Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e14 Episode Script

A Reader of Books

1 Meliodas, covered in jet-black marks, revealed his staggering power.
A power that surpasses even that of the New Generation: the power of the Demon Clan.
Just who exactly is Meliodas? Are the Seven Deadly Sins really the enemy? With each of them still sorting through their thoughts, more battles are just on the horizon.
The Sins who have yet to appear are Hold steady.
Book Read book It's not such a good idea to read while you're walking.
Now, let's keep moving.
If you keep up this pace, we'll be able to read tonight.
Gowther happy This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Liones wasn't the only nation with the power of the Holy Knights.
They are used throughout all Britannia.
Magic is power.
And that very power is what shapes the fate of each nation.
Amongst the numerous Holy Knights, there is one group whose fame stretched all across Britannia.
And that group's name was— 're Those who wander looking for answers, those who question in confusion samayoi tou mono mo tomadoi kou mono mo Will go beyond all sin.
subete no tsumi wo koe A Person Who Reads Episode 14 Boo! Let's rest here.
Wait! There you are.
Just wait here for a sec.
Birds are foragers.
They'll also gather under trees to rest.
When one wishes to attract birds, it's best to rely on nature.
I'm not a perch for you to sit on.
I'm not food, either.
Are you laughing? Guess I'll join in on the fun as well.
Scared That's just a hare.
Nothing you need to be afraid of.
Gowther Scared I'm going back to the forest.
This should do.
It's perfect.
Looks like we'll need something to stick it on after all.
I'll go take a look once the rain stops.
Rain is one process of circulating water.
Water evaporates from the surface and condenses into clouds in the atmosphere.
The water then falls back down to the Earth.
This creates rivers which then flow into oceans before returning to the sky.
Everything in this world is part of a cycle of life.
Plants, insects, and animals all eat for the sake of survival.
Once they die, they return to the earth.
This process of life repeats itself forever and ever.
Those who deviate from this course I wonder where they should go.
Book Ah, that's right.
Which book should we read? Dark Pulsation ? The Memory in Darkness ? Or maybe A Young Girl's Justice ? That one.
You really love this book, don't you? Hey, this is a pretty nice arrangement.
I read a book while you listen I get to learn while you're entertained.
We're participating in the cycle of life as well.
Something like this wasn't written anywhere.
It's a discovery! Or so I'd like to say.
It's an attractive hypothesis either way.
At the very least, I'm interested.
Thank you.
I've learned something new again.
Whenever I'm with you, I'm always learning.
Thank you Yes.
Thank you.
I'm sad that our travels together will soon come to an end.
Master Helbram! What, what? What do you want? Can't you see we're taking a break? My apologies, sir! However, we have just received a report that the Armor Giant was sighted in Ordan Forest, east of Byzel.
Armor Giant? Could it be one of the remaining Seven? The Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther.
Summon Dawn Roar.
We're going to call them in? Don't let him escape again.
We must ensure he is taken down.
Yes, sir! Dammit! Why are we on standby? Jericho, can you do something about that tongue of yours? I mean, you're wearing something cute for once.
My attire has nothing to do with this! Calling for Dawn Roar is a bit unexpected, but I'm sure Master Helbram has it all planned out.
Either way, we lost to the Seven Deadly Sins once before.
So our number one priority is to become stronger before the next fight.
I'll see you around.
Hey, where are you going? Well, we are on break after all.
But you just said we should get stronger.
Hey, Guila! See you tomorrow, Auntie! I'm home Welcome back.
Sis! Welcome back! Thanks for always working so hard.
Zeal! Those wounds Who did this? Sorry I was bringing back this month's pay from Auntie, but All that's left is I'm sorry.
It's because I always leave you home alone.
It's okay, Sis.
You're a Holy Knight.
It's to be expected.
As long as it's for you, I'll endure anything.
Don't work too hard and get sick, okay? Okay.
Don't lose to those Seven Deadly Sins who are after the kingdom, okay? Okay.
Just don't get injured yourself, okay? Okay.
Does it sting? Nope.
Thanks, Sis! You disgraces of Holy Knights! Everyone says that our father was a Holy Knight who ran away during a mission.
And because of that, many people died.
But I believe I know that Father wouldn't abandon his friends! I'm sure there was some reason that he couldn't come back.
Sis, you became a Holy Knight because you believed in him as well, right? No, not exactly.
I wanted to protect you in place of Father.
To become someone you could be proud of.
I'm fine, even if I'm by myself.
I'm always helping out at Auntie's store anyway! Zeal And so, the two children went on with their lives, believing that their father would return.
Next time I'll read to you some more.
Sis Yes? I knew it.
Do the short bangs bother you? No I think it's really cute.
Thank you.
Hey, why don't we go and throw some more rocks? Nah, that's too soft.
Let's set their house on fire or something! Isn't that a bit too much? Nah, it'll be fine.
Their father is a traitor to the Holy Knights! I heard that the sister became a Holy Knight recently as well, but I wonder about her too.
And every time that bastard Zeal opens his mouth, it's always his sister this, his sister that.
It's so damn annoying! What should we do to the midget next? As long as it's for you, Sis, I'll endure anything.
Me too.
If it's for your sake, I'll do anything.
Threader? I'll be heading off now.
Please stay quiet, okay? Captain, is this spot okay? Yeah.
We're a bit far from the village, but it'll be fine as long as we have some attractions.
Thanks, Mama Hawk! You should take a break too, Diane.
All right, I'll take a nap 'til we open shop then.
Good night! Now then, let's get ready to open up shop.
We'll go gather ingredients.
Elizabeth, can you do some advertising in the village? While you're there, can you pick up some herbs? Sure! Hawk, you'll be her support.
Okay, but are you sure you want Elizabeth to do it? I-I can handle errands at the very least! You know you're being targeted by the Holy Knights, right? Wouldn't it be better just to watch the shop? It's boring to be stuck inside all the time.
Don't worry.
If anything happens, I'll be there in a jiffy.
Lord Meliodas But still Well, what about a disguise? Disguise? A village girl! A bard! A traveling dancer! That'll make her stand out more! Um I think putting on a scarf should be more than enough.
Guess that works too.
Now, let's change, let's change! U-Um She can change on her own! I'm heading off now! Be careful, okay? Why do you need me, too? Ban, King, whoever brings back the best catch wins! Oh? There's no way in hell I'm losing this! Captain, what about your weapon? You're just gonna use your hands? Eh, I'll manage.
Hah, then this win's as good as mine! Not if I win it first! Don't go too crazy, okay? I wonder if Lord Meliodas has ever had a proper weapon.
I dunno.
As far as I know, he hasn't.
I see He's only ever used that broken sword this entire time.
There must be a reason.
Elizabeth, hide! Knights of the kingdom? They're hot on our trail already.
So the knights of the kingdom have an animalistic sense of smell, do they? Well, they can't hold a candle to my nose.
Hey, are you two playing hide-and-seek as well? Uh My apologies.
I should introduce myself first.
Good afternoon, young lady.
G-Good afternoon.
And you are Oink oink oink! Are you making fun of me? Whoa, a pig that can talk and understand speech? Huh?! It's a bit of a surprise at first, isn't it? Are you being chased by the kingdom's knights as well? You too? You and that ? You're really starting to piss me off now.
Hawk! Book Book Gowther Read book How's this, Ban? Check out my huge catch! The Sword Wolf's lean meat is perfect for smoking! The skin'll get us a nice return too! Rabbit meat is delicious boiled, stewed, or grilled.
Soup made with its meat is great for your skin, too.
Yeah, well, by the rules of the competition, I win.
What does a person who's hopeless at cooking with no sense of taste know? King, what'd you catch— King! Take this seriously! Ah, that hurts! Ban's right! We've gotta stock up to make up for all those days we didn't open up shop! It'll be fine.
You guys have caught more than enough.
Nope, not at all.
As punishment, you'll have to catch something even better than our kills.
Eh? Maybe that'll get Diane to see you in a new light, y'know? W-Well, if you insist.
What was that? Didn't sound like a wild boar or a bear.
It was probably a mountain god or something.
It sounded exactly like Hawk's groaning when he has diarrhea.
Ouch! What the heck was that for? Guess we should go take a look.
I'm Alan.
I'm— Hey, Elizabeth! A wanted person shouldn't carelessly give out her name! That's true, Hawk! So, it's Elizabeth and Hawk.
Oh, now I've gone and done it.
I'm sorry, Elizabeth! I’m sorry too! Introducing oneself is just etiquette.
We use it for conversation.
There's no point in spreading rumo— Seems I could make some money with this If you're gonna sell someone out, sell me! I'm just joking.
Are you in need of money, Alan? What I'm in need of is some adhesive for my armor.
Armor? Yes, but I don't think it's going to help much in the end.
I don't know what I should do for someone who is suffering.
Nor what I should say to comfort them.
Or even what expression I should be making.
That's not written in any book.
He's a strange one We still get anxious even if we can't do anything to help.
I know the feeling.
Especially if that person is important to you.
Important to you? Like your lover, perhaps? Lover Someone you love Love is a strong feeling you have for a special someone.
Do you have someone like that? Huh? Elizabeth! As long as you're fine, I'm fine too! Don't worry.
If anything happens, I'll be there in a jiffy.
No! It's— I don't think this person is really my lover.
I-I see Perhaps a close friend? Close friend? That's not it either? Close friend Friend What the? Hey! Hang in there! Dawn Roar is fighting back against the Armor Giant Get away from me! You armored monster! Armor Giant? An armored monster? The heck is that? Ban, King, we've found him.
Huh? You mean? Yeah, it's definitely him.
The Goat's Sin, Gowther! We're able to sense their powers much more clearly now.
They're close! But they don't seem to be moving at all.
Either way, don't let your guard down! Dawn Roar I've heard some nasty rumors about them in the past.
I saw them a few times when I was in the kingdom as well.
They're a sinister group of knights that focuses only on killing their target.
Perfect! That means we can go all out too! Just as we'd expect.
He was able to annihilate the first group of knights without breaking a sweat.
No, the scum that got destroyed were just useless.
Right, Threader? Gowther, are you all right?! Threader, those guys are—! There's no need to concern ourselves with that.
Our job is simply to assassinate our target with minimal disturbance.
Please focus.
Captain Whoever moves first, loses.
So this is where you were.
Apologies for being late.
I looked all over the village but couldn't find any adhesive.
What's wrong? What the hell are you doing?! Me? I'm— Scared Gowther scared You—! What are you on about? Run! Finish him.
This guy is strong! Run away, Gowther! Prepare the next wave! Heads up, Hugo! This is Sorry, but until this is over, I'll keep you as a statue.
Simon! What?! Until this is over, I'll keep you writhing in agony! Guess it's my turn next! Like I'd let you! Why don't we? Thanks for drawing all their attention.
You wish! An illusion? Too bad.
Charging complete.
And mission complete.
Gowther! No one could understand what had just happened.
The man was quietly waiting for an opportune moment, hiding amongst the dead bodies, knowing that there would be a decisive attack from the blind spot.
The price of releasing this seal will be immense, human.
Seal, you say? Hey, you, that manner of speech And that symbol on your chest Are you—? Yes.
My true identity is Eh?! Hey, hey, hey No way in hell! A member of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Sin of Lust.
The Goat's Sin, Gowther.
kimi no sonzai dake de sekai wa mangekyou mitai da With just your presence, the world begins to look like a kaleidoscope.
hashiru kimi ni awase keshiki wa irodzuku kara The scenery fills with color as you run onward.
hora mata kimi no mae de namida wo miseteshimatta Here I am, showing you my tears again.
nani ga attemo zutto hanaranaide kureta But no matter what, you always stay by my side.
By protecting someone, you create a sin for someone else.
dareka wo mamorinuku to dareka ni tsumi wo tsukuru Learn of love, and grow stronger the longer you live on.
ikiru hodo ai wo shitte kokoro wa tsuyokunaru me no oku ni utsuru kako no kizu wa But I'll drink down the scars from your past, watashi ga nomihosu kara watashi ga nomihosu kara Reflected in the depths of your eyes.
kimi no sonzai dake de sekai wa mangekyou mitai ni With just your presence, the world begins to look like a kaleidoscope.
kuru kuru mawatte hikari ga sasu Spinning around and around, shining its light.
kawaru kisetsu to kawaranai waraigoe The seasons change while our laughing voices remain the same, But you'll never be reduced to a memory, kimi wa omoide ni naranai yo koko ni iru kara Because you're right here with me.
Next Episode's Report A young man calling himself Gowther, the Goat's Sin from the Seven Deadly Sins appears! Gowther has arrived! If you're really Gowther, what's with the huge armor? As the saying goes, better too big than too small.
Why don't you guys try some bigger clothes, too? Even if they're a bit torn up, it shouldn't bother you.
I see.
I refuse! Next time, on the Seven Deadly Sins: "Unholy Knight.
" Was there even a reason for Gowther's disguise? Unholy Knight Episode 15 See you next week! Slurp~