Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e12 Episode Script

Where Love is Found

1 Listen up.
Don't hold it in.
Let it all out.
And then beg for forgiveness with all your heart.
Those are the last words that I can leave my son as your father.
Leaving Ban with some fatherly advice, Zhivago quietly passes away.
Meanwhile, after completing his training, Meliodas boldly appears before the Ten Commandments alone and provokes them.
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE 12: WHERE LOVE IS FOUND Curse you! Curse you, Meliodas! How dare you humiliate me like that! Find him immediately, Melascula! If we don't stop him now, he'll become a threat to the Ten Commandments once more! You want to lose to him again? What did you say? Melascula's right.
You're currently no match for him.
Take a second to calm down, Galand.
Our goal is to conquer Britannia.
From this point on, we're splitting up.
In teams of two or more, do what's necessary to restore your magical power, and get it done quickly.
As for how to confront and eradicate the other races, you're free to do as you like.
Are you declaring war on Meliodas? War? This is no war.
It's annihilation.
But we can't let our guard down.
Meliodas is one obvious reason, but he also has the Seven Deadly Sins on his side.
You've mentioned that name before.
Who are they, anyway? Who gives a damn about any of that? You say I'm no match for Meliodas? In that last battle, if I'd really wanted to, that little bastard Galand.
Lying is wrong.
Even we aren't immune to being cursed if we break our own Commandments, or have you forgotten? All right, as of this moment, in the name of our Demon King, our subjugation of Britannia begins! Older Brother, what should we do? It's the first time in 3,000 years that we've been outside.
I want to enjoy this fresh air for a while.
That's fine.
There's something I need to take care of nearby.
You're too noisy.
Whoa, this is really tasty! That's because it's my special pulled rabbit soup I stewed for two days! There seems to be a lot of delicious-looking food here.
Good eye there, mister! And the lovely lady at your side should have some, too! MERCHANT TOWN - VAIZEL RUINS Okay, guys, we're running out of time! I've got plenty of food and ale for you all! So eat, drink, and build that thing at top speed! As expected of you, Mr.
Taizoo! Well, yeah! Carving into the boulder that flattened Vaizel to build a huge coliseum! Yep! And it'll be called the Taizoo Fighting Coliseum! The money's going to come pouring in! The name's pretty lame, but it looks interesting.
What the-- MINING TOWN - FERSON As we anticipated, he's there! Holy Knight Grand Master Dreyfus! Look at him.
Those eyes and that mark.
There's no way they belong to a Human.
Who knew that both of the guys who drove us to this outpost were monsters? I hear that his sidekick Hendrickson was defeated by the Seven Deadly Sins.
The Seven Deadly Sins, huh? Well, we can't lose to a geriatric order of knights, can we? Arden! If you take things into your own hands and ruin Sir Denzel's operation, you know what will happen, right? Yeah, yeah! Elder Sister Deldry! That's a good boy! You're not my type though.
All right, in the name of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky, let's start the mission.
ARDEN, DELDRY Yo! Sir Meliodas! I'm glad you're okay! Didn't I tell you? I only went over there to say hi, remember? B-But listen, you! How did you greet them? What, what, what? I just warned them that if they did something stupid, we'd beat them up! You're the one who did something stupid! What you did was pick a fight with them! Well, I guess that's true.
You intentionally went out of your way to wake a sleeping Giant! You moron! Do you have to get that mad? -How can we not get mad? -How can we not get mad? Why, you-- Right now, Britannia is teeming with nations and towns.
They can raid them more efficiently if they split up That thought will definitely cross their minds.
As long as the Ten Commandments are all in one place, frankly, we don't stand a chance myself included.
So we're gonna separate them, and crush them one or two at a time! I see! Sounds good to me.
Makes my snout tingle! I see that you're done with your training, too, Ha-- YOU'RE SO COOL, BIG BRO! Yo, Zaneri.
