Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e06 Episode Script

The Great Holy Knight Atones For His Sins

1 Hendrickson and Dreyfus.
These two men are best friends who led the Holy Knights, after taking over for the late Grand Master Zaratras.
But Hendrickson, revealed to be the mastermind behind the plot to revive the Demon race, plunged the kingdom into chaos and during the battle, Dreyfus, unable to stop Hendrickson, lost his life.
And now, although Hendrickson appeared to have been defeated by Meliodas the truth is still shrouded in mystery.
Hendrickson! But Meliodas was supposed to have defeated you! You murdered my father! I'm going to avenge him! Hey, wait! Now's not-- Right now, you need to focus on the threat in front of you! Shut up! Dreyfus is alive.
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
I want the three of you to help me get close to that Demon.
Not a chance! Why should we help you? What should we do? DARK SNOW What are those black things? Be careful! If you touch that snow, you'll be killed instantly! You've got some nerve! Rising Tornado! Lightning King Iron Hammer! DARK NEBULA LONG SHIELD Y-You saved us, Griamore! Why didn't you protect Hendrickson, too? Don't worry about me.
But seriously, this one's a lot tougher than that red bastard.
This Demon's probably the same type as the one Hendrickson fused with.
The thought that even a drop of your blood flowed inside my body fills me with rage and disgust towards myself! Hey, old man, don't try to do everything by yourself! Whirl Shock! Thunderclap Strike! Purge! Did he kill it? That wasn't Hendrickson's magical power, Acid.
What did he do? It can't be Gilthunder, Howzer, thank you for the assistance.
You really have become powerful.
What's going on, Hendrickson? Purge was my father's magical power.
Why are you Purge is the Druids' secret technique to eradicate souls that are unnatural.
Like me, your father, Zaratras, was born a Druid, known as the sages of the forest, who worshipped the Goddess race.
I never knew anyone with a more virtuous, pure soul than him.
Both Dreyfus and I loved and respected him with all our hearts.
He was a true Holy Knight grand master.
Then why did you kill my father? Answer me! Ten years ago Dreyfus and I were ordered by His Majesty TEN YEARS AGO, DANAFALL to investigate the mysterious calamity that caused Danafall's collapse.
That was how it all started.
It's so hard to believe.
Six years ago, a nation prospered where this giant hole is, and scores of people lived there.
Maybe a meteor crashed here? I doubt it was a meteor.
To start with, I can sense traces of magical power coming from this hole.
I hope you're not going to tell me that somebody made this hole! Either way, how it was done is definitely beyond Human understanding.
Seriously, we have no concrete information or clues.
On top of that, it's pitch-black in here.
We're literally groping in the dark.
Dreyfus! Did you hear that? Yes.
You don't think someone who survived the great catastrophe is still here? Who knows, it could be a ghost.
But if we can't even see each other's faces, we're not going to find anything.
Guess it can't be helped.
You owe me an ale when we get back.
Hendrickson, what are you An Incantation Orb, huh? Well, somebody came prepared.
Lady Merlin gave it to me before we left.
Come to think of it, you never did like the dark, did you? Because of a formative experience.
From when I was a kid, living in the Druid village.
Female Druids become apostles of the Goddesses, and males become the priests who assist them, right? That's only one part of it.
Almost all Druids are apostles.
I was one of them.
When I was a kid, they always made me stand guard over the dead bodies.
You were supposed to watch over them till they decomposed, to keep the corpses from resurrecting with unnatural souls.
I hated that job.
I couldn't wait to get away from those corpses.
And that's when you acquired Acid, right? Thanks to that magical power, I was despised in my village, and reviled as a coward, a cursed child.
And that's how little Hendy got kicked out of his hometown.
Most people wouldn't laugh at that.
Hendrickson you're definitely not a coward.
You've just got a big heart.
Dreyfus, did you eat something strange? Just hear me out.
I'm sure you'll make a fine Holy Knight grand master one day.
My brother, the king, and I all think so.
H-Hey, wait a second! I don't have what it takes to become a grand master.
And isn't that your goal? I admit that it was my goal at one time.
But I was mistaken.
Now I aim to be the strongest Holy Knight, who can protect the peace of the kingdom.
And also to continue to be a source of pride for my son, Griamore.
You're actually pretty childish.
Wh-What did you say? But I envy you! Well, as long as my brother's around, we've got a long way to go before I become the most powerful Holy Knight and you become a grand master.
I completely agree! In that case, allow me to grant your wish.
This presence It can't be Is this what caused Danafall to vanish? What? It's not a Human, a Fairy, or a Giant.
This sinister magical power There's no question, it's the legendary Demon race! Humans.
If you offer me your bodies, I'll make your dreams come true.
Too bad for you, Demon.
It looks like you picked the wrong people to ask.
Then I'll just have to take them by force! Dreyfus! What's the matter? Weren't you going to take over my body? Dreyfus! I didn't expect that.
To think that my Manipulation Spell had no effect on him.
What a strong will and soul he has! My will is a sword that will sever anyone and anything, and a shield to protect my country, my people, my child, and my friends! I like that.
I'll stop at nothing to seize you! Good luck with that! There are other ways to go about it.
So this man is a Druid? Those who worship the evil Goddess race, and abhor my own Demon race.
No way! So, you're this man's best friend and mentor.
So your elder brother was also born a Druid? Right, Dreyfus? You bastard! Get out of Hendrickson's body right now! Or else I'll Kill me? I'm not opposed to that.
Although, it would only be this vessel that dies.
It really is too bad.
So you're Hendrickson, eh? If only you could use Purge like Zaratras.
All right, what now? Kill each other? Or do you want to go get a drink? Do whatever you want.
But if you kill Hendrickson, I swear I'll kill you! What a beautiful friendship.
