Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e15 Episode Script

A Bloodcurdling Confession

1 Pursued by Galand and Melascula, Jericho, Ban and Elaine escape into a certain tavern.
There, they find the final member of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Lion Sin of Pride, Escanor.
His power is so overwhelming that he easily defeats the two Commandments.
SUNSHINE Meanwhile, Diane, who's been losing her memories Diane, starting today, become a dancer! So, you finally showed up? Captain of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky Denzel! You look like Dreyfus, but you're not.
This is a research building built inside Zeldon.
The remote land to which you expelled us.
Does that sound familiar? Having predicted the Holy War, King Bartra secretly had this place built so that even after being sent away from the kingdom, I could continue my research on the Demon race.
I see.
So, what is it you want to ask me? You, the younger brother of Bartra? It doesn't matter.
Y-You bastard! A sword that's been purified by Druid prayers for several years is effective.
This body belongs to one of your own comrades! It seems you're determined to have me kill you.
What I want to prove today is that even a Human can defeat an ancient Demon.
This is all for the greater good.
I'm sure that inside you, Dreyfus would also gladly give his life.
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE 15: A BLOODCURDLING CONFESSION Something like this? Awful.
Huh? What was different than yours, Matrona? All of it.
Hey! You really stink! Mom's dance was way better than yours! Be quiet! We made her mad! Sheesh.
Forgive them.
It's just how kids are.
Yeah, but you sure surprised me! I couldn't believe you were still alive, let alone have kids too! Zol and Della are his late wife's children.
I love them like my own now.
What is it? You've changed, Matrona.
Until yesterday, you did nothing but fight, but now you're like a different person! N-Not yesterday.
It was 16 years ago.
Oh, that's right.
That day, you were barely alive, and Zalpa came to your rescue, right? Right.
After administering the proper treatment, he nursed me for three days and nights without sleep.
But The reason I was saved, Diane was also thanks to you.
A few days earlier, during a battle against the barbarians, do you remember how you spared several and allowed them to escape? Yes.
Zalpa was one of them.
If not for your leniency that I scorned no, if not for your kindness, I never would've lived to meet Zalpa, or to be reunited with you.
Thank you.
A-Anyway you say that you've lost all your memories of the past 16 years? What happened? Even if you ask me, I really don't know anything.
Including why you were being attacked by those monsters yesterday? No! I'm so scared! Who were those guys? Sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Diane, let's not talk about this anymore.
And let's resume your dancing lessons later.
It's okay.
I love dancing, you know! It's way more fun to smile and dance, than to shed blood and fight, isn't it? According to legend, this dance, created by the founder of the Giant race, was so glorious and beautiful that the earth shook with joy, and all who witnessed it were overwhelmed.
Listen, Diane.
This is a sacred dance.
It's not a matter of simply moving your arms and legs and leaping around.
The dancer must communicate with the earth through this dance.
Listen carefully, and calm your soul.
Feel the earth with your entire body.
The whispering of the insects, the murmur of the plants and trees, the radiance of life The essence of this dance lies in making all of those things one.
You understand, don't you, Diane? I don't have a clue! Listen carefully.
Calm my soul.
Feel the earth with my entire body.
I can't hear a thing.
Something's not right, I think.
This dreadful presence! It can't be! No.
It's smaller than that.
What's this? "In the coming days, a Great Fighting Festival will be held in Vaizel.
The winner will be given the right to have any wish granted.
" Isn't Vaizel that town Diane totally flattened? Can't ask for a more tempting prize! Maybe I'll expand the tavern.
Oh, come on! It has to be a scam! So you think the Ten Commandments are behind this? Can you think of anyone else who would do something crazy like using Demons to hand out flyers? Meliodas, no matter how you look at it-- No matter how you look at it, it's a trap.
Don't take the words out of my mouth! Great Fighting Festival? Even if it is a trap, I want to be in it with Meliodas.
But there's no way I can come out and-- Gil.
Do you want to be in it? I mean, you just had this excited look on your face.
Now then, now then, now then! We've lost all sign of Escanor, so why don't we stop by? A-Are you serious? Or do you have some kind of plan? Nope! It just sounds like fun! Yes! Okay, you guys.
Thanks for passing out those flyers.
One, two, three.
Huh? I'm missing one.
I can understand wanting to run wild in the outside world, but I wish he'd take his job a little more seriously.
It's the death penalty for him when he gets back.
When it comes to festivals, preparation is key! Festivals, you say? So, you still have a fondness for doing things the Human way.
It's so much more efficient than wandering around, collecting inferior souls, you know.
No other race is as greedy as the Humans, after all.
Not only that, but Meliodas is sure to come! I mean, we're really old friends! Sorry I startled you! What Matrona said to me was complicated and confusing, but it's fun to dance without a thought in my head! I can feel my heart pounding and skipping.
It feels so good! The plants and the trees seem to be rustling with joy! Look! The deer and foxes are watching me! A bud sprouted from a seed! Huh? How come? Even though my eyes are closed, I can see the scenery around me so clearly! It's like I've become part of the earth.
Like I'm being swallowed up into the earth.
Don't you dare touch my kids! If only if only I'd stayed by their side! Then this never would've The same could be said of me.
I've never seen a monster like that one.
This might be some kind of grim sign.
Zalpa, Zol and Della will be okay, won't they? These are terrible wounds.
I'm not sure how long they can hang on Oh no Zalpa, I'm leaving the kids in your hands.
Matrona! Where are you going? I'm going to Vaizel.
Vaizel? This isn't about that strange flyer from yesterday, is it? Granting any wish the winner desires, no matter how you look at it, it's too suspicious! It's like Diane says.
Nothing can make that happen except for a god or a miracle.
I know that.
But right now, all we can do is rely on that god or miracle! Don't go, Matrona! I have a bad feeling about this.
To me and the children, you're a precious member of our family.
Don't go! A woman like me isn't worthy of such words.
Thank you.
Matrona! Wait! Diane.
Take that battle hammer with you! Look after Matrona for me.
Make sure you both come back! Okay! I can feel them coming! A flood of powerful souls are on their way here.
That's what you call effective advertising, huh? Grant me strength, and protect my children.
God of the Earth and founder of the Giant race Drole! Isn't this exciting? Drole! Standing guard is tiresome! I wish I could go in there and battle the Demon, too! Sir Denzel ordered us to wait outside until he gave the signal, remember? Also, stop playing with the Incantation Orb! Yeah, yeah.
You don't have to tell me-- Idiot! That's our Waillo! Marriage! Um You moron! Klutz! If this had shattered, there would've been serious consequences! -My bad.
-Little squirt! Brat! I'm so envious.
Dead Man's Revenge.
What is this? You guys are th-the Roars of Dawn! B-But how can this be? I'm certain I killed you all! Who was it you just saw? How many dead men did you see? Whoever receives that holy symbol is possessed by the ghosts of those he's murdered, who will keep targeting him until his death.
What a tacky magical power! In that case, let me add you to the line of dead men! Silken Skewer! The activation was delayed? Magical power is like music.
Dynamics, tempo, range Since I can control these, any magical attack in my presence is nonsense.
You're Deathpierce! Checkmate.
This is Perfect Cube! Only my subordinates outside can break this spell.
Hey, I hear there's going to be a Great Fighting Festival in Vaizel.
so we should all go! There might be some hot guys there, too.
How about it, Deldry? I guess it can't be helped.
Okay, but not until we're done with guard duty.
If you want, head out now.
Dogedo! Are you already done reporting to the king? Yeah, so I can take over for you.
Here, hand over the Incantation Orb.
Cracks in the Perfect Cube We haven't given the signal yet! Dogedo! Why did you cast Absolute Cancel without permission? Wait.
Something's wrong.
What are you doing in a place like this? A tower built on the rising earth No.
Rather than the earth, a giant tree that has turned to coal after many long years.
Two sources of feeble magical power Humans, huh? I'm sensing something unpleasant from one of them.
It's so unpleasant.
Th-That's This excessive level of magical power it can't be any ordinary Demon.
Let me introduce you to a friend of mine.
This is Grayroad of Pacifism of the Ten Commandments.
But are you sure you didn't need to tell Sir Denzel in person? Dogedo will tell him for us! Hey! Are you guys done guarding the research building? Now then why don't we start over and fight two against two? I'll let you escape this time.
Sir Denzel! Why? They're within range of my magical power, so I've essentially sealed theirs! This is our only chance to defeat them! Calm down, Deathpierce.
We may have a way of killing them, but no way of capturing them.
You said that Commandment was Pacifism.
If we were to kill Dreyfus, it's clear that we would be subjected to its Commandment curse.
You quick-witted geezers sure are something else! More importantly, you're still hiding something.
See you later.
Deathpierce, you seem to think that you can fight us as equals simply by suppressing our magical powers.
Am I wrong? Next time, I'll fight you without holding back.
Dreyfus! H-How is he able to come out of there? More importantly, what's that monster behind him? What happened to Sir Denzel and Deathpierce? Dreyfus! How dare you come out without my order-- Apparently, your vulgar spell was broken when Absolute Cancel was cast on that Incantation Orb you activated.
Deldry! By the way, here's a message from the Dreyfus inside me.
Don't ever do anything like that unless they're worthy.
I'll share one last thing with you.
I'm not one of the true Ten Commandments.
More precisely, I'm a substitute.
The true Commandment is somewhere else.
He once reigned as a member of the Ten Commandments, before the Great War 3,000 years ago.
But due to certain circumstances, he vanished from the Ten Commandments' sight, and went missing.
However, I detected his existence during the battle in the royal capital the other day! The moment I saw him, although I didn't say a thing, honestly, my heart gave a tiny leap inside me! He doesn't remember who he is, or anything about us.
As a result of his own Commandment's curse, he lost all of his memories and emotions.
What? Listen closely.
That Commandment's name is And now, to the Vaizel Great Fighting Festival seeking what I've lost, I shall go forth! Sir Gowther, i-is something wrong? Don't worry.
There's always something wrong with him.
That's a phrase from a book called "The Lost Hidden Treasure.
" It's quite interesting.
I'll lend it to you later.
Well, certainly.
Gowther of Selflessness.
Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa