Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

The Poem of Beginnings

1 Meliodas stopped over in the town of Dalmary to treat his wounds.
However, as part of the scheme of Golgius of the Weird Fangs, the town doctor, Dana, made Meliodas drink poison.
Due to a mysterious power, he was able to recover from this setback.
But the Weird Fangs have already begun setting up their next plan of attack.
Give back Captain! Will they be able to defeat their enemy and rescue Ban, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, locked up at Baste Prison? Are you that sad to see me leaving? Looks like you haven't learned a single thing in the past five years, Fox's Sin.
Regardless of how strong you are, you're powerless in the presence of Jude.
This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
The Holy Knights who protected this country wielded immensely powerful magic.
They were both feared and revered.
However, a faction arose who betrayed their country and turned their blades against the remaining Knights.
To the masses, they were known as the "Seven Deadly Sins.
" I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I continue to take everything in my arms subete o daite koko ni irun da hikari wa soko ni aru yo For that's where our light lies With unyielding emotions in tow, yuzurenai omoi o kakete kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes yume o tsunaida kimi to A dream connects me to you hajimari o itsuka bokura no te de umidasun da yo A beginning will someday be born from our own hands And with how kind you are, I'm sure your voice will be able to change the world yasashii kimi no koe mo kitto sekai o kaerareru dare mo hitori kiri ja tachiagare yashinai kara Since people can't totally stand up all on their own, tagai ni te o nobashite we'll reach out our hands to one another kagiri no koeta ashita e and head for a tomorrow that surpasses all limits nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound As we begin to butt heads and get to know one another better, butsukariatte wakariaun da hikari o tsukuridasu yo we'll create a path of light.
akiramenu omoi o kakete Guided by my tenacity, kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes yume o tsunai da kimi to A dream connects me with you Episode 6 The Verse of the Beginning You're pretty tough for a midget Holy Knight! You're pretty quick for a giant Holy Knight! Do both of them think the other is a Holy Knight or something? That's Both of you, stop it! Just stop it! Huh? Princess? What are you doing? That's our line! Huh, Captain's here too? Where'd the Holy Knight go? Oh, speaking of which Giant Lady! Are you okay? Ah, you're still here? Yeah.
Everyone disappeared again.
Damn Holy Knights.
Lord Meliodas, no! You, get away from there! You hid everyone again, didn't you?! Scary! I don't wanna die! It's okay.
I'll protect you with my body if I have to.
You? Yes! What a caring princess.
I wonder how true those words of yours are, though.
Don't tell me She's a Holy Knight? Storm Rondo! Come, my cute little bugs! Tear their flesh apart with your hard claws and sharp wings! Storm Rondo Wah! I'm scared! I'm so scared! Such an annoying brat.
I'll start with you! Die! Hmm, "I'll protect you with my body if I have to," was it? You know how to sound cool, but deep down, you're hoping someone else will come to the rescue, aren't you? So cruel! Elizabeth? R-Really? I made a promise, right? Even if you were to die Even if I'm the only one left I will protect the kingdom and its people from the Holy Knights.
Lady! Elizabeth? Are you okay? Yes.
Are you hurt anywhere? No.
It's quite admirable that you would even put your body in harm's way to protect a child.
But Reality is harsh.
The kid turned into a Holy Knight? So his appearance until now was an illusion?! So then, you're also the reason those two are acting strange? Before me, the Seven Deadly Sins are like mere children.
Turn them back to normal! You bastard! Those two Sins are probably killing each other by now.
Their lives are about to reach their ends.
Return those two back to normal! Elibabeph! Wait, Ruin.
Wouldn't it be bad if we killed the princess? I'm fully aware of that.
Hey, Princess Elizabeth.
I'll tell you something in commendation of your bravery.
The thing that hypnotized those two is the bell of this staff— It's gone?! Y-You wench! You were going after the bell all along! How dare you? How dare you do this? No.
How dare you? The spell was broken? Elizabeth I'm convinced of your dedication.
Ignoring me?! He who strikes first, wins! Meliodas! What a joke.
To think that the kingdom is terrified of such a small child.
Hey, wait, Ruin! What the? A person just came flying over?! Yes It'd be boring if it weren't like this.
Right, Dragon's Sin, Meliodas?! Don't tell me he's the Captain of the Seven?! To break my armor with a single punch I-Impressive.
