Sequestered (2014) s01e11 Episode Script


You piss yourself when you rape women and murder children too? Ah, wasn't you, eh, mate? Some other bastard on that militia.
I want you to meet someone.
Come, Keira.
Look at her.
Look at her in the eyes.
You butchered then slaughtered her family.
This is the man that sold guns to the men that raped and killed your mother, cut off your father's head and burnt your village to the ground.
It's my gift to you, my love.
I didn't sell any guns.
I didn't do it.
I'm a family man.
I'm a good man.
Whatever that man told you, I swear he's lying.
He took me from my car at gunpoint and he took me here, he tied me up.
Please, I don't want to die.
Oh, I don't want to die.
Oh, God, no.
Think of your mother, Keira.
I didn't do it! - I didn't do it! I swear to God.
I swear! I don't want to Aah! Come on.
His name was Abassi Dimka.
He was an accountant for Mark Bennett before he was a senator.
He was an innocent man.
Victor had you pincushion him to divert suspicion away from himself and to create the woman that's hanging before me.
Why are you protecting someone that would let this happen to you? It's not betrayal if he betrayed you first.
We're in.
Ha-ha! Nice.
Hey, Charles, you how doing? - Jesus.
What the hell are you doing in here? Just wanted to chat.
And I realized that I hadn't asked you about your daughter recently and it made me feel bad.
How is she doing? Good, I hope.
She must miss you so much.
It just kills me that you're stuck in here just because some crusader is blocking us from a unanimous vote.
I mean, we could be here for two days, a week.
Two weeks.
It would be unforgivable if all of a sudden, something were to happen to her just when her new heart is about to come through.
I mean, what good is a new heart if If she's already dead.
I hope that our last "not guilty" changes his or her mind so you can go home, be with your daughter.
I think that would do a lot to improve her condition.
I'll see you in there.
She finally gave him up.
And guilty.
We finally have a verdict.
Yo, Miller.
- Time to go.
Oh, uh, "employee clearance.
" Let's look through the last year.
Holy shit.
The catering staff.
They were cleared two weeks before the kidnapping by Sophia Russo.
Yeah, that must be how they cased the place.
Is that why they killed her? - Yeah.
Yeah, she knew too much, and she was gonna tell me.
Oh, Mark, they reached a verdict.
The court's reconvening in an hour.
We've gotta I can't go.
- What do you mean you can't go? I have some business to take care.
Mark, no, no, no.
You're not gonna do this to me.
Not now.
I need you there.
I'm sorry, but this can't wait and I have to do it.
Mark, the fate of an innocent man is being decided.
The least you can do for Malcolm is be there.
Let alone me or Or Nicholas.
I'm doing this for Nicholas.
Can't you do a search for Victor Howley? You're talking about, what, 20 years of shipping records? Invoices, tax returns.
Those are all individual files.
You can't do a search and expect it to pop - So no.
It's gonna take a while.
We are live inside of the courthouse for the most anticipated moment of this trial.
The jurors have been gone for 10 days for deliberations but now, as you can see behind me, they are returning inside of this courthouse where they will have a verdict and they're gonna announce that verdict today that will determine the fate of Malcolm Miller.
You're gonna make Daddy happy, right? He's gonna be happy to see his big boy.
You can do it.
Honey, we gotta go, okay? We gotta go.
Miller is accused of the kidnapping and murder of Nicholas Bennett, the son of California governor Mark Bennett.
All rise for the Honorable Judge Weiss.
You may be seated.
Malcolm Miller, will you please rise and face the jury? Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
- How say you? On the first count of the indictment, aggravated kidnapping, we find the defendant, Malcolm Miller, guilty.
On the second count of the indictment, murder in the first degree, we find the defendant, Malcolm Miller, guilty.
Oh, no.
No, no.
Members of the jury, the state commends you for your willingness to follow the law and to dispense justice objectively.
Our system of justice would not function but for the contributions of people like you.
But first, some breaking news on the Malcolm Miller case.
Yo, Danny, come check this out.
They found Malcolm Miller guilty on all three counts, two of which include the kidnapping and murder of Nicholas Bennett, the 8-year-old son of Governor Mark Bennett.
We are back live in the courthouse where jurors just handed down a guilty verdict against Malcolm Miller.
Guilty of the kidnapping and first-degree murder of Nicholas Bennett.
That, of course, is the 8-year-old son of California's governor, Mark Bennett.
This trial has gripped the state, it has gripped the country.
Many people have been watching it from the start and now to the finish.
Once again, jurors handing down a guilty verdict against Malcolm Miller.
The only question now, will he die in a prison or in the death chamber? Charles.
What?! What? I'm sorry.
Just fuck off.
I'm sorry.
I tried.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Keep him at the top of the list.
- Where are you? I'm scouring the city looking for you.
Victor's freaked.
Don't tell him you've found me.
Just come pick me up.
Where you at? I gotta tell you, I had absolutely no idea that the shipping industry was, um, this boring.
So nothing on Victor Howley? Nothing.
Okay, uh What do you see here? Couple of kidnappers and the asshole who feeds them.
Besides that.
Why was the picture taken there? Is that, like, their secret hideout or something? Can you find it? I mean, if you data enabled it, then I might be able to track the location based on the metadata.
Okay, guys, be sure to pack up all your belongings, because you will not be coming back.
- Hey.
You get your phone back? - She's still not answering.
What are you gonna do? Find her.
Can I help? Thanks for everything.
Anna, whoa.
We did it.
You know, if we would've teamed up sooner, we might've been able to get out of here a week ago, but, uh, we both got what we wanted.
No hard feelings, huh? Unh! - Whoa! Shut your mouth! We did not work together! We did not work together.
No hard feelings? You okay? - Are you crazy? I'm fine, I'm fine.
You okay? Heh.
Don't even know what she's talking about.
Right? Bite on this.
Just do it.
How the hell do you know Victor? When I met him, he was powerful.
I followed him, no questioned asked.
He said jump, I jumped.
He said kidnap a kid because he wants revenge, I said, "When do you want it done?" He said kill the kid because he didn't get his money.
I killed the kid.
- You said the kid's death was an accident.
I told you that because I knew you'd be like this, like a goddamn woman.
Seriously, for an ex-Navy SEAL, it's like pulling teeth getting you to kill anyone.
The thing is, what if he was lying to us? What if he had the money the whole time, and he's just using us to distract the governor from the gun bill? Sophia, that old man.
I hated them both.
What the hell are you getting paid for? That's right.
You beat up a faggot.
Get me the hell out of here.
Why don't you get started? Yes.
That'd be great.
Bennett, this is Kevin Mohr.
Listen, I want -I'm sorry, we're not interested.
It's for you.
- So your husband records his phone calls? I believe so.
Huh, good to know.
Mental note made.
But that is not why I'm calling.
Who does your husband do business with in Johannesburg? I already told Danny I don't know.
I wasn't there.
Okay, okay.
Well, do you know anything about a man named Victor Howley? No.
- I believe this is the man who's been making those off-the-books payments.
And coincidentally up until about 10 years ago, your husband's company has been receiving regular payments from a few shell companies that Victor apparently owns.
Those payments stopped and he went to jail for gunrunning.
Pria? Could you bring me in some headphones, please? I don't owe you a thing.
What's done is done.
You need to move on, Victor.
- Move on? You screwed me and left me to rot in prison while you built an empire and a political career.
I want my share.
I can't just hand over 80 million without red flags.
My finances are too public.
I'm not that liquid.
You gotta be reasonable.
- I wasn't expecting you to write me a check.
How? - Nicholas.
I will take him.
What the hell are you talking about? You work out the ransom with the authorities, the insurance company, your wife.
It'll allow you to legitimately transfer the money to me, and, of course, your boy would be returned to you completely unharmed.
I'll keep him safe.
- Like hell you will.
If you can think of another way to move $80 million I'm all ears.
When your opponent hears all about our relationship, you're going to have a very, very difficult reelection.
How about we try something a little more - This is it.
Take it or leave it.
And now you can be the one to rot in prison.
All right, but this will be the end.
What's your plan? No one is available to take your call.
Please leave a message.
Where the hell are you, Hugh? Call me.
Hello, Victor.
Welcome to California.