If you're here, then is Elizabeth done with her trial, too? Um oh Are you ignoring me? Hey, it looks like the others have emerged, too.
Arthur, what's that bizarre object on your head? A mystery.
A-A mystery.
-I'm scared! -Yes, there, there.
Such a good boy! G-Gria more? Is that you? Sir Meliodas! There you are, Elizabeth! I'm sorry.
It took me a while to get changed.
Lady Zaneri said that what I was wearing before would be hard to move around in.
Wh-What do you think? I like it! We can't have her hindering you any more than she already does.
So I thought her outfit, at least, should be easy to move around in.
What a sight for sore eyes! Disciplinary action.
I can see that you were able to power up, too, Elizabeth! Oh! Hawk Has your power been restored, Sir Meliodas? -Are you ignoring me? -Yeah.
So, Elizabeth, how did your training go? Right.
I failed! You failed? I failed.
Completely? Completely.
Jenna, Zaneri, thanks for everything.
Next time, come for a leisurely visit.
And bring Ban with you, too.
Sure! Hey, where'd Theo go? He's taking a nap.
A nap? Jeez, what a baby! M-Meliodas! What wrong, Zaneri? No, never mind.
I know exactly how you feel, okay? So don't let it get you down, Elizabeth.
But at this rate, I feel like I'll never be useful to you to everybody.
Elizabeth It's an undeniable fact that you saved us during the battle in the kingdom, right? I guarantee that you've got some unbelievable latent magical power in you! What's one or two failures? Look at how many thousands of times I've failed to control my wrath.
Right! Since you have faith in someone like me, I'm never going to complain again! You're acting strange, Harlequin.
What happened inside that cave? Nothing.
The road to atonement will be grueling, but don't ever discard who you are! Right.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Lady Jenna! Indeed! Now go out there and save the world! So long, little runts! I'm sure you're gonna miss me big time, but-- -Ow! Ow! Ow! -Hurry up, pretend pig punk.
Who're you calling fake? Ouch! My ear! My ear! Hey, Zaneri, that trial you gave to the princess, to make the seed in the goblet bloom? You intentionally left out the seed, didn't you? I'm sure that I sensed Druid-like magical power emanating from that princess.
And you should've picked up on that, too.
So why did you do it, Zaneri? Zaneri, you don't still care for Meliodas-- Th-That has nothing to do with it! I already know that Meliodas will never have feelings for me! Meliodas is a really earnest man.
And that's why I want to distance the princess from Meliodas.
If anything should happen to the princess, Meliodas will once again-- That pains me, more than I can bear.
You know what I'm talking about! Why Meliodas will protect the princess, even if it means laying down his life.
There's only one reason.
Because Elizabeth is the reincarnation of Liz! What I wouldn't give for a quick drink! Oh, Sir Meliodas! M-Meliodas, is it true that you fought a battle with the Ten Commandments? Yeah, just some light sparring.
Little Gil, Howzer.
Looks like you guys powered up, too.
Did you hear that, Howzer? Yeah, but the thing is, it doesn't feel real to me.
Then allow me to take a look! Hmm, hmm, hmm! Little Gil, your Power Level went up from 1,970 to 2,330.
Howzer, your Power Level went up from 1,910 to 2,350.
I can't believe you remember their previous levels.
Well, yeah.
You can call me Power Level Maniac Hawk! Still, that new look of yours How and why did you end up like that, exactly? It's a long story, but in a nutshell I was fighting a Tyrant Dragon, and it swallowed me whole, so I devoured it back.
And I ended up like this! You mean you ate your way out of its stomach to escape? Hawk, is your stomach okay? Whether it's burned or raw, the captain of the Order of Scraps Disposal isn't allowed to be picky! THAT'S MY BIG BRO! And that's how I got this invincible power! Breathing fire from my nose Hot! With my ears transformed into wings, I can soar across the sky! Well, I can see that everyone's been through a lot.
Such a good boy, Griamore.
There, there, don't you cry! Ouch! Be more gentle, Sir Gowther! It's quite stubborn.
Let's hear about it along the way.
The thing that made me happiest was seeing that you hadn't changed at all, even with your power restored.
Right! I haven't changed one bit! Th-That's not what I meant! B-By the way, Sir Hawk! What's Meliodas' Power Level? Ah, so you're curious about that, my boy? Actually, I am, too! Let's see Power Level 3,250! Meliodas is incredible after all, isn't he? Isn't he? Well, yeah.
But we can catch up to that level in no time! Hey, hey, Meliodas! For someone whose power was restored, your Power Level went down from 3,370! You forgot to add an extra zero, Hawk.
Meaning his Power Level's 32,500? 32,500? Now then, now then, now then! Our next order of business will be to look for Escanor! The final member of the Deadly Sins? What good would it do to look for him now? Won't you be enough? Escanor's more powerful than me.
What's wrong, Mom? Y-Your dad But that's not-- No way! I thought we buried your dad in that grave! S-Stay away! What's the matter? You two supposedly loved me so much.
My dear is dead! Go back to the other world, dammit! You monster! My eyes! My eyes! O souls who wander purgatory.
O souls who still have regrets in this world.
I shall grant you the opportunity to seek revenge on those who have forgotten you and continue to enjoy life.
Rage, rage! That rage will become the source of your new power.
I knew you were doing something in secret ever since the seal was broken.
So this is what you were busy doing! What was that chill just now? What's going to happen in this forest? What's this indescribable uneasiness I'm feeling? Lady Gerheade! You're being noisy, Puora! B-Behind you! No way.
Impossible! I-Is that you, Elaine? But how? You're supposed to be dead.
It's Lady Elaine! -Lady Elaine's been brought back to life! -It's a miracle! Gerheade.
You had a long conversation with Ban, didn't you? And the rest of you surrounding Ban, looking like you were having so much fun.
Imperial Wrath of the Golden Wind.
That's not fair.
Ban belongs to me.
And then you wounded Ban.
What are you doing, Elaine? Imperial Wrath of the Zephyr.
Ban wait for me.
Come! Come to me, Oslo.
What's wrong, Oslo? You're being called? By who, exactly? Harlequin! Don't do it! Don't let him go! W-Wait, Oslo! Helbram! Who called Oslo? Apparently, a portal's opened up between this world and the next.
The next world? You mean the land of the dead? Yes.
Someone's bringing the dead back to life.
Not only that, but their souls are corrupted.
Souls that still have regrets in this world are being revived all over.
Could it be that the one who summoned Oslo is one of the dead brought back to life? It can't be.
No way! You're going off on your own? Are you going to search for Diane? That's one reason.
But now I've got another reason for needing to go.
-Then the rest of us will-- -I don't intend to ask for your help.
Didn't I tell you? I don't trust you.
Now then, now then, now then, that's not good.
King! That's a bit much.
What is it about Meliodas that you can't trust? Everything.
I don't know how you can trust him.
Someone whose identity is unknown, and won't tell us their background! Well, you can say the same about me! I have no idea who my real parents are, or who I really am.
Even so, both you and Sir Meliodas came to my aid.
Sorry, I'm in a rush.
Zhivago, rest in peace.
What a good guy, huh? Yeah.
If Zhivago hadn't been around, I would've been dead long ago.
I'm talking about you! Jeez! You're so thick! No! Hate I hate women.
All women should just die! Always always betraying me.
I'll kill you.
So this is one of the resurrected corpses we've been hearing about.
B-Ban! I see, superhuman strength.
So, you're not like the ones who were merely brought back to life.
I hate wom-- Ban! I don't know what your deal is, but you seem to have a grudge against women.
Hey! Are you all right? Yeah, were you hurt-- Elai ne.
Ban! Get away from her right now! Elaine.
I've missed you, Ban! It seems that an unsettling air is swirling outside.
Heaven forbid.
Heaven forbid! Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa