Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e13 Episode Script

Farewell, Beloved Thief

1 Provoked by Meliodas, who completed his training, the Ten Commandments split up to achieve their goal of conquering Britannia.
But that's exactly what Meliodas was hoping they'd do, in order to divide their power.
Meanwhile, Ban had just watched his adopted father Zhivago pass away, when Elaine, whose body lies in the Fairy King Forest, appears before him.
H-Hey! Wait, wait! What are you two doing? This turn of events is weird, isn't it? This is the real Elaine.
That's not what I mean! That woman just tried to rip your throat out! Don't worry.
-I'm not gonna die, and you're not hurt.
-I don't like you! Stop it, Elaine.
She's not our enemy.
No, she is our enemy.
Since she's trying to steal you from me.
You bastard, what's this all of a sudden? Die.
Stop that.
Why are you protecting her? You're the only woman I love, Elaine.
Ban! If that's true, then why are you protecting her? This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE 13: FAREWELL, BELOVED THIEF I've been watching all this time from the land of the dead, Ban! I saw you talking with her! I saw you traveling with her! I wanted to travel with you, too, Ban! That was my dream! And to see that dream coming true for her so easily I won't forgive her! -That's enough! -Be quiet.
Elaine, what happened to you? Ban, you idiot! Damn you! No need to rush, I'll be sure to kill you too! Listening to you, I can tell you're such a selfish woman! How can you do something like that to the man you love! All of this is your fault! I just don't want Ban to stop me from killing you! You bastard! Do you really love Ban? Stop it, Jericho! Elaine's not behaving normally right now! What do I care whether she's normal or abnormal? Answer me! I love him.
I love him.
I love him.
I love him.
I love him.
I love him.
I'm in love with Ban, too! I love Ban far more than you do! I'm not going to lose! Ban will never love you.
He'll never look your way.
Get out of the way, Jericho! Elaine's being controlled by someone else! Listen up! With my height and this chest, I'm a way better match for Ban than a flat-chested, puny girl like you! Not only that, but Not only that, but I owe Ban my life! I'll do anything if it's for Ban's sake! But the thing is, I'd never do anything that would hurt the guy I love! Never! Even so There's no one else for Ban but you.
Asleep or awake, you're all he thinks about! He's given up everything to wander all over the place, just so he can bring you back to life! Controlled? Like I care! You keep saying you love Ban, but you're being so easily controlled right now! I know! Elaine You don't have to tell me that! Somebody! Somebody please stop me! One day I will steal you.
I promised, remember? You belong to me forever.
Starting now, let's travel together.
Okay? I'm sorry, Ban.
I never wanted you to see this ugly side of me, but I just couldn't hold it back by myself.
I'm Fox Sin Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins.
No matter how ugly that side may be, I'm going to steal it all.
Ban! Elaine? Elaine! Stay with me! What did you expect would happen? The Vengeful Soul Resurrection Law is a forbidden technique that amplifies the dead's regrets, and summons their rage back to this world as a life force.
If you fight this rage, or if your regrets vanish, then death will await you once again.
Take care of Elaine for me.
Are you one of the Seven Deadly Sins that Fraudrin mentioned? Fraudrin? I don't know that name.
Th-This overpowering feeling Not good! You two tell me your names first.
For a mere Human, you're quite a feisty brat! I'm Melascula of Faith, of the Demon race's Ten Commandments.
Galand of Truth, the same.
I'll kill you.
What an amusing trick! A mere Human, kill us, the Ten Commandments? Critical Strike! Damned whippersnapper! Why are you so irritated? This isn't enough to heal the wounds I received from that traitor.
It won't cure the humiliation Meliodas inflicted on me! Oh, yeah? Traitor to the Demon race, huh? So it was the captain who did that to your face? How can you still be alive after your body was split in half? I'm Undead Ban.
There's no one who can kill me.
These Seven Deadly Sins are they all curiosities like you? I guess.
And we all love to obliterate guys like y-- Undead or not, if I destroy your head, it's over for you.
Huh? I've never seen any Human regenerate after that.
Is that his magical power? A magical power disappears the moment its host expires.
What we're seeing is his unique attribute.
He's sure to be hiding some other latent power.
I apologize for calling you a whippersnapper.
I'm willing to take just one punch from you, if you want.
What do you say? Will you show me that magical power of yours? Those games you play will one day be the death of you.
It's a handicap! As it is, it's two against one.
You're going to regret this! I'm Galand of Truth, I keep my promises! Hunter Fest! What's this sensation? All right, if you insist, I'll lay one on you! Oh, sorry, I hit you twice.
How can this be? I can only exert half of my power.
That's what I was talking ab-- Stealing the physical strength from every living thing in a certain range around him and adding that strength to his own seems to be his magical power.
Most likely, his current Power Level is higher than yours.
What's the matter, Demon? Entertain me some more! How dare you toy with me! Good going, Ban! Jeez, how much power does the captain have, anyway? Too bad, I was gonna do you a favor and make your stupid face symmetrical again.
Then maybe you should steal some more power? But I wonder why you're not doing just that? A warrior's pride? No, you don't seem to be the type.
