Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

The Sword of the Holy Knight

1 Imperial Capital Liones Liones Kingdom One Month Ago Please open the door! You have nowhere else to run! King! King! You must escape, Elizabeth.
I won't go alone! You must get to safety as well! Your father will be fine.
But! Go now, before the Holy Knights get inside.
Due to the coup d'état by the Holy Knights, The third princess of the Liones Kingdom, Elizabeth, fled in distress and began her journey in search of the Seven Deadly Sins.
How is it? Delicious However, her journey was fraught with peril.
Before long, she almost ended up captured.
But then a certain person appeared to save her.
This person was the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, The Dragon's Wrath, Meliodas! There, she met her savior! Meliodas The Seven Deadly Sins Dragon's Wrath This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
The Holy Knights who protected this country wielded immensely powerful magic.
They were both feared and revered.
However, a faction arose who betrayed their country and turned their blades against the remaining Knights.
To the masses, they were known as the "Seven Deadly Sins.
" nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound I continue to take everything in my arms subete o daite koko ni irun da hikari wa soko ni aru yo For that's where our light lies yuzurenai omoi o kakete I run through my unwavering thoughts kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes A dream connects me to you yume ni tsunaida kimi to hajimari o itsuka bokura no te de umidasun da yo A beginning will someday be born from our own hands And with how kind you are, I'm sure your voice will be able to change the world yasashii kimi no koe mo kitto sekai o kaerareru Since people can't totally stand up all on their own, dare mo hitori kiri ja tachiagare yashinai kara we'll reach out our hands to one another tagai ni te o nobashite kagiri no koeta ashita e and head for a tomorrow that surpasses all limits nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound butsukariatte wakariaun da As we begin to butt heads and get to know one another better, we'll create a path of light.
hikari o tsukuridasu yo akirameru omoi o kakete I run through my emotions of giving up kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes yume ni tsunai da kimi to A dream connects me with you Elizabeth! Y-Yes? Take a look outside.
Okay! This isn't a dream! I've really found one! The legendary member of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Lord Meliodas! I think Um About this outfit It's my bar's uniform.
Sorry that his taste is so obvious.
So, all I have to do is gather rumors and information on the Seven Deadly Sins while I wait on customers, right? Information on the Holy Knights would be helpful too.
Don't worry, just making sure it's nice and snug.
Idiot! We just got some eye candy in here and you're gonna drive her away?! Sword of the Holy Knight Episode 2 Lord Meliodas, there's just one question I wish to ask you.
The Seven Deadly Sins Lord Meliodas, are you as evil as the rumors say you are? If you are, what crime did you commit to earn your reputation? What crime did I commit I just feel like there must be some sort of misunderstanding here.
Because you saved me! Someone you barely know.
Well Ten years ago, I traveled all around Liones and stole all the women's underwear I could find.
Y-You're kidding, right?! Yep.
Actually, I went around groping the breasts of over 1,000 women.
Wh-What? Are you joking?! Yep.
Please stop making fun of me! Or did you really commit a crime that you can't speak about to anyone? Something like that.
Whoa, watch out! Hey, hey! Here we are.
Our next target for gathering information.
Bernia Village! My bar stocks alcohol from all over the kingdom, but the booze from Bernia is on a different level.
Using water from a river hailed as the best in all of Liones and grout that's found growing along the banks, Bernia Ale is renowned throughout the kingdom.
But it appears that the famous river has dried up.
The herbs all look like they've wilted too.
What could've happened? There are so many people here! I wonder if there's a festival? Yo! You're the Boar Hat's— Is there a festival today? Huh? Does this look like a festival to you? We're trying to pull out the sword that the Holy Knight stuck into the ground! The Holy Knight stuck the sword? Why'd he do that? Yesterday, we incurred the wrath of a Holy Knight.
The Holy Knight's magic-imbued sword has sealed away the village's underground water source.
At this rate, not only will the river disappear, but all the grout, too! If that happens, Bernia's ale will be Dammit! A Holy Knight It couldn't be the one that Lord Meliodas defeated, could it? You mean Lord Twigo? He wasn't really a Holy Knight.
A real one is nothing like that.
If a Holy Knight stuck the sword into the ground, only a Holy Knight could pull it out.
It pains me to say this, but this village is finished.
But Oh, come on, what's everyone whining about? Mead! What's with the commotion about this Holy Knight's sword? If you leave it to my pal from the Seven Deadly Sins, it'll be a breeze.
Listen, Mead! Just who do you think is responsible for this in the first place? Mentioning the Deadly Sins is just about the worst thing you could do! Yeah! Don't make the Holy Knight angrier than he already is! What exactly do you have against us?! Wh-What?! I never meant it like that.
We're through with your lies and jokes! Stupid Mead! I hate you all! Yeah, well, we all hate you too, Mead! Shut up you idiots! Idiots! Why am I getting dragged into this? Everyone, stop! Looks like we dropped by at a bad time.
He's a good kid deep down, but Man, that was horrible.
Hey, kid.
Back there Aren't you a kid too? I ain't no kid.
Is this a bar? The Boar Hat.
It's my bar.
I'm hungry.
Well, answer my question and I'll cook you something.
Food first.
It looks delicious! Time to eat! Disgusting! I never said it would be good.
So Is it true? That your friend is one of the Seven? The food was so disgusting that I forgot.
That smell It's Bernia Ale, right? Wait, you're a kid, so you shouldn't really be drinking that.
Like I said, I ain't no kid.
I-It tastes amazing, right?! Yeah.
The sweet and rich taste makes it the best ale! Or that's what the adults told me, anyway Oh, you're back.
Mead, you're quite the prankster, aren't you? The Village Chief told me everything.
Huh? What's with this meddling lady? When I was younger, my father used to scold me all the time for pulling pranks.
What's your point? I wanted his attention.
Because he wasn't my real father.
One time, I climbed the big tree in our garden to try to give him a fright.
However, my father's face turned pale, and he began to climb up after me.
He had never climbed a tree before.
As expected, he couldn't climb it, fell down, and was injured.
I can't forget what happened, even now.
If my father had died back then I didn't mean to pull pranks or tell lies because of that.
Tell me.
M-My mom and dad were both travelers.
But a few years ago, they both fell victim to an epidemic when they stopped by Bernia Village.
I was alone But the villagers took me in and raised me in place of my parents.
I was really happy.
But in the end, I was never a part of anyone's family.
I became jealous of everyone else who had families.
Started pulling pranks and telling lies Is that why you put the bug in the Holy Knight's drink? No! It was because that Holy Knight made fools out of all of us! This year's ale is the best batch we've ever made.
It's our pride and joy.
It's only slightly better than a horse's urine.
N-No! Please forgive us! All the adults and even the kids worked hard every single day to make the very best ale.
But he Holy Knights are all a joke! So, when you said your friend was one of the Seven I-It was a lie I see.
Got worked up for nothing.
Why make up a lie like that? Because the Seven Deadly Sins are being chased by the Holy Knights, right? If the evil Holy Knights are after them, that means they must be good people, right? Hmm? It's coming from the village.
Mead! Listen up, you scum! If you aren't able to pull out the Holy Knight's sword by sunset, we're going to increase the taxes on this village tenfold! That's insane! Forget about being paid tenfold.
With the water dried up, we won't even be able to make a single glass of ale! This is your punishment! Not only did you insult the Holy Knight, you even claimed that one of the villainous Seven Deadly Sins was a friend of yours! Shit, if only Mead hadn't shot his stupid mouth off! Mead?! Not you again.
It's boring to watch a brat like you try all the time.
Soon the taxes'll be twenty times as high! There's no way you'll be able to pull it out.
Idiot! Stop embarrassing us even further! Enough of this! Village Chief Who was it that insulted our pride as ale brewers? Was it Mead? No! That child said what we were all feeling, did he not? A-Auntie? It's as the Village Chief says.
What you did was not wrong.
Hey, did you fools not hear what we said earlier? It's going to be twenty times more, twenty! Women should stand back.
All right, let's do this! It's not even moving an inch! We're gonna sit back and watch you fools while we enjoy your cheap beer.
Come on! Come out, goddammit! Look at their desperate faces! A toast, to these fools! People who don't appreciate the taste of alcohol don't deserve to drink this ale.
That hit the spot.
Sorry, but I don't have anything on me to pay you with.
So how's this instead? No way! A sword that only a Holy Knight can pull out was taken by a kid?! What's that sound? You forgot something.
Amazing So this is the strength of one of the Seven.
Hey, could you possibly be the real Yep.
Not just "possibly.
" I'm the real, proud owner of a bar! That's not what I meant! Besides, you still have something you need to do, right? Mead, we're really sorry.
Can you forgive us? Whether or not I forgive you For someone who's alone like me Come on.
Wh-What do you mean, "Come on"? I don't get what you're saying Mead.
Mead! Mead! Mead! No matter what lies you tell, you can't fool your own heart.
To Boar Hat's Meliodas! Cheers! I I wonder if I'll be able to pull this off.
It's the first time I've ever done anything like this.
I'm so nervous.
I see, I see.
So this is your first time.
Can you say that one more time? Just once more.
What are you getting all excited for?! Well, don't worry about gathering information today.
Just focus on being a waitress for now.
At any rate, you should take it easy for now.
Y-Yes! I'll take it easy! Sorry! I'm really sorry! You didn't order this? But Hey, over here! Yes! Well, looks like we'll have plenty of leftovers.
Lady, you've never helped out at home before, have you? I can tell just by looking.
You've never done a chore in your life.
Stop it, Mead.
Acting all high and mighty.
You need to reflect on your actions more.
If you get too cocky, we'll throw you into the Forest of White Dreams.
Not that! Forest of White Dreams? A forest even the powerful Holy Knights avoid! Auntie, I'll be a good boy, so please forgive me! This kid is just I promise! Don't even try to fool this auntie.
I'm keeping a close eye on you! Approximately 7 Miles Southeast of Bernia Village Fort Solgales E-Earlier We received a report from the soldiers at Bernia Village.
A-An unidentified child has pulled out Lord Gilthunder's sword! I'm sure it's by chance that the child— Are you suggesting that a Holy Knight's sword was pulled from the ground by "chance"? N-No, sir, but Give me the direction and distance to Bernia.
Make sure it's accurate.
Yes, sir! From this fort, it is four o'clock to the southeast, 7.
3 miles away.
That spear of yours Can I borrow it? Of course.
This angle, I guess.
Is this gonna work out? She's a mess out there.
Aren't you gonna console her or anything? Going to pee.
Man, what an unreliable owner.
This bar's really riding on my pork shoulders.
Lord Meliodas Yo.
I'm sorry.
I know we're in the middle of business, but after seeing Mead and everyone else, I was reminded of Father and me.
I see.
I hope he's safe.
Around here I think I'm useless, right? This is the wrong time to get homesick, isn't it? A little more to the right? The people suffering under the oppression of the Holy Knights There are still so many of them.
With me being so useless I'm scared to think about what lies ahead.
But you found me, right? If you didn't have the determination to protect the people, and to find my bar while you could barely even walk, none of this would've started.
This is something I have to do for myself.
I have something I've gotta do for myself, too.
Lord Meliodas! Lord Gilthunder! Are you okay? Gilth— You were alive after all The Seven Deadly Sins' Meliodas! Lord Meliodas! Lord Meliodas! Just now, was that the same Holy Knight who attacked the village? Probably.
I think it'd be best for everyone if we left this village.
But what if they attack this village again? It'll be much more dangerous if we stay here.
Do we even have a place to hide? Come to think of it What's up? Earlier, Mead said that the Forest of White Dreams is a place where we should never go.
Even the Holy Knights refuse to enter.
That's the perfect place, then! Guess it's decided.
However, we're not going there to hide.
We're going to do what we set out to do.
What are you talking about? What we must do Yup.
There's probably another one there.
Let's go! To search for our friends! Yes! itta ki tari de ikidomari yo We're going back and forth on a dead-end street, yo mihatenu yume wa kori gori kori gori yo This abandoned dream is a bitter experience, yo shosen konoyo wa ukiyo no sekai After all, this world we live in is transient, yo hirakinaoreba NORINORINORINORI yo Open up and renew yourself to find high spirits, yo NORINORI yo High spirits, yo! maki wo kubero tayasu na sono hi wo Throw in the firewood to reignite tsuki ugokasu MONO wa sou kandou sa Your blazing passion before it goes out The future will be fine as long as it shines brightly mirai wa tada kagayaite kurete ireba ii’nda bokura wa Gan Gan abare MO-DO We switched our intense rampage on todorokasu Boom Boom nanatsu no oto Making seven sounds of thunder Heading toward an ever-bright tomorrow Rin Rin hikaru ashita e to susumou bokura wa Bang Bang Haji ke MO-DO We're ready to shoot the place up buttobasu Ran Dom SUTAIRU de ikou yo Jumping here and there as we go Shining through like a diamond Bling Bling hikaru DAIYAMONDO iku ze Now we can fly high Let's go, now we can fly high Next Episode's Report Elizabeth's costume has changed! However, neither her strength nor defense have changed! No, if anything, they've decreased! But her sex appeal has gone up, hasn't it? Nah, I think her previous outfit was better.
Isn't her outfit like this because of your preferences?! It's hard to throw this away though.
That one's all tattered! This one is fun too! Enough of this! Next week on "The Seven Deadly Sins.
" The Sin of the Sleeping Forest.
Don't play around with a person's clothing, please! Episode 3 Sin of the Sleeping Forest See you next week! Ooh! Peaches!