Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e04 Episode Script

The Ten Commandments on the Move

1 Upon his return to the Fairy King's Forest, King is labeled a traitor.
The Fairies have recognized Ban, who revived the forest, as their new king.
All of them except for Gerheade, adviser to the Fairy King.
Meanwhile, Meliodas and the others have flown to the royal capital Camelot, and encounter the Demon race's ancient weapon, a colossal beast called an Albion.
When Meliodas takes hold of his Sacred Treasure, Lostvayne, he displays his true power and demolishes the Albion.
Full Counter! But Camelot isn't the only place where an Albion has appeared.
I have to hurry and warn everyone about those Demons! Before we do anything else, our first priority should be to get some rest.
The effects of the Goddesses' seal has depleted our magical powers.
If we're going to strike, now's our only chance.
Once they regain their full magical power, Liones will-- No, all of Britannia is sure-- Dreyfus.
I'll bring you back, no matter what.
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE FOUR: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ON THE MOVE A-Are you kidding? That monster is even bigger than the Great Tree of the Fairy King's Forest! Hey, you! Don't you know you're not allowed to enter this forest without King Ban's permission? Ru Run away! It's just like that time 20 years ago! The Demon race is attacking! Oh no! Hang in there, little guy! Let's hurry and make sure Ban knows! Again The forest is going to be wiped out again! What happened? Th-That's The Sunflower that blooms on the Fairy Realm's Sacred Tree! I-It can't be.
Harlequin! Spirit spear Chastiefol, fourth configuration! Sunflower! Going against a monster like that is reckless! There's no way he can beat it! Get out of the forest! King Ban might have forgiven you, but we never will! You traitor! He can't win, and yet why is he Why? All by himself Don't think you can do as you like in my homeland! Ban! Ban! It's terrible! There's this horrible monster outside! Fairy King Ban! Please protect our forest! Hey, wasn't this the doorway to the chamber? Ban! You're in there, aren't you? Would you please open up? I expected you to be at least a little taken aback by my actions.
You certainly are a Human with nerves of steel.
It's not that surprising.
I know some of you Fairies can't stand me being called the Fairy King.
Of course, I never asked any of you to call me that.
According to Elaine, the Humans' plans for you Fairies and the Fairy King's Forest weren't very pleasant.
So, it's only natural for you to despise me.
Not at all, Ban.
Believe it or not, I'm actually grateful.
You resurrected this forest after it was burned down by the disgusting Demon race and lost to us.
An ordinary Human couldn't have accomplished that.
But no Human can ever become the Fairy King.
The Fairy King must be chosen by the Sacred Tree.
What this forest needs is Harlequin.
And no one else! I told you.
I'm not interested in being your king! I don't know what you have in mind, but knock it off! Gerheade, listen close.
I'm planning to leave this forest whether you ask me to or not.
But that won't do.
What? You bastard! Open up! It won't budge! What's going on? This magical power belongs to Lady Gerheade.
But why? I have a really bad feeling about this.
Get back, little guy.
Ban! Are you the Human who wandered in here with Ban? I suggest you leave this forest at once.
Before you regret not doing so.
Don't worry.
This man will live on for the sake of the forest, as its new Fountain of Youth.
At his beloved's side forever.
Ban! Damn you! What did you do to Ban? I must assist the true Fairy King chosen by the Sacred Tree, and do all I can to ensure that the forest thrives.
I only fulfilled my duty, nothing more.
Ban! Ban, stay with me! Puora, why are you here? A-Actually, there's a monster out there and-- This tremendous clash of magical power What is the Fairy King battling? L-Lady Gerheade! What about King Ban? That's But why? Why? A weapon of the Demon race, sealed 3,000 years ago Spirit spear Chastiefol, second configuration! Guardian! Bumble Bee! King Harlequin! I can't lose this forest a second time! And I'm going back to Diane, no matter what! I can't afford to be defeated here! Fifth configuration, Increase! Diane.
I want to see you again.
I want to see your face.
I will assist you! Stay back! The Great Tree The Great Tree I'm sorry, everyone.
Like you all thought I don't deserve Lady Gerheade! Leave this to us.
Please hurry and get him away from here! Y-You guys! King Harlequin, please escape! After all, you're our king! Don't die, okay? That's too reckless! Stop it! Gerheade! Let me go! I won't! As long as the Fairy King exists, the forest will eventually be resurrected.
But if we lose our one and only Fairy King, then what would happen to the Fairy race and the forest? I beg of you, please don't let their feelings be for nothing.
