Servant (2019) s01e03 Episode Script


- Can you put some pants on? - It's three-o'fucking-clock.
This is Roscoe, the guy I was telling you about.
- My brother-in-law, Sean.
- Hey.
So, you're a private detective? Actually, I work in Human Resources, but He does PI work on the side.
He's qualified.
He's working on a day rate, and number fucking one, we can trust him.
So, what did you find out? Social media didn't give us anything on Leanne Grayson.
Public records had a birth in Wisconsin.
Maybe she really is just a farm girl who wandered into the big city.
There's a flight to Madison at 0500.
I say let's find out what we're dealing with.
I gotta cater an event.
Did I invite you? I don't want you leaving Dorothy alone with her.
Not until we know more.
We need a picture of this girl.
Something we can show around her hometown.
See if we can get a positive ID.
Can you get one? Her résumé.
I'll get it for you.
- Did you see my fish guy out there? - No, Chef.
A lot of prep to get through today.
Plus, I'm gonna need you to taste everything before it goes out.
Chef? I got a virus or something.
It's knocked out my taste buds.
Good morning, Tobe.
Good morning, Mrs.
Is he talking about his taste buds again? - Sounds serious.
- Well, it's his lifestyle.
I've been warning him for years.
We got a dozen diplomats expecting five courses of gastronomic perfection.
It may taste like dog shit, but it's gonna look like foie gras.
- Tobe, the veggies are in the cellar.
- Yes, Chef.
There's someone at the door for you.
If that's not my fish guy, I'm fucked! [DOROTHY.]
He's under a lot of pressure today.
Come sit.
Have breakfast with me.
I know it's naughty, but it's the weekend so we can split one.
This is Tobe.
Tobe's Sean's What's your professional title again, Tobe? - Commis chef.
- Commis chef.
"Commis" must mean "not".
'Cause he peels vegetables and washes pots.
Thinks Sean's giving him an education, but I think it's child labor.
They are slippery fuckers.
- Sean! - Fellas.
- Is that an eel? - Yeah.
I'm gonna salt bake 'em.
Tobe, give me the hammer and nails from the top drawer.
- Yes, Chef.
- I need help over here.
It's-It's still moving.
Oh, he'll be going for hours.
Funny things, eels.
They don't quite realize when they're dead.
Cut it here and here.
So, Leanne, what do you plan to do with your day off? Let's get this sucker's skin off.
Why won't it stop? Look at all that blood.
Hold it.
We were beginning to worry about you.
- I'm sorry, Mrs.
- No, no, no.
How did I get up here? Tobe.
He really is quite strong.
Your blood sugar must be all over the place.
You're skin and bones.
It's chamomile and honey.
I think the bees are from New Zealand.
I suppose you're still getting used to us.
What must you think of it all? I'm very happy here, Mrs.
Come on, now, I know you can say it.
Oh, you are the sweetest.
You and I are gonna be best friends as of now.
- Tobe.
- Hi, Chef.
Try this.
It's a little sharp, Chef.
- Better not be wrong.
Hey, I gotta take this.
Five minutes, take it out of the salt.
Yes, Chef.
- Hey.
We're here.
Butt-fuck Wisconsin.
Just got an address for the Grayson homestead.
It's about an hour's drive from here.
You get the picture? Yeah, what the fuck? Looks like she's dead.
I had to sneak into her room.
She was sleeping.
An hour from now I might be showing that picture to her gun-toting mom and pop.
That's gonna be an interesting conversation.
Julian, you're freezing.
Bad reception.
I'll call you when we get there.
She okay? She's awake.
I'm gonna take her to town.
We're gonna have lunch together.
Why? Because it's our day off.
- Actually, I'm gonna leave him with you.
- I'm catering an event.
Well, you can put him in the bouncy chair.
He can watch Daddy work.
Sean, is there something you'd like to say to Leanne? Nothing comes to mind.
You terrified her showing off to Tobe with that eel.
- It was all my fault, Mrs.
- Nonsense.
I'm sorry if I upset you, Leanne.
That wasn't so hard.
When are you coming back? [DOROTHY.]
When we're done.
We'll get a cab on the street.
Don't fucking drop it.
- Hey.
What's happening? - Can you talk? Yeah, they're both out.
We're at the Grayson house.
You're gonna want to see this for yourself.
Looks like there was a fire.
Are you sure that's the right place? Roscoe checked with the lab registry.
We got coordinates.
It's in the name Grayson.
Family of three.
This is it, man.
It smells bad in here.
You guys find any pictures or anything personal? [JULIAN.]
Hang on.
There's more.
Wait, wait.
What's that? On the wall.
Go back.
I think that looks so good on you.
I love it.
Let me see.
Look, look.
Doesn't she look amazing? [GIGGLES.]
And she got the perfect shoes to go with it.
I advanced her her next week's paycheck.
How's Jericho? Did he miss us? He didn't say.
Tobe wore him out.
He's sleeping.
I'll go check.
