Servant (2019) s03e04 Episode Script


Oh, I'm so glad those fit you.
You look adorable.
Look at yourself.
- Oh.
- I feel like everyone can see my body.
Well, who cares if they can see it? I mean, this is what normal girls wear.
You can wear this all day, you know? To the park or to the store.
It's not safe to go out.
You'll get there.
And there's no rush.
But how about we get you some exercise, hmm? You ready for our lesson? Mm-hmm.
I can't believe you found all these old records.
I haven't seen them in ages.
You know, I saw Vivian Dale live once at a little club in New York on the Lower East Side.
She died so young.
Drugs, I think.
Maybe a boyfriend who abused her.
I can't remember but, ugh, when she was on stage, she was like a goddess.
She was in so much pain, but she turned that pain into power.
Oh, that's good.
Yes! But don't just extend the arm.
You gotta send the energy all the way through your fingertips.
Yes, that's what you want to do in every position.
Oh! Look at you.
I'm terrible at dancing.
What? Why would you say that? It's what my mother used to say.
Whenever I'd have to learn choreography for a pageant, she wouldn't let me eat dinner until I got it perfect.
And, you know, I remember trying really hard to do my best.
But eventually, I'd just be so tired and hungry that it was impossible to get it right.
Oh, sweetheart.
Dorothy, I need you! What is it? The safety guy! Oh, shit.
Oh, God, I've got this meeting that I'm supposed to go to.
Are you coming back? N-No, I'm sorry.
But we can pick up again tomorrow.
Yeah? Oof.
Right from where I'm sitting, I see, like, 15 deadly hazards.
Starting with this table.
Put bumpers on that.
And that armoire you got over there.
Sharp corners? Worse.
Toddlers like to climb.
Every two weeks, a kid dies from furniture tipping over.
Oh, my God.
We'll anchor it to the wall, huh? Okay.
Now, outlets.
A hundred kids a year die from electrocution.
Very sad.
Well, we'll put safety gates on each floor and Plexi along the sides here, 'cause toddlers love to stick their little heads through the spindles.
Oh, Leanne, could you keep him occupied until we're done here? Thanks.
I know.
We gotta move all this cleaning stuff up higher.
Ah, no need.
We'll put locks on all the cabinets and, uh, stove knobs too.
Is that really necessary? I'm a professional chef, so I can't have a bunch of gadgetry stopping me - Sean.
- You don't need this.
As long as I'm here, nothing will ever happen to Jericho.
He's hungry.
You need to feed him.
Excuse us.
Babysitter really rules the roost, huh? with a special report.
Our cochairs for tonight's event said this is I really don't like that man.
Leanne, he's not one of your creepy cult people.
He's owned the company for years.
You're gonna have to trust that I know what's best for my son.
long stay at a villa in Tuscany.
I can't believe they had Isabelle do "Spring at the Mansion".
I've been doing this fucking party for eight years.
Well, I'm glad they didn't ask you.
- We need you here at home.
- is "spring has sprung".
- And we are definitely - This is so hurtful.
It's like I'm invisible.
The dance floor is full, the bar is open and God, I don't even know if he's getting anything.
My supply's dropping ever since he's been on solids.
Maybe I should put him back on formula if we want him to gain weight.
Your milk is better.
You're just not sticking to his schedule.
And you're not drinking enough water.
Would you drink this, please? - that if you have a man in your life - Drink it.
- who hasn't been screened - It's fine.
Leave it.
particularly if he's over the age of 55, now is the time to do it.
No more making excuses and putting it off for later.
I know how much men hate going to the doctor, but this really could be a matter between life and death.
Walter, don't tell my trainer about this, okay? Oh, there you are.
Good for you.
A little fresh air.
Still friends? Aw.
Where are you going? Oh, I asked for a meeting at the station.
Sometimes you just have to go in there and ask for what you need.
Sean has Jericho.
Wish me luck.
Stay away from me.
I just want to talk to you.
- Hey.
- Morning, Chef.
Uh, want you to meet someone.
- Sylvia.
- Hi.
I had this sweet gig as a private chef on this guy's yacht for a while, but then he got busted by the Feds, so now I'm back in town just trying to pay off my student loans, you know? Yeah, I hear that.
Oh, hey, Leanne, come meet my girlfriend, Sylvia.
Leanne takes care of Jericho.
So cute.
What is he, like, uh, 18 months? Nine months.
