Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e14 Episode Script

Master of the Sun

1 After battling Galand and Melascula of the Ten Commandments, Ban escapes the dilemma.
But Galand and Melascula give chase to keep him in their clutches.
Meanwhile, Deldry and her comrades from the Pleiades of the Azure Sky capture Dreyfus, whose body was taken over by the Ten Commandment, Fraudrin.
But watching from the shadows is Dammit! I won't run out steam in a place like this! I swear I'm gonna protect you two, no matter-- Sorry! Are you okay? I'm so sorry.
I know I've done some truly terrible things to you.
What's with that, all of a sudden? What's that? Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Oh, crap! This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE 14: MASTER OF THE SUN Those damn monsters, they're toying with us! Well, did I hit them? Too bad.
You missed.
Then next is a curveball! Nice shot.
Another one! That was close! It's got backspin! J-Jericho D-Don't ever underestimate an Apprentice Holy Knight! Are you all right? Dammit.
All right let's go! That's enough.
I'm the one those guys are after.
Hurry and run! Sure, I'll do that.
And I'll take both of you with me! No! Please run! Don't say that! If you two give up that easily, I'll never be able to give up myself.
Thank you! Imperial Wrath of the Zephyr! Let's hide here.
Is this a mine or something? What is this? G-Greetings W-Welcome to My Sweet Gluttony.
A tavern? Inside a cave like this? Although I must say, the place is always deserted.
Sorry, but we're not customers.
These guys are wounded.
Could you shelter us here for a little-- Miss? Those are grave injuries.
I'm okay.
Help these guys-- H-Huh? You look familiar.
That scar on your cheek That extremely evil countenance C-C-Could it be? Hey! You're Ban the Fox Sin of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Th-Then does that make you the Holy Knight of Liones who captured him? D-D-D-Don't tell me you're here to arrest me next? Did you do something wrong, mister? The Sins have been cleared of all suspicion.
Th-Then there's no longer any need for the Seven Deadly Sins to hide, right? Yeah.
These days they're being hailed as heroes of the land.
Mister? Thank goodness! Mr.
Ban! -Ms.
-Hey! Ms.
Merlin is safe, too, right? She's with the captain.
I-Is that right? Look at you, growing that mini-stache since I last saw you! W-Well, I thought it would add a bit of style.
You two know each other? Anyway, we're being chased right now.
Being chased? By whom? There's no time to explain! Mister, please! V-V-V-Very well! All right, please hide in the pantry.
We owe you one.
Found you! What's this? Huh? They're not here! That's strange.
I'm sure this was their location.
I smell There's a delicious smell! Th-That's good! Who would've thought that alcohol had progressed this far in 3,000 years? Galand, our goal is to conquer Britannia, remember? Don't be such a stiff! Here.
Yummy! Who would've thought that alcohol had progressed this much in 3,000 years? That's what I just said.
I think I especially like this one.
Th-That's Vanya Ale, which is particularly rich and sweet among all ales.
It's quite popular among the ladies for its apple-like aroma.
My, you certainly know your alcohol, don't you? Well, I do run a tavern.
You pass! When I wipe out humanity, I'm going to spare you! Thank you very-- Huh? W-Wipe out humanity? Very soon, Britannia will be conquered by the Demon race.
D-Demon race? That legendary race, sealed away 3,000 years ago? And we are members of the Demon race's elite forces, the Ten Commandments! Ten Commandments? I think I've heard Ms.
Merlin mention that name before.
Wh-Who knew they really existed? And as for that little punk who destroyed both our honor and our hearts, we must kill him at all costs.
Along with that Fairy and Human girl who interrupted my meal.
We know, Barkeep.
That they're hiding beyond that door behind you.
However! All three of them seem to be at death's door now.
It'd be so easy to kill them.
At any rate, after guzzling all this delicious alcohol, I'm in a very good mood! So now! Galand Game! -Yay! -Yay! G-G-Game, did you say? That's right! If you win this game, I'll let you and those three back there escape! Y-You will? Really? I'm Galand of Truth, so a promise is a promise! I'm hopeless when it comes to a fight, but I'm rather skilled at games, you know.
I'm good at both cards and dice! The rules are simple.
A one-on-one fight to the death.
After determining who goes first, we take turns delivering one blow apiece, and whoever dies first loses.
Today's your lucky day.
I'll let you go first.
B-By the way, what happens if I decline to play? Then I'll kill you all immediately.
Now then, decide! Are you gonna play or die? I'll play! Good for you! Just one thing! Once you've sworn to play this game, you're forbidden to back out or escape.
If you break that vow, you'll be turned to stone by the curse of the Commandment of Truth.
Naturally, the same applies to me.
Galand he's not listening.
Huh? I thought I just clapped him lightly on the shoulder.
Half a day's gone by already! He's not even close to waking up.
Is he dead, maybe? Still, it's gotten a bit hot, don't you think? S-So hot.
Man, it's hot! Is it morning now? What an enchanting, gorgeous-looking battle-ax! It's heavy! What's this? This battle-ax's design is flawed! For a two-handed ax, the hilt is too short.
Of course it is.
Because it's a one-handed ax.
Sacred Treasure Rhitta.
A battle-ax adored by the sun, bearing a maiden's name.
