Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e16 Episode Script

Death-Trap Maze

1 The flyers for the Vaizel Great Fighting Festival, spread across the continent have sent the scattered comrades into battle once more.
Ban and the others are reunited with the final member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor I never thought I'd get to see you, Brother.
So I'm really happy! I'm happy, too.
Once you felt reassured, you suddenly started worrying about Diane, didn't you? Yeah.
Huh? I just read your mind.
Remember, you used to be able to do that, too.
I wonder if it's because you were away from the Fairy Realm and the Fairy King's Forest for so long? No.
I was never any good at that.
I may be the Fairy King, but I'm still an adolescent whose wings haven't grown yet.
Well, that makes two of us.
Wings, huh? Stop it, Ban! Don't think about anything strange! Escanor? How much farther until we reach where we're making the delivery? Just a little more.
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE 16: DEATH-TRAP MAZE It's not too late.
Turn back, Diane.
If you're going for Zol and Della's sake, then I'm going for your sake! So you're still as stubborn as ever once you make up your mind? Matrona! What's wrong? A giant maze? Who could've built something this huge? Only a member of the Giant race could manage a feat like this.
So that giant rock's the goal? All rocks standing in our way turn to dust! Flowing Palm Strike! Don't tell me we're going to smash our way through all the walls! That'd be most efficient.
Is there anyone in the Giant race with a stronger magical power than yours? We have no choice.
Let's get through this maze quickly.
I know! If we walk on the top of the walls, this maze should be an easy win! Ouch.
The exit has been closed off, too.
All right, it's started! The first hurdle of the Vaizel Great Fighting Festival the death-trap maze! Your craftsmanship is dazzling, Drole! Since we seem to have more entrants than expected, we can weed out the losers here first! This place is too cramped! Huh? We're back to the same spot! Oh, no! A boulder just came crashing down! Diane! You're thoroughly enjoying yourself, aren't you? Jeez, we've been wandering around for hours, and the goal's probably still far off.
I have to win the Fighting Festival as soon as I can, so I can save Zol and Della! Zol? Della? I'm getting hungry.
Meat on the bone! Thanks for the meal! Hey, did you just see that? This meat turned to stone all of a-- Huh? M-Matrona? Matrona, where did you go? This smell Mr.
Pig! Here, boy! Play with me! It's okay! I won't hurt you! I'm just gonna knock you out, tie you up, grill you, and gulp you down! Hey! You jerk, Diane! How can you joke when we're finally reunited? Th-The pig talked? -But I can't believe I ran into you here.
-How do you know my name? -Meliodas has good intuition.
-This has to be a dream, right? -Oh, you lost your memories, right? -No, it's okay even if it's a dream.
Pig, please let me eat you! Just a bite! Just a bite and I'll be happy! -Mr.
Pig! -Stop it! A Human girl? Wh-Who are you? Diane! I'm so glad you're safe! Everybody's been so worried about you! I'm Elizabeth.
A princess from Liones who's traveling with you and the Seven Deadly Sins.
Elizabeth? A princess from Liones? Seven Deadly Sins? You lost your memories and then disappeared.
Sir King ran off to search for you by himself.
You and I know each other? That's right.
You and I are friends! Sorry, but I can't trust Humans.
That's exactly how those Liones Holy Knights deceived us, and tried to kill Matrona.
W-Wait! Don't follow me! "Don't follow me," she says.
What should we do? Let's go, Hawk.
This is terrifying.
I bet when this maze was made, the village and other things were swallowed up.
Where did all the people who lived here go? Why are you following behind me? It's just that you're going in the same direction we're going! Then after you, please.
H-Hey, sure thing! N-Now then! Wh-Which way should we turn next? Thank you, Diane.
Hey! Look at the bottom of the hole! It must be the people who lived in the village! How awful.
I only saved you just now because it happened right in front of me, b-but it won't happen again! Look! There are a lot of berries over here! Really? They look yummy! Food! Hey, there's a whole bunch of them in the back! See you! Diane! I'm so thirsty.
Matrona where are you? A swamp? It's pretty deep.
It might be dangerous for a Human to cross.
Not that it matters to me! Ouch! Something's on my legs.
I can't stand bugs! Stop don't come near me! Diane! Get away from Diane! Th-That was scary.
You came after me? I only did what anyone would do for a friend.
I finally caught up to you! There you are, Hawk! Burp.
Elizabeth picked them all just for you! Th-Thank you, Y-Your Highness.
Now then, now then, now then! I see a delicious-looking meal there.
Sir Meliodas! You're-- A female Human, a female Giant, and a plump pig! What's going on? Give us back our forest.
Give us back Alpine Forest! You remade the forest without our permission.
Put it back the way it was! We're not the ones who built this maze! Hawk, this is just like that time in the Forest of White Dreams! Yeah, they're probably Hide-and-seeks.
Do you think the real Meliodas is in there somewhere? All right! Let's do that.