He's big for his age.
He's perfect.
Uh, so anyway, we were thinking if you ever need an extra pair of hands for a big job or something, Sylvia could totally help out.
I have references.
I mean, not from the yacht guy.
He's in prison.
But I spent a year at Jean-Georges, so I can make anything.
Yeah, that's great.
I don't usually, uh Sometimes people don't realize how much help they need until it's too late.
I need to get back to work.
Sure thing.
And if you want, I'll work the first shift for free.
Trial basis.
Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.
Thank you, Chef.
Um, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Sure.
- Super good to meet you.
- I loved you on Gourmet Gauntlet.
- Oh.
What the fuck was that? I understand the desperation for a new gig, but come on.
Tobe knows better than try and foist some cook on me.
What are you guys doing tomorrow? Pain-in-the-ass catering job.
Actually, I could put you to work, if you want to pitch in.
Yeah, I'd love to.
Yeah, Dorothy could hang with Jericho.
You ever made candy? Uh, no.
We're doing saltwater taffy with passion fruit and fleur de sel.
You just throw it over the hook, over and over, to aerate it until it turns white.
It's fun.
And it would put some muscles on those puny little arms.
I'm stronger than I look.
Yeah, I bet you are, from carrying this little bruiser around.
After you put him down for his nap, come back.
We'll talk over the menu.
Yes, Chef.
I just got the babyproofing estimate: $3,000 for 99-cents pieces of shit that Thank you.
I Me too.
I am really looking forward.
I'm back! I am back in the game.
In-depth report on the street murals downtown.
I don't know, maybe they're just doing it to shut me up.
But who cares? At least they're giving me a chance to prove I'm still worth it.
- You are still worth it.
- Oh.
Fuck! This is the kind of piece that could go national.
- When does it start? - Tomorrow.
And if all goes well, I'm gonna be out all week.
Tomorrow, I need Leanne in the kitchen.
Don't you have Tobe? Yeah, but it's a ton of prep, so I need her.
Can't we get someone else to look after Jericho? Do you expect me to just snap my fingers and find someone else who can watch our child? No, it's just that Leanne was really looking forward to it.
Sean, she can cook with you anytime.
I just need this one week to focus on myself and my work.
Can you give me that? I'm so sorry.
I can't do our little class today.
Why are you dressed for work? Well, I'm finally being shown the respect I deserve again, and I've been given a big assignment.
So, crazy hours this week.
Sean has found someone else to help in the kitchen so you can focus on Jericho.
Did I get these buttons right? What time will you be home? Late.
It's live, but there's a party where we have to get some B-roll.
It's not good for Jericho when you're out late.
Oh, Leanne, I understand it makes you nervous when I'm not home.
Just a few more buttons.
I know you didn't grow up around women who worked, but that's just not normal for most people.
I love my job.
It makes me happy.
It makes me a better mother.
And if, God forbid, anything ever happened to Sean, I can support this household.
I would never let anything happen to Sean.
Thank you.
And thank you for helping me hold down the fort this week.
I want you to know when you're watching me on television that I absolutely could not do this without you.
Plus, we should be thinking about your future.
You know, you could get your high school degree.
You could do that all online without ever leaving the house.
We want to help you focus on your own goals, so you can become the woman that you were meant to be.
All I care about is this family.
Hey, little buddy.
Want a green bean? No, dumbass.
He could choke on it.
He can play with it.
It's fine.
Did you check on the tart shells in the oven? Yeah.
Five minutes.
Do you maybe want to take that ring off? Uh, they said at the store the acid could etch the stone.
Yeah, I would, if I could get the fucking thing to come off.
The jeweler is gonna have to cut it off.
I didn't realize it was too small.
I told him size six.
Only my left hand is a size six.
Well, I thought you'd wear it on your left hand.
Honey, it's gotta be diamonds for this finger.
- Right.
- What are you doing? Sean said brunoise, not fucking matchsticks.
- Hey, Tobe.
Why don't you take a break? - Yeah.
- Take these out to the kids in the park.
- Okay.
Why are you so rude to Tobe? Excuse me? Where are the radicchio cups? Nice, Chef.
Good work.
Hey, so, Sean, you ever think about starting your own restaurant? I mean, sure.
I thought about it.
But I don't think it's gonna happen.
I'm just saying.
I know some investors.
You are exactly the kind of chef they're looking for.
Young, hip, one-of-a-kind vision.
A superstar.
Well, right now I'm just trying to get through today.
All right.
Well, when you get your Michelin star, you better keep me in mind.
Hey, Chef, I couldn't find them.
Maybe they moved on? Are you insane? You think homeless kids walk away from food like this? Shit.
That's the safety guy.
Leanne, could you answer the door and make sure he gets anything he needs? Here.
If you need anything else, I'll just be in the kitchen.
Actually, it'd be great if you could stick around for a while.
It's a pretty sweet house.
I wouldn't wanna mess anything up.
How long you been working here? A few months.
They treat you all right? Evenings off? Weekends? A lot of great clubs downtown.
How old are you? I'm 18.
You work out? You know, like, Zumba and stuff? I bet you are a great dancer.
Huh? Come on, show me some moves.
Hey, it's okay.
You don't gotta be afraid of me.
My buddy's got a place downtown.
Real upscale.
If I brought you, they would not check your ID.
It's my fault, right? Because I look like a whore? Are you happy now? Are you happy? Get the fuck out of my way.
Tobe, that candy is done.
What the hell is wrong with you? Come help me with the garnishes.
What? Stop! Stop! Jesus! You're gonna ruin the ones I already did.
Tobe! Take the trash out, please! How can you let her talk to you like that? All chefs talk that way.
I've heard Sean yell at you a hundred times.
That's different.
She's trying to hurt you.
Sylvia's just a really insecure person.
Sometimes when insecure people just She doesn't even like you, Tobe.
All you want is to live a normal life, and everybody keeps thinking that they can do whatever they want to you.
Awful things to you.
And that you're always just gonna be there.
And it's not fair.
Leanne! Dorothy.
Jericho's having sweet potato.
I remember.
I'm out here on Broad Street with graffiti artist Diego Williams.
Diego's street name is D.
Wilz and our local Philly viewers may have seen his tag all over downtown.
Diego, please tell us about your inspiration for this piece.
Ida B.
Wells was a godmother of the Civil Rights Movement.
She was a journalist in the late 1800s.
She forced everyone to see what was happening in the Miss? Are you all right? You can't leave him in here crying when we're trying to work.
Okay, okay.
I'm here.
You're okay.
- Hey.
I almost tripped.
- Excuse me.
- Chef.
- Where do you want this? Goddamn it.
Uh, I'm not ready.
Five minutes.
Tobe, show 'em what's ready.
This is the last room.
You want me to get started on the No! Wait! Thirty minutes! If we wait, I gotta pay my carpenter overtime.
Then don't fucking do the kitchen! I'll do it! Thank you.
You're the boss.
But you gotta sign this invoice to confirm it's what you want.
Leanne, could you sign that for me, please? Easy, there.
Watch it! Jesus! We'll see ourselves out.
- Oh.
My bad.
- Are you fucking Listen to me.
You have to handle that like it's fucking plutonium.
Where's the ceviche? Where's the ceviche? - I'm I'm sorry.
I - Oh, my God! You already gave them the ceviche? You dumb fucking shit! I thought you were done with it.
I didn't I have never met anyone so useless in my entire life! I have been trying to prove myself to Sean and you have done nothing except get in my way all fucking day! Do you have any idea how fucking embarrassing you're making me look? Do you have any fucking idea what you just did? You fucking moron! Fuck you! Nobody should ever fucking hire you ever Shit.
My ring got caught.
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck just happened? - She was - Apply pressure! Tobe! Where's her finger? - Where the fuck is her finger? - What? - Find her finger.
- Finger, finger.
Because the hospital needs it, Tobe.
In order to reattach it.
Yeah, um, I I I can't find it! Did you find it? - No! It's not anywhere! - Tobe! - I don't see it anywhere! - Tobe! - What? What? - Tobe! - Tobe! - What? Hey, you see Dorothy on TV? No.
We had this huge fucking accident.
You need to see this.
Miss? Are you all right? Of course.
Um, can you tell us why you painted her? She was fearless.
She single-handedly exposed the atrocities that were happening in the South against African Americ ans.
Oh, my God! She's never gonna live this down.
She's done.
I didn't give him the bottle yet, in case you want to feed him.
I'm glad you're home.
When he was gone I thought if I can just have my baby back, I will never ask for anything else.
But something's just not right.
I can't explain it, but it's like the universe is trying to hurt me or like I've lost something.
Come here.
Why can't this be enough? What is wrong with me, huh?
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