You two seem to be getting along.
Well, we're getting to know each other.
What did you talk about? Oh, well You know her.
She's so shy.
You have to pull out every little word.
Did she mention where she's from or where she grew up? No, not particularly.
Why? I just thought it would be nice to know a little more about the person living upstairs.
Your interview techniques are legendary, as all of Philadelphia knows.
If there's gossip I will sniff it out.
- Like the pig on a truffle.
She offered to sit for us tonight.
No charge.
So, if you wanna get a table somewhere treat me like I'm your wife or a whore.
Whatever does it for you.
What are you gonna do with, uh, this guy? You wanna practice on him? Seems kinda cruel if no one's gonna eat him.
That's the killer instinct that'll get you absolutely nowhere in life.
Hey, you wanna make it an even hundred? What do I gotta do? Hang out here.
Keep an eye on the place.
Good work today.
Thank you, Chef.
Is Mr.
Turner taking you out for a romantic dinner? Well Everything is work to Sean.
He's not just a chef, he's the world's harshest critic.
There's not much he can't find fault with.
Did you two meet here, in Philadelphia? I wanna know about you.
Tell me, who's the real Leanne Grayson? I'm not very interesting.
Oh, I'm sure that's not true.
Is there someone back home? A boy you left behind maybe? [CHUCKLES.]
I'll take that as a "maybe".
You know, if there's ever anything of mine that you wanna borrow, all you have to do is ask.
You got those in the eight, didn't you? Would you like to borrow my shoes, Dorothy? [HORN HONKS.]
Car's here.
You look so beautiful.
You look good.
I like this one.
Thank you.
Oh I didn't know you'd still be here.
Sean, he wanted me to stay.
Finish up.
I don't mind.
Will you have a drink with me? Here or Well, I can't leave Jericho.
All right.
So, why don't you go downstairs and pick out a bottle? Sure.
A red one.
It's a nice word.
It's a grape, but [THUDS.]
Are you hungry? Yeah.
There's some persimmon chutney, which I actually made myself.
Some French bread, cheese.
Uh I can make us a, you know, turkey omelet [QUIET SQUELCHING.]
with some bell peppers, mushrooms, which I only [OBJECT SLAMS.]
Hand-fried eel with beet agrodolce.
I'll get that.
- Oh, who are you? - I'm, uh, Tobe.
Good night, Tobe.
I take it they're out.
You know, if you really wanted to hurt him, there are better labels than this.
A thousand dollars for a bottle.
Can you believe that? There's probably people starving somewhere.
I liked the other one better.
Well, they do say taste is an acquired thing.
How are you settling in? Mr.
and Mrs.
Turner are both very kind.
Like the house? - It's beautiful.
- Mmm.
You know, most of the stuff you see around here, it's not really theirs.
You know, like, the good stuff.
The furniture.
That was collected by my father.
The bricks and mortar, of course, is everything.
But when you consider what it's secured against.
The maintenance, upkeep.
It's almost a burden.
All told, if you really squeezed I think you could walk away with 80.
A hundred would be a push.
But here's the thing.
You're at the grown-up table now.
And if you want to get to Dorothy you're gonna have to go through me.
Were you here? When it happened.
Did they call you for help? Did you see something? [SIGHS.]
This '94 isn't what I thought it'd be.
But I guess nothing ever is, I suppose.
It's okay now.
You don't always have to make conversation with the fucking driver.
He recognized me.
Then at least your ego got fed tonight.
You know what I do for a living.
You peddle misery to morons.
I cultivate relationships on very strict deadlines.
That driver was work to me, like you sending back that perfectly good fish.
Julian? I was passing.
Where'd you eat? - Fish Town.
- It's fuckin' overrated in Fish Town.
Oh, yeah.
Let's wheel in an expert.
Julian, let me ask you.
How does a man with no taste buds send back the same dish three times? The texture was wrong.
Where's Tobe? Said he had a thing.
I'll go see to him.
No, no, Leanne.
I'll go.
Anything for some intelligent company tonight.
Well, good night.
Not the '94! Fuck those sour grapes.
I need to show you something.
You were awake.
Happy to see you.
So happy to see you too.
So, after we left the house, we started making tracks to the airport.
So, when we rode out of town, we hit a cemetery.
Roscoe suggested we take a look.
Over here.
- That's her father? - Keep watching.
Whole family wiped out by that fire.
How is that possible? That sweet, innocent, little girl you've got up there she stole the identity of a dead kid.
What do you think she wants? [JULIAN.]
Is there anything other than money? [SEAN.]
How much? Did she say something? She talked a lot of shit.
Her price might depend on what she knows or thinks she knows.
That's impossible.
Is it? She made a lot of effort to get here and hide her tracks.
Did she know she was gonna find a doll? - She didn't seem surprised.
- Then who fucking told her? No one knows shit about our business.
You think this is blackmail? I don't know what this is.
But the longer that thing stays here, the more it's gonna cost you.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.

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