Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e07 Episode Script

Where Memories Lead

1 You fools! The power of Galand, one of the Ten Commandments, overwhelms the Seven Deadly Sins.
But thanks to Gowther's quick thinking, they manage to escape this crisis.
Heh, heh.
Meanwhile, hearing that Diane's memories have returned, King bids Ban farewell in the Fairy King's Forest, and heads to the royal capital, Camelot, but Who are you? Don't give me a heart attack! It's me, King! King? That's right! King! Oh, please! King's not a little boy like you.
He's an unshaven blimp of a Fairy! Well, yeah, of course, but Diane? Are you half-asleep? Meliodas! Huh? When did she stop calling you by your title? A-Are you all right, Diane? Who are you? This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE SEVEN: WHERE MEMORIES LEAD It might be amnesia caused by blunt force trauma to the head.
M-Merlin! You got your body back? No.
It's just an illusion to make it easier for you to talk to me.
You not above using tricks, are you? Diane's forgotten about Hawk and me, but she does remember Sir Meliodas.
When was the last time she called me Meliodas? Poor King, you should've seen how pale he was! As for me, I came this close to being eaten raw! You know, there's something I wanted to tell you the second we were reunited.
I wish Meliodas would get back already.
Oh, the captain should be here any second! Meliodas was that the name of that boy? What's wrong? Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins.
The Seven Deadly Sins? She's losing her memories? That's right! Now it's not just me, she's forgotten about the captain, too! Come to think of it, when I first met Diane, she might've called me by my first name.
For now, let's just observe Diane.
Wh-What do you mean she's gone? Well She left in a rush.
Where could she have gone? That's easy.
She must be headed to where she lived before joining the Seven Deadly Sins.
What do you mean? Lost World.
I erased her memories.
Wishing to learn about emotions, I manipulated Guila's memories.
Diane strongly condemned me for that, and said Erase precious memories nobody can do that! So as a test, I erased hers.
As I thought, they were easily erased.
Memories are nothing more than bits of information, after all.
Gowther! How could you do that to someone's memories? King! No.
I have no right to condemn you.
But at least tell me this.
What feelings did you experience when you erased her memories? Feelings? I don't understand the question.
Surely they aren't necessary to erase someone's memories.
Not necessary, huh? What's wrong? Why are you angry? Gowther! I'm not angry.
I'm genuinely disappointed in you, that's all.
People's hearts aren't playthings! Captain, I'm sorry, but I'm going after Diane even if I'm on my-- Don't just stand there, King! We're going after Diane right now! Okay! Idiot.
But where should we look for her? Before Diane joined the Seven Deadly Sins, I heard she lived in her home town.
Then you mean The Giant race's homeland, Megadoza.
Wait for me, Diane! I promise I'll get your memories back for you! Matrona! It's started.
Diane, Dolores.
Let's go.
SIXTEEN YEARS AGO It's a monster! No, that's the Giant race The Fang of the Earth, Matrona! Toss! Dolores! Dolores, are you okay? Quit fooling around! Damn, those barbarians hired a Giant of their own! Great Rumbling Mountain, Dumbelbas.
Western Warrior Chief, is that you? Give me your life.
A resounding victory for our side! Hey, little Giant girl! Here's the reward we promised you! Right! You died a noble death, Dumbelbas.
Our warrior chief has returned! We heard all about it, Matrona! How you brought down Dumbelbas of the West! Yes, he was a valiant warrior chief.
Dolores, what was that today? W-Well The same goes for you, Diane.
How many did you kill? W-Well, ten, maybe? I tossed them into the lake, and-- Why didn't you kill them? Someday you'll regret not having finished them off when you had the chance.
B-But that's no reason to kill them! Why do we have to help the Humans fight each other? The Humans provide us with battles and rewards, while the Giants provide the Humans with power.
It's called coexistence.
Even so, to have to kill other Giants, too We Giants are a proud race of warriors.
Seeking war is our duty, and dying in battle is our greatest desire.
It's our nature to find meaning in life through battle.
And that's why ending an opponent's life in a fair fight is the greatest courtesy we can offer.
For a warrior, winning the battle is the only justice there is! Think of defeat as death! Know that to live after being defeated is an even greater humiliation! Heavy Metal! There, there.
All right.
Your turn, Diane! Heavy Metal! What's the matter? Is that all you've got? Not yet.
Not yet! Please stop! Dolores! We'll be called on to fight again soon.
Don't slack on your training.
We've had enough! We don't want to fight anymore! We don't want to go to any more battles! Then have a child.
Raise a warrior to take your place.
Dolores, which do you want to eat? Roast pork? Stewed pork? Diane, you left our homeland once, years ago, didn't you? Did you have fun? Well, I don't have any memories of that time.
I've been thinking of leaving our homeland, too.
Really? When are you leaving? Keep your voice down! S-Sorry.
But are you serious? I hate going into battle.
Not only that, I could never kill anyone.
I'd rather die than have to fight! Hey, Diane.
What is it? If I have a baby, will I be excused from any more fighting? You don't have babies to create tools for fighting.
You do it to immortalize yourself.
What? Immortalize? What did I just say? Matrona, why are you so committed to that girl? Yes, her father and mother were certainly two of our best warriors, but I find it hard to believe that she's of their blood.
What happened to your hand? Diane has the potential to surpass all of our warrior chiefs, past and present.
I'll train her to be the most powerful warrior of the Giant race, no matter what.
Dolores! Dolores! What is it? I'm leaving the homeland, too! I can't stand this place any longer! So, I'm going with you! I sorry.
I know I said something like that at the time, but I'm having second thoughts.
Wh-Why? Because where else would members of the Giant race be accepted? I'm sure everybody will be afraid of us, and no one will ever accept us.
What am I gonna do? If it's just me Hey! You Giant! Stop right there! If you wanna pass, you gotta pay up! This road was built by us mighty Humans.
And we don't let barbarians like the Giant race use it without permission! Who are you? You should be ashamed of yourselves, grown men ganging up on one little girl! R-Retreat! You're safe now.
Did those guys scare you? Hey, what's the matter? Nothing! Thank you! You're welcome! A-Aren't you afraid of me? Well, I'm gonna have lunch now.
How about joining me? Really? So you came here from Liones? Come visit sometime if you want! But I'm one of the Giant race, so everyone will be scared of me.
At the least, my teammates won't be scared at all.
They're really diverse, so it's fun! I'm Meliodas.
I'm searching for someone, so I'll be around for a while.
If fate allows, we'll meet again! Let it be! S-See you later! My name's Diane.
See ya, Diane! See you, Meliodas! So there are people who'll accept us.
And there's even a place where we'll be accepted! Dolores! She's dead? She was sent to guard a mining town, but when she was fighting off some bandits I know she was on her own, but losing to mere bandits is pathetic.
Who sent Dolores there alone? Naturally, as warrior chief, I did.
Even if she was useless, I'm sure it was satisfying to die while fighting.
Tomorrow morning, we'll join the Liones knights in a large-scale suppression of the barbarians.
She didn't want to die fighting like you do, Matrona.
Dolores She would've rather died than have to fight! Diane.
How do you feel about it? I don't feel strongly either way.
If push comes to shove, I'll fight.
But it'll be to protect someone precious to me.
To fight for the sake of fighting that's too sad! That's absurd.
Someone precious to you? The only reason we live is for power and pride! You're wrong! Our lives I know that our lives Since you returned after wandering for 500 years, you've been spewing utter nonsense.
Who put those ideas in your head? To start with, what's with this outfit? Acting like you're a Human or a Fairy! Don't ever forget, Diane.
You're a member of the proud Giant race.
Not a Human or a Fairy! Forget those silly dreams of yours.
Am I really that strange? Hey, Meliodas.
I wonder what you would say.
I'll always love you, and I'll always be by your side! I don't think Meliodas ever said anything like that.
No, he might've said that to me! I could live with Meliodas someday, have a lot of kids together, and live happily.
If only I can at least dream about that, can't I? We're here to report for work.
Well, well! We've been waiting for you to arrive.
Fang of the Earth, Lady Matrona.
And who's the girl behind you? An elite member of our race, Diane.
I can vouch for her talent.
Well, that sounds promising! Two beautiful warriors! I am Gannon, a Holy Knight of Liones! Liones? By any chance, is Meliodas in this order? Meliodas? Oh, I believe that was the name of the suspicious ruffian His Majesty recently summoned from somewhere.
By the way, Sir Gannon, where are the enemy barbarians? I can't seem to detect their presence.
Apparently, they've made themselves invisible with the help of a shaman, so we've been on standby.
How annoying.
Lady Matrona! I hear something over there! Nobody's there? Now the voice is over there! Matrona! We did it! She completely fell for it! What do you think of my magical power, Hollow Sound? Magical power? If used properly, even a pathetic magical power like this can fell any opponent! So you tricked us? Bringing down a single Giant is a greater achievement than bringing down a thousand barbarians.
And all the more so if you've killed the Fang of the Earth on a rampage, see? Come on, men! Let's kill the Giant race in one fell-- Matrona! You're grossly underestimating the Giant race, who can control the earth.
C-Curse you! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Just one shot will do! Make sure you hit her! These arrows Heavy Metal! I could've handled it by myself! Matrona! As expected, this deadly dragon poison works so fast! Poison? The Giant race may be able to turn their bodies into metal, but all it takes is a light scratch! And now you're history-- Matrona! Live, Diane.
Oh no, you don't! I won't let you die and leave me behind! This is what war is all about.
For goodness' sake, stop being so naive! So cruel.
You're so cruel! How can you say that at a time like this? I was asked by your father and mother They asked me to raise you as my younger sister, so you'd be strong enough to survive on your own.
Since all I know is how to fight, I couldn't teach you anything except for that.
And now that you're crying like this, I can't even think of any words of comfort.
Now all you can do is protect yourself.
Be coldhearted! But I can never be like you, Matrona.
Now! Kill them! How naive are you? If you made the effort, you could gain power even I could never hope to match.
No no way.
I can't take this! Let's go back to the kingdom to report this.
Wh-What are we going to report? I have an idea.
Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa Megadoza lies to the north.
At a distance of over 300 miles away.
I hope Diane's all right.
We'll bring her back, no matter what.
Diane of the Giant race! Out of envy for her power, you poisoned and killed Matrona, warrior and friend of the kingdom! Moreover, in order to silence any witnesses, you massacred 330 innocent Liones knights! This great sin is both despicable and horrific! Therefore, you are sentenced to be beheaded! That sentence will have to wait! Wh-Who are you? By direct order of His Majesty the king, I, the Great Sinner Meliodas, will take custody of the Giant, Diane! Because it's my responsibility.