Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e23 Episode Script

Despair Descends

1 For Elaine's sake, Ban started a fight to kill Meliodas.
However, after learning Meliodas' intention, he calmed down.
Perform your duty! This is your Captain's order! Meanwhile, Hendricksen has gained more power using the Demon's blood and murdered Dreyfus, who was a Great Holy Knight.
It's regrettable.
In order to obtain Elizabeth who is the final key to break the seal, he stands against Meliodas and the others.
It's useless! Hendy, where did you find that? What? Like I said I'M ASKING YOU WHERE THE FUCK YOU GOT THAT FROM!! T-This is This monster's corpse is It's red and bloated That's gross That appearance it's just like in the legends Yeah, it's a demon.
So it really exists.
The magic power emitting from that corpse is the same with Dale and the New Generations.
There is no doubt that this is the source.
Everything began when this corpse was found in the Fairy King's Forest 20 years ago.
Huh? This Red Demon had presented us with a wonderful blessing.
From the Old Generation to the New Generation, the experiment to create a warrior compatible with the Demon's blood, the deciphering parts of the dark magic.
As for the result I've obtained the power of the Red Demon! You obtained the Demon's power? You can't win then.
I'M THE ONE WHO KILLED THAT FUCKING FATSO! This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Where there's a kingdom, there are Holy Knights.
Where there are Holy Knights, the kingdoms are at war.
And then, there are those who threaten the Holy Knights' justice and freedom.
Therefore, they are legends, the Holy Knights beyond Holy Knights.
In other words, the Seven Deadly Sins! Wow oh oh oh oh oh the All plea and sure pain come to geth er The is son rea There why no oh oh oh Wow oh oh Presented by FBI Fansubs and sure plea pain the come geth All er The to why son rea no There's got don't mons I They de my know nough e I'm to fierce them go let a like It's hold stran fire A gle I ci ble vin was wish I in sire e lo ' You're my old friend de Hel But a here you don't need gain I a walk Go Just back side take in the I'll see you on o ther side tou mo i to yo sa ma mo ma i Those who wander and those that hesitated mo no mo do no kou no Will surpass all sin be su o te ko tsu mi e Wow oh oh oh oh oh All the plea and sure The come to pain er geth no There is son rea why oh oh Wow oh oh oh All sure geth to come plea the and pain er The why son rea no There's Despair Descends Episode 23 Ban Ban, 20 years ago, you actually- That doesn't matter anymore.
You've really bust him a good one.
I feel the flow of faint air.
It seems there's another open chamber further down there.
Let's go, then.
It's impossible for me with my size! You just be on standby here.
Everyone, be careful! Well, well, well It's good that we're here, but it's pitch black down here.
Ban, are you trying to flick your booger? What, you can see it? Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Form Seven, Luminosity.
Your Sacred Treasure really is convenient.
A trail of blood I never thought spaces like this would still exist.
This space itself is tens of thousands years old, but there are traces that it may have been entered only several years ago.
So you're saying something was discovered here.
What's over here? Captain! I must thank you, Fox's Sin, Ban.
Thanks to you, I've obtained the Red Demon's power.
You're welcome.
But this is only part of the process.
I seek for a resilient body.
Because unlike the Red Demon's blood, no living thing can withstand this one's blood.
This one? Captain, there's something back there! My hypothesis is, that the body of someone that compatible with the power of the Red Demon of the same family should be able to react to it in some way.
This is This was discovered several years ago, a Gray Demon! Magnificent, isn't it? Many things about the Demon's biology and genealogy are still a mystery.
But there's one thing we do know about this one It's a being superior to the Red Demon! I wanted more time to do research on it, but if my hypothesis is correct What is he Are you nuts!? This body that has the Red Demon's power should be able to withstand the- This guy don't tell me! Dreyfus, I really wanted to share this view with you.
You can't, Ban! Ban, pull back! Like I give a damn! Is that Hendrickson? No.
He's not a human anymore! It's so quiet.
Is it over? Lord Gilthunder, is it true that the one who's responsible for making the New Generations into monsters is Lord Hendricksen? It's hard to believe that the Second Great Holy Knight was the one who framed the Seven Deadly Sins.
However, the people who saved the New Generations earlier was none other than the Seven Deadly Sins, wasn't it? Certainly.
It was Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins and that kid.
That's King.
Please forgive me for keeping silent this whole time.
But, everything I've told is the truth.
Seriously I wish you would've told us sooner.
I'm sorry, I couldn't take the risk if Dreyfus and Hendricksen were to find out about it.
What the!? This shock is The Seven Deadly Sins! Meliodas, this abominable magic power is.
It can't be Hendrickson!? That monster is!? But, that look Is he that buffed-up macho man from earlier? He lost weight.
Damn, he heard me.
His target is Elizabeth! Don't let him get any closer! Rewrite Light.
P-Please stop, Great Holy Knight Hendrickson! Y-You're suspected of attempting to overthrow the kingdom! Dark Snow.
Dark Snow What is this? Are you alright? He's dead! Don't touch the black snow! You'll die instantly! It's a frightening technique, but dodging them isn't hard at all.
This will be the first time I'll be showing this to you, isn't it? Overpower! Overpower His movement has stopped! We'll finish this in one go.
Simon! Whirlwhind TL Note: Kamaitachi is the name given to demon weasels that appear in whirlwinds and cut their victims with their tails.
They have sickles for tails.
Circle Circle! This is for Jericho.
Take this! K i l l e r I c e b e r g Killer Iceberg! It's not over! Blizzard Accel! Blizzard Accel Leave the rest to us! Brilliant Detonation! Brilliant Detonation Rising Tornado! Rising Tornado Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor! Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor Ow hurts ow, ow it it hurts! Did we get him? Don't let your guard down! We should have damaged him, but No way.
All those attacks had no effect at all!? Do monsters like this really exist in this world!? Save your complaints for later.
If we get scared, then who's going to protect the kingdom!? We're admired as great warriors, so show me the pride of the kingdom's Holy Knights!! Run away Elizabeth! I don't want anyone to be victims anymore No one That's why Run! Rising Meteor Rising Meteor! King! Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Form Eight, Dark Nebula! Dark Nebula Dumbasses what's good when everyone's beaten- Did I end up killing the sacrifice as well? What an impressive man.
Lord Meliodas Lord Meliodas Elizabeth Run No.
Absolutely not! Meliodas, your existence is definetly a threat.
That technique that's the one from earlier Be consumed by this darkness that swallows the darkest night.
No, Meliodas if you take that even you will Captain.
Captain, if you're killed by anyone other than me I'll fucking kill you! If you're going to kill him Kill me too! Dead End Dead End.
Lord Meliodas! There is nobody to save you.
No, there is! This Lord Hawk will! Master!? Hawk, what the hell are you doing? No don't!! It looks like if you die, Elizabeth's going to lose her life too.
There's no choice then.
Get out of the way!! Man, if I'd known this going to happen, I would've had my fill of leftovers before this.
Don't die, okay? You bunch of pigs.
You No way No way this is To think you'd be saved by a mere lowly livestock What terrible luck.
Terrible luck you say? Hawk, please wake up Please talk again like you always do You can't just bid farewell like that Master is dead That good-natured guy How dare you YOU FUCKING BASTARD!! That won't happen again now.
Hendrickson, you've seriously pissed me off!! This despicable power Could it be? This light Have I died? No.
Margaret! Something like this has happened before.
But it was nothing compared to this.
When Father suffered a serious injury after he fell out of the tree for her When Veronica hurt herself protecting her after the bridge collapsed She doesn't realize that she harbors unbelievable power within herself.
Eli What a pain So it has awakened? The blood that flows in the Maiden of the Druid, Apostle of the Goddess! Elizabeth's right eye is I've never felt magic like this Princess Elizabeth Elizabeth I am very sad, Hendrickson.
Father gave you his trust.
You were more gentle and kind than anyone else.
The people and other Holy Knights trusted you.
What happened to you? Betraying the Holy Knights, taking countless lives from others What is it that would make you do all these things? The resurrection of the Demon Clan, and revenge against the four Clans that sealed us in the Ancient War.
Revenge? What is he saying? That's not Hendricksen talking.
It's something else inside of him.
For that, the blood of the Apostle of the Goddess, your blood is required.
This is bad.
If we take another attack Everyone will be wiped out! Please stop! Dark Nebula.
Dark Nebula Don't hurt anyone anymore! The light of miracle is enveloping the kingdom.
T-This is.
Oh my God, look! The wounds from the monsters are They're disappearing!! This is This light is Lord Meliodas? Don't worry, I'm right here.
Lord Meliodas You guys You were all badly injured But why? Elizabeth, you don't realize it yourself? I'm healed! I-I thought I died It's a miracle! Then, Hawk's Why Why? Please open your eyes! Why!? Lives that were lost are no longer Margaret, please go to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth! Impudent little girl.
I should have killed her and taken her blood sooner.
Even if our bodies are healed, the worst situation hasn't changed at all.
Don't give up! But, no matter how you think about it, our chance of winning is- Shit.
My body can't stop trembling.
Don't give up! As long as we, the Seven Deadly Sins, are here! d o n k e k e a i a n a z i i s s m e o g i u k a d i a t i m k o y e d a w m a n With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope i k i m n o n s o i a z a d e k d e e s k a i w a a m n g e o y k u i m a t i d a a a i r e a k s w i e k i a k h w a n r r u i o h d z u k a s i m h k i i u s The scenery is filled with color as you leap forwards a h i h s u r i k i m n i a w a e s k e h i s k i w a i o r d u z k u a k a r e m a e n m d s i t m n i i h s e e i a o r d t m i o a w a k t a a m h o a m a Here I am, with my tears showing yet again h o r a a m t a i k m i o n a m e d e n a m i d a w o m i e s e t h s i m a e m e u z a o o e e i d a t t r k a n n n i u h a g a r n a a t t a n a But you always remain by my side, no matter what n i g a a t e o m z u t o a h a n e r i a n d e k u r e a t o i i o m a m o r e n a n a k u k w o r t u u k k d r u m u i s a u s t w t r d a e By defending someone, you spawn a sin for someone else d a e r a k w o m a o m i r n u u k t o d a e r k a n i t s u i m w o s u t k u d u k o h k o r o o o t a i i w s e i k u t u y a w h o s o r n a r u i k r u i Learning of love, you grow stronger the longer you live i k r u o h d o a i o w i h s e t o k k o r o w a t u s o y u k n a u r s t u n n k k r a k o u i o u u i z u w a m o e o n k I'll absorb the wounds from your past m e n o o k u n i u u t s u r k a o k o n k i z u a w a n s h a i w g a s t h o m k i r a o u a Echoed in the chasms of your eyes a w a t i h s g a o n m i h o s u a k r a i k a g e k d d z o a a e m i k e s e w a a n a i s i i i n t y o m u n k m i o n With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope k i i m n o s o n z a i a d k e e d e s a k i a w a m n g e y k o u m i a t i n i u m u a a i w e k t h r i r k a s s u a r k a u u g Rotating to and fro, spreading its glow k u u r u k r u a m a w e t i h k a r i g a s a u s a w u s r r a s a n i k a e k t u g a o w i e o w t i a r a a k The seasons pass while our jolly voices remain unchanged k a w a u r k i s e u s t o t a k w a r a n a i w a a r i g o e a i n e a m o n d o i i y a a w m n i r o k i But you'll never become a mere memory i k m i a w o o m i e d n i n a r a a n i o y i k o i o n k r u a r a k Because you're always with me k o k o i n i r u a k r a Next Episode Finally, next week will be the last episode! It's been harsh up until now, so we should take it easy and do the preview every once in a while.
You're right! But there's no time left! Next time, on the Seven Deadly Sins Heroes! Episode 24 Heroes Farewell, everyone!