Servant (2019) s03e05 Episode Script


1 When you three go on your walk this afternoon, try and really make it to the park this time.
It's for her own good.
You're safe, Leanne.
Because if anyone comes for you, they're gonna have to come through us first.
This is my family, and I will not let you take me away from them.
What the hell's going on in here? I don't know.
She just freaked out on me.
Show me your back! - Leanne.
- What's happening? Leanne's threatening Mr.
Smiley with the kitchen shears.
Stay away from me.
I just want to talk to you.
Oh, good morning! Look at you.
Somebody found my dungarees.
- Is that okay? - Yeah.
I told you, anything in the attic is fair game.
Does this mean what I think it does? You're gonna come today? Aw, did you hear? - Leanne's gonna come to the festival.
- Wow, that's good, Leanne.
It's a big step, being around so many new people.
Think I'm ready.
Well, it's a gorgeous day, and we'll all be right there with you.
- Look at that.
Termite droppings.
- Looks like black pepper.
No, it's not.
I looked up pictures.
It's termite droppings.
It's in the spice rack.
We need an exterminator to blast it out.
Sean's right.
I recognize it.
It's called frass.
Well, the house has been here for 175 years, as we all know.
So I don't think it's going to fall apart today.
Can I show you something, please? You're gonna be right here, 3-B.
By the bounce house? Space is tight.
I'll have a thousand kids screaming in my ear all day.
It's a block party, darling.
What's with all the shitty food trucks? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What the fuck is that? - Liquid nitrogen.
Of course, a dangerous chemical in the kitchen.
My apologies.
Can we get that out of here, please? Sean has a big surprise planned for the block party.
Sounds ominous.
Where's Veera? She couldn't make it.
Some last-minute work thing.
- Aw.
- So, I figured I'd come by.
Get my steps in.
Support my big sis.
You're here for the funnel cakes, aren't you? You used to love those.
- Maybe a little too much.
- Get off.
Have you seen the park? - Them? - What, the homeless kids? - There's more of them now.
A lot more.
- They're just passing through.
Yeah, and you're giving them gourmet handouts! This is how it starts.
Before you know it, you'll be up to your ass in squatters, and the house will be worth pennies on the dollar.
Okay, I don't wanna think about any of this today.
- Is that what you're wearing? - Julian! How are you feeling? Fine.
I just really want everything to go smoothly.
There are so many moving parts in an event like this.
People just wanna get outside.
They're not expecting fucking Disneyland.
Shall we? Leanne? You coming? Leanne! Hey, come here! Here.
Oh! Excuse me.
We have ice cream.
Ah My husband.
He's such a showman.
I'm gonna serve it over a miniature French toast with a dehydrated maple and pancetta.
Chef Tobe is gonna put it in your mouth.
Come on, you two.
I'll show you around.
If we can form an orderly line? So, here's the ax-throwing booth.
It's a tad expensive, but people go crazy for it.
And this is where we're doing folk dance.
Oh, here's the barbecue tent.
They come all the way from Bucks County.
It's supposed to be phenomenal.
You have to try it.
Oh, and we've Um What's the matter? Those bastards.
They sent her? Dorothy, I'm sure it's nothing personal.
Of course it's personal.
I pitched this block party story to them weeks ago.
This network thinks they can ice me out, I'm just gonna walk away quietly.
You know what? Here.
Come to mama.
Come on.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Little Jericho's about to have his big television debut.
- Dottie, what the hell are you doing? - I am a working mother in television.
I fought tooth and nail to be where I am today.
And I will not be replaced by this amateur.
Fuck 'em.
I'm going on camera.
- Please think this through.
- I have.
Now is the time to seize the narrative, not get steamrolled by it.
And what about him? And what if Aunt May sees? That woman watches the news like a goddamn hawk.
I will not pretend my son does not exist.
- Ahem.
- Dorothy, hey! Isabelle, darling.
Oh! You look so fun.
Well, official organizer apparel.
Speaking of which, I figured you'd wanna have a statement from me for your segment.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Um I mean Yeah, of course.
We're just doing a little feature, but Great.
Carlos, I think we should frame up in the middle so we have more visual interest.
Okay, we're gonna have to get some B-roll of Sean.
Puppet show starts in five, which I think would be great.
I'm gonna go talk to Sean.
You all right here? Yeah.
You are gonna love this.
- Thanks, man.
- Sure.
- Hey.
- How's Leanne? - With Dorothy.
- Dude, there's a line.
And I'm not in it, asshole.
She went on camera.
I couldn't talk her out of it.
That's good, right? Good? Have you seen the fucking memes? - What, the cow thing? - Yeah.
I'm sure Dorothy can handle a couple of Twitter trolls.
No, you're not hearing me.
She took Jericho and thrust him in front of a camera.
You need to back off.
What? That whole stunt you pulled with the DNA.
- Mmm.
- You nearly jeopardized everything.
- I'm just trying to fix this.
- Julian.
If you wanna help, go have fun.
Enjoy the day.
Dorothy put a lot of effort into it.
How is it so goddamn hot? Have some ice cream.
Wow, hey! You're really holding out on us at coffee hour.
Uh, where's Mrs.
Turner? She's really busy.
She kinda headed up this whole thing.
So, uh - Of course.
Busy woman.
- Yeah.
- I would love to introduce you soon.
- I'd really like that.
- You want a portion? - Oh, uh No dairy for me.
I was just in the area.
Figured I'd say hello.
Okay, great to see you again.
See you next week.
Chef, the gloves.
I knew it.
- She's a friend of mine.
- That was no friend.
"Coffee hour?" What is it, grief counseling? Some kind of group session? - Is it AA? - No, it's nothing like that.
She's a a minister.
Oh, God.
How long? Couple months.
But it's helping me.
It's really good.
Oh, I'm so happy for you.
- Does Dorothy know? - Not yet.
Yeah, best keep it that way.
Well, this explains a lot.
I liked you better when you were godless.
Yeah, I liked you better when you were a drunk.
We're out here at Spring on Spruce with an amazing acrobatics troop I found.
The Gods Punish Wildly are Philly natives.
Are you okay? They bothering you, honey? It's that feed-the-homeless chef.
I mean, I think what he does is wonderful, but at a certain point, you need to draw the line.
This is a family event.
Do you think you could ask them to leave? I can do a whole lot better than that.
Yo, did you guys pay for this? You know you have to pay to participate in the block party.
You pay? No? Let's go.
You need to go.
You have to go all the way to the end of the block to exit the area.
Block party.
You have to pay to participate.
Come on.
Let's go.
Thank you.
You are good to go.
What would you like? A tiger, please.
You got it.
Go ahead and take a seat.
I love your overalls.
Thank you.
My mother gave them to me.
They used to be hers.
Well, that's sweet.
The only thing my mom gave me was her crippling anxiety.
Just keep your face relaxed.
That's good.
Do you still speak to your mother? Sorry.
I just had to step away for a second.
What were you saying? - Nothing.
- Well, just keep your face relaxed.
We're almost done.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Zoe! People only wanna present the good things in their lives.
Don't get me wrong, she's been a godsend for this year's block party.
The good things? She and her husband look like such a happy couple, but I shouldn't blab.
Come on.
I won't tell.
All I'll say is I saw an ambulance outside their house once.
And police cars at least twice.
- You do the math.
- Excuse me.
It's not very nice to talk about people behind their backs.
It's also not nice to eavesdrop.
- So good seeing you.
- Good to see you.
Oh! You're the nanny.
- You were at Jericho's baptism.
- Yes.
What was your name again? Leanne.
- Right.
Um, Grayman? Gray - Grayson.
God, she would not shut up.
You know? I'm glad you said something.
Dorothy and I are old friends.
I wouldn't have gotten my first camera test if it wasn't for her.
If you and Dorothy are such good friends, then why do you try so hard to hurt her? I don't.
I'm not sure why you'd say that.
I'm just doing my job.
All right, everybody.
We have our last contestant.
- What's your name? - Kaylee.
- Kaylee, how old are you? - Eight.
All right, everybody, give it up for Kaylee.
Whoo! Go, Kaylee.
Go, Kaylee.
Go, Kaylee.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're half a tiger.
N No, I like it.
I like it.
- I thought you were working.
- Oh.
Uh, we ran out of ice cream, so I guess I'm off the clock.
Kaylee! You wanna do something? What did you have in mind? Yes! Yes.
