Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e15 Episode Script

Unholy Knight

1 For the sake of saving the kingdom, Elizabeth continued her search for the Sins.
She encountered a mysterious man in the village of Ordan.
Meanwhile, Meliodas and the others stumble upon a battle between the Armor Giant, believed to be the Goat's Sin, Gowther, and the murderous group Dawn Roar.
However! Gowther! He was the fifth member of the Sins.
His name is Member of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther.
This kid is a member of the legendary Seven? Impossible! No, this guy was able to stop my fully charged arrow with his bare hands.
An ordinary boy wouldn't be able to do such a thing.
I am indeed Gowther, the Goat's Sin.
This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Liones wasn't the only nation with the power of the Holy Knights.
They are used throughout all Britannia.
Magic is power.
And that very power is what shapes the fate of each nation.
Amongst the numerous Holy Knights, there is one group whose fame stretched all across Britannia.
And that group's name was— 're samayoi tou mono mo tomadoi kou mono mo Those who wander looking for answers, those who question in confusion Will go beyond all sin.
subete no tsumi wo koe Unholy Knight Episode 15 Oh, so this is what was inside the armor all along.
I totally figured you were a big old geezer or something.
Judging by your posture, stride, tone of voice, attitude, and the scar on your face, you are, without a doubt, The Undead Ban.
Whoa, this vibe! And you're definitely Gowther.
He's one of the Sins too? That must mean this young boy over here who looks exactly like the Meliodas I knew is Yeah.
I'm the captain, Meliodas! This shorty is the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins?! Eh? Is that a shock? What a surprise.
Your face doesn't exactly look surprised.
Well, how about that? This'll be surprising.
That's King! No, he's not the same person.
His skeletal structure, voice, and body odor are nothing like King's.
Body odor? Gross— That's definitely him.
Changed your mind pretty quick! Wonderful! Meeting three other Sins in addition to Gowther Happy! I'd enjoy nothing more than to fight you all, but unfortunately, our mission for today is just to bring back the head of the Armor Giant.
Who's inside your armor right now? I'm not exactly sure.
Now, time for us to get back to work.
Is there any chance you could leave him alone? Please.
Hey, Gowther.
Why can't you just let them fight this monster? Well, yeah We were only protecting it because we thought it was you, Gowther.
After experiencing his power, do you still think you can defeat him? We can.
No doubt, two of us— No, one of us will die.
But I also have no doubt that we will be able to take its head.
A calm, objective assessment.
Then I have no choice.
Take it.
What are you planning? This is the most peaceful solution.
If we were to start a three-way battle here, the village of Ordan at the foot of the mountain would end up destroyed in the crossfire.
And with this, we can also pay our respects to the knights who fell here.
Well then, we'll take it.
Are you sure, Threader? He just took our target and— Silence, child! I like you, Goat's Sin, Gowther.
I'll respect your strength and the legends of the Sins and retreat for now.
But if we were to receive an order for your heads someday, then When that time comes Well, you understand.
Bye-bye! Bye-bye.
That was a surprise.
It seemed like you were sympathizing with this monster.
Sympathy Was I sympathizing? Isn't this your armor? Did you use him as a scapegoat? No, though it did end up that way.
They probably mistook him for me.
That's because they've never seen your real face.
I see.
That means a disguise was unnecessary after all.
Either way, I've never seen a monster like this before.
The faint smell that emanates from the core of his power.
It was most likely a human.
Human?! Well then, the four of us should do our best to stop him.
What's going on? Didn't I say already? If this devolved into a three-way battle, chaos would've ensued.
I-It's still alive after being decapitated! Well, the head is nothing more than a decoration.
And how could this thing have been a human?! This is absurd! Of course, it wasn't just any ordinary human being.
It's the remnant of a former Holy Knight.
I don't understand.
Why would Gowther make a monster wear his own armor? I couldn't care less.
I just wish we had gotten to fight them.
I don't understand Right? Why was that geezer Helbram so determined to kill this strange monster? And why didn't he use his favorite pawns, the New Generation? Maybe the New Generation wouldn't have been able to handle it.
It seems to me like he's desperately trying to hide the existence of this monster.
The remnant of a former Holy Knight? Can't you feel it? A Holy Knight's power is buried deep underneath, within that evil magic.
Therefore, I forced it into my armor to seal that malevolent force.
However, it looks like the seal has been broken due to frequent damage.
So that's how it is.
Anyway, it doesn't look like something that can be reasoned with.
Let's send him flying! Yeah! You two, a battle should always begin with the observation of how the opponent reacts.
Quit bein' so cocky! So fluffy! Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Form Two, Guardian.
To protect itself, the Sacred Tree shapeshifts the moss that grows upon it.
The body made from moss can parry any physical attack, and because it contains a high concentration of water, it's highly resistant to fire.
Frozen Breath But it's weak to cold! You're up next, Gowther! My glasses have fogged up.
You three can hold it off on your own for a bit.
Well, well Cap'n, this is gonna be tough with our bare hands.
Guess this isn't the time to be picky.
I'm borrowing this! Despair Venom Would an ordinary weapon even have any effect? Enchant: Hellblaze Enchant: Hellblaze! Black flames? That's Cap'n! End it in one strike! Yeah! Don't me please Hurry up and end it! Ah, crap.
You idiot! An arrow of light? Now's your chance! What're you doing, Cap'n? You could've finished it! He said something.
He must be the original Holy Knight! So what? Hurry up and kill it! He's still alive! Quit being so naive! Are you quarreling amongst yourselves? Gowther It stopped moving? Did we defeat it? No, he is merely caught in an illusion.
That is the power of my Invasion.
Invasion He is currently enveloped in the scene from his past that he most desired to see.
As ever, you're a sly and painstaking bastard.
Just hurry up and kill him.
I cannot do that.
Huh? He never asked to be born like this.
Therefore, I cannot kill him.
As if anyone asked to be born into this world.
Step aside.
I'll kill it.
He's still partly human.
Captain sure is late.
Maybe he caught something amazing? Lord Meliodas Hello? Excuse me, are you open? All the other places are closed.
Welcome! Is that you, Mr.
Cain? If I remember correctly, you fought Lord Meliodas back at Byzel.
Impossible This must be a dream.
Liz! If they're quarreling amongst themselves, does that mean they get along well? That's not really quarreling.
Is friendship a beautiful thing? What? Don't order me around.
I see, so Meliodas is fine.
That's great to hear.
My apologies for having the Princess of Liones wait on me.
It's fine.
However, I am surprised.
Your beautiful face and gentle voice are just like hers.
I thought maybe Liz had come back to life.
If that girl were still alive, she would've been a beautiful woman by now.
Was she your daughter, Mr.
Cain? Liz was her nickname.
Her real name was Elizabeth, just like you, Princess.
She was Meliodas's lover.
Liz was originally a knight of an enemy kingdom.
She was captured after a failed night raid on Danafor.
She was sentenced to death.
And the one who saved her was none other than the captain of the Danafor Holy Knights, Meliodas.
Obviously, he was met with strong objection, but So I guess that makes you all my enemies.
You're just a stupid boy! Really? What do you mean, "really?" I bet you're just after my body.
If you come near me, I'll kill you! Come now, don't get so excited.
Let's eat.
You—! Originally, Liz was sold to the opposing kingdom as a slave.
She never trusted anyone, aside from herself.
Perhaps you could call it a fated meeting Even though she always clashed with that simple boy, she gradually found herself drawn to him.
Liz always had this charming aura about her as well.
And so we began to open up to her.
These were all scenes from long ago.
A simple boy Lord Meliodas is just really kind, that's all.
Do you know why Meliodas never wields a real sword? He's too strong.
No one who's fought him seriously using swords has ever come out unscathed.
That's why he won't use one.
Well, at the same time, he's too kind for his own good.
What's that? It was a gift for Meliodas from Liz.
I don't need a sword.
I don't want to kill anyone.
So I've been holding onto it all this time.
Ban, why did you kill him? I just ended that bastard's miserable, shitty life as a monster.
He'd thank me if he could.
Ban! You two, look at that! He's mumbling something.
He's still trapped in that illusion, even after his heart was gouged out.
Please, forgive your father.
This happened because I was too weak.
I couldn't do anything for you two.
Please protect your brother, Zeal.
I'm counting on you, Guila.
Farewell, my beloved daughter my beloved son What's going on? I'm sure I took his heart.
Shit, that thing's a demon too?! What? What is this incredible power? I'm going to take a look! Princess, please stay here! Lord Meliodas What exactly is going on? Old Man Cain! A giantess?! How do you know me? Elizabeth! Why did a Holy Knight turn into a demon? What's going on? I remember that face.
That's Dale! He became an apprentice Holy Knight ten years ago! Dale, that doting parent? He was always saying he wanted to be strong just like us, so his daughter could be proud of him.
How did he become like this? He's coming.
Dale! You remember me, right? Wake up, Dale! What are you doing, idiot? Ban! Take cover, Captain! Fight Fire With Fire Fight fire with fire! It didn't penetrate? How about Stop, King! But King! Dale, knock it off! The one who should knock it off is you! Ban just hit Captain.
Why? Gowther, you need to fight as well.
Please allow me to ponder this for a moment.
Ponder?! If you're not gonna fight, get the hell out of here.
That half-assed attitude ain't saving anyone.
It'll only get you and your comrades killed.
Ban Lord Meliodas! Elizabeth! Take this! That sword Hey, Meliodas I want you to take this sword.
Liz didn't want you to keep fighting, but for you to keep on living! I feel the same way! About you, and how you fight for the people! If that's why you sin, I'll shoulder those sins along with you! Are you really going to let a lady say all that and— Forgive me, Dale.
That's amazing, Captain! As expected.
King, I'm sorry.
Don't be.
This is nothing.
See, Cap'n, you can do it if you put your mind to it.
But is it even possible for a human to transform into a demon? Is it a curse? Or maybe some sort of experiment Don't tell me, someone's trying to artificially create demons? They're using the kingdom's Holy Knights as well.
That's impossible.
With the two Great Holy Knights around to keep a watch on Unless.
It's very likely that the Great Holy Knights themselves are involved.
In other words, either Dreyfus, or Hendrickson.
Did you figure something out? Yes.
I determined who was probably involved in this incident.
It was most likely the Great Holy Knight Hendrickson.
Well, I'm pretty hungry, so let's head back.
I'm sure Diane is worried sick too.
About Captain, sure.
Why, you— Who are you? What are you so worked up about? I see.
You don't understand either.
My name is Gowther, the Goat's Sin.
This armor has the ability to keep magic from going out of control.
I will give it to you.
Why are you following me? Book You wish to read too? Understood.
I'll read it.
You just stay there and listen.
I'm going to find more books at the village.
For that "My name is Alan.
" "My hobby is reading books.
" What do you think? Gowther I'm not Gowther, I'm Alan.
Gowther Yes.
I'm right here.
Th-Thank you Friend Friend? Like a companion? I've heard that a friend is someone who is important to you.
Was I able to become your friend? Please tell me, Dale.
I wonder if people normally cry in this situation.
Thanks to you, I feel like I was released from something.
Let's go.
From now on, we'll fight to the death.
Yes! With just your presence, the world begins to look like a kaleidoscope.
kimi no sonzai dake de sekai wa mangekyou mitai da The scenery fills with color as you run onward.
hashiru kimi ni awase keshiki wa irodzuku kara hora mata kimi no mae de namida wo miseteshimatta Here I am, showing you my tears again.
nani ga attemo zutto hanaranaide kureta But no matter what, you always stay by my side.
dareka wo mamorinuku to dareka ni tsumi wo tsukuru By protecting someone, you create a sin for someone else.
Learn of love, and grow stronger the longer you live on.
ikiru hodo ai wo shitte kokoro wa tsuyokunaru But I'll drink down the scars from your past, me no oku ni utsuru kako no kizu wa watashi ga nomihosu kara watashi ga nomihosu kara Reflected in the depths of your eyes.
With just your presence, the world begins to look like a kaleidoscope.
kimi no sonzai dake de sekai wa mangekyou mitai ni Spinning around and around, shining its light.
kuru kuru mawatte hikari ga sasu kawaru kisetsu to kawaranai waraigoe The seasons change while our laughing voices remain the same, kimi wa omoide ni naranai yo But you'll never be reduced to a memory, koko ni iru kara Because you're right here with me.
Here you are, as promised.
You confirmed that it's dead, correct? You're quite the skeptical old man.
Why don't you go confirm it with your own eyes? No, that'll be fine.
Good work.
Hey, Guila.
Yes? Can you dispose of this, please? Yes.
Okay, good work.
Next Episode's Report The Goat's Sin, Gowther, of the Seven Deadly Sins has joined the party! By the way, Gowther's sin is the sin of lust! So, how exactly are you lustful? Let's see Here.
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