Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e24 Episode Script

The Heroes

1 Don't give up As long as we, the Seven Deadly Sins, are here! A-Amazing This is the strength of the legendary knights Lord Meliodas It's alright.
Thanks to you, my energy has been restored.
Leave the rest to us.
You should stay by Hawk's side.
Hawk I'll always be by your side This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Countless conflicts has been repeated throughout Britannia's history.
No longer is there anyone who knows how it all began, and how to bring everything to a stop, However, there is one man who does know, and the Order of Knights that man commands is the legendary Seven Deadly Sins! Presented by FBI Fansubs Heroes Episode 24 No way There's almost no damage at all.
Tch, I was trying to tear off his arm The toughness of his skin's a pain in the ass.
There's still hope.
Gowther, we're doing it.
Relay the plan to everyone! Captain Gowther's Glasses Glasses He's still alive!? Alright.
Roger, Captain.
What exactly are you? Ton! Broadcast! Broadcast This is- In an instant, Gowther's instructions are flowing into my head Are they serious? This is the plan? Captain, are you really sure? Alright, everyone Let's do this! You've let go of your magic power What are you trying to do? King, what should we do? I know Now we have to go through with the plan.
Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor! Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor To think you'd even strike your ally So you don't even have the luxury to aim at me anymore.
Hyper Gravity! Hyper Gravity x30 How dare you trample on my heart of justice! Rising Tornado Rising Tornado! M-My magic power won't last any longer Don't say that! Hang on for a little longer! Alright! I am your opponent! So you've willingly become the sacrifice to stop my movement.
Your courage is admirable But it looks like you're the only who's taking damage.
What is this? Elizabeth's power only recovered you physically.
You don't even have enough magic power to use Full Counter, do you? Captain! Dark Nebula.
Don't you underestimate me! Captain.
I'm sorry! Rush Rock! Rush Rock Stop, Diane! Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Form Four! Sunflower Sunflower! This is bad Evacuate!!! It's hard for me to fathom, Dragon's Sin of Wrath Why even after you're banished from the kingdom, you'd still sacrifice yourself for that kingdom? I will destroy everything in the end, after all.
As if I'd let you.
What a futile thing All of your attacks will only kill your hero, Meliodas, and not me.
We'll see about that! Banishing Kill Banishing Kill! What is he planning? Is this enough, Captain? Yeah.
Wh-What is this!? This magic power is- It can't be! Yeah, it can.
Revenge Counter! He charges himself by receiving all the magic attacks in his defenseless state and releases it all in one shot.
One mistake in receiving the attacks will be fatal to himself, so it's a double edge sword.
It is Captain's ultimate blow.
According to my calculations, your chance of survival after taking this attack is 0.
Good luck.
Allow me to bid my farewell to you too.
You're alive, Griamor!? Each and every single one of you Just how much do you feel the need to get in my way!? Do you still not get it, Hendrickson? In exchange for that worthless power, you've thrown away everything important to you! That is your sin! How can I by the likes of youuuuuu!!!!! Captain! Ahem! Yo-Your Majesty! F-Father! Are you better already? Yes.
Thank goodness.
Merlin, are you done with Baltra's treatment? The secret art of the Demon Realm that I've been dying to try for a long time worked out better than I expected.
To use the King for your experiment You've sure got some guts.
As long as the result is all good Right, Your Majesty? Your Majesty! Please sentence us Holy Knights with heavy punishment.
We had strayed from our way.
We ignored Your Majesty's words of preventing the Holy War, and turned our eyes away from the suffering of our people.
We are no longer have the right to call ourselves the Holy Knights.
Please give us your sentence! Very well.
I hereby pronounce my verdict.
All of you, for the time being, shall receive no day off from your duty! Your Majesty, but then our sins- No matter how severe your punishment is It does not take away the pain and suffering of the people.
Now is the time for you, as the Holy Knights of the Kingdom, to dedicate everything you have for the kingdom's restoration, and the relief of our people! Yes!! Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins.
You have served a great cause! Even when you were framed as the traitors, you still protected the kingdom.
You also protected my daughter.
You have my gratitude both as a King and a father.
Thank you.
Let's cut all the stiffy stuff, Baltra.
We only did what anyone would do for a friend, right? Elizabeth You really have grown strong.
You did well in finding the Seven Deadly Sins.
As your father, I am very proud of you.
But-But because of that Hawk is He's my precious friend Hawk doesn't blame you at all.
Master I've said bunch of messed up things to you Like we aren't friends I sure have said some messed up stuff Everyone that I likewill leave me However, in the end, this is a fortunate outcome.
If the Captain had died then, our chance of victory would be greatly lowered.
But Captain Leftover's death had zero effects to our group's battle power.
It's not a loss in any way.
You bastard- Hold it, Fox's Sin Ban.
Get out of my way, Merlin! Gowther means no harm.
Please forgive him.
Just shut your mouth then, you fuckin' four-eyes! Why is he mad? Gowther, what happened to the armor I gave you? It was destroyed.
I see.
I'll give you a replacement as soon as I can.
Hawk, I can't let you quit the shop.
Who else is going to clean up all the leftovers? All the glory and victory this time belongs to Master, right Captain? Yeah Come back Once you do, I'll triple the amount of leftovers you'll get.
You better not forget those words.
Hawk You're alive? Seems like it.
Master, you rock!! Unbelievable! He shrunk!? Geez, what a rash swine.
No fair! Wait! Elizabeth You too, Lord Meliodas.
You always act rashly too.
Eli! Sister Veronica? Sister Veronica! How? But you're She suddenly woke up after we had parted with you at Byzel.
It's thanks to you.
Sister Thank God Really! You really are a crybaby, Eli.
I guess that's a wrap for now.
I guess so.
By the way, why did you end up shrunk like this, Master? It's a mystery.
Lord Meliodas Yeah It's over.
The Coffin of Eternal Darkness was nowhere to be found? Yeah, I've used magic power to search all over, but there was no response at all.
Then, where exactly- Just to be sure, I searched around the whole kingdom, but the result was the same.
One thing though I heard that immediately after you defeated Hendrickson, a bird-like creature was seen flying towards the south.
The south, huh? Don't make such a somber face, Captain.
I've told Arthur that I'll be away for a while.
Boar's Sin, Merlin shall accompany you for a while, as one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Keep the materials coming! Let's get this all done by the time the Kingdom Foundation Day starts tomorrow! Diane must be really feeling down now.
After she saw how Captain and Lady Elizabeth were But, isn't this a good chance to make Diane finally fall for me!? That being said, what exactly should I do? What's that about a chance? Diane! Huh? What's the matter? Merlin said I should remain small while my clothes are being fixed, so she gave me this special medicine.
King, do this clothes look weird on me? No how should I put it? Or is it weird for me to be small? No, no, that's not it! Big or small, Diane is Diane.
That's just what I thought.
Well, of course.
You're so weird, King.
Was I weird? Since it's a rare occasion, why don't you ask someone out for the Kingdom's Foundation Day tomorrow? For example, Captain I'm so stupid! Stupid! I'm the one who wants to go with her the most! Alright, I'll try and ask, then.
King, want to go to the festival together? Excuse me? I said you and me, the two of us, okay? Excuse me? Damn it, my power really has gone.
But, if things were left as they were, I would've remained a monster.
If Ban didn't save me, by now I'd be My brain is all messed up because of him! Oh, my.
Seems like you're in high spirit already.
G-Guila! What's with the girly clothing? It's because I'm a woman.
Your look cute too, Jericho.
You sure are lucky.
You didn't go berserk, and you still have your power.
The thing is, there's a reason for that.
Reason? Really?! It's the power of love.
The bond of my feelings and his feelings for me I believe that's what had protected me.
Ban's food is delicious!! What is this?! What's this?! I can't stop stuffing my mouth! This is a miracle!! This is a fantasy!! If I were to describe this taste, it's the supreme leftovers fallen from the mouth of God!! Hey God, you're making this food without putting us into the poorhouse, right? Don't worry, it's all expired ingredients.
You're really running a bar.
Oh, Lil Gil.
Welcome to Boar's Hat.
Sit anywhere you like.
Then H-Hi I wanted to tell you this properly I'm really sorry for what happened in the White Dream's Forest.
White Dream's Forest? What was it again?? I won't let anyone touch these leftovers! Here you go, it's Bernia ale! Tastes good, doesn't it? It's really good.
Nothing beats a drink after hard work.
I'm going to leave the capital.
Why? Even though it was to deceive Hendrickson and the others, I've hurt countless people.
I can't forgive myself.
I'll leave the capital and wander the lands.
I want to help those people I've hurt, however I can.
I want to atone my sin.
I see.
I think that's fine.
If it's something you've decided yourself, I won't stop you.
You're an adult now.
The ambitions of the two Great Holy Knights that were engulfed in darkness have been crumbled.
The light of hope and the smile of its people have returned to the Kingdom.
Like this, my adventure to find the Seven Deadly Sins with Lord Meliodas has ended.
But, I won't forget.
The pain, the fun, the fear and the happiness.
Everything is my precious memory with everyone, and with Lord Meliodas.
I had given up thinking I'd see a day like this come again.
I've caused you a lot of worry.
And to you, too.
Y-Yes? Today, the Seven Deadly Sins will leave the country.
Leave!? Where to!? To King Arthur's land, Camelot.
Hold it, where are you going? But, saying that they're leaving today is too sudden! I haven't even said goodbye If you meet them, the parting will become difficult.
But- Their new journey will be even more difficult than the previous one.
Because he knew of this, he decided in his heart to go alone- What's happening!? Elizabeth! Lord Meliodas! Well, I forgot about something really important.
We still haven't gathered all seven of us, right? You'll come with me, right? Yes! Wait, Eli- Well Baltra, that's how it is! I-I'll be going then.
Hey! Elizabeth! Without you, it's boring with just these guys.
Sorry that we're late in picking you up.
We're kidnapping a princess, though.
Diane, Lord King, and Lord Gowther, please take care of me once again.
Captain, I'm taking some time off starting today.
I've got a place I want to go.
Eh, so suddenly? More importantly, what about my leftovers? You'll come back, right? Yeah, to settle things once and for all.
H-Hey, wait a minute, Ban! Ban! As usual, this party is always so lively.
Oh yeah, Merlin, I've got a lot to ask you about ten years ago.
It'll be a long story.
There' nothing to worry about.
We have time until we reach our next destination.
Whether this meeting is by chance or fate Whether what awaits us is despair or hope My new adventure with Lord Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins has begun.
Don't cry We'll meet again a z e i a o w s e a d a k e k s m a i n k k t m u o y a i a i i e m i o g n n d d The whole world starts to become like a kaleidoscope from just your presence brimming with zeal k i i m n o o n s i a z a d e k d e e s a k i w a m a n e g o y k u i m a t i d a s i w a i s e a k k e k h i o r i i n m d s h a z w a u k u h k i a r r u a i You run on forward with the scenery's brightest hues coloring at your heels a h s h i u r i k i m i n a w a e s e k s h i i k a w i r o d u z k u k a a r i w m e a o e n m o d s n a m i k a m a d a a o t i a m e i r t h i m a h s t e o h Oh, look at me, showing my tears before you, once again as they keep on flowing r a m a a t k i m i o n m a e d e a n i m d a w o m i s e t e s h i a m i o m e a z a u o n a r e n t n t e a g a a i n d a t e r u k h a t n a No matter what would happen to us, you neither left nor kept on going i n g a a e t o m z u o t a h a n r e i n a e d k u r e a t u o d w a e a k t r k i u n s r i t u u k t a u i m u s n r w o r e o m k a o d a m a d If you protect someone until the end, another's sin must be made by your hands e r a k w o a m m o i r n u u k o t a d e r a k n i t u s i m o w u t s k u o h k t u s e k y t i s o o o w a u o k r o u n a r w o d i a r i h k i u u r i The longer you live, the stronger you are, the whole of love you'll soon understand k i u r o h d o a i w o h i s e t o k k o r o w a t s u o y u k a n r u i o n k n t u r s u k k u o i a o n a e z m u w k u o e m The wounds of your past scar deep, reflecting within your eyes o n o u k n i u t s u u r k a o k o n i k u z a w g k i m h h o n o a u s a t w s a r a a i a w I'll drink it all up till the last glass dries t a i h s g a n o i m o h s u k a a r a i e k a i s w y m o n g e d k u m e a t i i n i e k a i s o z a n n i m a d k o i k The whole world starts to revolve like a kaleidoscope from just your presence brimming with zeal m i n o s o n z a i a d k e e d e s a k i w a a m n g e k y o u m i t a i i n i r a a i k a t a e h g a s m r u w u s k u r u u k It spins around and around emitting the light of Beal u k u r u k r u m a w a t e i h a k i r g a s a s u i w i a n e r a t o k a w a o r a w s u a t i a k a g r u k s e k a Unlike the seasons that come and go, and our laughter that remains a w u r k i s e t u s t o k a w a a r n a i w a a r i g o e n n d o a i a r n a e k i y o w i m i a m i o i k You won't ever be reduced to a simple memory m i w a o o m i d e i n a n r a n a i y o k i a k u r i a r n k o o Because you're right here with me o k k o i n i u r a k r a Look.
The same marking was on Meliodas and Hendrickson's faces.
That means, don't tell me What exactly was my father trying to We might have to rethink everything from the beginning popularboy-sama: Goodbye, everyone.
Don will: Sobs