Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e17 Episode Script

Legendary Figures

1 Inside the giant maze, the Vaizel Great Fighting Festival's first hurdle, Diane is reunited with Elizabeth and Hawk.
Meanwhile, Meliodas is reunited with Ban.
To quickly reach Elizabeth on the other side of the wall, they use the crude method of smashing the regenerating wall.
As a result, everyone is safe, and they all reach the goal.
Matrona! Yoo-hoo! So you made it? Sir Meliodas! Yo! Looks like we kept you waiting.
Elaine! Elaine! King! Ban's reached the goal, too! R-Right.
I-Is that Now's your only chance to back out.
They're from the Ten Commandments.
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE 17: LEGENDARY FIGURES Ladies and gentlemen of various races, welcome to this ultimate time killer no, I mean the Great Fighting Festival! First, let's prepare the arena where you'll be fighting.
Take it away, Drole.
-Dr -Drole? Gigant Gauntlet! Magnificent! This is the arena where you'll be battling! Since I'd like to get started right away, I'll be cutting off entrants now.
I'm going to wipe out all those little worms still lurking in the maze, okay? No way! The magical power emanating from that monster is definitely of the Fairy race! Not only that, it's so strong, it's mind-blowing! Is this Spirit spear Basquias, ninth configuration! Death Thorn! The life-forms inside that maze have all been extinguished.
Death Thorn is the thorns of terror that grow in the Sacred Tree's highest reaches and destroy any threat that Sunflower alone can't remove.
N-Not only that, Basquias was the legendary spirit spear bestowed upon the first one chosen by the Sacred Tree! How can it be you First Fairy King, Gloxinia? Now that's a name I haven't heard in ages.
Currently, I'm the Ten Commandments' Gloxinia of Repose.
Weren't you defeated at the hands of the Demon King in that battle 3,000 years ago? Are you a member of the Fairy race, too? Answer my question, please! Then you should try to win this festival.
If you wish for it, I'll tell you whatever you want.
All right, then.
Time to get this Great Fighting Festival started! Taizoo, you're up! Y-Yes, sir! What's he doing here? This looks interesting! I only came here to deliver Escanor's alcohol, but maybe I'll take part in this, too.
Welcome, you bunch of savages, starving for a fight! The opening bout will be a two-man tag match! Are you ready? Th-They're not very excited.
-N-Now then-- -Wait a moment! Gowther has arrived! Gowther? That name sounds familiar.
Excuse me, would you mind moving your foot? Whoops, forgive me.
My calculations for where to land were slightly off.
No, I'm often told I don't have much of a presence.
So please don't worry That tone of voice Bone structure diction You are Escanor.
It's been a while.
That's the Lion Sin, Sir Escanor? I know what you want to say.
I've broken the precious glasses I received from Ms.
Merlin! Without them, I'm I'm Be quiet.
Escanor! I wish people would stop disrupting the festivities.
I haven't told her yet Ms.
Merlin I cannot die I don't wish to die We went through the trouble of opening this tournament in order to grant everyone's wishes, for example, like this! Spirit spear Basquias, seventh configuration! Moon Rose! Droplet of Life.
H-Huh? I'm sure I was Now then, Drole, please divide them into teams! Two people to a team, right? Divining Board Spell! Those standing on the same floating stone right now are comrades-in-arms chosen by fate.
Entrust each other with your lives and pride, and fight your hearts out! Comrades you mean teammates, right? Yo, Captain! How about we kick some butt? Sure! You're going to drag a child into this? Diane! You know me, too? ASSASSIN KNIGHTS OF MALACHIA, TORAH & JIGUMO ASSASSIN KNIGHT, ESTARO & PRIEST OF DESTRUCTION, ARBUS I look forward to working with you! -O courageous one of the golden crest -He's just a kid! THE ROARS OF DAWN, SLADER & MARTIAL ARTIST, HAIFAN You again? I only came here to deliver some alcohol How unlucky can I be? No, you're definitely in luck! Since you get to team up with me! P-Pig! I thought you were with Guila.
I've already been dumped.
That was fast.
That's a good boy.
You guys might as well take part, too.
Huh? Wait, if we had one more team, we'd have 16 total, right? Let's have our substitutes make an appearance.
DIRT DOLL DROLE GOLEM & FLOWER DOLL GLOXINIA SERVAN We'll now start the tag match with our 16 teams! You will each arrive at a random arena, and the other pair that also arrives there will be your first-round opponents! Sixteen teams? I thought there were only fifteen in all.
Elizabeth! Elaine! THIRD PRINCESS OF LIONES, ELIZABETH & SAINT OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, ELAINE The first rule of the Great Fighting Festival All weapons, magical powers, and underhanded tactics are permitted.
Second rule, to win, you must either kill or neutralize the other team, or force them out of the arena.
Gloxinia! Elizabeth has nothing to do with this! You bastards, if you lay a finger on Elaine, I'll make mincemeat out of you! Unfortunately, once they entered the maze, they were considered participants.
Third rule.
Forfeiting a match is strictly forbidden.
Sir Meliodas! Please don't worry about me! For now, just concentrate on yourself, please! Good for her! Ban! You don't have to worry about me, either! Do as Elizabeth says, just concentrate on your own battle! Good for her! How do you know my name? Whenever I used to peek at Ban, I'd always see Meliodas and you by his side.
You mean you're I'm Elaine.
Nice to meet you! Brother, I can't bring myself to kill women and children.
For an assassin, having a meal and killing Humans is the same thing.
It's an everyday thing.
You're right.
It is an everyday thing.
-What? -What? To go against Humans like you as the saint of the Fairy King's Forest.
Brother! Did she say saint of the Fairy King's Forest? Elaine! You're amazing! Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Elizabeth, you're every bit the pure-hearted soul I imagined, a truly honest and wonderful girl! -Y-You really think so? -Yes! Well, I've always wanted to know what Sir Ban's girlfriend was like And you're a wonderful person, like I'd imagined! You mean Mr.
"Who-knows- what-he's-thinking" that Sir Ban? I-I'm sorry! It's mutual, right? It's the same for Mr.
"Who-knows- what-he's-thinking," Sir Meliodas! That's so true! Why did you all come to Vaizel? Did you get dragged into that maze, too? No.
We came here with a great purpose in mind.
We came to stop the Ten Commandments, released from their seal, from progressing.
And also, because Sir Meliodas said that it sounded like fun! Y-You know, Ban would probably say the same thing! Those two are best friends, after all! It's a smoke screen! Elaine run! Forgive me, young miss.
For the sake of our people, the Malachia, we need you to die! Viper Whip! Brother! I've taken care of one of them! That leaves that saint or whatever! Elizabeth! Answer me, Elizabeth! I've got you now.
Why? I'm sure I totally extinguished my presence, and attacked from the rear! If you're going to take me on, you'll need to extinguish your presence and your inner voice as well! Above me? Imperial Wrath of the Golden Wind! Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Brother! I don't want you die.
Brother! How are you still alive? The poison should've spread throughout your body and killed you! Move.
So warm.
Brother! Let him rest for a while.
Elizabeth why? Malachia was an ally of the Kingdom of Liones.
But a year ago, the two grand masters of Liones violated the peace treaty, and in the ensuing battle, Malachia was destroyed.
Who are you? The daughter of Bartra, the king of Liones, Elizabeth Liones.
Are you sure? Those Humans tried to kill us.
But I can't stand by and do nothing.
You really are Winners, the Elizabeth and Elaine pair! Princess Elizabeth I can't allow myself to be in your debt.
Brother! Let's talk about it later.
Get some rest for now.
For now, let's do as she says.
Elizabeth! Watch out! I must ask such disgraceful losers to exit immediately.
But Don't cry, Elizabeth.
You did great, okay? At any rate, I guess we can breathe easy now.
All right, shall we get started, too? Ban, we shouldn't underestimate those two blue things' speed, after all.
Be careful! What this? Isn't flying against the rules? It's going to be a pain to capture them.
Yeah, especially when all you want to do is run over and give the princess a hug! Isn't it the same for you? Don't you just want to go make out with Elaine? Don't think I'm the same as you! What's this, Ban? I see you're more of a child than I thought! Who are you calling a child? Huh? Hey, what happened to your hand? Don't change the subject! I don't get my thrills grabbing butts like you.
Don't be stupid! I'm not a kid who can be satisfied by touching a girl's butt.
I also fondle boobs a lot.
Captain, what's that you're wearing on your head? Now who's changing the subject? Ban, the thing is, you'll never know what Elizabeth's squishy, pillowy boobs are like! Look, dammit! Are you trying to pick a fight with me? Let me tell you something, Captain.
That's my line! The soft and smooth feeling when I hold Elaine in my arms is the best in the world! Soft and smooth when you hold her? Poor you, you're never gonna know what that feels like, huh? Who cares? I-I wonder what those two are arguing about? Y-Yeah.
I'll say this once, Ban.
Elizabeth is the best! Moron! Elaine's the best! Why is this one dead? Hey, look! Somewhere along the way, the other one was taken care of, too.
You're kidding me! Don't tell me we're already done here.
Well, whatever! It's lucky these two didn't draw Elizabeth and Elaine, huh? Even if they did draw them, these wimps wouldn't have been a problem.
Taizoo, please call the match.
Y-Yes, sir! Winners, the Meliodas and Ban pair! He's still as strong as steel, that Meliodas.
However, there are elements of uncertainty.
That's true.
But why? I know you didn't take any damage! It can't be helped.
Not in a situation like this! Don't worry.
I'll protect you no matter what! I-I can't take any more.
Why are our substitutes the opponents for those two? This draw was based on sheer luck.
Fate must have chosen those two.
Fate -chose that? -Her chest is Come on! You're not even fighting, so why are you out of commission? Peaches Pineapples Diane! I'm gonna fight, too! Don't be stupid! Why would a weak Human like you even take part in the Great Fighting Festival? H-Hey, I'm a Fairy! Like you, I'm one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Grizzly Sin, King! Liar.
I know that all Fairies have wings! Well, you see I know! See? Fairies can transform, too, you know! No! Crap! Huh? This servant's face.
Where have I Don't just stand there! Get away right now! Spirit spear Chastiefol, fifth configuration! Increase! Second configuration! Guardian! Did he say spirit spear? Wow! Are you sure you're really just a Fairy? My real name is Fairy King, Harlequin.
Fairy King Harlequin? D-Did you remember something? Harlequin or King which name should I call you? The current Fairy King, that's a surprise, huh? It is indeed.
All right, why don't we test the current king to find out his worth? Guardian! Will it be okay? Guardian's immune to any kind of attack.
Hey, Diane.
What is it? Since you've lost your memories, I know you might not understand.
I finally realized that it's not enough to just wait for you to notice how I feel about you.
That I need to tell you how I feel.
Diane, I want to tell you something important! Me, too.
What? Your stuffed animal's getting torn up.
My head feels so dizzy! Pierce her heart.
Diane, I won't let you feel scared ever again! Ever again? What is there between us? So you're the one who defeated the Albion? True Spirit spear Chastiefol, second configuration! Guardian! Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa