Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e18 Episode Script

For Whom Does That Light Shine?

1 Meliodas and the others are participating in the Great Fighting Festival hosted by Gloxinia and Drole.
They've teamed up to completely annihilate their opponents, but standing in King and Diane's way is TRUE SPIRIT SPEAR CHASTIEFOL - GUARDIAN You should be fine now.
Thank you, Dogedo.
If it hadn't been for you, we would've been smashed to bits by now.
I thought I'd let you escape this one time, but I mustn't.
Have I been living among Humans for too long? On second thought die now! Boost! Yeah, but still, I can't believe Sir Denzel and Sir Deathpierce survived.
It wouldn't be a problem for those two.
Sir Denzel does have a secret weapon, after all.
Also, no need to worry about Dreyfus.
Now that he's been subjected to Sir Denzel's Dead Man's Revenge, he's being hounded by everyone he's killed, so I'm sure he's been having some sleepless nights! What's wrong? Do you have a grudge against me? But none of you can defeat me! That Denzel is such a bastard! When I tried to gouge out the holy symbol carved into me, flesh and all, it appeared somewhere else on my body.
This is a holy symbol? It's more like a curse! But why? Why haven't you appeared Zaratras? This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
If the one before was a poor imitation, that means this is the real one.
How insolent.
I see that he can draw out the Sacred Tree's true power.
Harlequin! That's beyond amazing! Why didn't you start fighting for real till now? What's wrong? It's nothing.
I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
That last attack left the current Fairy King covered with wounds.
First, let me get rid of that pesky Giant.
True Spirit spear Chastiefol fifth configuration, Increase! You did it! What? Or so you thought I'd say, but too bad! As the Fairy King, you're aware of the incredible life force plants have, right? You launched one extreme counterattack after another, but it was all for nothing! Harlequin! It's all right.
That's what I was hoping for.
I can protect you if it's up there! True spirit spear Chastiefol first configuration, Chastiefol! No way! Where's that reserve power coming from? Since you've utterly destroyed it, I have no choice.
I concede my substitute's defeat.
Diane, are you hurt? Don't worry about me, you're the one who's injured! Why would you go that far to protect me? Diane! Since you got me this fired up, I'm not gonna let you die, okay? B-But why? Because a boy that I only just met today is risking his life to protect me.
This can't be normal.
Right, Harlequin? What are you to me? What am I to you? So when this battle's over, I want you to tell me, okay? Fillet and Roast! Send him flying! Does this mean that my golems don't have a chance against it? No, Fillet and Roast are imaginary friends who don't exist, you created them because you were alone for so long, right? H-How do you know about that? For golems, you need to have a clear image or you can't give them a complete body, or true power.
Whatever it is you believe in with all your heart right now, try hard to see that in your mind! What I believe in with all my heart? I'll try it! Friends! You did it! What do you think? Well, I was a little vague on the details, but I envisioned my precious friends! It stings, but the captain has a special place in Diane's heart, after all.
M-Me? Diane, why? What do you mean, why? Because you're one of my precious friends, too, why else? I'm so glad to be alive! I mean, he looks totally weak, but that makes me so happy! Is it really something that should move you to tears? Elizabeth, you're amazing! It's annoying, but you're doing great! Captain, get him! Get him! Do your best, Matrona! How powerful is that thing? Don't worry, there's still the Harlequin golem! No, no, no, that won't work! I can't imagine him ever winning! See? See? Awesome! N-No way.
That was quite entertaining.
D-Diane? What kind of image do you have of me? I-I'm not that powerful, you know.
Is that so? I think you're super powerful, Harlequin! Winners, the King and Diane pair! H-Hey, Gowther! Are you actually going to fight those guys? I'm going to win this festival, and acquire a heart.
That way, even if you've all died, I might be able to grieve from the bottom of my heart.
G-Gowther just said something really scary! They're nobodies! Holy Knight Gustaf.
Holy Knight Guila.
And those under their command.
I thank you for coming to Zeldon to assist us on such short notice.
Sir Denzel, are the Ten Commandments really such terrifying foes? If we were to liken Hendrickson to a whirlwind, then the Ten Commandments are natural disasters.
Having sensed that the Ten Commandments have been revived, the king sent spies throughout the land.
But he's lost contact with all of them.
One of the spies I sent out has returned.
A spy? Where are they, Sir Deathpierce? Her name is Invisible.
She's a Fairy only I can see.
You see, she's extremely bashful.
She's been my only friend ever since I was a child.
As a reward, you'd like to hear me sing? Let's do that later.
Vizzy, paint a mental picture for me.
What? In northern Britannia, nine towns and villages, big and small, were attacked by the Ten Commandments, who devoured virtually all of the residents' souls leaving them annihilated? No way! In such a short time? Yes.
Who would've thought No way! It can't be! The royal capital of the south, Camelot, has fallen! Th-The entire military was neutralized by a single Commandment, and it's now become a den of Demons! Camelot is the second largest nation after Liones.
For them to have conquered it so quickly It's only a matter of time before they advance on Liones.
And I have even worse news.
There's yet another Commandment.
He'd infiltrated Liones without raising suspicion.
Who is it? Holy Knight Guila, return to the Kingdom of Liones at once and notify the king and the entire order of Holy Knights.
As of now, we're launching a campaign to capture the Ten Commandments, as well as the Seven Deadly Sins' Sin of Lust, Goat Sin Gowther! You're not making any sense! To kill your friends in order to get a heart is a contradiction! Jericho, in order to obtain power, you tried to give up being a Human.
How is this any different? Yeah, that's right.
And because of that, I hurt Ban and my own brother.
That's why it has to be me who tells you! Whatever you do, don't hurt your friends in order to get your wish! In the end, no one will be more hurt than you! Indoor Glasses: Power Level 3,100.
Apprentice Puffy Lips 280? Yup! Nobodies! Well, you can relax, Old Man Mini-stache.
Wha-- Hey! E-Excuse me! I only came here to deliver some alcohol for the Great Fighting Festival, I had no intention of participating! Would you please allow me to forfeit? Both of them are my precious comrades! I can't fight my friends to the death, no matter what! But that's what makes it fun! To be willing to do anything, no matter how cruel, for the sake of one's wish.
You Humans have always been a repugnant race, haven't you? C-C-C-C-C-Captain! What am I supposed to do? Captain? Apparently, that man and Meliodas are old friends.
Still, that look on his face is as unreadable as ever, huh? It's not just his expression.
Even with my Magical Eye, try as I might, I can't see what's in his mind.
You're such a dummy, Mini-stache! They'd never make us fight to the death at a festival! D-Did you listen to him explain the rules? Anyway, if we turn on our comrades, it'll be exactly what they want! Comrades? If we fight together, does that make us comrades? If we travel together, does that make us comrades? If we eat together, does that make us comrades? It's such a vague term, which Humans can define to serve their own ends.
It's not like I really get it, either.
But to have compassion for each other to want to try to help someone when you see them suffering When your hearts connect, that makes you comrades, right? Ms.
Lucky you.
That makes me want a heart even more.
You stupid bastard! Dammit, Gowther! How could you do that to your own partner? Super Roast Illusion! M-Mr.
Pig! Ms.
Jericho! Now then, I've gotten rid of those two nuisances.
Magic: 5.
Strength: 5.
Spirit: 5.
Power Level: 15.
Normally, like with the Scraps Captain and others, I wouldn't need to use my magical power.
Jack! My body's moving on its own! Out of respect for the Lion Sin, I'll use my full powers to defeat you.
P-Please don't do this, Gowther! I don't want to fight y-- Nightmare Teller.
Escanor! Wh-Who's calling my name? Escanor! That's a good name! Escanor! Grow up to be a kind-hearted, strong person.
F-Father M-Mother! M-Me? You're a cocky brat! Father and Mother are always doting on you! Damn you! -Damn you! Damn you! -Brother Stop it! You monster! He's no child of mine! It's a dreadful curse.
If you let him live, he's sure to bring misfortune to the kingdom! The prince has escaped! Kill him as soon as you find him! Don't let him get away, no matter what! Prince Escanor, I wish you well.
Rosa I'm scared! You're as intriguing as the rumors say.
What do you say? Would you lend us your strength? Don't speak to me with such a familiar tone.
Who do think I-- Rosa? I'm Merlin, a mage.
This is Meliodas.
He's the captain of our order.
Merlin, a-aren't you afraid of me? Why would I be? Fear is a emotion brought on by ignorance.
More importantly, that mysterious aura you have is alluring enough.
Are you in love with Merlin? H-How did you know? I guess I am, after all.
Just seeing Ms.
Merlin makes my heart pound Just hearing her voice almost makes my heart dance I don't understand.
Because I have no heart.
Gowther You're in love with me? M-M-M-M-Ms.
Merlin! How long have you been there? Unfortunately, I can't follow the same path as someone with no future.
Merlin Because that curse of yours can never be lifted.
That devastating curse will eventually gnaw away and consume you.
After all, you were merely a test subject for my experiments.
Never to be loved by another, you'll end up dying in solitude! Your mind will never return from that darkness of despair.
I'm well aware of that, Ms.
But I'm fine with it.
But why? You aren't the person who should be walking at my side.
Because you're the sun itself, who illuminated my life of utter darkness.
Gowther, what you gave me isn't despair, it's hope.
Now then, I'm going to allow you to atone with your flesh, for the great sin of toying with others' hearts! An unexpected result.
Who knew he could react to an abstract image from an artificial mental world? Escanor! It's getting steamy out here all of a sudden! What the-- P-Power Level 28,800? Wait a second, just who is this old guy? What? What is that transformation? In terms of Power Level, he's just barely surpassed Galand, but this is quite intriguing.
If you've only quasi-transformed, you're nowhere near your true level.
And you won't be able to maintain that form for long.
This should be more than enough.
Wh-What? Give me back my glasses! Gatling Jack! This is insane! Gowther! Stop it! Obey my will! Divine Ax Rhitta! What's this? Sacred Treasure, release.
The sun at night? He can't be! But this is magical power equivalent to Estarossa's! Impossible.
Mister, what are you going to do? That devastating, unparalleled power, and the heat emanating from Escanor's body is capable of incinerating everything around it.
The Divine Ax Rhitta's special ability is Charge and Fire.
It can absorb all of the monstrous heat emitted by Escanor, allowing him to unleash it at will.
Captain, move! At this rate, Gowther will be killed, along with the Master and Jericho! Trust Escanor, Ban.
Now this is what you call an unexpected comeback! This is what a festival is meant to be! For the great sin of toying with others' hearts, atone with your flesh! I accept.
Double Bow Harlit, Automatic Tracking Mode.
Blackout Arrow! I win.
Scraps Captain, give me back my glasses.
Yes, sir! Here you are! This is winning? Don't be ridiculous! I only stated a fact.
He's down, and I'm still standing.
Gowther! Can't you understand what's in Escanor's heart? Escanor's heart? There's no question that he's furious with me.
Can you say the same thing after seeing that? That's what Escanor was trying to show you was in his heart! For the great sin of toying with others' hearts, atone with your flesh! Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa