Sequestered (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

One Inch More

Hey, cutie.
What are you doing out here all by yourself? Hey.
I'm trying to be nice.
Why you got to be all rude, huh? Bitch.
You broke my hand.
Well, you're just going to have to learn to jerk off with the other hand.
Get off me.
Sorry that it went way long.
What are you doing? I found something.
Look, look, look.
Okay, okay.
Ransom note, deposit slip showing the $20 million deposit into the bank in Luxembourg.
Right? Look.
I don't know what this is.
Can you please just tell me? The account numbers, okay? Lookit.
The ransom note has five ones at the end.
The bank statement only has four.
- There's a typo.
Sure, but how did the money get to the right place then? The typo's on the ransom note.
Maybe the kidnapper called and gave the governor instructions outside of the note.
Hi, governor.
It's the kidnapper.
I know I just sent you this anonymous email, but can add a one to the end of the - I don't know how he got him the right number, but if this meant something, someone would've said something.
You would think, but nobody has, so This is big, okay? I have found something big.
Okay? - Okay.
I'm excited about it.
I just wish I knew what it meant.
I'm so amped after that, I could just go again right now.
Are you serious? - Yeah, but, no.
We got to get a little sleep, right? Okay.
I'll be right back.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Why didn't you sleep? Well Yeah? I didn't keep you up with my snoring? No.
You think you snore way louder than you really do.
Oh, trust me, I know.
I've woken myself up.
No, I slept really well.
It was nice.
- It was? We should stay in bed all day, right? Come on.
When was the last time either one of us was able to do something like that? Gosh, I can't even remember.
I can.
Hey, Sean.
No, no, no, I was up.
I left my bracelet in the top drawer of my dresser, and now it's gone.
Are you sure you didn't just misplace it? Did you look under your bed? Yeah, I looked everywhere.
You know, I bet one of the Mexican maids took it.
Charles' pen went missing yesterday.
Oh, my God, that's right.
- Yeah.
I mean, I don't mean to be racist, but Okay, I will talk with housekeeping, but you two need to get going.
You're late for deliberations.
Off you go.
This is ridiculous.
Nobody can hear you because you're all talking at the same time.
You guys, you guys, he has to have, like, a nemesis.
What? - You know, like in comic books.
There's always a nemesis.
I mean, a billionaire politician? He's got to have some enemies, right? And why did Malcolm ask for $80 million anyway? I mean, he could get away with five million, but 80? You have to have connections to make that disappear.
The governor worked in the shipping industry.
Doesn't sound like you could make any enemies.
All these relaxed people on vacation trips to other countries.
His business is in international shipping, not cruise ships.
You are so young and naive.
Do you have any idea what the longshoremen's unions are capable Wait, the unions, you guys.
What if they took the kid? Does anyone know if they were negotiating contracts? I think the reason the defense didn't bring that up is because it's completely asinine.
Why is he allowed to speak? Why don't you just chill out? How about that? Yeah, why don't you? - Okay, hold on, hold on.
What Seth is saying may be a little bit of a reach, but he has an interesting point.
What if somebody wanted to see the governor suffer? Maybe we should be discussing that.
What about the woman he ran against for governor? What was her name? - Lauren Birch? I doubt it.
What about an NRA lobbyist? I mean, he's hell-bent on gun control.
So they kidnap the son, hm? An act of violence.
How would that help? - So long as they didn't shoot him.
Guys, why are we spiraling down this detour? With all the manpower on this case, you think they haven't thoroughly investigated all of these possibilities? Come on.
There were no viable suspects introduced by the defense attorny during the entire trial, okay? That tells me that all roads lead to Malcolm.
We're just having a discussion, Anna.
Exploring reasonable doubt, that's our job.
All right, but I don't think you can "reasonable doubt" Malcolm as an enemy.
He might've been burned a little bit by the governor, but I wouldn't call him an enemy.
Why, because he wasn't screwed out of a business deal? Think about it.
What about the little guy that he made promises to and did not come through for? Wouldn't that guy hate him the most? What is she talking about? When Malcolm asked for the governor's help in getting his parents green cards.
Bennett made promises he did not come through on.
Then Malcolm's father, he became ill and died before Malcolm could get home.
Oh, right.
That was sad.
- I don't know about you, but if I was him, and I wasn't able to see my father one last time before he died, I'd certainly blame the governor.
I would too.
So would I.
Yvonne, you thinking about changing your vote? I don't know, but I certainly understand how it feels to be overlooked.
Yvonne, you can't just change your vote for the Hey, back off, Ryan.
She's allowed to change her mind.
Maybe the rest of you should do the same.
So our client in San Francisco has been charged with felony murder arising from the robbery Of the death, excuse me, of two security guards during the robbery of Of the bank.
We are currently awaiting a possible plea offer from the DA.
I spoke to the DA yesterday.
It'll be here shortly.
So regardless of the offer, we should probably file a motion for continuance.
Already filed.
Could you excuse us for a moment? Sir, I You don't have to say anything.
I You know, I think you are the youngest lawyer in this firm ever to sit first chair on a case this large, but I'm certain if you keep spending your nights digging around in cases that have already been tried you're going to be sitting on nothing but DUI cases for the next ten years.
I'm sorry, sir, if you don't mind me asking, how did you know that I was looking at Malcolm's case? Two of the paralegals helped you carry the case files out to your car.
