Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

The Seven Deadly Sins

1 Kingdom of Liones Outskirts of the Imperial City You over there! Are you free? I need some help over here.
Yes! Where are you from? Kaynes.
Kaynes? I've served this kingdom for 40 years, but not once have I heard of that place.
Well, it's a really small rural village.
Looking at you, you've yet to become an apprentice of the Holy Knights, no? The Holy Knights? No, I'm just What comes next might be a bit hard for guys like you.
What is this? They're all Holy Knights.
Wh-What the hell happened here? "What?" you ask? They were all slaughtered.
It happened all in an instant too.
By just seven people.
This is a tale between humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
The Holy Knights who protected this country used immensely powerful magic.
They were both feared and revered.
However, there was a group who betrayed their country and turned their blades toward the remaining Knights.
To the masses, they were known as the "Seven Deadly Sins.
" 10 Years Later Near Kaynes Village The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 1 There ya go! 5 giant steins of beer! Is there room for any more? Right here is fine! Sorry, but do you mind if they sit here? He really works hard as a waiter for being so small.
I'm the owner of this place, not a waiter.
It is my bar, after all.
That kid's the owner? Here you go.
It's finally done! A Boar Hat's special meat pie! It looks delicious! Let's dig in! Disgusting! I knew it.
I guess my bar's known more for its alcohol than its food, after all.
Why didn't you say that first?! Are you tryin' to pick a fight with us, kid? Hey, wait, he's got a sword on him.
Good grief.
What troublesome guests we got here.
Clean it up.
Geez, what a waste of time.
What do you want from me? The pig is talking! Don't all of you get surprised now.
This is why I hate country bumpkins.
Hawk, can you clean up the floor for me? What a pain.
Having to deal with eating leftovers isn't exactly fun, you know.
Honestly, how about making something good for once? I guess if I were to make a pig roast, it would taste pretty damn good.
Delicious! The leftovers here are amazing! I-It's real! I'm not joking! I saw him with my own eyes.
I'm absolutely sure of it.
It's the Wandering Rust Knight.
It's a rumor that's been floating around recently.
There's no way something like that exists.
It's just something we make up to scare the children.
"Don't tell so many lies.
If you do, the blood-rusted knight of the Seven Deadly Sins will come get you," right? The Seven Deadly Sins? Yeah.
The young owner here doesn't know the story? You even have a poster of them.
You know, that one over there.
It was 10 years ago, right? When many of the Holy Knights that gathered from all over the kingdom lost their lives.
It was a huge ordeal.
Those are the murderers there.
They're known as the "Seven Deadly Sins.
" The Great Holy Knight was murdered so brutally that you could barely recognize him anymore.
Their captain, Meliodas, was the worst of the bunch.
There's a rumor that he destroyed part of the country single-handedly.
They still haven't been caught yet, have they? Yeah, not a single one of them.
Some rumor is going around that they've died already, though.
There's no way they're dead.
The Holy Knights wouldn't have just let them go.
Yeah, that's true.
Even though the king passed away due to an illness, Here you go.
the Holy Knights are doing a pretty good job protecting the kingdom.
But these wanted posters are renewed every year.
Maybe there's a chance they're still alive.
Even if they are, it's a bit of a stretch to say there's a knight in rusty armor wandering around, don't you think? Yeah, you're right.
What's with this rusty smell? The Seven Deadly Sins.
He's here! He really came! Who are you? Is this really one of the Seven Deadly Sins? It's a woman! This sleeping face.
This body line.
This smell.
And this elasticity.
It's definitely a woman.
You can tell just from looking! U-Um Nothing out of the ordinary here.
Th-Thank you very much.
Where am I? Um Why am I You came into the bar in a daze and suddenly fainted.
Bar? It's called "Boar Hat.
" It's my bar.
So you're the owner? Is that strange? N-No.
I saw the sword on your back, so Oh, this thing? Sorry.
Did I scare ya? Even if it's just the hilt, it still looks pretty authentic, right? I guess you can call it a deterrent for people to eat and run.
I feel worse for the customers who actually pay to eat your food.
It's a talking pig! I'm Hawk.
Nice to meet you.
I asked my father for one as a birthday present before.
Did he end up getting you one? No Oh, that reminds me.
Are you hungry? If you'd like, you can have some.
Of Pork here? My name is Hawk, not Pork! It's ready! In addition to taking me in, you're also feeding me.
I don't know how I can possibly repay you.
Give it a try before you say that.
Thanks for the food.
Well? It's bad, right? Y-Yes I knew it.
But It's very good.
By the way, what were you doing in that suit of armor? I'm searching for the Seven Deadly Sins.
Them again? You don't even know if they're alive or not.
Not to mention they're dangerous.
Open up! We've got a tip from one of the villagers.
We are the knights stationed at the base of this mountain.
We serve the Great Holy Knight himself.
We're here to capture the Rust Knight as a lead to the Seven Deadly Sins.
Come out peacefully! We've got some pretty noisy guys out there.
Holy Knights Looks like they're not coming out.
Aside from that Since when has there been a bar on top of this hill? Now that you mention it, I was here three days ago and the hill was desolate.
Don't let your guard down.
It might've been 10 years ago, but he's still one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
There's no need to worry, Alioni.
He's probably an old man by now.
He's right.
We were trained by Lord Twigo, so he'll be no match for us.
Don't take them lightly.
Don't make me repeat myself.
During that incident 10 years ago, dozens of Holy Knights were killed in an instant.
About that What? Well, isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? Huh? What do you mean? If one Holy Knight is as strong as a country, there's no way dozens of them were killed, right? I saw it with my own eyes! All right, all right.
But please stand down this time, Alioni.
Leave this one to us.
Hey, get your ass out here! You called? Who the hell are you? I'm the owner of this bar.
Where's the Rust Knight? Bring him out! Come out! Were you looking for me? The Rust Knight, Hawk? Th-This pig is one of the Seven Deadly Sins?! Of course he isn't! Wh-Wh-What was that?! I'll have you know that I'm the leader of the knights in charge of leftover disposal! There is no such group of knights! If this pig is who you're after, please feel free to do as you plea— Like hell they can! You brat! You've got some guts to mock us knights! Alioni, a woman is escaping out the back! What?! Tell Lord Twigo immediately! She's most likely the Rust Knight! Get going! Yes! Stop right there! You bitch! If she really is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, she must possess some incredible power.
If that's true, I can finally become a Holy Knight! H-Huh? What's wrong? Th-The pig is charging at us! No, don't come near me.
Stay away! She's gone?! Take this! I've got nothing against you guys, but I'm gonna get double the dinner tonight for this! Um You saved me for the second time I really don't know how I can ever repay you.
You know, you can totally hit him if you want.
So Why are ya searching for the Seven Deadly Sins? To stop the Holy Knights.
Why do you want to stop the Holy Knights? The Holy Knights are the ones protecting the Kingdom of Liones.
They're heroes, aren't they? Yes, but What if they were to bring war to this kingdom? A few days ago, the Holy Knights captured the king and the rest of the royal family and confined them one by one.
I thought the king died of an illness? That's just a lie made up by the Holy Knights.
I don't know why they would choose to start a war.
But They've begun recruiting people from the towns and villages around the kingdom, steadily preparing for war.
I'm sure the effects of their actions will reach this area soon as well.
Seriously? That sounds pretty bad.
How are you always so calm? So how do the Seven Deadly Sins tie in with all of this? The only hope we have of stopping the Holy Knights' plan is with the help of the Seven Deadly Sins! Come on, you're searching for them despite knowing full well what they're like? The Seven Deadly Sins They were originally seven brutal criminals who had the mark of seven beasts carved into their bodies.
They were known as the strongest and cruelest knights.
And 10 years ago, they attempted to overthrow the throne.
However, the Holy Knights launched a grand offensive at them, and they vanished from this world.
And then there's the rumor that they were all killed.
There's no way those people were killed off that easily! They were criminals, though.
The ones making people suffer right now are the Holy Knights! In the past, when I was just five or six, my father used to tell me about them.
Although they were the Seven Deadly Sins, they were still the best! Give me a break! Whoops.
I forgot to confirm whether they were the people in the report or not.
Two unknown people dead.
Is that all right? B-But Alioni was beneath that cliff! Then we'll just report that three people died.
That's— Lord Twigo, that's terrible! Well, how about I make it seven people, then? Anything but that! Alioni! What're you lot doing alive?! Don't just go and change my confirmed death toll like that! Don't confirm it so easily then! Hey, are you awake? Oh! Yes! All right.
When I give the signal, run to the forest.
Got it? Y-Yes.
So, which of you is the supposed member of the Seven Deadly Sins? Neither of you resemble the ones in the posters, but It seems I'm in luck.
That symbol on your earring means you're from the royal family.
That means you're Confirmed! You're Princess Elizabeth! Princess Elizabeth? Princess Elizabeth?! As in the third princess of this kingdom?! There's a search order out for you throughout the kingdom.
The orders are to capture you alive, but It can't be helped if you die in an accident on the battlefield, can it? We're leaving! Got it! There's no way I can allow myself to get captured now! I can't just give up now! Confirmed! Accidental death! Yo! It seems you're fine too, from the looks of it.
You call this skewered-pig state "fine"?! Mom! A pig? Well, no matter.
Elizabeth Hey, where are you going? I won't be able to escape.
You Didn't you say that you'd never give up? If I surrender to him quietly, there's no reason for him to take your life as well.
I beg you! At the very least, you should make it out of here alive! It looks like he'll kill us either way.
Why are you I was so happy I went to search for the Seven Deadly Sins all on my own.
I've never been on a journey until now.
I was so worried.
In order to hide my identity, I wore armor I wasn't used to and walked until I was exhausted.
And I wasn't able to rely on anyone But you Someone who didn't even know who I was treated me so kindly.
That's why I don't want to get you involved any further.
You, whose name I don't even know! Meliodas.
That's my name.
It can't be.
That's But you look like Where's he at?! Alioni! Where's the guy with the sword?! Please calm down, Alioni! Lord Twigo is chasing them right now.
Idiot! It'll be bad if he enrages him! The country will be destroyed! When he saved me, I saw it! He's the real deal—the most dangerous of them all.
The symbol on his shoulder That symbol is one of the beasts— No.
The dragon What's the meaning of this? My sword should've hit you.
But the one getting hit instead is me?! What is that?! A sword with a broken blade?! Meliodas, are you really Wait I remember seeing your face before.
But how can this be?! You haven't changed a bit since then! So you've finally realized who I am.
I-It can't be! Is it really you?! C-Confirmed.
This immeasurable power The legendary The Seven Deadly Sins, Wrath of the Dragon.
Dragon's Wrath, Meliodas! The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas Dragon's Wrath nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound subete o daite koko ni irun da I continue to take everything in my arms For that's where our light lies hikari wa soko ni aru yo yuzurenai omoi o kakete I run through my unwavering thoughts kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes yume ni tsunaida kimi to A dream connects me to you hajimari o itsuka bokura no te de umidasun da yo A beginning will someday be born from our own hands yasashii kimi no koe mo kitto sekai o kaerareru And with how kind you are, I'm sure your voice will be able to change the world dare mo hitori kiri ja tachiagare yashinai kara Since people can't totally stand up all on their own, tagai ni te o nobashite we'll reach out our hands to one another and head for a tomorrow that surpasses all limits kagiri no koeta ashita e nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound As we begin to butt heads and get to know one another better, butsukariatte wakariaun da hikari o tsukuridasu yo we'll create a path of light.
I run through my emotions of giving up akirameru omoi o kakete I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo yume ni tsunai da kimi to A dream connects me with you With that, it looks like you've found your first one, Elizabeth.
As for the remaining six I've business with them, so I'm also trying to figure out where they are.
I've been running a bar for the sake of gathering information.
If I had a girl serving at the bar, I think I'd be able to get even more.
You'll come with me, right? Yes! Lord Twigo, snap out of it! R-Request for reinforcements from the kingdom! This is serious! Nice timing! As expected from Hawk's momma! I'm the one who jumped here! Let's get going to the next town! Let's go, Hawk's momma! Was this meeting coincidence or fate? Is it hope or despair that awaits us? And thus, my adventures with Meliodas in search of the remaining Seven Deadly Sins began.
Approximately 38 Miles East of Kaynes Village Fort Solgales The Seven Deadly Sins I guess it's the real deal this time.
I waited 10 years for this day The day that I would destroy the Seven Deadly Sins.
Next Episode's Report During Melioda's search for the Seven Deadly Sins, a new member has joined! Her name is Elizabeth! I'm Elizabeth.
I might be inexperienced, but I hope we get along! Nice to meet you! By the way, do you know what "inexperienced" really means? N-No, I don't.
Neither do I! See you next time! Their adventures shall continue! Next time on "The Seven Deadly Sins": Excalibur.
By the way, being big means you're healthy! The Excalibur By the way, being big means you're healthy! Episode 2 Really? next week! See you