Servant (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


1 All right.
This is you.
Ma'am? Hey, uh, home sweet home.
Thank you.
Yeah, no problem.
Hello? - Don't just leave him.
- What Oh, hi, hi, hi.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Did he miss me? What? Did he miss me? Did you miss me? Yes? Yeah.
Of course.
You hungry? Are you hungry? You are, aren't you? Here you go.
Whose is it? Mr.
Turner? You know she's up there right now, plugging another person's baby to her tit.
Did I do something wrong? I'm gonna ask you this one more time.
Whose baby is that? That's your baby, Mr.
It's Jericho.
Well, he won't take anything from me.
Leanne, could you give him a bath? That usually calms him down.
Of course, Mrs.
Hey, sweetie.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
What a day.
Every time I visit South Philly I realize how blessed we are.
Did I tell you about the new girl on the team? Isabelle something or other.
Reasonably personable and charming.
Has some sort of presence.
But, my God, the ambition.
When I went on maternity leave, she was an intern.
Now she's camera testing.
I don't want to suggest it, but she sucked a chain of dicks.
Where did you find her? Who? The intern? Leanne.
I don't know.
Well, think.
I put a shout-out on my Twitter page.
An old makeup artist recommended a girl.
When I got in touch with her, she was already with a new family, but she must have shared my link because within a week I had a dozen résumés.
So a friend of a colleague of an acquaintance? What can I say? We got lucky.
Trout is delicious.
It's so firm.
Did you use cardamom? Star anise.
This is Julian.
Maybe another time.
I know it's late, but give me a call back if you can.
Something's happened, and I don't know what to do about it, Julian.
Good job.
What? Zero.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop.
- Stop, stop, stop.
- What is happening? Who changed the fucking code? - Where were you taking him at this hour? - I was just going for a drive.
I know they like the motion.
Are you high? Is everything okay, Mrs.
Turner? Sean thought it would be a good idea to wake up the whole house.
I'll take him in with me.
You can go back to bed, Leanne.
- Hey, man.
- Sign, please.
Thank you.
That's me.
Dorothy, I need to talk to you.
What? I have to hurry.
I'll see you tonight.
Try and sleep.
I'll keep him out of your way, Mr.
I know you have important work to do.
Ow! Fucking splinter.
Fuck! Hey.
Dorothy texted me.
Something about dinner tonight? You need to get over here right now.
I'm heading into work.
What's happened? I can't talk on this thing.
Just get here as soon as you fucking can.
Ow! Fuck.
Good boy.
You're so good.
You're doing so good, sweetie.
Doing so good.
So good.
You're okay, honey.
You're okay.
There you go.
So good.
You're doing so good.
I only have 20 minutes.
What the hell are you doing on the floor? Hey, sweetie.
Are you okay? You're okay.
You got your blanket.
Whose is it? You think I didn't ask that already? She said Doesn't matter what she said.
The doll was gone and the baby was in the crib.
She fuckin' swapped them.
You saw her walk in off the street with it? Not exactly.
It all happened too quick.
Okay, they were both out.
I heard a noise.
I went upstairs.
- Then Dorothy came home from work.
- When was this? Yesterday.
That fuckin' thing's been here all night? I didn't know what to do.
I called you for help.
You said you didn't see her walk in with it.
What fucking difference does it What I'm trying to establish here, Sean, is whether if it was the girl or Dorothy.
It was the girl.
Of course it was.
- Who's gonna think that - Think what? The crazy, bereaved white woman snatched a baby? - I don't wanna drink.
- You're in shock.
Yeah, and did you check the news? Missing babies.
Are there any reported? I don't know.
That's job number one.
Okay? Not sanding the fucking floors.
That's someone's baby, Julian.
I know that.
When we find out where it came from we'll do the right thing.
This could not be happening on a worse day.
Don't do anything until you hear from me.
Dorothy's gonna kill ya.
The war on drugs escalated this morning Look.
Say hi.
when narcotics officers raided this apartment building in Kensington.
Substances discovered, including heroin, have a reported street value of over a hundred thousand dollars.
A man and a woman, the residents of this apartment building, were arrested without incident.
Their children, thankfully, were taken into care by city officials.
This is Dorothy Turner, 8 News.
Sean? I kept him up for you, Mrs.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- There you go, sweetie.
There you go.
- Hey.
What the hell are you doing to yourself? That girl is an absolute steal.
Stop saying that.
Just because she's cheap does not make her trustworthy.
Month ago you wouldn't even let Jericho on the subway.
Now a stranger's okay? That's because there was a spate of mentally ill people sticking babies and children with hypodermic needles on the subway.
I know because I reported on that story myself.
One kid one time does not constitute a spate.
Hold still.
This fucking house is falling apart.
Everything I touch.
You know, there are men out there who like to be spanked and caned.
They pay a lot of good money for it.
Come home to their wives covered in welts and splinters.
I'm punished enough.
I wouldn't be disgusted.
Obviously I'd have to leave you and tell all our friends Sean's been a naughty, naughty boy.
If you flip over I'll check the front.
I don't wanna flip over.
Why? Are you up? Are you gonna do something about it? It's been a year nearly.
To the day.
Julian's birthday.
A year without pussy.
I'm sure your medal of courage is in the mail.
Can you do bedtime tonight, please? Happy birthday.
Don't mind the floor.
Sean had a crisis of masculinity.
Happy birthday.
Chilled to 43 degrees, my good man.
Forty-six is optimal.
Mmm, I like to live on the edge.
Dinner will be ready soon.
Moules marinière.
Should we, uh, pair it with a red? Lead the way.
Spoke to my friend, Roscoe.
Had him look into missing babies.
- And? - And there was a little one snatched earlier this week, up in Fair Hill.
Oh, my God! Those poor parents.
My heart goes out to them.
But DeShawn and Shanese do not exactly fit the racial profile.
No white baby boys are missing.
Whoever's that is up there, they're not looking.
It's not spending another night in this house.
Did I suggest that? Well, I kind of feel like you're heading in that direction.
Let's just test the water on this is all I'm saying.
Now, going to the police is a no-no.
- Can't put Dorothy through that.
- Agreed.
She accepted the doll, and now she appears to have accepted this.
Nothing's really any different.
How the fuck can you say that? What if she wakes up? What if she remembers? It's been six weeks.
Maybe we need to start considering a future where she doesn't wake up.
Try this.
You never disappoint, Dorothy.
And you never bring a date to your birthday, which breaks my heart.
Why would I wanna become fat and boring like you two? - Gluten-free? - Don't tell Sean.
How is everything in your world, Dottie? Well, my job is precarious, I don't get enough sleep, I've just been reminded I haven't been laid in a year, and my tits ache.
But I do have good help.
And that means everything.
The girl? Leanne.
Yes, she is a godsend.
You haven't met her yet? How thoroughly did you research her? Not you too.
What has Sean told you? I don't know.
Stranger in the nest, you have to be careful.
She is wonderful with Jericho.
And if my baby trusts her, so do I.
Colleague of mine, he didn't trust his nanny, so he put a camera in the nursery.
Table's set.
Do you want me to No! Don't you touch it.
You know, maybe I would like to bring a date tonight.
We can stretch this to four, can't we? You did ask someone? Well, I was hoping you could hook me up.
The girl.
Why don't we ask her to come down and join us? - No, no, no.
We can't.
We can't.
- Yes.
- What a lovely idea! What? We must.
- Dorothy, no.
Dorothy, she's staff.
Hear yourself! What are you doing? I wanna meet this baby snatcher.
Sorry, were you in bed? No.
I just took a bath.
Well, we were wondering if you might like to come downstairs and have a little fun.
Hmm? Okay.
What are you, a two? Some of these might be a little loose on you.
They are on me too, of course.
Let's see.
Come on.
Leanne, this is my brother, Julian.
Pleasure to meet you, Leanne.
Today's Julian's birthday.
Happy birthday, Julian.
You are not at all how Sean described.
Sean's mean about everyone.
I'll put the mussels on.
Julian, she's 18.
A few sips won't hurt.
What do you say, Leanne? Maybe just to toast with? That's the spirit.
To Julian.
Happy birthday.
I will never forget the day you were born or forgive you for all the attention you've stolen from me.
Thank you.
That's about as nice as it's gonna get.
And to Leanne.
Welcome to the Turners.
Yes, of course.
Welcome, Leanne.
I know you're not supposed to say so when you've made something, but this looks amazing.
I seasoned everything already.
He's the worst person to cook for.
It's tasteless.
I mean, I literally can't taste it.
Okay, now you're being rude and we have guests.
I'm picking up notes of parsley.
Thank you.
How you finding the city, Leanne? She's barely ventured out.
There's a coffee shop that I like at the end of the street.
Um And the park.
I like to take Jericho there to walk.
I literally can't taste the wine.
Sean, you're acting strange.
Can you not hear me? I said I cannot taste anything.
- Excuse - Will somebody put the dog out? I think he's gonna yack.
Perhaps you'd like to excuse yourself.
Sean has a tendency to overindulge, Leanne, as I'm sure you've noticed.
Well, I'll just keep this warm for him.
This was in the fucking sauce! Look at this shit.
It's falling apart in the pan.
Dorothy! Dorothy? The fuck are you two doing in here? Don't touch her.
- Don't make any sudden movements.
- What's happened? Dorothy, can you hear me? - I'm calling a paramedic.
- No.
No, no.
Do you remember? Do you remember what happened to Jericho? I cheated on the base, but I did make the Chantilly cream.
Ta-da! I know, I know, where do I find the time, what with digging splinters out of my husband's ass? Did Sean tell you? He's seeing a dominatrix on the side.
Mama's coming.
I don't think it's going anywhere tonight.
Hi, you.
Oh, no, no, no.
Please, no.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Yeah? You're okay.

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