Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Even If You Should Die

1 Ah, that feels great! The wounds inflicted upon Meliodas by the Holy Knight Gilthunder were more serious than they seemed.
Continuing their efforts to rescue the third Sin, the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban, who is currently imprisoned at Baste Dungeon, Elizabeth tends to Meliodas's wounds in the town of Dalmary.
However, the Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane, continues to butt heads with Elizabeth.
The four Holy Knights, the Weird Fangs, begin to make their moves.
Ban frees himself from his cell.
However, as for Meliodas Who are you? Show yourself! Allow me to introduce myself.
I am the Holy Knight Golgius of the Weird Fangs.
Holy Knight Where'd he come from? Princess Elizabeth, I have come to pick you up.
Whoa there! First you'll have to get past Hawk, the captain of the Knights of Leftovers Disposal! Hawk! Besides There's no reason to leave this sword in your possession.
I'll just be taking this back.
This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
The Holy Knights who protected this country wielded immensely powerful magic.
They were both feared and revered.
However, a faction arose who betrayed their country and turned their blades against the remaining Knights.
To the masses, they were known as the "Seven Deadly Sins.
" nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound I continue to take everything in my arms subete o daite koko ni irun da For that's where our light lies hikari wa soko ni aru yo With unyielding emotions in tow, yuzurenai omoi o kakete kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes yume o tsunaida kimi to A dream connects me to you hajimari o itsuka bokura no te de umidasun da yo A beginning will someday be born from our own hands yasashii kimi no koe mo kitto sekai o kaerareru And with how kind you are, I'm sure your voice will be able to change the world dare mo hitori kiri ja tachiagare yashinai kara Since people can't totally stand up all on their own, tagai ni te o nobashite we'll reach out our hands to one another and head for a tomorrow that surpasses all limits kagiri no koeta ashita e nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound As we begin to butt heads and get to know one another better, butsukariatte wakariaun da we'll create a path of light.
hikari o tsukuridasu yo akiramenu omoi o kakete Guided by my tenacity, kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes A dream connects me with you yume o tsunai da kimi to Episode 5 Even if You Were to Die 10 Years Ago Hey, Cap'n.
C'mon! Lemme have a look at that sword.
What's so interesting about this piece of junk? Why would the captain of the Sins always carry a piece of junk with him wherever he goes? It'd be weird if I wasn't at least a little curious.
C'mon, show me.
Oh? Let go, Ban.
What're you two still doing up? Let go, Ban.
Don't make me angry.
Cap'n Angry? I've been with you for many years, but I haven't even seen you get angry once.
Let go.
Besides, I'm curious as to why you're called the Sin of Wrath in the first place.
Ban, what are you doing to Captain?! All this talk of Cap'n actually getting angry makes me really want to see the sword—no, to steal it! So that's Cap'n's hidden side.
A new discovery.
I'm sorry, Ban, but this sword is Stop it! What are you doing to Lord Meliodas?! I see So it's this sword.
I-Impossible! Even after all that poison You just refuse to die.
Let go of the sword! I can never let go of this sword, even if I die.
That is the one and only thing I can do to atone for my sins! Lord Meliodas! Your heroic words mean nothing! I'm taking the sword and the princess! He got away! Um You're still Lord Meliodas, aren't you? Yo, Elizabeth and the ass-hog.
Thank goodness! That sounds like the Lord Meliodas I know.
But this guy just called me ass-hog.
Hey, where are we? The town of Dalmary.
It's close to Baste Dungeon.
And who was that guy just now? A Holy Knight called Golgius or something.
Seemed like he was after Elizabeth and your broken sword.
That rotten doctor's with him too.
Huh? He ran away! Let's go after him! Wait! Meliodas still hasn't fully recovered! Elizabeth, that really hurt! Looks like it's healed.
Wh-What? No way! What's wrong? You're awfully assertive today.
No, it's not like that! Feel free to touch me some more.
Come on! But that's Hurry up and put some clothes on.
God, that was close.
So that's the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas.
If I had retreated even a moment later Yeah.
There! Whoops.
Looks like I've been caught.
Don't underestimate my nose that can smell leftovers from a mile away! Is that true? Yep! Interested? You're going to tell us who sent you after the princess and my sword.
If not, things will get troublesome— Okay! I surrender! I, Golgius, am of a cowardly nature and dislike fighting to begin with.
Especially against someone like the captain of the legendary Seven.
I threw those assassination blades the moment I raised my hands.
Did you actually notice them? Don't underestimate my eyes that can see exposed panties from a mile away.
I-Is that true? Nope.
Lord Golgius, there you are! I-It's the rotten doctor! Although I didn't manage to kill him, I made him drink the poison as instructed! Please return my daughter like you promised! He's gone?! Wh-Where'd he go? Elizabeth, stay close.
Yes! Come to think of it, he's always appearing out of nowhere! No need to raise your voice.
I will return your daughter to you.
Thank you! Hey, get away from there! In the next world, where she'll be joining you shortly.
He's really done it! There'd be serious trouble if word got out that the Holy Knights are ordering people to poison kids.
Dana! Elizabeth! Just leave that bastard alone! Dr.
Dana, hang on! It's dangerous here! We have no idea where he'll appear next! But we can't just leave Dr.
Dana to die! Take this! Lord Meliodas! He disappeared again? Is this what they call teleportation? You're a smart pig.
Yes, all your powers are useless against my teleportation! We've gotta run for it! Dammit! I can trace his metallic smell, but If we're running, there's nothing we can do! Trace his smell No matter where you run or hide, I will find and corner you.
Here! Why are we hiding in this abandoned building? Hawk, were you planning on getting the townsfolk involved in this? Well, that's true, but Let's wait here until he's gone.
But man, what a rundown building.
It's so moldy in here.
What are you doing? A magic spell that'll keep him outta here.
Magic my ass.
There's no way that'll do anything.
We'll see about that.
Are you sure about this? We're on the top floor of a narrow abandoned building.
There's nowhere to escape.
Close the door, at the very least.
If he can teleport, the door won't do anything.
He could just appear in the middle of the room.
S-Scary! Too bad.
I'm behind you.
Too bad, it's underneath you.
He fell all the way to the bottom of this building.
So your spell earlier was to A cut on the floor of the entrance? So your power's invisibility, huh? I couldn't figure out why it took you some time to reappear after you vanished.
It was weird that we could trace your smell even though you "teleported.
" In other words, you've been moving at the same speed as us.
Which means that the door was the only way you could get in.
Also, since we're down here, I don't need to worry about Elizabeth.
Well now, let's hear it, Li'l Golgius.
Why are you after Elizabeth and my sword? Who put you up to it? Lord Meliodas! For a second there I thought you were a goner! Oh my, he got away.
Oh, it's just a horse.
It probably got frightened by the loud noise earlier.
Such a timid animal.
There, huh? So scary.
The brass gave me such a crazy mission.
The horse must be headed toward Baste Dungeon.
All right, let's go then! Hey, Elizabeth! Baste Dungeon's not that way! Doctor! Doctor Dana! Pull yourself together! Why did this Why are you crying for me? I'm sorry I just wanted to save my daughter Cenette I just wanted to protect you It's all my fault What're you talking about? Golgius killed the doctor.
If we didn't come to this town Dr.
Dana wouldn't have died, and his daughter wouldn't have been taken hostage by the Holy Knights, right? Elizabeth And if I hadn't found Lord Meliodas while searching for the Seven Deadly Sins, you wouldn't have suffered a serious injury fighting with Lord Gilthunder, or nearly killed by Golgius's scheme! I understand why you're crying.
But Is your desire to protect the kingdom from the Holy Knights so easily broken by just a few tears? I resolved to find the other Sins with you and stop the Holy Knights.
Even if you were to die, I would fulfill the promise I made with you.
Lord Meliodas Everyone has to die someday.
But What they believed in will never fade away as long as someone protects it.
Once you've made the decision to protect those principles no matter the cost in blood and tears You follow through with it! That's what it means to be a knight.
Man, what a beating.
I didn't expect him to be so powerful.
But it looks like the welcoming party's all ready.
Well, let's get going to Baste Dungeon then, shall we? Hey, you're not gonna leave Elizabeth behind, right? She hasn't come out of the clinic ever since she carried that useless doctor in.
She'll be much better off laying low in town.
There are Holy Knights at Baste who are after her as well.
Geez, how stupid can you be? You called me stupid twice, didn't you? Well, it takes one to know one! My bad, ass-hog.
Calling me an ass-hog is no different at all, you bastard! You're stretching my skin Lord Meliodas! Why are you out of breath? Here.
I fixed it for you while you were sleeping.
It's not that great, but Such a good girl! Thanks, Elizabeth! Happy to help! All right, let's go! I may not be a knight, but I will keep fighting for the kingdom and its people.
Even if you were to die right now, Lord Meliodas.
Don't be killing me now.
S-Sorry! Elizabeth! What about me? What if I died? Oh, um I'd do my best? Elizabeth, the difference in your attitude is so cruel! I-I'm sorry, Hawk! Don't worry, Hawk.
If you were to die I wouldn't let your meat go to waste! Right, Elizabeth? Yes! What about how I feel?! Let's go! Y-Yes! Let's go save Lord Ban! Not just yet.
Eh? Cenette, was it? We've gotta save Dr.