The answer is, you can't.
It must be a problem with your own capacity.
You're the type of woman I hate the most! Cocoon of Darkness.
You pass the test! What are you talking about? Everyone has something precious in their heart that they have faith in, and trust.
For example, a god, or perhaps a lover.
But Human hearts are weak.
One trivial event can cause them to easily abandon that faith.
And that's evil.
Anyone who harbors faithlessness in my presence, no matter who they are, will have their eyes set ablaze.
You pass the test.
Even when your irrational lover's rage was unleashed upon you, you never harbored any doubt or hatred towards her, even for a moment.
You have an extremely pure and beautiful soul.
Tell me, what do you think a soul becomes after it dies? Nothing.
My body is This is bad! What happened? Undead Ban.
You're coming with me.
What is your purpose in seeking the Fountain of Youth? The saint you killed, Elaine was my little sister! Don't mess with me, dammit! Well, I'm glad.
No matter what, you're my friend, Ban.
You idiot, Ban! If you go any further, it's all over between us, got that? I wish it had been me that Ban came to steal instead of the Fountain of Youth Captain Elaine What's going on, Sir Meliodas? Ban Melascula, could you let me have that soul? No way.
It's mine.
Ban! Run! I'll take that! Thanks for the meal! Ban! No! Galand! How dare you snatch my prey! First come, first served! But his soul was mine! I already devoured it, so nothing can be done! Did he say he devoured Ban's soul? It's not true, right, Ban? There's no way you could die.
Because you're the immortal After being forced to babysit you, what kind of treatment is this? Babysit? What are you babbling about, little girl? Inconsiderate old men are impossible to deal with, I see.
Ban I'll avenge you! You don't have to worry about that.
Fox Hunt! What did you do? He just demolished one of our hearts.
Ban! How can he still be alive? I was sure I devoured his soul.
No need to rush.
He absorbed more strength than he can handle, so the toll must be considerable.
We can take our time pursuing him.
That hurt! You could've set me down a little more gently! Ban! Hey! Are you all right? Oh, Ban thank goodness! I thought I might never see you again, and it made me so scared! Yeah, I was preparing myself for that, too.
At this rate, I'm going to get caught.
I'll be a decoy.
Zhivago! Let me make amends for that day.
Don't be stupid! If they devour your soul, you'll never get to see your son! You're my precious son, too.
I know Selion will understand.
For your girlfriend's sake! For your friend's sake! Dad! Ban, run! Thanks for the meal! I see, so the old man H-Hey! Please.
take Elaine and run.
But what about you? I'm immortal.
I'll catch up later, I swear.
No! You're up against soul-devouring Demons.
Please, Jericho, go with Ban and escape.
No way, Elaine! Because of the Demon race's curse I've only been resurrected temporarily.
I'll eventually die again.
So please, save Ban! How can the two of you be so selfish? This favor is going to cost you big time! Perfect.
I think I'll quench my thirst with these convenient souls.
What? I'm not allowed to hurt any innocent townspeople? That's ludicrous! I know what you mean! Jeez, men are just so Are you a traveler, sir? Yes, well But you're traveling quite light.
Were you perhaps attacked by a mountain bandit? Excuse me, but have we met somewhere before? Have you forgotten? So bashful.
More naive than I thought.
One of the two former Grand Masters, Sir Dreyfus.
Don't tell me you're-- Deldry, a member of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky, led by Sir Denzel.
So he's making his move? In that case Oh my, are you sure about that? Killing me without even asking what Sir Denzel's plans are? I'll find that out when I've devoured your soul.
You can die in peace! How could I do such a thing to Deldry with this hand? What am I saying? Don't question it.
No one possessed by my charms can possibly resist.
The slightest goodwill morphs into passionate devotion.
And then it becomes blind loyalty.
That's my magical power, Love Drive.
Do you really think that such a trivial magical power would work on me? Deldry! I love you! Oh, please say it more! I love you, I love you, I love you! I have to overcome this Fight it! I have to kill this woman immediately! Ouch! To be safe, I think I'll increase the depth one more level.
Ouch! Who's there? Show yourself! Are you hurt? Are you kidding me? One of those things grazed me! You bastard, you hesitated for a second, didn't you? I-I'm sorry, Deldry! So the depth wasn't enough, after all? I don't know who you are, but trying to wound my Deldry is a serious offense.
Perfect! If you refuse to show yourself, then until the town is completely gone, I'll Star Breaker! You can try, but it will be in vain! What took you so long, Arden! I got held up hitting on a girl.
You twerp! You hag! The boy from the six Pleiades of the Azure Sky, huh? What did you do to me? Vain.
If you're hit by a weapon suffused with my magical power, it increases the demand on your magical powers like crazy.
In your case, you'd need to consume five times as much! Do you really think I even need magical power to kill someone of your caliber? You too? Waillo! Nice timing! Well then, Ms.
Will you seriously consider dating me with the intent of marriage now? Uh, just a little, sure.
I won't let anyone else have Deldry! Marriage! Let's head back before people make a commotion.
I know that! Marriage.
So annoying.
Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa