Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e16 Episode Script

The Legends, Provoked

1 Hey, Ban, you had another set of those clothes? Yeah, found 'em on the road to the village.
Stolen, right? Food, food, food! Mind your table manners, Hawk.
Diane, you shouldn't sit cross-legged at the table either! Okay.
You're leaving already? Drink with us before you go.
No, I'm more than happy having met you again.
I see.
Hey, Meliodas You're not projecting Liz onto the princess, are you— No, forget I said that.
I hope we meet again.
Take care of yourself, Barzad! This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Liones wasn't the only nation with the power of the Holy Knights.
They are used throughout all Britannia.
Magic is power.
And that very power is what shapes the fate of each nation.
Amongst the numerous Holy Knights, there is one group whose fame stretched all across Britannia.
And that group's name was— 're Those who wander looking for answers, those who question in confusion samayoi tou mono mo tomadoi kou mono mo Will go beyond all sin.
subete no tsumi wo koe Incited Legends Episode 16 Pleasure to meet you, Lord Gowther.
I am Elizabeth, the third Princess of Liones.
Please lend me your strength so that we can save the kingdom.
No?! That's the wrong greeting.
We already met at the village of Ordan.
Furthermore, you already met all of us when you were young.
Come to think of it, I remember there being a tiny kid next to the king all the time.
I don't really recall Come on, it's rude to address her so casually.
"Princess," then.
So I met Lord Meliodas in the past as well? Guess so.
Lord Meliodas.
So, Gowther.
What's your answer? I acquiesce.
The king appointed me a member of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Therefore, I have no reason to refuse a request from his daughter, the princess.
Perfect! Now that five of us are reunited, let's have a drink to celebrate! Yeah! You guys drink every day anyway, though Cheers! Ch-Cheers! Delicious! Can I get you something to eat? No, no, it's fine.
I can get it myself.
I ain't losin', Cap'n! Hope you can back that up.
Here you go.
Is there anything you're not fond of eating? I have no preferences when it comes to food.
I detect a strange sound.
Yo, Gowther! I'm Hawk, the Captain of the Knight of Leftovers Disposal.
If you don't understand something, just give me a shout! Why does a pig speak the human language? Beats me.
Why are you eating leftovers? 'Cause they're tasty.
That's all.
That's all?! There's nothing else you wanna ask? "I'm moved.
" "I never would have thought that we'd be able to see each other again like this.
" That's what you're thinking, right? Each one here is the only one of their kind.
That's it, huh? That is it.
Now that you mention it, you're right! Hey, Gowther Ten years ago, when the Seven Deadly Sins were framed for attempting a coup d'état, do you remember— I understand what you want to ask.
The image and sound are unclear, but the person who attacked and rendered you unconscious when you attempted to escape was You know who? Yes.
It was The Boar's Sin, the Sin of Gluttony, Merlin.
Merlin! But why? I do not know her motive.
Although I have heard some rumors of her since then, they were inconclusive.
They did not lead to any truths.
Hey, everyone! Get a load of this! Can you believe it? Gowther figured out who King was based on his body odor! In addition to his bone structure and voice.
Body odor? By the smell of his body? With that said, King Let us have a whiff! Ah, what a sweet aroma.
It reeks of flowers! S-Stop— The smell has a nostalgic feel to it.
Just what you'd expect from the Fairy King! Diane's face is so close to me Guys, stop! If you keep coming that close, I'll— It's gotten all musky all of a sudden.
Reeks of sweat.
Th-That's because you're expecting that smell based on what I look like.
This smell also has a nostalgic feel to it.
Don't mind us.
L-Lord King, stay strong! Why is it only me? That's not fair! Did I do something wrong? Yeah, you did! Do something about this unbearable atmosphere! Understood.
Diane, you conceal your true height by lying that you're 29 feet tall when you're in fact 30.
Furthermore, your weight is not even close to what you clai— You're so mean! You're so mean! Stupid Gowther! You can't just reveal a lady's secrets like that! I don't see the difference between 29 or 30 feet.
It matters to girls! As for Ban, twelve years ago, during the mission at the Edinburg castle against the vampires Oh, that time I got so wasted I couldn't come along for the mission? My bad on that.
Actually, you used Physical Hunt on King and Diane to rob them of their strength, and rolled on the ground laughing as they struggled in the battle.
No wonder I didn't have any strength back then So that's why.
Come on, that was twelve years ago! Don't be— Now it ain't fair on me! Understood.
W-Wait a second, Gowther.
Let's stop it here! Why do you keep causing trouble? We've all got stuff to hide that we feel guilty about, right? That's right! N-Not that I have anything to feel guilty about! There was no need to back you up in that fight.
The reason is that your true strength would have been more than enough to defeat your opponent.
Because you're drunk, your thoughts are in disarray.
Elaine? Stop it, Gowther! Who is Helbram? It appears that this man is the reason you are unable to use your full power.
Or more precisely, you refuse to— Come on, you don't have to get so upset.
Yes, I do! You too, Gowther.
You shouldn't keep reading people's memories like that.
If you're going to read something, read the atmosphere! Read the atmosphere? Lord Meliodas, the meat is ready! Oh, thanks! Is the princess fond of Captain? Eh?! Eh?! Eh?! If you compare this interaction with how she talks to the other members, her voice is higher and her heartbeat is quicker.
I've heard of this in the past.
These are the common symptoms of a human being in love.
I-I-Idiot! We're really in for it now.
Please calm down, Diane.
Don't destroy any villages.
I'm going back inside.
Thanks for this.
Lord Meliodas It wasn't because she wanted me to keep fighting.
But to keep on living, huh? Um Hm? What kind of person was Liz? Let's see She was the complete opposite of you.
A wild spirit, always fighting.
But she was also just like you.
Like me? Yeah.
Both of you are strong.
Strong? Me? Also, you're really similar in this department.
Um Is that a greeting of sorts? Hell no! Great Holy Knight Dreyfus! Are you all right? You were inside your chambers for such a long time.
I apologize for worrying you.
I'm a disappointment as a Great Holy Knight, to be in such a state after losing a family member.
He's completely worn out.
I can't blame him.
He just found out that his son Griamor died.
Have there been any new developments in my absence? Well, we've had even more of the New Generation of Holy Knights appearing.
I see.
Is this an omen of some kind? They all have eyes that look like they've been possessed by something.
On top of that, they're all Within Hendrickson's faction, correct? Yes, that's correct.
Unfortunately, it appears that my prediction was correct.
It seems I will need to speak about this in great length with Hendrickson.
This isn't like you.
What's wrong? The other day, Lord Helbram ordered Dawn Roar to dispose of the Armor Giant, correct? To be honest, I was annoyed that we weren't chosen, so I tailed them.
And there, I witnessed an intense battle between a monster that resembled the Armor Giant and the Seven Deadly Sins.
The Seven Deadly Sins? Then, the one who handled the monster is— That's not the issue here! I felt two distinct sources of magic from that monster.
One felt similar to the demon held underground.
And the other was that of a Holy Knight.
A Holy Knight? Yeah.
Unbelievable, right? It was a monster that had both demonic and Holy Knight powers! It's just like Us.
The New Generation.
To confirm this, I dug up the grave where the Seven Deadly Sins buried it.
And what I found on that monster— no, on the man who once might have been a Holy Knight—was this.
This is Has the so-called Armor Giant been eliminated? Yes, thanks to you.
Though it did take us some time to hunt down that failed experiment of yours.
The Old Generation based on Holy Knights, while powerful, were incredibly hard to control.
However, the New Generation are based on Holy Knight Apprentices.
Although they're weaker than the Old Generation, they still have ample magic powers and are much easier to control.
So, the father's failure was redeemed by the success of his daughter, huh? Quite the beautiful story, no? Come forth.
To these welcoming arms.
Heed these words.
Well then, our preparations are almost complete.
I swear to grant you freedom.
The spell cast on you, I shall dispel! All that remains is to wait for the chaos to ensue.
King Liones brought peace to Britannia with his great power.
Peace robs people of their survival instincts, and robs knights of their pride and spirit! All peace does is make armor rust and swords dull.
But I will return Britannia to its former glory.
Once more, the Demon Clan shall be released.
And we, the New Generation, will be there to fight them! The gate is opening! Come forth, demons! Show us your horrible, despicable faces! It seems that we do not yet have all the pieces required.
Then we will just have to obtain what is needed.
What should we do? We have no choice but to call for her.
Hey, Hawk Mama.
What exactly do you eat every day? Earthworms and moles? I don't understand you at all.
What are you doing? A greeting that Captain showed me yesterday.
I told you it's not a greeting! So, where are we headin' now? Did you get a lead on one of our members or something? Escanor or Merlin Nope.
First, we're going to infiltrate Liones and get my sword back.
Sword? You mean that sword with a dragon handle that was stolen from you? We can't let them hold onto that for too long.
You'll come with me, right? Sounds like a chore, so I'll pass.
It was Captain's fault that it was stolen in the first place Take responsibility.
Please comfort me.
There, there Captain! Yeah, the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.
That dragon handle is a relic for the ritual.
That sword is? Yeah, so the legend goes.
In the ancient past, the Goddess Clan, Giant Clan, and Fairy Clan united with humans and used that relief to seal the Demon Clan.
What are the Holy Knights going to do after collecting all those parts? Most likely resurrect the Demon Clan.
The Demon Clan again? By the way, Hendrickson was the one who turned Dale into that monster, right? Yes.
No doubt about it.
Hendrickson and Dreyfus, who hold all the power of Liones Planning such an experiment But why would they do something so horrible as resurrecting the Demon Clan? They trying to make new friends or something? No way! Then what's their goal? It's the advent of the Holy War.
What are you saying, Hendrickson? Dreyfus, your interpretation of the prophecy of the Holy War was that we Holy Knights are the Guiding Hand of Light, and the Bloodline of Darkness are the Sins, correct? My interpretation is a little different.