Fine then.
I guarantee this man's safety.
I'm sorry, Brother.
Forgive me Griamore.
All right, let's head back to the kingdom.
We've got to report to the king right away that we found nothing here.
At that point, my mind was already under his spell.
When we returned to the royal capital, he and I conspired to murder Sir Zaratras, as he would no doubt pose a threat to us.
And then we framed the Seven Deadly Sins for the deed and exiled them.
But why the Seven Deadly Sins? Sixteen years ago, he fought a desperate battle against Meliodas in Danafall, and fled in defeat.
Against Meliodas? And then he lived on in secret, regained his powers, and chose Dreyfus as his host body until the moment of his revenge.
SIXTEEN YEARS AGO, DANAFALL The Demon's name is Fraudrin.
And in Meliodas' eyes, he is the one who killed the love of his life.
In the end, I couldn't protect you.
Don't cry.
Someday we'll meet again.
Sir Meliodas? Yo, Elizabeth! Really! I didn't know what I'd do if you never opened your eyes again! I was so afraid! No need to cry.
By the way, where are we? And where are the others? Please don't worry.
This is the king's castle in Camelot.
And the others are How is it now? Thank you.
Most of the feeling is back.
I'm sorry, Merlin.
I'm always the one being protected.
But I couldn't protect you! A man shouldn't cry forever.
I'm sure that even Elder Sister would say so.
But I know that Merlin's disappointed in me.
Then I guess we'll have to hear it from Merlin herself, huh? Sir Meliodas! Have your wounds healed? Nope, not at all.
There we go.
U-Um Hey, so tell me what happened.
I really don't see Galand just slinking away without finishing us off.
I manipulated his memories a bit.
Making him think that he did finish you off, you see.
Gowther! So you're back in your normal form! But why are you dressed like that? I have no clothes! Don't show us that.
Hey, are you okay now? In what way? In what way? Well, you remember You don't have to worry about me losing control.
Since I have this restraint bracelet to stop me.
This is Merlin's magic item, a prototype of the Peace Amulet.
Did you put that on yourself? No.
And now I bid you farewell.
There are things I must do.
I put it on Gowther when he wasn't looking.
Heh, heh! -That voice! -Merlin? I'm right here.
Oh wow! That little ball can talk! That's Merlin's Sacred Treasure.
Just before my body turned completely to stone, I transferred my soul to the Morning Star Aldan.
Thank goodness! Wait, is that a good thing? No, it's inconvenient not to have a body.
This Commandment can't be reversed, even with my magical powers.
According to Galand, these Commandments derive their power from the Demon King.
If anything can challenge it, it'd probably be the Goddess race's power.
But the greatest threat of all is the sheer strength of Galand himself.
After all, his magical powers were depleted, and yet we were helpless against him.
We were trounced, huh? And there are ten of those monsters in all.
Meaning that Okay! How about we come up with a strategy? A strategy for what? What else? To beat those Ten Commandments, of course! You make it sound like it's going to be easy.
Just what kind of strategy will help us defeat an opponent we were no match for? But back then, the people and the other races fought that same terrifying foe, didn't they? Sure, but doesn't that just mean that those guys were really strong? As expected of you, Hawk.
To put it another way, we're weak.
In times of peace, none of the citizens would ever have to wield a sword.
But if you're living in a time of constant war, even children must learn swordsmanship if they want to survive.
Meaning that 3,000 years ago, Britannia was that embroiled in vicious warfare and bloodshed.
In that case, there's only one way for us to win.
We must become stronger.
Merlin just made it sound easy, too.
That's okay.
The way Elder Sister says it, it's so convincing! Power up, huh? I'm fired up! So let me index everyone's powers.
First, the strength of our team.
The captain's Power Level, 3,370.
Diane's Power Level, 3,250.
Gowther's Power Level, 3,100.
My Power Level, 4,710.
King's Power Level, 4,190.
Ban's Power Level, 3,220.
The total Power Level of six of the Seven Deadly Sins is 21,840.
Don't forget my Power Level of 3,000! In contrast, the Ten Commandments' Power Level.
If Galand's Power Level is 26,000 with his magical power depleted, and we assume that the other Ten Commandments are as strong as Galand, their total Power Level would be 260,000.
When they completely regain their magical powers, it will be more than 300,000.
Furthermore, should they summon the Albions and lower-ranked Demons, needless to say, the outlook will be even bleaker for us.
So we need to make sure we all compensate for that massive disparity by powering up.
Also, Princess Elizabeth, Arthur For this battle, it will be imperative that your magical powers are awakened.
Please you overestimate me, Merlin.
Ultimately, I wasn't able to protect my people, the Holy Knights, or even you.
Arthur Lady Merlin, I'll do it! If there's anything I can do no, even if I can't right now, I'll do anything if it will help me to accomplish it! I like that attitude.
And there's one more key that we mustn't forget.
It seems like it's time to search for that man.
You mean me? The Seven Deadly Sins, the Sin of Pride.
Lion Sin, Escanor! The final member of the Seven Deadly Sins? All right! Now that it's settled, we can't just sit around here, huh? I mean, if I can get myself to Power Level 1 million, it'll be an easy win, right? Now then, now then, now then! We should probably tell Diane about this, huh? Hey, you! Listen to me! He really did a number on her, huh? Well, Diane's tough.
She should be fine! Dian-- That's dangerous.
Ouch Is that you, King? Don't just pop up out of nowhere! So, where've you been all this time? Oh, you know.
This whole town was swarming with Demons, and it was one huge commotion! Here, too? Is Diane all right? I want to see you right away.
I want to see you, and tell you how I feel! Diane! Diane? Who? It's me, Diane! Who are you? What? Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa