Sequestered (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Ashes to Ashes

Come on.
What the hell are you doing? What? If you just want to sit down here and cry, I'll get your girlfriend from the trunk.
Anna, pull over.
Come on, pull over.
We're not gonna find her just driving around aimlessly.
We need a lead or a plan, okay? She could be anywhere.
They could've driven her across state lines for all I know.
Maybe we should go back to your apartment.
- I can't just sit there and wait.
Then we need to go to the police.
What if they arrest me? Then I'll be sitting in a jail cell, even more powerless.
They're gonna kill her, aren't they? No.
No, you did everything they asked.
- They are.
Why would they keep her alive? She might be able o identify them.
If I was them I'd kill her.
I sent a man to death row for nothing.
It's been a long time.
Cut the shit, Victor.
Is that any way to speak to an old friend? - Friend? That's a laugh.
I'd hardly describe our relationship that way.
Tomato, tomato.
All you American politicians are alike.
Conveniently selective memory.
I do remember the last time we saw each other.
You were the one sitting behind the desk.
I was the one coming through the door.
And I would have gladly shot you then and there, but you had unloaded my gun.
I'm guessing yours has bullets in it now.
No gun, Victor.
I'm not here to shoot you.
I'm here to talk.
I also remember the last time we saw each other, you were trying to unload a case of busted Kalashnikovs.
Still selling shitty guns, or does that one work? No, it works.
- Hey.
Hey, I, uh, I found a computer but I need a password.
Can you get in? Odds are it's in cold storage.
- What does that mean? You know, probably offline.
Is it connected to a router? Um It doesn't seem like it.
All right, well, find the router, connect it, and I'll take it from there.
Okay, um Hang on, hang on.
I think I did it.
- Hang on, I'm tracing.
Get her inside.
I'll grab a tarp.
What do you need a tarp for? Ever try to scrub blood out of concrete? Shut her up.
Do you want this to be over? Yeah.
- Me too.
So for once, can you just do your job so we can get the hell out of here? What are we gonna do about Victor? - Nothing.
Malcolm is guilty.
There's no money.
We're done.
Did you use the elevator? No, why? Make sure the tarp's underneath her when you do it.
So, what now, Mark? Are you shooting me? Dumping my body out in the desert? Or are the police waiting outside again? Well, that depends on how'd you spend five years in solitary confinement.
How'd you like shitting in a hole? It has its disadvantages.
But you'll get used to it again.
If I had to.
I'd much prefer the other option.
Well, does that mean you're gonna keep your mouth shut about our past? Can I count on you for that? Or does it just you more time for your bad feelings to fester? Plot your revenge? - You know me, Mark.
I don't fuck around.
Then tell me why.
I didn't plan to harm Nicholas.
- Harm? All right, kill.
We're mercenaries, you and I.
War is our business.
Supplying it, profiting from it.
You graduated to the clean, more American version, but you profit from it all the same.
And sadly, war leads to casualties.
That's the hard facts, Mark.
You know, I just thought of something.
No, there's another option.
- What's that? Well, something else I can do with you.
I'm gonna execute you just like you did my boy.
What's going through your mind, Victor? I've always wondered what goes through a man's mind when he knows.
I just find it ironic.
That the poster child for gun control is about to blow my brains out.
Hilarious, don't you think? You're right.
I wasn't thinking.
How much longer? - Would you hang on? And done.
You're a genius.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Are my mommy and daddy coming? - In a bit.
We just have to wait here.
Okay, buddy.
We're gonna make a little video for your mommy and daddy.
Does that sound fun? Hey, Nicholas.
Say hi to your mom and dad.
- Are they here? They're watching.
Do you have something you want to say to them? I want to come home.
Well, buddy.
You're finally going home today.
I am? Are they here? No.
No, we're gonna take you.
Me and my friend.
You remember the nice lady.
I'll finish up.
You get the car ready.
We'll meet you outside.
Good boy.
Don't forget about the girl downstairs.
When Jenny and I were little, we were at each other's throats.
When she was, like, 7, she went through this phase of stealing my stuff and hiding it like a little horde of treasures and lying about it.
My favorite was this little glass deer.
And, of course, when she stole it, she broke one of the legs.
I was so mad at her.
She was such a little pest.
I Hey.
We're gonna find her.
After Jenny broke my little deer, my mom was scolding her, trying to teach her about, you know, right and wrong, and doing unto others, and good things happen to good people.
We wanna believe that so much.
Don't we? But it isn't true.
Because bad things happen to good people all the time.
Hello? Oh, my God.
Are you okay? I'm okay.
Are you sure? - I'm fine.
It's over.
Thanks to Danny.
- Hi.
I just, uh, I just didn't want her to have to be alone.
He saved my life.
- Oh, my God.
Thank you.
- Uh, yeah.
Glad everything, you know, worked out.
I know you.
You're one of Malcolm Miller's attorneys.
How did you find Jenny? Um, it's a long story.
Well, thanks.
Um, oh, this is Ryan.
But you probably already know that.
Juror number 8.
That's right.
Sorry about your client.
We both are.
But, uh, we did what we had to do to save Jenny.
No, I would've done the same thing.
But I'm gonna fix it.
I'm gonna turn myself in and confess to swaying the jury.
Anna, no.
You don't have to do that.
You just did that to save my - Guys, it's fine.
I've made up my mind.
It's the right thing to do.
It'll get him a mistrial, right? It would.
- No, Anna.
There was another juror.
The foreman.
He was leaking our votes during the entire deliberation.
He even forced the last holdout to change votes.
If anyone, we should go after him.
- I can't.
I can't turn him in for doing the exact same thing that I did.
He's just as much of a victim as we are.
He's not a victim.
- Ryan.
Guys, I appreciate that you're willing to step up, but I don't think any of this is gonna be necessary.
Well, what else can we do? Take care of your sister.
Family's most important.
I got the other thing.
Come in.
Excuse me, Your Honor, I-I'm sorry to bother you.
I I have something urgent to show you.
In what is being called a stunning turn of events, Judge Weiss has called for an immediate review of startling new evidence against Malcolm Miller.
The prosecution has declined to press further charges against the defendant, so Judge Weiss ordered his immediate release.
Malcolm Miller is now a free man.
We at Pritchard Taft tirelessly devoted countless man hours, following every imaginable lead, no matter how small, even well after the end of final arguments in this trial.
And, when Daniel Firmin, acting under my constant supervision, came upon this new evidence, I was confident that it alone would - Turn this off, please.
No problem.
- Thank you.
Who is Victor Hally? I'm assuming since you're asking, you already know.
How could you do it? Mark, I am trying very hard to understand and I just can't.
How could you do it? I don't know, I I felt I didn't have a choice.
You absolutely had a choice.
You could've told him to go to hell.
You You You could've accepted whatever punishment you got.
You could've chosen not to have our son killed.
I can't explain it.
I I thought that it was the only thing that I could do at the time.
They called up from the gate.
The FBI are here.
I called them.
I'm turning myself in.
Well, I hope it was worth it.
It wasn't.
- Just saw our mutual friend all over the news, basking in the limelights.
Yet again.
You know, it amazes me how that prick manages to squeeze both his faces onto the screen at the same time.
Yeah, you were on there too.
- Really? Yeah, they played some old footage.
You were in the background.
I don't really care about that.
I-I'm just glad that Malcolm is home with his family where he should be.
I know that probably sounds really sappy, but No.
It's just sappy enough.
But, you know what, there's still something that is bugging the shit out of me.
What? - Where in the hell is the $80 million? I mean, you know, the governor paid it.
Victor didn't get it.
His two minions didn't get it.
So how does $80 million just vanish? It does not.
- Yeah, no shit it doesn't.
Somebody took it.
I mean, dude, wouldn't it be messed up if Malcolm really was the one who got the money after all? Yes, that That would be messed up.
Thank you, Kevin.
I'm just saying.
You know? He was the only one standing after all the shit went down.
Well, you know, him and Mrs.
Governor, but obviously she wouldn't.
- Yeah, no.
Dude, Malcolm's the only one who could still really enjoy it.
No, he's not.
Hi, Wilson.
- Hey, buddy.
How was your day? - Good.
What did you learn about? About the ancient mummy.
- The ancient mummy.