Gerheade's right, you know.
You should flee while the others are holding it off for you.
To be honest, this monster is too powerful.
The Fairy Race was slothful.
Instead of facing hardship or threats, they pushed those responsibilities on you.
Thinking, "Whatever happens, the king will take care of it.
" But seeing you fight so recklessly, even though you fled in the past, it looks like they've finally regained their lost pride.
Until now, you've sacrificed too much of yourself.
You could be more selfish, you know, Harlequin.
Now go home to that humongous cutie of yours.
Fairy King? What are you Harlequin? What are you going to do? Come on.
Once will be enough.
Just work, okay? Sacred Treasure, release! See, I'm a greedy king, so Not just the forest but also my comrades.
And Diane.
I want to protect them all! Also, when I was unable to protect it, you saved Elaine's heart, and you're still protecting it.
Ban, I want to protect you, too! True spirit spear Chastiefol! Looks like the Albion's been destroyed.
Two of them, actually.
In separate locations.
Well, who cares about those things, anyway? They're just ancient toys, ravaged with rust.
How amusing! What do you find so funny? Who knew that even in this age, there'd still be people who'd stand against the Demon race? Right, I'm off! You're not really thinking of heading out with your magical power still depleted? What? It'll be a warm up exercise.
Or do you actually think they'll defeat me? Hold on.
Have you forgotten it was this arrogance that led to the Ten Commandments being sealed in disgrace? Well, memory loss in old men can be quite severe, you know? So, which direction will you go? Let's see.
It was just for a moment, but to the west-northwest, I detected Power Levels almost double the Albion's.
The one to the south was strange, because it seemed like the Albion self-destructed.
Like its own power slammed right back into it.
Thanks a lot! I've decided! The Ten Commandments.
Sealed away in ancient times, the Demon King's hand-picked elite troops.
And now these colossal monsters began moving because those same Ten Commandments have been released from a 3,000-year-old seal? Is that what you're telling me? I don't blame you for not believing me right away, but it's all true.
True, unless you've seen that monster with your own eyes, you'd never believe such a story.
To think that ancient Britannia had monsters like that roaming the continent.
It's terrifying.
If that's the case, Captain, then the Ten Commandments, who created the Albions, are even stronger, right? D-Do we stand a chance against enemies with such overwhelming power? Dear me.
This makes Hendrickson the other day seem sweet by comparison.
Right, Gowther? It's happening again.
My head feels fuzzy.
Aren't you guys forgetting something? As long as we have Meliodas' attack, we can crush any enemy, can't we? Th-That's true! You're absolutely right, Sir Pig! Sir Pig? That attack was incredible! It wasn't my attack, though.
It's Sacred Treasure Lostvayne's special ability.
Physical Clone, see? There are so many of Sir Meliodas.
Is this an illusion? I wonder if it is? Grope, grope, grope, grope.
Hey, you! Meliodas' Power Level is 3,370, I think, so five of him adds up to over 16,000.
Hey, wait.
All of them except the real Meliodas only have a Power Level a little above 420! Let me explain.
A clone is nothing more than a clone, and its Power Level falls short of the host's.
For example, if there's one clone, its Power Level will be half of the host's, so 1,685.
If there are four clones, they'll each have a fourth of the host's Power Level, roughly 420.
Doesn't that make them pretty weak? Numerically, yes.
However, the captain's Full Counter is a skill that, regardless of his Power Level, can deflect back all offensive magical power while using almost zero power.
I-I see.
No Sacred Treasure is a better fit for the captain than Lostvayne.
What's the matter, Lady Elizabeth? I really wanted to make myself useful to Sir Meliodas.
But in the end, I couldn't do a thing.
Lady Elizabeth.
Don't say that, or it will undermine my claim as a Holy Knight of Liones! I'm so sorry.
Still, it's even more apparent.
The fact that Meliodas doesn't have the slightest need for me.
Distant thunder? Nope.
I'm not seeing any rain clouds.
What's going on? Lady Elizabeth! Sir Meliodas! Merlin! Seventy-two steps, eh? C-Captain, is this Is this N-No way! I thought it would only take me 70 steps to get here, but I'm out of practice after 3,000 years! You're Galand of the Ten Commandments! It's been a while, Meliodas.
Just as I thought, it's you, eh? To think that after all this time, you'd still be in that form! How can how can there be a monster like this in the world? Merlin.
It seems like my Magical Eye is broken.
What? I mean, this can't be right, can it? A Power Level of 26,000? Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa