Sequestered (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Up on the Roof

Honey, please, as soon as they start presales on these new condos, I'll be able to put all of it back.
That's what you said on the last two projects, and I keep waiting and waiting and waiting.
Our bank accounts are still overdrawn.
All the money is drained out of our retirement account.
And you got a second mortgage on the house without even telling me? Who does that? Sometimes you have to put money into a business before you see it pay out.
- That money was for the boys.
For school.
That was not your money to touch.
Trust me, I know.
I just need a little bit of money to carry me throug Don't you understand? That's just it, okay, Judd? I can't trust you.
Look, I'm doing the best I can here.
Everything's just out of control right now.
I know.
We'll be at my parents.
If I can fix this, will you come back? I don't know.
Hey, buddy.
You look like you're having a rough couple of days.
How about a rough couple of years? How about I buy you a beer? I'm sorry.
Do I know you? You made quite the speech today.
It's something that needed to be said.
Pardon my frankness, but why has the first lady of California invited me into the back seat of her car? I believe you're familiar with Sophia Russo? I discovered her body, yeah.
What is this? She sent this to my husband.
It's some sort of confession.
I think she's apologizing for her involvement in my son's kidnapping.
She contacted me too the day she died.
That's how I ended up finding her.
Probably to tell me the same thing she told your husband.
That's probably why they killed her.
- Who killed her? Do you know the name Hugh Cross? No.
He paid off my boss to throw Malcolm's trial.
He tampered with the jury.
I believe he's responsible for my father's death.
Probably your son's too.
I'm sorry about your father.
Thank you.
Um Mrs.
Bennett, he's not the only one.
There's a woman I haven't been able to identify yet.
There's someone else.
Henry Pritchard has been receiving under-the-table payments from Johannesburg.
Does that mean anything to you? No.
Maybe your husband? Did he do any business with South Africa? My husband stepped down as CEO of his shipping company when he ran for governor.
Well, maybe before that? He did business with all over the world.
Um I assume I'm not in your car right now so we can talk about Sophia Russo.
No, Mr.
Ferman, you're in my car right now because you're in trouble, and I think I can help.
And I think you can help me too.
Hold on.
W-What are you two doing? Um, getting coffee.
Yeah, right.
You're trying to double team me.
I get it, but I'm not flipping, okay? Calm down, Seth.
We're just getting coffee and donuts.
On second thought though, I mean, we're all three here.
We, um We should go ahead - I knew it.
You two are trying to get me to vote guilty, because you're part of the conspiracy? I was just going to say that maybe we should exchange numbers, so we could text, maybe Facebook or Linkedln? Oh, sure, totally.
We'll totally hang out, dude.
Come on, what is this? This is french roast.
Look, do whatever you want, but you're not getting up inside this dome, okay? So I'm voting not guilty, and there's nothing you two can do or say, okay? Fine.
- Yeah, vote any way you want.
I'm going to.
And in fact, if you guys don't all come to my side, we're going to have a hung jury, so Oh, well, that is the way our justice system works.
I know.
You're not going to try to convince me? This means Oh, my God.
They want me to vote not guilty.
Malcolm Miller's paying you two off.
Seth - Seth Seth, Malcolm's been in jail.
The only time he's seen any of us is in the courtroom.
When did he have the opportunity to pay them off? You negotiated it in the courtroom.
Ha, ha.
Yeah, you used hand signals and an intricate blinking system.
I mean, Malcolm never looked at me.
Oh, but he looked at you, didn't he? Oh, because you're a hot chick and he's a dude.
It's only natural.
Meanwhile, you guys were negotiating how to throw the fucking case.
Then why wouldn't one of them just vote not guilty themselves, stupid? Because they They can't implicate themselves.
It only takes one not guilty to hang the jury, right? And that will get Malcolm off the hook.
Well, heh, it's not going to be my not guilty vote.
Ha, ha.
No, you're not getting that from me.
No way.
Okay, anybody have anything else to add? You look so much better.
You've seen the news, right? What news? On TV? I can't believe no one's told you about this.
Your lawyers didn't come see you? - Please, what's going on? Danny Ferman was on the news.
He said Henry Pritchard threw your case, and he said it to the entire world.
Oh, my God.
- Yeah, I mean, the judge is going to declare a mistrial, right? I mean, she has to.
- Listen.
If anyone asks you, my defense was nothing short of perfect.
I I don't understand.
All you need to understand is that we in no way feel that Pritchard compromised my case.
We would hire him again, hire him a thousand times.
Malcolm, please stop it.
You're scaring me.
We need to be scared, for your sake and for Lucas'.
Now let me hear you say it.
Pritchard is an impeccable lawyer.
Oh, man.
I met these two girls last night, and Let me tell you, the whole thing just wasn't right.
You know, but in a good way.
Anyways Ahem.
Here she is, the latest and greatest in spyware technology.
Now, it's a program called Mohr-Gon.
Named after yours truly.
Anyways, I think you should put it both on his phone and his computer.
And this will give you access to this shipping company? That, my friend, will give us the easiest and most complete access.
But are you sure his wife will do it? She came to me.
- Nice.
Hey, Yvonne, how are you? I'm fine.
And I've already been approached by everyone in the room, and I'm sorry, but I am an immovable not guilty.
Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure you can't turn me down.
Because you're so charming.
No, because of, uh, what I saw.
What did you see, Ryan? I'd like to know.
I saw you in Stone's room when he didn't know you were there.
I don't know what you're talking about.
She must have vulnerabilities beyond just the physical, and we need to find them.
She's tough, but she's not cracking.
How far do you want me to go, sir? Well, maybe we need a new approach.
Sir? The only reason my son is dead is because this money uh, disappeared.
Are you saying you believe her? That they never got the money? - I'm evaluating all possibilities.
She said something last night that stuck with me.
If they don't have it and I don't have it, then I have to ask myself who else had access? Maybe someone close to me.
Why don't you just say it, sir? Do I need to? You knew when, where, how.
I trusted you with everything.
My secrets, my life, my family.
And you fucked me.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
$80 million is a lot of money.
Anyone would be tempted, but I need you to tell me the truth.
Why? You've already made up your mind.
I've devoted my entire life to you.
Everything I do revolves around you.
I've been more loyal than a goddamned dog, but if you want to believe some strung-up Africa bitch's word over mine, go ahead! Answer the fucking question! Did you take the money? Did you get my boy killed? No, sir.
I'm sorry, Wilson.
I, uh I am in a bad place, and, uh, I I can't think straight right now.
I understand what has to be done.
Mind if I join you? Want me to fill your cup? - Nah.
I don't.
I'm okay.
Do you remember that time when you slammed your hand in the door when you were trying to get Nicholas' car seat in? Remember that? - Ah, that hurt like a son of a bitch.
You screamed so loud I dropped him.
You thought that was it, he was going to hit his head, but the kid landed on his feet.
On his heels, just like a cat.
- He did.
He stood there for a second and just plopped down on his diapered butt and laughed.
His laugh.
What was he? Six months? Yeah, something like that.
It's okay.
- Come on.
Here we go.
- Boy, you are strong.
Oh, here we go.
- Unh.
Not guilty.
Eleven guilty, one not guilty.
Well, this is frustrating.
And I thought we were there, but I guess we have yet another day to to change our lone holdout's mind.
Have a good night, everybody.
I'm sorry.
- I'm really tired.
I just need a minute.
- I'm trying to tell you to leave me alone.
I know you're the one voting not guilty.
Well, that's just stupid.
I've been voting guilty since day one, even before you.
I know it's you.
Why are you doing this? We are so close.
I don't believe that you had a change of heart.
Who is making you change your vote? - Good night, Anna.
Charles, I need you to switch.
I can't do that.
- Please.
It is a matter of life and death.
- It's a matter of life and death for me too.
Charles, please.
I guess we just have a hung jury.
Can you hear that? Neither can I.
No sirens no cars screeching to a halt.
Nobody's coming to save you.
I mean, maybe Victor's looking for you.
Maybe he doesn't care.
Open your mouth.
Three days, no food.
That's hard.
And you'd think if Victor really did care about you, he'd have found you by now.
You two are You're mistaking us for you and the governor.
He saved you, right? Back in Nigeria? When the extremists razed your village and murdered your parents? He found it in his fat heart to take you in, to take you into his bed.
Have you ever thought, Keira, who armed the men who slaughtered your family? No? I know what you're thinking.
No, he would never do such a thing.
But the truth is that he sold them guns.
I know, because my boss shipped those guns.
And if he lied to you about that, Keira, what else has he lied to you about? How do you know he doesn't have the $80 million, and he just doesn't want to share it with you? And how do I know the governor just wasn't too crazy to pay? Because you had his son.
We're not so different, you and I.
I mean, we both work for powerful men, and they use us for their own ends.
But we both know when to squeeze to cut off the blood flow to make a limb wither and die if need be.
Because we're not going down with the ship.
That's the captain's job.
Where's your captain, Keira? Where's the man that killed your parents? Anna.
What are you doing up here? You don't smoke, do you? - You always voted guilty.
What? You never argued in the room, just watched everyone.
It's you.
Isn't it? What's me? - Where is she? Who? Where's who? I don't know - Don't bullshit me.
I saw what you did.
I saw what you've been doing.
Tell me what they did with my sister.
I have no idea what they're doing or who they were going to Don't.
I did everything that you people told me to do.
I changed my vote.
I changed all of their votes.
Anna? - Yvonne, Seth, Marissa, Ramesh, Rufang, Vernon, Stone, Kaitlyn.
- Anna, stop.
And Ryan.
I'm not one of them.
Listen to me.
I swear to God.
I can't turn Charles.
Do something about it.