This case is over.
There's nothing we can do.
There's nothing you can do.
And if he's found not guilty, all this digging around will have been utterly pointless.
What if he's found guilty? - Then we will thoroughly investigate whatever it is that's crawled up your ass on appeal.
Put your energies on this client, because he deserves a vigorous defense too, and be done with this Scooby Doo shit.
Understood, sir.
Hey, Dad, what's up? I was in the neighborhood, and I checked in on that Russian neighbor.
Sophia Russo's neighbor? Yeah, I wanted to show her the video of our guy at the gay bar.
You did? - She wouldn't give me the time of day, and it wasn't just that she was uncooperative.
She was scared.
She didn't like the people that were hanging around Sophia.
Thanks for doing that, Dad.
Yeah, well, you need help, right? Yeah, I do.
I am definitely stuck at the office today.
What about all that "trying to get a child killer off the hook" stuff? Well, even I have to admit they're not all guilty.
Well, so the Russian is a dead end.
Were you able to talk to Breslow? Yeah, yeah, he has a photograph.
As soon as he gets it to me, I'll bring it to your office.
Yeah, scratch the office.
I can't really make it out of here today either.
You think maybe you could just bring it to Sanchez? It's already with the cops, Danny.
It's with me.
And unless we had got a positive ID from the Russian neighbor, it's nothing but a hunch.
I got to go.
I got some stuff I got to handle.
Okay, I just wanted you to know.
- Thanks.
You did the right thing by texting me last night.
Danny seems to be losing perspective.
I'm just trying to keep him on track.
Do you know what it is? The discrepancy in the routing numbers? No.
It's perplexing, but I'm convinced it's probably just a photocopying error.
One of the ones just faded out.
That makes sense.
That's what I thought.
I do have some other concerns though.
Is there anything else going on? What do you mean? Well, I mean, he's not sleeping.
I don't know where he is half the time.
Drugs? - No.
No, Danny wouldn't He's The only thing I can think of is maybe cards.
His dad's always worried he's going to fall back into that.
You know what? Probably not.
He's probably just caught up in this case, and he's having a hard time letting it go.
Yeah, I'm sure that's all it is.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yay.
Okay, guys, 30 minutes, then I want to pick back up on the prosecution's argument for motive.
I'm gonna go have a smoke.
I'm going to go get me one of those brownies.
I just don't get her.
Yeah, she's something.
Malcolm, he has a family.
It's all the motive he needs.
Believe me, once you've held a baby in your arms for the first time, you'll rob Fort Knox to give him a better life.
- Heh.
How is your daughter, by the way? She's tough.
It's frustrating.
We keep getting passed over by kids that are sicker than she is.
We haven't moved anywhere on the list in six months.
I'm sorry, man.
But I haven't asked about your family.
You have kids? Yeah, three boys.
One on the way.
Also a boy.
Why are you so sure that Malcolm's guilty? Throughout the whole trial when we chatted and first day at deliberation, you were certain that he was innocent.
What changed for you? In the beginning I had my own thoughts and, I guess, an idea of what I thought the truth should be, but after listening to other people's arguments and point of view, I And that's what this whole process is about, isn't it? No, it is.
I'm going to try and change your mind back.
Ryan Have you noticed anything strange about Marisa? Well, she's impatient we're not all voting her way, but other than that, no.
I think that she is talking to somebody on the outside about which way we're all leaning.
Well, she's overbearing, yeah, but leaking votes? I don't think she'd do that.
Who would she tell, you know? A lawyer? A reporter? I don't know, but I have a feeling that she is hiding something.
Hey, Breslow.
- Yeah.
Sure took your time on this one.
What are you, my wife? I don't get enough nagging at home? Bitch, bitch.
What do you got? - Hugh Cross.
Fifteen years in the Navy, nine of those as a seal.
So how do I track him? - I was getting to that.
Just got a hit off your man's credit card.
We got him.
Is anyone watching you? What? - I just talked to Victor.
He thinks the feds are following you.
I've been watching for a tail.
There's nothing.
We need to meet.
Our other associate isn't happy.
He's on his way here, so you need to finish up now.
Get out.
There you are.
So compile a list of the five best fingerprint experts in the San Francisco area.
Acton is the only vault expert, so maybe let's just definitely get him paid, right? Danny, where in the hell are you? Call me back.
Where are you going, sucker? Okay, it's that time of day.
All those for guilty.
And not guilty.
Eight guilty, four not guilty.
That's a one vote change from yesterday.
Let's get some sleep and keep going in the morning.
Come on.
So I'm going to need the two of you up in San Francisco by tomorrow to start vetting the character witnesses.
We can We can make sure and see which ones we think are going to go our way, in court.
Other than that You know, I'm sorry.
I gotta take this.
In a meeting right now, not a great time.
What's up? But it's not with your boss.
You want to know how I know? I just sent you something.
Couldn't get a clear shot of the girl, so I'm running facial recognition.
I'll call you if I hear anything.
I'm sorry, guys.
I got a little family thing going on here.
What do we do? We're gonna lose her.
Aw, shit.
- Hey, Clark.
Can you help me out here? What the hell is going on? - I don't know.
I don't know what's wrong.
Can you check it out? Mother Let me go in the back real quick.
All right.