That? Hey, listen up, all you Meliodases! Which part of Elizabeth do you like the most? H-- Hawk! -Skirt steak! -The stomach! -The loin! -The liver! -The heart! -I eat everything down to the pig's feet! Not your favorite pork dish! Then all these Sir Meliodases are all imposters! But the fact that they've taken on Meliodas' appearance means the real one must be nearby! I'm sure he is! Our first priority should be to do something about these guys! Diane, we're counting on you! I-I can't do that! Because Meliodas is the one who saved my life! It's not him inside, though! Even so, I can't do it! Jeez, that was barely a warm-up! Is everyone okay? Did you really lose your memories? Don't tell me you don't even remember King? King? S-Sorry.
-Who's that? -All right! Gil, where are the others? Sorry.
The moment we entered, we fell into a series of traps, and before we knew it it was just me and Gil.
Everybody, stay on guard.
What's wrong, Howzer? Something's clinging onto my leg! Damn! It got away! It's still close by! I smell it.
I smell it! H-Hawk! Curse you! Don't underestimate a pig's omnivorousness! Not bad! He's eating it.
Wh-What's going on? Well, I only just discovered this.
When I eat anything that has magical powers, it seems I take on its abilities and characteristics! According to Merlin, this is my magical power.
Trans Pork! Not that it matters, but are you going to stay like that forever? As soon as I poop, I go back to normal! What kind of monster was that? A Sand Crawler, a monster that lives in the desert, and mainly preys on small animals.
So it's not much of a threat.
Then there's nothing to worry about, huh? However, when it's fully grown, it turns into what's known as an Earth Crawler, and increases both in size and ferocity.
Some have been known to swallow entire houses and tyrant dragons.
N-Now you're scaring me.
Of course, that's only according to the records.
We wouldn't run into such a huge creature-- No one's right there! Wh-What was that sound just now? It's nearby! S-Something's coming from under-- Awaiting you here, to trample dreams and wishes, is the reality known as death.
Why, you! It's so slimy, my weapon has no effect! Hey, look! In this form, I can easily move through the ground! This is no time to be playing! Howzer! Right! Combined Attack, Dragon Castle! Oh no, you don't! Double Hammer! That's our Diane! Don't drop your guard! It's not over! Howzer! Gil! Look out! This chill Freeze Coffin.
Freezing it, slime and all, is most efficient.
Who are you? The poison will take effect soon.
The Assassins of Malachia have no blind spots.
We will win the Great Fighting Festival and have our dearest wish granted.
What a pathetic shriek of agony! This is indeed the soul crying out! Let this humble priest hear your soul cry out more, more, and more! With just one strike? The peak I aspire to is still a long way off.
As expected of you! Taking down this many by yourself! I only knocked them out.
Although I did help myself to a bit of meat.
Gross! More scraps for Hawk! Are you serious? Is that a Druid's magical power? If we can use this magical power, Zol and Della can be Hey, Your Highness! That power of yours-- Sir Meliodas.
-What's the matter? -There.
D-Don't tell me it's another monster? Thank goodness.
Meliodas? Elizabeth, is that true? Yes.
I can sense him.
Sense him strongly.
Strongly! Sir Meliodas, I'll be waiting for you.
Elizabeth, wait for me, okay? I don't sense anything.
I can tell.
Everything, if it's about her.
This aroma Oh, this is delicious! Even the palace chefs would be left speechless! I'd love to have him come to Camelot! What are you talking about, Arthur? If anyone's going to hire him, it'll be the Boar Hat Tavern! That's not fair! I guess it can't be helped.
If you insist on hiring me -maybe I'll go back.
-Ban! Huh? What's this atmosphere? Captain! Ban! Such strength! Sorry about that! I got carried away! It's only been a little while since I saw you, but it looks like you're back to how you were ten years ago.
Are you sure? Have you forgotten? That we played to a draw ten years ago? N-Now, then.
Ready? Go! This kind of competition is all about speed and explosive force, you know.
So I lost, huh? Ban, did you come to the Great Fighting Festival to get your wish granted? Nope.
I was just here to deliver some alcohol in Vaizel.
As a favor to Escanor.
You were with Escanor? Elaine's with me, too.
It's only natural that you'd be surprised.
To be honest, I can't keep up with all that's going on, either.
Don't you have any questions? You were reunited with the woman you love, right? Can't we leave it at that? No, we can't.
I tried to kill you! So now we're gonna have to find everybody and escape from this maze, huh? Captain Sorry.
Let's go, best bud! For the sake of the one we each want to protect! Right.
Well, you go ahead and look for Elaine.
Yeah, I'll do that.
That is, after we find the princess you say is beyond this wall! Ban Don't worry.
I have a dependable Fairy King and Holy Knight protecting Elaine.
If we go slowly, we won't make any progress.
Let's pulverize it! I'm going to punch through this thing before it can regenerate! And I'm going to unleash a high-speed barrage of attacks! Please get back! They're faster than the regeneration of the magical power's wall? So this is the power of the Seven Deadly Sins' Dragon Sin and Fox Sin! Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa Here they come! You have Ban and the king with you? Little Gil! Howzer! Pig punk! So you're safe and sound? -Pig punk? -Sir Meliodas! Elizabeth! U-Unbelievable! Even Matrona couldn't destroy that wall.
Yo, Diane! Meliodas! Is it really you? Of course it is! All right! With this many of us, reaching the goal isn't a dream! Well, looks like that dream might've just come true! Did we go a little overboard and annihilate an extra wall? There's the goal.
Looks like all the main players are here now.