Dana's daughter.
Lord Meliodas! Oh, but what about Lord Ban? Well, if he knows that we're on the way, he'll probably just bust himself out.
Really? Enemy attack?! Diane! What are you doing here? Captain? Captain! You're supposed to be resting! What are you doing up and about? Enough about me.
Are you okay? You're asking if I'm okay? After you crushed all the bugs in Dalmary, you went charging toward Baste Dungeon, didn't you? Huh? Did I? Lady Diane? Sounds like there's a really troublesome enemy.
Are you really okay, Diane? Uh, yeah.
I'm just a little out of it.
I am Ruin, Holy Knight of the Weird Fangs, here to bring ruin upon the Seven Deadly Sins.
A Holy Knight! Captain, protect the prin— Captain? Guys? Where did everybody go? They're already in my hands.
Give Captain back! Lord Meliodas! Lord Meliodas! Diane! What's gotten into you all of a sudden? Lady Diane! Lord Meliodas is right here! What, are you sleepwalking or something, big girl? Let me just say this now: I won't lose to some Holy Knight! Those eyes She can't see us at all.
Wh-Wh-What should we do?! We're running, duh! I knew it! Uh-oh, innocent bystanders! Hey! You two had better run! Where are you hiding, Holy Knight? A midget like you should be smashed, twisted, and torn apart in your armor! Someone help! Lord Meliodas, what's happened to Lady Diane? There's definitely something going on with her.
Keep an eye on this little guy.
O-Okay! What were you guys doing out here? We're shepherds from Dalmary.
We were just returning from the pasture.
What's gonna happen to us? There's no need to worry.
He'll protect us.
You're—? I am Ruin, Holy Knight of the Weird Fangs, here to bring ruin upon the Seven Deadly Sins.
Hey, you big oaf! You're the one who did something weird to Diane, aren't you? You're speaking to Diane Return Diane to the way she was before! No, it can't be! Even Meliodas is under the effects of a spell just like Diane? Run, run, run! Old man Ruin is really getting into this! Guess I should join in on the fun soon, too.
What should we do, Elizabeth? What should we do? If this keeps going What am I supposed to do? Lady Jericho! Find him! Find the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban! B-But, Lady Jericho Y-You're It's fine! Just bring me a change of clothes and armor! Hurry up and go! Yes, ma'am! That bastard! Kill me! Kill me now! Listen, hairdresser That's a nice set of armor you've got there.
Doesn't really suit you, though.
Ban I will get you back for this! Ah, guess it's too small.
That's a real shame.
I liked the look of it.
Cut off all the exits! He might be hiding in the vents! It's been noisy for a while Did someone escape or something? Where exactly do you think you're going? Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Hey, if it isn't the Holy Knight Jude.
ittari kitari de ikidomari yo We're going back and forth on a dead-end street, yo mihatenu yume wa kori gori kori gori yo This abandoned dream is a bitter experience, yo shosen konoyo wa ukiyo no sekai After all, this world we live in is transient, yo Open up and defy them all to find high spirits, yo hirakinaoreba NORINORINORINORI yo NORINORI yo High spirits, yo! Throw in the firewood to reignite maki wo kubero tayasu na sono hi wo tsuki ugokasu MONO wa sou kandou sa Your blazing passion before it goes out The future will be fine as long as it shines brightly mirai wa tada kagayaite kurete ireba ii’nda We switched our intense rampage on bokura wa Gan Gan abare MO-DO Making seven sounds of thunder todorokasu Boom Boom nanatsu no oto Rin Rin hikaru ashita e to susumou Heading toward an ever-bright tomorrow We're ready to shoot the place up bokura wa Bang Bang HAJI ke MO-DO buttobasu Ran Dom SUTAIRU de ikou yo Jumping here and there as we go Shining through like a diamond Bling Bling hikaru DAIYAMONDO iku ze Now we can fly high Let's go, now we can fly high You are going to die here, Ban.
And I shall be the one to kill you.
You're gonna kill me? Why now, of all times? You are of no more use to us.
You were the bait for the captain of the Sins, and you've fulfilled that role.
Right now, the other Weird Fangs are disposing of two members of the Seven Deadly Sins.
The Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas, and the Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane.
And once I kill you, there will be four fewer criminals in this world.
I sure hope all your dreams come true.
Five years ago, who was it that caught and tortured you? You haven't forgotten, have you? Well, I'll be going.
Next Episode's Report The Seven's Deadly Sins' Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban, has escaped from prison! Cap'n? Cap'n, where are you? Come on, Cap'n! Answer me! The reunion between Ban and Meliodas's crew is still to come.
Next time on The Seven Deadly Sins: "The Verse of the Beginning.
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