Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e22 Episode Script

What I Can Do for You

1 Great Holy Knight Hendricksen was resurrected by the Demon's power.
The New Generation has become Demons and are currently destroying the capital.
In order to save Meliodas and the others, Elizabeth surrendered herself to Hendricksen.
Meliodas tries to go and rescue her, but is suddenly confronted by Ban.
What kind of sick joke is this, now of all times?! Hey, Captain I've always tried to avoid saying anything or thinking about it, but I'm gonna ask you now.
Are you from the Demon Clan? Can I take your silence as a yes? This isn't the time to fool around.
Elizabeth is— It may be foolish to you, Captain But it's the most important thing to me! If I kill you, she'll come back to life! What idiot told you nonsense like that?! Some haughty person from the Goddess Clan! She spoke from a huge horn! Ban, you giant idiot! If you continue this, then I'll cut all ties with you! Huh? Since when did we become buddies? I'll kill you if you keep yapping, you pig-bastard! If I don't hold back, you're the one who's gonna die! Hurry up and kill me then! I beg of you! This is what the Goddess Clan told me Captain is part of the Demon Clan that killed Elaine And if I kill you, she will be revived.
I see Fine, kill me then, Ban.
Captain This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Where there's a kingdom, there are Holy Knights.
Where there are Holy Knights, the kingdoms are at war.
And then, there are those who threaten the Holy Knights' justice and freedom.
Therefore, they are legends, the Holy Knights beyond Holy Knights.
In other words, the Seven Deadly Sins! oh oh oh oh Wow oh sure er geth come to All plea the and pain The son is why no rea There oh oh oh oh Wow oh Presented by FBI Fansubs All geth to come sure er the and pain plea The why son rea There's no de They mons got my I know don't nough let to them fierce I'm e go It's like hold a gle stran fire A I I wish was vin ble in ci old my You're sire Hel de friend e ' lo gain here a don't need you But I take a Just side in walk Go back o see ther side on you I'll the mo yo ma sa Those who wander and those that hesitated no i mo mo tou mo no to ma i kou do tsu o te no e Will surpass all sin mi ko be su oh oh oh oh Wow oh All plea sure to come and The er geth the pain why son no There is rea Wow oh oh oh oh oh er geth sure All to come the and pain The plea There's no rea son why Episode 22 What I Can Do For You This place is Hey, open your eyes! What in the worldis going on? This is This islike hell! Big Brother I will become stronger than you I knew itshe's still alive! Wh-What should I do? Diane! Open your eyes! Stop this already, Helbram! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You! Big Sis Guila! Don't worry, leave it to me.
So you're safe, Dreyfus.
Lady Elizabeth, please step back.
Eh? What are you trying to do? Hendricksen For letting you become like this, and throwing the kingdom into chaos Everything is my responsibility.
Then, for me to set things straight is the least I can do for my atonement.
Do you seriously think you can stop me? Yes, you must be stopped at all costs.
As a Holy Knight of the kingdom and as your friend! Captain, you sure you're okay with it? Who'd joke about something like this? Just hurry up and kill me.
With that, your lover can come back to life, right? If I were in your shoes, I'd probably do the same.
You have my gratitude, Captain.
I'll never forget you as long as I live.
Elaine, wait for me.
Why the fuck would you fight back after saying all that?! You're the one who told me to kill you, Captain!! I never said anything about going down without a fight.
If you were in my shoes, you'd do the same, right? What? She Elizabeth thinks nothing of the fact that she's sacrificing herself.
As if I can just leave her, knowing that! I don't have the privilege of dying here! I see.
But I can't say, "Alright, got it," and back off just like that.
Ban, stop it already! Shut up! This could be the only way to revive Elaine! You total thickhead! Hawk, stop! Are you seriously going to believe what some weird horn says and kill Meliodas?! Ha! I got it! I guess Meliodas isn't your friend or anything then, is that it?! Captain is my greatest friend! But if what she said is true, Elaine can be revived! And if it's not, you're going to lose your best friend as well.
And do you really think Elaine is going to be happy being revived in this way?! Then please tell me what I should do Mr Pig-that's-good-for-nothing- except-looking-for-leftovers? Ban After Elaine died meeting Captain and the others certainly distracted me from it all.
There were always things to do so I never got bored.
But it never changed anything.
In the end, I'm still gonna be alone forever.
I'll never see her again, be it in this world or that world.
Being in this world without her is hell.
Do you get it? I don't! I do But as of now, as the Fox's Sin of the Seven Deadly Sins, perform your duty.
That is your Captain's order! Let's settle this once all of this is done.
When the time comes Yeah, no matter what the outcome is, you are my friend.
Roger that.
Meliodas, are you alright?! Ah, Hawk, please take me to Elizabeth.
But, your body is— Anyway, I'm gonna take a nap.
You're napping?! That's quick! Seriously What a pig-driver.
Master I'm leaving Captain to you.
You don't have to tell me that.
I'm his friend after all! Gil Gil I beg you, please don't die! I'm borrowing this.
What are you—?! Ehhhhh?! Wai—! Ban, what do you think you're throwing?! Good thing I swiped these back in Byzel.
Super Recovery Spell Super Recovery Spell! Ah, I should have used one on Captain too.
Oh, well.
Stop it, Helbram! We don't have any reason to be fighting anymore! Please don't make me hurt you any more than this! I'm y-you your b-best friend— Aah Ban!! I'll kill you if you interfere! Helbram is my best friend! Then hurry up and finish it! I get it I understand! Hurry If it's you no matter how many times I'm killed That's why h-hurry while I'm s-still myself Please kill me! What's going on? The New Generation became monsters? Jericho! Where are you?! It's Big Brother's voice Is he out looking for me? Big Brother I'm right over here Jericho! I've become strong, Big Brother Praise me a litt— Someone! Please kill me!! Pierce! Pierce Acid Down.
Acid Down Great Holy Knight Dreyfus! Have you forgotten, Hendricksen? As my will dictates, this flesh will not rust, decay or rot! Not even against an ability such as yours.
As expected, Dreyfus.
That's why it's such a shame.
I would have liked us to be friends forever.
That regeneration power, and the strange appearance, as well as a power beyond normal understanding How you've fallen, Hendricksen.
Starstream Breaker Blade! Starstream Breaker Blade I don't think so.
The way I see it, humans are the ones that are crawling on the ground like worms.
Please be safe, Elizabeth! Your heroes are coming to the rescue! Did I get him? Lady Elizabeth?! At this rate! How terribly unfortunate.
I need to take her before the blood runs dry.
This is the end, Hendricksen! Indeed, this is truly the end.
Gustav? Pull yourself together! Sir Gilthunder Please save my sister Please kill me Stop it! I don't want to kill you! Then get out of my way.
Huh? Ban?! Harlequin please kill me! Absolutely not! Don't say something so stupid! You're my best friend! Then I quit being your best friend! Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Form Four Sunflower! Ban please kill me! Alright, I'll gladly kill you! Her body—! With this, your life as a Holy Knight is over.
Don't hold it against me, Jericho.
Helbram Was I really your best friend until the end? Guila! Are you alright now? Yes, can't complain.
Alright, then let's go and protect both Captain and Elizabeth! I will go and call the others.
Ban and I will go through the capital and clean up the New Generations and join you later.
Roger! Don't make any blunders, got it? Who do you think you're talking to? It's them! The Seven Deadly Sins? Why are the traitors—? I can sense Captain's magic power.
Up ahead is the Magical Research Facility.
Something is definitely— Long time, no see! Just when we finished our mission What's with this situation? Dawn Roar! Hello again.
I'd really love to fight you all again, but I'll put that on the back burner for now.
Just leave the rest to us.
Thank you! Bye bye! With all your magic power used up, you have no chance of winning It was fun while it lasted, Dreyfus— Accept your loss.
I don't want to kill you.
You were my mentor, my friend, and my rival.
Truly regrettable.
Acid Down.
I'll at least give you a quick and painless death.
Ah, Meliodas.
As I thought, acid doesn't work on the Demon Clan because of their detestable power.
Dreyfus Elizabeth! I'm a Druid, a Sage of the Forest.
We revere the nature and the Goddesses, and shun the Demons.
When I first met you, I could vaguely sense it.
The malevolent and massive power pulsating inside of you! I took interest in you, and admired you.
However, now I've obtained the same power as yours! Elizabeth, I'll finish this soon.
After this is all over, let's run the bar together again, 'kay? Hawk, can I count on you? O-Ofcourse! I'll carry her with both speed and safety! What are you saying? Alright, go! As if I'd let that happen.
Don't die, Elizabeth! I won't forgive you if you die on me! I bet you didn't see this coming.
That's my line.
Ah, we're saved! Elizabeth I will never forgive you! She was on the verge of death How is she here? Are you still alive, Captain? The Seven Deadly Sins! My, my I'm honored and humbled to be graced by the presence of the legendary Seven Deadly Sins.
As well as All the Holy Knights of the Kingdom! This time, they're not here to stop us, but to stop you from getting away.
All the Demons in the capital have been annihilated.
Anything less than this and it'd be boring! I have no idea how you managed to defeat all that garbage in such a short time, but, excellent work, Seven Deadly Sins! However, you cannot defeat me.
We can.
It's useless! As if I'd let you get away First, can you die four times for me? Otherwise, he'll get mad at me.
I am invincible now.
Th-This is Invincible or whatever I won't be satisfied until you're defeated! Double Hammer! Double Hammer You're nothing but an oversized girl.
Did you think a technique like this would work on me? What the?! I'll give some advice for a beginner like you.
The Demon's power can heal wounds, but, unless you're truly immortal, the damage still remains.
How many times do you think you've regenerated already?! Combined Technique: Metal Crush! Combined Technique: Metal Crush They sure are getting excited.
On the other hand, you are strikingly calm, Ban.
Not when compared to you.
I'm kinda late to the party, but Where the hell did Hendricksen get all that power from? According to intel from Guila, Hendricksen has been researching on a Demon corpse for years A Demon corpse? Looking away during a battle could cost you your life, Ban.
Hendy, where did you find that? What? You heard me I'M ASKING YOU WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU FIND THAT DEMON?!! Th-This is?! This is the beginning of everything i a a s e i e d a k d i a z a o m e k d o i y u a m a n g e k n t s k i m o n i w With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope i k i m o n o n s a z i a d k e d e e s a k i w a m a n g e o y k u m i a t i d a k a i n e m a w s u e z s k a r a k k d i u h o r i a w k i r i h s h u i a i The scenery is filled with color as you leap forwards a h s i h r u i k i m i n a a w s e e k s i h k i a w i r o d u z k u a k a r m o o o r a a a e a e d i n n t k i m m h e i a s h t m a s e i t w m a d i m a Here I am, with my tears showing yet again o h r a m a t a k i i m n o m a e d e n a i m d a o w i m e s t e i h s a m t u o o e t m a h n a e a a e n u n z i a t r a g r e a i n d k t a But you always remain by my side, no matter what n a i n a g a e t m o z u t o a h n a e r i a n d e k u e r t a o m a a w o m a o d k i e r n u a k r k u r e k n t s i m u u w d u s t r t i o a u By defending someone, you spawn a sin for someone else d a r e a k o w a m m o i r u n k u o t d a e r k a n i t u s m i w o u t s u k k i t e i r u r h h o s o o w a i d r u u o w a k o s t y k o k u n a o i r u Learning of love, you grow stronger the longer you live i i k r u o h o d i a o w i s h e t k o k o r o w a u s t o y k u a n u r u i t n u s r u k a w u u i m k o k o n o n a k z o e I'll absorb the wounds from your past e m o n o k u n i u s t u r u k a o k o n k i u z a w w a a a n t u o m g i a s i o s h h k a r Echoed in the chasms of your eyes w a t a i h s g a n o i m o h s u a k a r n d a k i o s i e e a a k m s o a d z e a u n g m y e k t k n i i a i o n m i i w With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope k i i m n o s n o i a z d a k e d e s e k a i w a m a n g e y o k u m i t a i n i u e u w r u a u m a r k k t i k i a r a a g h s s u Rotating to and fro, spreading its glow u k u r k u u r a m w a e t i h k a i r a g s a u s g k s u a w t r w a k s e u i o t i k a e o i a a r n a w r a a The seasons pass while our jolly voices remain unchanged k a a w u r k i e s s t u t o k a w a r a a n i w a r a i o g e o m o i a m i e i i w a n k d n n a a i y o r But you'll never become a mere memory i k i m w a o o m i d e n i n a r a a n i y o o u k k a r o i n i a k r Because you're always with me k o o k i n i u r a k a r Next Time It's Jericho! I thought I was a goner back then! Next time on the Seven Deadly Sins: "Despair Descends".
Listen, it's not Jarecho or Juricho or Joricho Listen, it's not Jarecho or Juricho or Joricho Remember my name already! Despair Descends Episode 23 It's Jaicho! Until Next Week! shake dat ass!