They are not enough You don't mean to say that the Bloodline of Darkness is the Demon Clan, do you? In the Ancient War, the Demon Clan fought on equal or greater terms with the four races.
You bastard I sensed that you were plotting something in the shadows, but do you really think—? The preparations are nearly complete.
All that remains is to gather the last fragment and break the final seal.
Are you serious? Do you really think we can win against the Demon Clan?! Yes, of course we can win.
For that very purpose, I researched the Demon Clan for many years and made many discoveries.
The New Generation is one of them.
Ridiculous! Open your eyes! Do you really think that we Holy Knights, keepers of justice, will be allowed to break the seal of a cursed clan?! Justice? You of all people bring up justice now? Ten years ago, you asked me to join you in your plot to kill your own brother, Zaratras.
All in order to satisfy your lust for the position of the next Great Holy Knight.
Dreyfus, I need you.
I want you to lend me your strength.
But if you should ever dare to oppose me, you will suffer the same fate of your own son Griamor.
It is you who will be dead! Hey, hey.
Since Captain's sword was stolen, does that mean the Demon Clan is already resurrected? Nope.
It's an incredibly strong seal.
If it was broken, there'd be some kind of sign that it happened.
It It's happening! Just shitting?! Th-The seal is about to break! Hawk, are you okay? Come to think of it Why are they always after Elizabeth and the sword? That's because she is the final key to breaking the seal.
Elizabeth, get away from her! The hell?! Most likely a magus.
The user appeared and disappeared at precise locations.
A high-level teleportation technique.
Captain! To the kingdom! I'm going to rescue Elizabeth right now! But we're at least 40 miles away! Diane! Got it! Hold on.
I changed my mind.
I'm comin' with ya! Ban, this isn't the time to be playing around.
Now I have my own reasons to go, too.
I'm going as well.
What in the world are you doing, Gowther? I want to observe more arguments between Ban and Captain for my studies.
Ready? You'll just have to deal with it if I'm a little off, okay? Not a problem as long as you get the direction right.
You have to rescue Elizabeth, got it? Yeah.
Is this for real? I'm gonna die! You say something? I'm unable to hear your words.
Lord Great Holy Knights! I-It's an emergency! We've detected a great power approaching rapidly from the northwest of the kingdom.
Whose is it? It's unknown.
However, power on this scale could only be The Seven Deadly Sins.
If that's the case, it means we have acquired the final piece.
Dreyfus, let's continue this later.
Do not forget I will never forgive you.
No need to worry.
I have an excellent memory.
Calling all knights and Holy Knights within the castle! The Seven Deadly Sins are approaching! Fortify the northern gate and the western wall! Deploy Holy Knights outside the gates as well! Steel yourselves! There! It's coming! Target confirmed! Prepare the assault! Our primary goal is the rescue of Elizabeth.
Keep the fighting to a minimum! Understood.
But when we do have to fight, you're going all out, huh, Cap'n? I'm ready to kill! Aura Burst! Aura Burst Inferno Incantation! Inferno Incantation Plant Whip! Plant Whip Bullet Squall! Bullet Squall Wind Shooter! Wind Shooter Death Breath! Death Breath Flick Stone! Flick Stone Full Counter! Full Counter They're breaching the defense line! So you guys are the Seven Deadly Sins? Worthy opponents— Stop the Seven Deadly Sins! Stop them— Wait for me, Elizabeth! They're not even slowing down! We can't stop them! Cap'n, why are you stopping all of a su— What is this strange power I feel? The source is located on the other side of the castle.
This magic power The south gate.
Could it be that the Sins split up and are flanking us? No, there are far more than just one or two hundred powers.
Amongst them, there are two powers incomparably greater than the rest.
Who Lord Great Holy Knights! It's an emergency! What's wrong? A massive army is approaching the southern gate! An army?! Who's the commander? It's the new King of Camelot.
Arthur! With just your presence, the world begins to look like a kaleidoscope.
kimi no sonzai dake de sekai wa mangekyou mitai da hashiru kimi ni awase keshiki wa irodzuku kara The scenery fills with color as you run onward.
hora mata kimi no mae de namida wo miseteshimatta Here I am, showing you my tears again.
nani ga attemo zutto hanaranaide kureta But no matter what, you always stay by my side.
dareka wo mamorinuku to dareka ni tsumi wo tsukuru By protecting someone, you create a sin for someone else.
ikiru hodo ai wo shitte kokoro wa tsuyokunaru Learn of love, and grow stronger the longer you live on.
me no oku ni utsuru kako no kizu wa But I'll drink down the scars from your past, watashi ga nomihosu kara watashi ga nomihosu kara Reflected in the depths of your eyes.
kimi no sonzai dake de sekai wa mangekyou mitai ni With just your presence, the world begins to look like a kaleidoscope.
kuru kuru mawatte hikari ga sasu Spinning around and around, shining its light.
kawaru kisetsu to kawaranai waraigoe The seasons change while our laughing voices remain the same, kimi wa omoide ni naranai yo But you'll never be reduced to a memory, koko ni iru kara Because you're right here with me.
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