Servant (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


That girl is an absolute steal.
Just because she's cheap does not make her trustworthy.
I'm gonna ask you this one more time.
Whose baby is that? [LEANNE.]
That's your baby.
It's Jericho.
You think this is blackmail? [JULIAN.]
She made a lot of effort to get here and hide her tracks.
The longer that thing stays here, the more it's gonna cost you.
We're at the Grayson house.
You're gonna wanna see this for yourself.
Wait, wait.
What's that? On the wall.
And if you want to get to Dorothy, you're gonna have to go through me.
That's someone's baby, Julian.
We find out where it came from and do the right thing.
Mmm, I smell piss.
- Let me see.
- But when? At which time? My father's downstairs bathroom.
- Really? - [CHUCKLES.]
That was such a throwaway fuck.
I was so much better all weekend.
You just tell yourself whatever you need to, hon.
Ooh, I have to go into work.
We can look at dates later.
We have to meet with midwives.
I hear the good ones go fast.
This is gonna cost money, isn't it? [FOOTSTEPS.]
You would deprive poor Harry.
Harry? Isn't it bad juju to name the baby this early? Well, you can name the second one.
The girl.
She and I will clash.
I can already feel it.
All right.
Good job, Harry.
- Why are you up? - Why are you up? Will you check on him? The monitor's on.
I know, but if I go in there, I have to feed him.
Put something on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Good? Great.
Good boy.
Somebody slept well.
Through the night.
What do you have on today? Lobster ice cream.
Why would you even say it, let alone eat it? To challenge people's prejudices.
It's prejudii.
I don't think it is.
Well, I'm driving myself today.
- Going to the ass-end of nowhere.
If you wanted to invite people over, I'm up for being sociable.
- Not tonight.
We're becoming boring.
Leanne's gonna think we don't have any friends.
I'm sure you have plenty of friends, Dorothy.
- Mmm.
See ya later.
- Heroes come in many shapes and sizes.
From our pilots in the air to our first responders on the street.
But we don't often stop to consider our city's operatives working in the network of tunnels under our very feet.
The fatberg.
This two-ton snowball of cooking oil and sanitary wipes is a menace to our city sewage system.
So, I'm spending the day with the heroes who keep our city's tunnels flowing.
- Whoo! - Good job.
- Mmm.
Leanne? Could you come down, please? Hey, how was your day? Oh.
You didn't watch? - Well, you recorded it.
- Oh.
There he is.
Light of my day.
If Mommy didn't smell of shit, she'd pick you up.
Yes, she would.
Did you call for me, Dorothy? Oh, yes.
Do you have any plans tomorrow? Uh, no.
No plans.
Because the gang at work is begging me to meet this little fella, and so I thought I'd bring him in.
You can't.
What are you gonna do? Take him down another sewer? I thought you didn't watch.
Well, I caught the tail end.
No, no.
He's 18 weeks.
He's ready for some social interaction, and Leanne can take good care of him while I work.
What do you say, Leanne? And you can see how the magic of television works.
- I'd like that very much.
Then it's settled.
Well, I'm gonna have a bath.
Can you bring him up for me, please? [JERICHO MURMURS.]
- Hey, little guy.
We used to hate it when people did that to us.
Shoving their newborns under your nose.
The pressure to say something nice.
"Oh, he looks just like you".
You remember Rosy Dorchester? We thought the baby had Down's.
Till we saw the husband.
Yes, but we have nothing to worry about, because Jericho is perfect.
- To us.
We don't know what other people'll think.
What they'll say about us behind our backs.
Are you trying to upset me? I'm just trying to stop you from being the person you despise.
But I want to show him off.
And we will.
When the time's right.
Right now, he's so fragile.
His tiny little lungs.
Will you step out, please? [SIGHS.]
I wanna get dressed.
I've seen you naked a million times.
I don't feel confident right now.
Just cut me some slack, will you? [DOROTHY.]
Maybe you're right.
I am? About Jericho.
And I know how much you love him and you want to protect him.
- And he's still so tiny.
- [COOS.]
- Here you go.
- [CRIES.]
I'll just tell them he has a sniffle.
- Shh, shh, shh.
- Say, night-night, Daddy.
- Night-night.
- Night-night.
- [CRIES.]
Oh, let's go to bed.
I know you're so tired.
So sweet.
Tuck you in.
You're up early.
Well, I didn't know what time your car was due.
- You need to talk to Leanne.
- About what? To explain to her why I'm breaking a promise.
I think she was really looking forward to a day out.
- Fuck her disappointment.
- [SIGHS.]
Don't do Please, do not antagonize her.
She's an important part of this house now.
Fine, I will politely and rationally explain that it was my idea to keep him home.
Thank you.
Do I have something in my eye? Fuck! What? This is toothpaste.
You spat fucking toothpaste in my eye.
It's not happening.
- Come! - Sine Qua Non, Syrah.
- [SEAN.]
Oh! I applied for it in January.
Don't just stand there, open it.
Oh, my God.
Are you tasting this? Not at all.
I gotta see a doctor.
I think I got fucking bone cancer.
Where's the freak? She's in her room.
I can show you what she's doing, if you wanna see it.
You sly old fox.
Did you see her naked yet? Why is that your first question? Could we record on this? Collect evidence? Evidence of what? She eats canned soup, she prays, she goes to sleep, until she thinks we're asleep and then it gets a little weird.
What do you mean "weird"? She takes the baby in with her.
Isn't that what you pay her for? No.
That's not what a nanny does.
That's overstepping.
Unless Leanne? Leanne Grayson? Hello, Mrs.
- What are you smoking these days? - Think about it.
The reason no one's looking for the baby is the baby isn't missing.
What if she's the biological mother? Why would she put her own baby in your crib? A young girl like that? Religious upbringing.
She changes her identity, she runs away.
She can't cope alone.
She needs a home for it, a good home, nice things.
- You wanna keep it, don't you? - I'm not saying that.
You pitched me the fairy-tale princess movie instead.
Why won't you just say you wanna keep it? Wouldn't you? The 12 good men and women of the jury in the Timothy York murder trial heard final statements yesterday.
Today court reconvenes, and we are told a verdict has been reached.
We expect that breaking news within the next couple of hours.
We will be staying with this story.
Where's she going? She takes him for a walk around the block a couple times a day.
They never go far.
Well, I'm taking this back to work.
It's wasted on you.
Hey, will you Will you try something for me? There you go.
Strawberry? Lobster.
- Get the fuck out of here.
Dramatic scenes today outside the Supreme Court, as the jury in the Timothy York murder trial has reached their verdict.
"Not guilty", said the forewoman.
We are being told that Timothy York is about to make a statement.
Timmy! Timmy, can you tell me something? Timmy, can you tell us something? Did you do it? I'm just pleased that the jury heard the facts and were able to reach the right verdict.
That's all I'm being advised to say at this moment in time.
York, do you have anything to say to the families of the victims? - I hope they catch him.
- Timmy, did you do it? There you have it.
Today Timothy York gets to go home a free man.
If justice has been served today, it highlights a terrifying truth the killer is still at large.
I'm Dorothy Turner, 8 News.
- Where is she? - Leanne? She was with you.
She took him.
She followed you to work.
- I haven't seen her since this morning.
- I saw her.
- I hope they catch him.
- Timmy, did you do it? There you have it.
Today Timothy York gets to go home a free man.
- If justice has been served today - See? - Oh, there he is.
- Hi.
You got something you want to tell us, Leanne? Hi.
I took him by bus into town.
And, uh, we saw the crowds and your news vans.
And I just I didn't wanna bother you, because you looked so busy.
- Oh.
- It must be so nerve-racking - going live to so many people.
- Mmm.
You channel the adrenaline.
I hope you don't think I was rude, Dorothy, by not coming and saying hello.
Oh, no, don't be silly.
I just wish I'd known you were there.
Jericho could have met some of the crew.
Well, you know, Mr.
Turner's right.
He is too young to be exposed to that many people.
They'd all just wanna hold him.
Do you hear that, Sean? You were right this time.
Come sit, and we can watch the whole thing all the way through.
- [COOS.]
- Let's see.
- Sean, were you gonna open something? - Yeah.
- today outside the Supreme Court - Look.
There's Mama.
- You see Mama.
- There's Mommy.
- [SIGHS.]
Well, we're gonna have to keep that one forever.
Yeah, your first television appearance.
- Wow.
Was that your first time being on television too, Leanne? Yes, Dorothy.
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Please cast down upon this family with your light.
Do you think it's a strong enough name? What? Jericho.
Jericho Turner.
I want him to be taken seriously in the world.
'Cho, 'Cho, 'Cho.
It's hard.
It's strong sounding.
We could change the spelling, really punch it up.
Yeah, whatever.
It's soft sounding.
Seans don't really make much of themselves.
Sean Connery.
Well, "C", Connery.
See? That's what rescues it.
- [THUDS.]
- [SIGHS.]
- Night.
You sure you wanna go in today? [SCOFFS.]
I'm not crippled.
I'm pregnant.
Just Jericho.
I came down for a snack.
Is that okay? Whatever you can find.
Well, that's lobster.
You're not gonna like it.
I've never eaten lobster.
I told you not to take him in today.
I was on the bus.
And I saw Stop.
She said I could watch her work.
She promised.
If this is gonna work, you're gonna have to trust that I know what's best for Dorothy and for the baby.
- I'd never do anything to hurt Jericho.
- Don't call him that.
To Dorothy, yes.
But not to me.
Not ever.
I thought you liked the name.
Dorothy said you picked it out.
Wasn't our first choice.
She's got this overactive immune system.
Senses a foreign body and attacks it.
She killed them all, that's what she told herself.
It got to the point where we couldn't even face making love.
I don't wanna put her through that again.
So if there's a way Chocolate sauce.
It's better.
That's the bitterness you're missing.
If I could serve it in a chocolate bomb, hide the ice cream, let it surprise them and then lemon sherbet popping candy and that'd complement the chocolate and enhance the fish.
I think that sounds delicious, Mr.
Why us? I knew I'd be happy here.
- Well, best of luck to you, Chloe.
Uh, of course we have to thank all the moms and the aunts, who traveled from far away to be with their daughters today, stitching dresses, painting faces.
I think we have time to meet one more contestant who's down here on the end, twiddling her thumbs.
What's your name, pretty lady? Leanne.
Leanne, very nice to meet you.
Where were you born? Wisconsin.
Well, why don't you give a big smile and look right into that lens for everybody at home in Wisconsin?
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