get some sleep.
I was just in my room, bored, wondering if you wanna hang out.
Um I am so tired.
But thank you for stopping by.
Yeah, so am I.
Next time.
You know, I just wanted to say, even though they switched your vote and we don't agree in there, I hope we can still be friends.
Of course.
All right.
Ryan? I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Did Wilson leave? He did, yeah.
So I'm headed to bed.
Good night.
And I wanted to say thank you for this morning.
For being so very supportive during that interview.
I did not mean to get so I didn't mean for all of that to come out.
It was unfair to you and inappropriate.
It's all right.
- Regardless, I am sorry.
Well, good night.
Yes? I was just about to watch a little television.
Would you care to join me? That would be very nice.
Oh, I'm glad you're here.
Here, just keep it.
- Oh, thanks.
Thank you.
Have a good one.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four, five.