A mere Demon who writhes in the darkness isn't worthy of touching it.
Still, you two are not only foolish, you're also unlucky.
Seeing as you've come to this remote tavern just to die.
Can you believe this guy? I mean, who is he? He's so cocky! Are you that barkeep? You're acting totally different than before.
Hey, you're not a Human, are you? I am a Human.
But I'm also the one who stands at the pinnacle of all races.
I'm the Seven Deadly Sins' Sin of Pride, Lion Sin Escanor! I'm the Seven Deadly Sins' Sin of Pride, Lion Sin Escanor! He's another one of the Seven Deadly Sins? It's bold of you to claim you're "the one who stands at the pinnacle of all races.
" I've never seen a Human with such arrogance! That's the sin of pride.
With a single blow, Galand was A Human like this didn't exist 3,000 years ago.
But you'd better not get too full of yourself.
The game isn't over yet.
We Demons rank above all others, so don't think you can kill us that easily! Of course I'm aware of that.
Otherwise, the game wouldn't be at all exciting for me.
You make it sound like you intentionally held back.
You really are an arrogant, idiotic Human who doesn't know his place! Let's assume that what you're saying is true.
You're still going to regret it.
The fact that you didn't bury me with that first blow! You're using your magical power? Melascula, you'd better step away.
What's he up to? Critical Over! I've been saving this for my rematch with Meliodas, but my instincts tell me that I must eliminate you here and now! Critical Over increases Galand's Strength to its limit.
A magical power that's both simple and so powerful it's without equal.
In this state, Galand's Power Level is 40,000.
Sorry, but I can't hold back! Dammit! Captain I just located him.
-You're sure? -Yes.
His current Power Level is 50,055-- 60? His Power Level is rising with every moment.
There's no question, it's Escanor! So, this is the real you? Impossible! Impossible! Impossible! Galand, you need to withdraw for now.
I am Galand of Truth, so promise is a promise! Come on, let's keep trying to kill each other till the end! All right, then.
It's my turn, right? What a pity.
I was going to show him a glimpse of the real me.
Galand Game over.
If you break that vow, you'll be turned to stone by the curse of the Commandment of Truth.
The same applies to the Commandment's host, if he violates it, he's helpless to resist.
Apparently, even that ancient Demon couldn't help but be terrified of death.
Well, not that I blame him, since he was up against me.
Now, then.
As a special favor, I'm going to let you choose for yourself.
Escape, or death? You should decide while I'm still a feminist.
Thank you.
I'm indebted to you for getting rid of that loud-mouthed geezer! As a token of thanks I'm going to kill you right now.
Escanor! Watch out for her abilities! Power alone won't be-- Cocoon of Darkness! After I went out of my way to give you a chance.
Your every utterance is so arrogant.
Now be silent for all eternity.
Thank you for the meal! Hot! Fire? No, it's on a completely different level! What is this? How can he wield this much power? What is this power of yours? Sunshine.
That is my glorious magical power.
S-Seriously? He defeated both of those monsters by himself? Ban.
There are various things I'd like to ask you to do.
However, it's almost noon.
We shall resume this conversation after nightfall.
Wait here until then.
That's an order.
We're too exhausted to move, anyway! H-Hey! You miserable bastard.
This is for Zhivago! You're not in pain, are you, Elaine? I'm so happy right now.
Me too.
To be cradled in your arms like this is like a dream! That's why even if I die again, I won't be scared.
Don't be ridiculous.
Ban's right, you know.
You guys will figure it out.
Remember what that Demon woman said? That she revived the dead by amplifying their regrets, or something? Even if your rage towards me is gone now, you're still oozing with affection for Ban, right? In other words, I think you're gonna be fine, okay? Jericho I like you a lot! Let me introduce you! This is the Seven Deadly Sins' Lion Sin of Pride, Escanor! Um Uh Once again, it's very nice to meet you! He's a giant of a man when the sun's up, but as you see, the most powerful becomes the weakest once the sun sets, making him a wacky guy.
Mister, you're that huge man we saw earlier? I-I apologize! The Seven Deadly Sins' Lion Sin? Please forgive me for ever being born! So, what's this favor you wanted from me as soon as we reunited? Is it about Merlin? Yes.
N-No! Where are the captain and the others now? Sorry, I haven't seen them since we parted ways in Liones.
Considering that those Demons showed up, the captain and the others could be making a move, too.
I-Is that right? Is that all you wanted? A-Actually, while I'm glad to know I can now return to the Seven Deadly Sins, I made a promise to deliver some alcohol to a certain place the day after tomorrow.
Ban, do you think you could help me out, please? What a pain in the ass.
Forget about it! This is my final task as a tavern owner! I must keep my promise, no matter what! -Are you serious? -Are you serious? Ahem! I may not look it, but I, too, am a Holy Knight! S-So cold! At this rate, I'm gonna catch a cold! This is the most powerful Holy Knight of all? Oslo! Brother! Elaine Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa That was so beautiful, Matrona! It's a dance that's passed on only to the leader of the Giant race.
Are you sure you should be up? Oh, I'm fine now! But really, that's such a wonderful dance! I think I would've enjoyed studying dance a lot more than fighting! Then you don't have to be a warrior anymore.
Diane, starting today, become a dancer!