Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e03 Episode Script

Sacred Treasure Lostvayne

1 The disturbing omen seen by Bartra.
It was the revival of the devastatingly powerful Ten Commandments.
Questioning Dreyfus' death, Gilthunder and the others have set off to search for the truth.
Meanwhile, in the Fairy King's Forest, Ban has been hailed as the new Fairy King.
In the midst of this swirl of emotions, Gowther reveals that he's been using Guila in his quest to obtain a heart of his own.
BLACKOU Diane and Gowther clash.
Their battle becomes more and more heated, until Knights and apprentice knights, your task is to evacuate and protect the people.
Yes, sir! This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE THREE: THE SACRED TREASURE LOSTVAYNE What am I doing here? I can't remember.
That's right.
I'm searching for Sir Meliodas.
Meliodas? Is that you? Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Pull yourself together, Elizabeth! Meli-- Sir Meliodas? Thank goodness.
Are you hurt? What am I doing here? Gowther used his magical power to make everyone in the kingdom black out.
It's terrible! Sir Gowther and Diane are Strength, 950.
As expected of the Giant race.
Even at Human size, who knew your physical abilities would come this close to the captain's? Without a Sacred Treasure, I'm overmatched.
Fillet and Roast! Go! Sacred Treasure, Double Bow Harlit! Hijack! For goodness sake come to your senses! Over there! Diane! Are you hurt? Oh, Captain.
So you came, huh? Gowther.
Do you realize what you've done? Please lock me up.
Away from everyone else.
Before I cease being myself.
Merlin, we'll continue our conversation later.
All right then.
Bottom line, I don't get it.
It's surprising enough that we find a castle standing where there was nothing for 3,000 years, but how did it get into this wretched condition? It seems an explosion of magical power radiated from the center of this castle.
Quite an intense one, at that.
So deep.
Looks similar.
30,000 feet.
Residual magic.
I see.
No doubt about it.
This is Meliodas' doing.
Damn him.
What was he doing here? Oh, let it go, Zeldris.
Let's relax and enjoy ourselves.
We haven't been in this world in so long.
Estarossa, what do you think? Brother! You altered my memories? I meant you no harm.
Zeal! I've restored Zeal's memories, as well.
Sister! Zeal, please forgive me.
I can't believe how awful I was to you! But I meant you no harm! I apologize.
If I had a heart, I would say I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart.
For manipulating your memories.
For defiling you, out of my compulsion to discover what love is.
No, I have no right to blame you.
Because of my weak will, I've made mistakes that can never be undone.
And yet, even if they were fleeting, false memories, you tried to save me.
Not only that, but along with those false memories, you let me see some of my real memories.
Memories of my gentle father, the Holy Knight Dale! Thank you.
For remembering my father.
I got dumped.
What's this commotion about? Slader of the Roars of Dawn, eh? Perfect timing.
I have an urgent favor to ask of you.
That one basically ignores any order except the king's.
Your wish is my command! Slader, does Merlin have some kind of dirt on you? Don't be absurd.
That dazzling display she put on, breaching an impregnable barrier with such flair to save the king.
It gave me goose bumps! Please allow me to call you Elder Sister.
Call me whatever you want.
So, Elder Sister, what would you like me to do? Gowther? Come over here.
Absolute Cancel.
The magical power used on Gowther is extremely potent, you see.
He's reverted to his original form, but it's only temporary.
Original form? But no matter how you look at him, he's That's right.
Gowther was created by a great magician long ago.
He's a doll.
Please look after him while we're away on our master's mission.
Elder Sister.
Oh? Who knew Gowther was a doll? The world is full of mysterious things, huh? That doesn't make sense coming from you.
A talking piglet! Hawk, are you feeling better now? I was feeling kinda spacey for a while there, but after pooping, I'm all better! You digest at hyperspeed, huh? Hey, Captain, did you know? About Gowther? Nope.
I found out today.
I wish to have a heart.
A heart that can comprehend emotions.
I had no idea, so I refused to believe him.
I bet Gowther was completely serious about it.
Don't worry about it, Diane.
Gowther will be fine! You're amazing, Captain.
You're not at all surprised! Well, I guess it's because I've seen all kinds of people before now.
And hey, no matter who Gowther is, he's still our cherished comrade, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, right? You sure are a lucky guy, Gowther.
What's going on? My head feels fuzzy.
Hey, Slader.
How about joining us for a while? Since we're missing two of our guys, it'd be great to have you on board.
Fine by me.
His Majesty told me to help out you Seven Deadly Sins, after all.
Sir Meliodas! Please let me come along, too! I told you before.
The battle for Liones is over.
There's no longer any reason to put you in danger.
But I'm one of your comrades, too! Am I the only one who feels that way? Am I just baggage that weighs you down? That's exactly right! Captain, you jerk! How dare you, you stinkin' pig! Elizabeth! Ouch Read the room! Are you Gowther? Honestly.
That man has no tact.
I get it.
Sir Meliodas said it like that out of concern for me.
But that's precisely why I want to help.
Since I'm always the one being rescued by him.
Then you should express your feelings with actions, not words.
Actions? Yes.
For a woman, it's a man's word, but for a man, a woman's actions is what touches them, you know.
Well, that's my pet theory.
What's that sound? We're changing our initial plan.
We're heading to the royal capital Camelot immediately.
I've detected an abnormal surge of magical power.
Immediately? Merlin, what's going on? King Arthur! The Holy Knights with long-distance magical powers are in place! Be ready to counter that mysterious Giant! King Arthur! Up in the sky! A flying pig? What is that giant, mountain-like thing? How many times bigger is it than Mom? I don't know of anyone in the Giant race like that! I've detected multiple magic reactions inside its body, but no vital signs.
Most likely, it's a golem.
That's a Great Beast Albion.
Albion? A weapon created by the Demon race during the Ancient War.
It must've been awakened when the Ten Commandments were revived.
The Ten Commandments? I'll explain later.
This is like having the same nightmare again.
The sheer drive I sense from that thing.
It's the same level as when Hendrickson turned into that monster! A-Are you kidding me? Meliodas' Power Level is 3,370.
Even Merlin's is 4,710.
But that monster its Power Level is 5,500! Its bloodlust is overpowering! So it's reacting to our Power Levels, huh? This is Merlin's doing! Throwing up a magic-blocking wall in advance was the right call, eh? Enveloping the entire city in a barrier.
That's my Elder Sister! That said, covering this wide a range weakens the defensive effects.
It has maybe two blows left.
-And with that, it's gone.
-No way! Aerial magic, barrage! Don't let Camelot sustain an inch of damage! Enemy fire, eliminated! Well done, everyone! But we can't withstand the next one! Merlin! Send me over there! Everyone, retreat! Wh-What happened? A-A miracle? N-No.
This is his power, Full Counter! Yo! How've you been, Arthur? Sir Meliodas! Your timing couldn't have been better, Merlin! Slader! Take the princess inside.
I'll be steering somewhat erratically.
Now! An Albion's weak point is its core, hidden inside its chest! Let's run up and smash it in one blow! Follow Sir Meliodas! Arthur! You saved me.
Sir Meliodas, your cherished sword! Forgive me.
Because of me, your cherished sword is It's all right.
It was already pretty banged up after the battle with Hendrickson.
I'm amazed you stayed in one piece this long.
B-But without a weapon Now, then.
Now, then.
What am I gonna do? Captain! Putting aside whether I should return "that" to you, for now, let me give you this back! Sacred Treasure, Lostvayne! Ten years ago, after you sold it to a pawnbroker in Camelot, I bought it back.
And I'm charging serious interest! The captain's Sacred Treasure? You've had it all this time, Merlin? The expense was slightly high, though.
Sacred Treasure, release! What was that? For a second, Sir Meliodas' body That was so fast, it must be unbelievably sharp.
He chopped up that giant beast's arm with a single stroke! That Albion's acting strange! Whoa! He's growing all these huge horns! Oh? So it learned from the captain's Full Counter.
No way! Is it going to fire all five at once? It's no good! Even the captain can't handle that many on his own! There are five of Sir Meliodas? Full Counter! Well, what do you know.
I blasted away the core as well? Sir Meliodas! What was that attack just now? Oh, that was I-I swear, that guy doesn't know how to hold back! He defeated it by himself! So this is the true strength of Meliodas armed with a Sacred Treasure? Sir Meliodas.
Okay, Oslo, open up a portal to Liones, will you? It's fine.
The Fairy King's Forest doesn't need me anymore.
Hey, Jericho? Are you really gonna stay here in this forest? You're gonna regret it.
Leave me alone, okay? I'm not a Holy Knight anymore, after all.
Living with my brother is too stifling and I've had enough.
Human go home! An earthquake? No! The forest is growing.
Huh? What are you talking about? How could the forest grow at this speed? Right.
Normally, it wouldn't.
It may have sprouted from the seed of the Fairy King Forest's Great Tree, but there's no way it could grow this big in just 20 years.
The Fountain of Youth doesn't exist anymore.
No, it does exist.
Ende! Once every few years, that man comes to give life to the forest.
As soon as I'm done here, I'm leaving this forest.
No way! Sir Ban? Thanks to your long years of devotion, the forest is now well on the way to restoration.
There's no need to thank me for this.
I'm doing it for Elaine, that's all.
You said that you've been serving here since the time of the previous king, or the king before that, right? If you became king, wouldn't that make the other Fairies happy? It's different than being a Human king.
The Fairy King isn't chosen by others, nor does anyone proclaim himself king.
Rather, he's chosen by the Sacred Tree.
In that case, I don't qualify, either.
That goes without saying, you lowly Human.
Harlequin is the one who should be king.
You, after all, are nothing more than this forest's nutrients.
What was that? The forest's in an uproar for some reason.
Is it going through another growth spurt? No, that's not it! This is Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! King Ban! There's a scary monster outside the forest! Monster? Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa