Sequestered (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Like Sheep

You shouldn't walk into a man's office without knocking not in Africa.
Good to see you, Mark, welcome back to Joberg.
I've missed you.
It's gonna be a great week.
Oh better than the Nigerians.
I don't follow you, mate.
Well I just delivered two cargo containers filled with busted Kalishnikovs off of one of my ships.
Jesus, Mark, we're not in the warranty business, Nigerians low-balled me.
They get what they paid for.
Which reminds me, the shit going down in the Congo and I've got two containers need to be moved from Russia.
Can you help me? - There's not gonna be any more shipments.
Well of course there is.
I've paid those Custom wankers.
There won't be any mistakes like last time, I promise you.
It's not that, I'm just not moving product for you anymore.
You're not making any sense, Mark.
Are you selling me out to another buyer, the highest bidder? Is that what 15 years of friendship has meant to you? - No I'm not shipping off to the highest bidder I'm not shipping for anyone anymore, I'm out.
No you're not.
We both knew this arrangement wasn't permanent.
We had a good run and now it's time to part ways.
You don't part ways in this business, Mark.
What do you think the customers are gonna say when they don't get their guns that they've paid for? Don't be angry.
I think you'll be just fine.
You turned me in.
- No, Victor, I made a deal.
I wanted to see what you would do.
You scum.
Now let's try this again, Johannesburg, that Victor Hally, the one that's been paying you a hundred fifty grand a month, two and a half million dollars to throw the Malcolm Miller case.
Danny, I don't know what you're talking about.
You got your information wrong.
Fine, who's Hugh Cross? I swear to you, I don't know who these people are.
Why do I have a picture of you with him two days before he tried to kill my father? - This Stop fucking lying to me and tell me the truth.
Okay, I'll tell you what I know, just please let's stay calm.
- Then talk.
Victor Hally approached me last year, asked me to take on Miller's case, and call it pro bono.
He didn't exactly give me the option of saying no.
So what's the Hugh Cross connection? He's one of Victor's goons.
Where can I find them? - I don't know.
I swear to God, I don't know.
These are dangerous people, they contact me.
Danny, this is not the way to go about this.
You're a card player, gotta look at the game as a whole, not just on the hand in front of you.
They find out you've been sniffing around What they'll try to kill my father? They'll sleep with my girlfriend? Try to hustle me out of a bunch of money? You know what I think, I think you hired Hugh Cross to take care of the juror, Sophia and my dad, so you wouldn't get caught.
That is not true.
I know how this looks, Danny, but I'm not the bad guy here.
They have me in a corner too.
Fucking When will your river of bullshit end? Listen to me, Danny, you and I are on the same side.
Who's gonna help you out with your debt to Niles? I've got your back, Danny.
I've always had your back.
Yeah well, you should probably watch your own back, Henry.
Don't do anything stupid, Danny.
Guys, this is why conspiracy works.
Majority all just mindlessly believes and then the minority looks like a crazy person, okay.
But you're all headed mindlessly into the slaughter.
You know that right, you're sheep, you're just sheep.
- We may be sheep, but if you don't smarten up and join the crowd, I'm gonna turn you into a lambskin jacket.
Judd? I want anonymous votes from now on.
What? - Yeah, yeah, it's bad enough being the one who can see the truth, but I don't need the persecution as well But Seth, it's not like anyone here wouldn't think that the lone holdout is probably you.
Doesn't matter.
I'm tired of being picked on.
Psst Judd, come on.
Okay, Seth, from here on out, everyone, all votes will be anonymous.
Excuse me, I have a statement to make.
Oh come on, Aaron, that's bullshit.
You know the only reason he went your way is because he felt sorry for you and your 13 handicap, ha, ha.
Yeah, right, you just keep on telling yourself that if it makes you feel like a better golfer.
Yeah, three weeks it is.
But hey, I have to go.
Yeah, you too, loser.
Nora, do come in.
Make yourself comfortable.
Are you responsible for Joe Firmin's accident? I'm not, but regardless, I think you should redirect this line of inquiry.
What exactly are you getting at? You told me to tip you off if Danny dug too deep into Malcolm Miller.
Which you did without a second thought.
He has evidence that you're involved in jury tampering, a murder, and now potentially another murder.
What the hell are you involved in, Henry? Nora, you want to watch your tone with me.
Don't let our relationship fool you into thinking we have a relationship.
Look, you chose to compromise yourself for what appeared to be an opportunity for advancement, which you thought was worth it.
And now you regret it.
But do not misdirect any sense of self-loathing you suddenly feel and come pointing fingers at me.
Sorry to interrupt, but I think you're gonna wanna see this.
Despite the obvious constraints placed on me by my employment at Pritchard Taft, I am above all an officer of the court with a sworn duty to represent my client to the best of my ability.
Why I have no choice but to speak to you here publicly today.
Our legal system works because both sides put forth their best argument for the triers of fact.
From this battle, the very essence of the adversarial system, the truth can emerge.
But when one side deliberately subverts this search for truth justice cannot be achieved.
As far as I know the prosecution put forth their case with integrity.
But I cannot say the same thing about the defense because I recently discovered proof that certain attorneys in our firm knowingly suppressed evidence that may have exonerated our client.
We conducted this trial in an entirely underhanded way with a goal of seeing an innocent man convicted for the crimes perpetrated by other, more powerful men.
Yeah? - You watching this shit? You want me to do something? Taken care of, sir.
Where's Keira? She hasn't checked-in in two days.
How am I supposed to know? I'm doing my job, she's doing hers.
Well now it's your job to go find her.
So go do it.
Guilty, and not guilty.
- What the hell? Bringing our total to nine guilty and three not guilty.
Are you shitting me? Which one of you guys switched back? I'm about to flip all this shit upside down unless one of y'all come clean.
He or she doesn't have to say who he or she is.
That's the whole point of the anonymous voting.
- Shut up, virgin.
I wanna know which one of you is such a coward that you couldn't do it out in the open? Oh God, that's exactly the point of the anonymous vote, you're welcome, whoever it is.
I swear to God, if you don't shut your goddamn mouth.
For once I agree with loud Mary over here.
This is some shit and it's gone on long enough.
It is too late in the game to be flip-flopping back and forth.
We were moving in the right direction, so what happened? That's enough out of all of you.
You're all a bunch of bullies.
We have the right to vote how we want without peer pressure.
Who even asked you, lady? I told you to tell the judge that this is a hung jury, but you didn't listen to me.
And who the hell made this nutless asshole the leader? I wanna know who asshole number three is.
That's enough, everybody.
- Enough.
Sit down.
What is wrong with you people? Bickering and whining because you didn't get your way.
He didn't get his way either.
Take a good look at it.
You're losing sight as to why we're really here.
Could've been any of our children.
I'm done for the day.
Morning, sweetheart.
Well, looks as though you two got to know each other.
Now that you're all freshened up, I've got a new question for you.
Did you kill my son? - No.
Victor has muscle to do that kind of thing.
I'm just his eyes and ears.
So what is he doing in the states? He wants his money.
He got his money.
- No he didn't.
He got his fucking money.
I deposited the money in the goddamn account myself.
He was supposed to release my boy.
That was the deal, and now my boy's dead.
Well he never got the money either, which was also part of the deal.
I gave him the money.
Did you kill my son? - No, Governor.
You killed your son ten years ago when you screwed Victor.
All he wanted was the money, and he didn't get it.
If you did deposit it, then what the hell happened to it? How do we know you didn't take it? Because Victor was the only one with access to it on our side.
The question you really should be asking yourself, is who had access to it on yours.
I'm here with Henry Pritchard, founding partner of the Pritchard, Taft Law Firm, currently defending Malcolm Miller, who is accused of kidnapping and murdering Nicholas Bennett, the son of California Governor Mark Bennett.
Hi, Alan, you can well imagine we were all very anxious around here, but the jury's still in deliberations after more than eight days.
Of course, Daniel Firmin, an associate of your firm, the same associate who sat second chair to you throughout the entire Malcolm Miller trial, he said some pretty serious and provocative allegations.
You know, it's sad, you devote the time and the energy to nurture and support and bolster a young protégé with the hope of giving him more opportunities than you could ever have hoped for, with a child.
It is with great sadness, and frankly not a little professional embarrassment, that we apologize for Mr.
Firmin's very public implosion.
Having said that, let me insist that we deny every single one of his outlandish claims.
The sad fact is that Mr.
Firmin, while a very competent lawyer, who once showed great promise, is also dealing with some significant emotional issues.
What the professionals tell me is that the tragic and untimely death of his father, that has played a significant part in his recent breakdown.
And regarding his most incendiary claims, you buried evidence that could've exonerated Malcolm Miller? Let me get one thing straight.
I was charged with defending Mr.
Miller zealously, that is exactly what I did.
And now Mr.
Firmin is not only impugning my professional integrity, he's attacking my humanity.
And that is absolutely where I have to draw the line.
Well, Mr.
Pritchard, I want to thank you for joining us in this sit-down, and I appreciate your time.
Thank you for coming out.
Juror number four, how do you vote? Not guilty, Your Honor.
Not guilty, Your Honor.
Not guilty, Your Honor.
Oh, Ramesh, I thought you were Never mind.
Yes, well, so I, uh, I wanted to extend an invitation when this is all over, I would like your family to have dinner with my family, like a very big feast.
Yeah that sounds nice.
Okay, so maybe around Friday? Friday, um, maybe, yeah, if we're outta here.
I certainly hope so.
I, uh I miss my family, something awful.
Well, certainly you would know.
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
I can't accept your invitation, Ramesh.
My husband will be too drunk.
And my children are in New Mexico, in boarding school.
It was a last resort, drugs.
The perfect family I told you about was a lie.
They don't talk to me.
Nobody talks to me.
On Friday, you'll be with your family, and I'll be home by myself, organizing photo books, and thinking about this place.
What we are doing here is important, you and me, and everybody else, of course.
Yvonne, you have You do not have to vote not guilty just to keep us here longer.
You have to prove to yourself that you matter.
Because Well, because you matter.
I think you should leave.
Okay, I'm sorry.
No it's Wait, I I uh, I found these in the hallway.
I was gonna give them to you tomorrow.
Thank you, bye.
- Bye.
Shit, how are we gonna figure out who switched back, the votes are anonymous now? - I don't know.
It's not Marissa or Stone, they were way too vocal in the room.
Pretty sure it's not Vernon or Rufang because they were just as angry.
No, that leaves Kaitlyn and Ramesh.
Or Judd or Charles.
- No, no, They've been consistently guilty from day one.
Yeah, but somebody could've switched them back.
Who? The guards? - No.
No, none of this makes sense.
Why would the mole want you to vote guilty then someone else not guilty? I don't know, but we gotta figure it out now.
We have to figure it out.
We will, okay, we will, but let's just focus on Seth and Yvonne right now, get them to vote guilty with us.
Someone'd like to speak with you.
Let's go.
Let's go, move it.
Hello, Mr.
I think it's time we talked.