Turner? - Huh? - I'm so sorry to interrupt.
- I, uh I recognize you from the TV.
- Oh.
I'm Nancy from Liberty Unitarian.
I'm Sean's minister.
He told me so much about you.
Hi, Jericho.
It's good to see you.
I'm sorry.
Sean has been attending your services? It's so lovely to see someone reconnect with their faith.
I don't mean to impose, but it would be so lovely to see you at the church one day, Mrs.
- Oh.
- We don't bite.
Uh, Dorothy.
I'm sorry.
W What did you say your name was, Minister - Oh, it's just Nancy.
- Nancy.
Pleasure to meet you.
Not bad.
How's Sylvia? Um I'm not sure.
She kinda ghosted me after what happened.
- "Ghosted"? - Stopped talking to me.
It wasn't your fault.
I mean, I brought her into that situation, so But honestly, I'm kinda relieved.
I mean, I knew she wasn't right for me from the beginning.
The whole thing was pretty toxic, so, you know.
Just glad it's over.
Whoa! Nice! Nice job.
Which one do you want? Um The llama.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, man.
No, no, no.
That's yours.
You keep it.
No, I want you to have it.
How about I just hold on to it for you? - Okay.
- Okay.
Listen, I think we should definitely go to the bounce castle if that's up for you.
- Okay.
- You up for it? - Yeah, sure.
- Yeah? - Let's do the bounce castle.
- Have you ever been there? - No.
- You've never been in a b Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing in the corner? It's not scary.
I promise.
It's really fun.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I knew it.
It's a shark.
Those are the teeth, and the whole thing's gonna be the jaw of a shark.
- You're not even close.
- What? - Not even in the same world.
- But she used a gray.
Elephant? Do you feel the warmth of the sunshine shining over your cards you have on the table today? Three minutes too long.
Just three minutes, and of course it explodes.
And it it's all pink and everywhere.
And Sean makes me stick my head in the oven and clean the entire thing.
He can't see a speck of pink or if not, I'm fired.
- Hello? - Hey, Sean.
It's, uh, Taylor from Gourmet Gauntlet.
Remember me? I know it's been a minute.
Look, I know you're super busy, but I wanted to let you know we're putting together a new spin-off series.
It's on the east coast, and we're interested in having you as the lead.
We're coming to you fir Do you wanna dance? Really? Yeah.
Oh, look, he's switching up the beat.
- Oh, there you are.
- Oh.
I, uh, met your minister.
Have you been taking Jericho to church? Yes.
You conveniently forgot to tell me.
I thought you'd think it was stupid.
Screw you.
Well, am I wrong? Of course I think it's stupid.
What are you, a religious person now? Since I've been going to church, things have been looking up.
Well, that's great for you.
But you've been whisking our son away to a freak show and forcing the Lord down his throat.
- You had him baptized.
- That was different.
How is that different? It was a gesture.
Well, to you maybe.
Keep all the secrets you want.
I don't really care.
But when it comes to raising our son, I need transparency.
I think the church would be good in Jericho's life.
You know, give him structure.
It's important to me.
Well, that's a start.
It's not like you think.
You know, it's not all Latin and incense and shit.
It's regular people, talking like me and you.
You know, I think you'd like Nancy, if you give her a real, honest shot.
Then our dinner won't be awkward at all.
- Your dinner? - Yeah.
I invited her to dinner.
- Well, should we discuss it? - Since when do we discuss things? Thank you so much.
- I'm hungry.
- What? Hungry! Food! Excuse me? Hi.
Are you guys still open? Excuse me.
Tobe! Dorothy! - You good? - Yeah.
I got it.
Leanne? I bet she's upstairs.
There you are.
Thank God.
We were worried about you.
Tobe said you ran off on him.
I was feeling a little tired.
Oh, of course you are.
Look at you.
You must be exhausted.
This was a big step for you.
Being around so many strangers.
And we're both very proud of you.
Aren't we, Sean? What do I do with this? I won that for Jericho.
Ah, then I'll put it in the nursery.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Did something happen? With Tobe? No, nothing happened.
I had fun.
I'm glad.
Well, I'm going to go to bed now.
Do you want me to put Jericho down? Oh, no.
I think I'll keep him up a little while longer.
You go on up.

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