Is that what you were expecting me to say? You fool! This armor is nothing more than shallow skin! My true armor is this body, which is stronger than steel! So! What will you do— I don't have a choice.
You hurt someone important to me.
That is your sin! Lord Ruin In one hit He's the real deal He's really one of the Seven Deadly Sins! Run for it! Five years ago Do you know why I was captured by you five years ago? Back then, I longed to feel pain Pain that could make me feel truly alive.
But I'm sick of your pain already.
Since now I know that Cap'n is alive, things are bound to get interesting, right? There's no reason for me to stick around in this boring place anymore! B-Bastard! You're not planning the same thing as ten years ago, are you? Overthrowing the kingdom? Overthrowing the kingdom? Oh yeah, now that you mention it.
Just try something like that.
This time, for sure, every single Holy Knight in the kingdom will declare all-out war on the Seven Deadly Sins— Sounds like fun.
I'm sorry, Elizabeth.
If only I were stronger.
Those are some serious injuries.
We need to get her back to town right away.
Please wait Please take me with you Where Lord Meliodas and Lord Ban are What are you saying? You're severely wounded! I made a promise.
I will continue fighting for the sake of protecting the kingdom and its people.
I'm sorry, but that's impossible.
Lady Diane? We're going to Baste Prison, where the enemy is awaiting us, you know.
Even if you go, you can't do anything in your current condition.
That's true.
You're right that I don't have any power.
I can't argue or fight against a Holy Knight But Even then with Lord Meliodas And everyone else We decided to go together.
In order to fulfill the promise.
So you won't cry, huh? No.
I'll put you inside of my bag.
It'll be a bumpy ride.
Your wounds might get worse as well.
Is that still okay? Lady Diane! Yes! Huh? Hey! You're a soldier from Baste, aren't you? N-No, I was threatened by a Holy Knight— You know the location of the captured Sin and the doctor's daughter, don't you? Wait! Do you have any idea what the Holy Knights will do to me if I tell you— Between the Holy Knights and us, who'd you prefer? Are you sure it's this tower? I'm sure of it.
He didn't seem like the type of soldier who'd lie to my face about this.
I see.
Thanks, Elizabeth.
But it sure is awfully empty in here.
It's probably because I sent their boss flying.
What a cowardly bunch.
Looks like they've gone inside.
What are your orders, Lord Golgius? I must admit that I'm impressed.
However, your strength will bring your own agonizing death upon you! That's the incantation ball? This The Eternal Seal Spell! Even ten tyrant dragons would be unable to destroy this magical containment barrier.
Eternal Seal Spell All the Sins can do is rot away in agony inside that sealed cage! That's her.
There's no doubt about it.
She's the doctor's daughter.
Let's take her with us.
Can you fit another person inside your bag? Yup, should be fine! Is she okay? Yup, looks like she just fainted.
Ah, Cap'n! They just reunited, so what's with the tension in the air? I have a bad feeling about this Yep.
You should hide behind me.
Ban! Cap'n! Phew, they get along really well! Yeah Cap'n! Come on, Cap'n! What in the world? Just let them be.
The hell? I thought you'd be sluggish by now, but You seem pretty energetic! Ready? Go! Wh-What's going on?! Those two have always been like this.
What do you mean, like this? Really, men are so childish Our record was 361 wins out of 720 in my favor, right? Are you sleep-talking? I'm the one with 361 wins! Captain's serious face is so cute, too! Now's not the time for that! The barrier! Impossible! This is how powerful the Seven Deadly Sins are? I'm retreating temporarily.
Wait wait! Dad? Dad?! Dad! Cenette! I'm so glad you're safe! Same to you, Father I thought you'd be H-He came back to life?! Take a look.
This is It's the same thing that happened with Meliodas's wound! The same thing? It's embarrassing to say this as a doctor, but I have no idea how I survived.
Well, you're alive.
That's what matters, right? Anyway, we're off.
Once the Holy Knights hear about this, there's a chance they'll march straight into this town.
Meliodas! Is there any way for me to return the favor? Even if it's as simple as a meal.
Well, I guess I'll take you up on that offer.
Please, no poison this time.
How's Elizabeth? She's calmed down a lot.
I see.
Why exactly is she sleeping in your room? Elizabeth's room is on the third floor, y'know.
About that Ban just went ahead and slept on Elizabeth's bed, claiming that it's his room now.
Then what's Elizabeth going to do? She'll be fine sleeping with me.
That works.
There are no other rooms so there's nothing we can do— As if! Cenette? Where's Lord Ban? We brought both of them back to town, safe and sound.
Everyone else is safe too.
I see.
I'm glad.
I'm so glad So this time you are crying, huh? That's true.
Well then, Elizabeth.
I'll introduce him again.
This is the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban.
Yo, nice to meet ya.
Where did those clothes come from? There's no way I could be naked in front of the princess.
You had money on you to buy clothes? I just happened to find them lying around.
Hey, look.
That guy's walking around naked.
Come to think of it, it's been a while, Diane.
I could've gone without seeing you for another hundred years, though.
I'm Elizabeth.
Please forgive me for greeting you in such a state.
No need, Princess.
We Sins aren't really ones for decorum.
Here's to the four of us getting along.
There are five of us.
Huh? Don't be silly, Cap'n.
Of course it's the four of us.
It's five! Do you have a screw loose in your head or something? Huh? Who's there? Me! The pig can talk?! Why's that freaking you out now?! No way! What's the point of a pig being able to talk like a person? Oh, I get it.
You, you're King, right? I see you were cursed and turned into a pig, huh? You're wrong.
King died.
So the rumors say.
I'll have you know, I'm not just some ordinary pig.
I'm Hawk, the captain of the Knights of Leftovers Disposal! Amazing! I've never heard of anything like this before! Finished with the introductions yet? Eat up before the food gets cold.
Well, let's eat! Cap'n, no fair! Leftovers belong to the Knights of Leftovers Disposal, okay! Here, this is for you two.
I'm sorry that you're the only one eating standing up.
No, that's okay.
I'm glad that I get to eat with everyone! Don't be so harsh, Cap'n Hawk! Please, Master Someone, do something about him Ban, stop being such a pain! I wish this moment could last forever.
But that's impossible, isn't it? Hey, Princess I don't know anything about humans or their countries.
Honestly, I'm not really interested, either But But? I don't think I'd mind fighting for you.
You were really cool today.
That's I-I didn't do any— You definitely have a power within you.
The power to move the hearts of Captain and me Lady Diane By the way, Princess Yes? Can I call you Elizabeth? Yes! You don't have to address me with "Lady," either.
But that's— It's fine! Okay! Father, the sky This is Just like that stanza from one of the ancient poems of Britannia When the skies are crisscrossed with shooting stars, Britannia will be visited by a dreadful menace.
It is the omen of the beginning of a trial of ancient origins.
Between those guided by the hand of light, and those of the bloodline of darkness, a holy war shall begin.
We're going back and forth on a dead-end street, yo ittari kitari de ikidomari yo mihatenu yume wa kori gori kori gori yo This abandoned dream is a bitter experience, yo After all, this world we live in is transient, yo shosen konoyo wa ukiyo no sekai Open up and defy them all to find high spirits, yo hirakinaoreba NORINORINORINORI yo NORINORI yo High spirits, yo! Throw in the firewood to reignite maki wo kubero tayasu na sono hi wo Your blazing passion before it goes out tsuki ugokasu MONO wa sou kandou sa mirai wa tada kagayaite kurete ireba ii’nda The future will be fine as long as it shines brightly bokura wa Gan Gan abare MO-DO We switched our intense rampage on todorokasu Boom Boom nanatsu no oto Making seven sounds of thunder Heading toward an ever-bright tomorrow Rin Rin hikaru ashita e to susumou bokura wa Bang Bang HAJI ke MO-DO We're ready to shoot the place up Jumping here and there as we go buttobasu Ran Dom SUTAIRU de ikou yo Bling Bling hikaru DAIYAMONDO Shining through like a diamond Let's go, now we can fly high iku ze Now we can fly high Ban has joined up with Meliodas and Diane.
I don't know why they decided to make a move now.
Don't you dare betray my trust King.
Next Episode's Report Finally, the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban, joins the crew! Nice to meet you all! Cap'n, let's drink! He always drinks, but he can't hold his liquor! Also, he's really good at cooking! I'm looking forward to that! However, Hawk didn't realize that being good at cooking means there'll be less leftovers.
Next time, on The Seven Deadly Sins: "The Touching Reunion.
" No need to worry, Hawk.
I'll make sure you have plenty of leftovers.
I'll make sure you have plenty of leftovers.
Episode 7 The Touching Reunion Please spare me, if you can.
next week! This posture Is hard!! I wanna gobble down some Miso Katsu! See you