Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e19 Episode Script

Meliodas vs The Ten Commandments

1 It's a series of fierce battle as the Vaizel Great Fighting Festival continues.
Send him flying! No way.
While Gowther's Nightmare Teller toys with Escanor's heart, as if in a display of anger, he releases Divine Ax Rhitta and swings it down.
But Escanor's true purpose is What a mistake.
We were too distracted by that man's incredible magical power.
Who would've thought he was aiming his attack at us? What was that huge explosion just now? Escanor! That bastard, he attacked the Ten Commandments! What does he think he's doing? Jeez, you really are a crazy old man! Just what are you? Ouch.
Captain, what should we-- Let's get started with the real festival! This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Meliodas is kind of scary! These monsters are unbelievable! You anticipated this, huh? I've been waiting for this moment.
For the chance to land a definite blow! Waiting for this chance? What's he talking about? If I attacked you head-on by myself, you'd both definitely be on guard, right? Under those circumstances, even I would definitely lose.
To get you to drop your guard, I came here as a participant looking to have fun with his comrades.
Naturally, I never mentioned that to them.
Your Magical Eye can see through any ploy, after all.
And then all I had to do was wait for you guys to leave yourselves exposed.
Escanor created the perfect opportunity.
Why did you do such a thing? Gowther, even if you have no heart, you're still my fellow Seven Deadly Sin.
That's why I couldn't let them get away with toying with my friend's heart.
You're contradicting yourself.
I have no heart.
But are you really sure about that? I see.
I admit that it would've been a struggle for us, too, if we'd been forced to battle you one-on-one.
However, you've made one fatal mistake.
Gigant Embrace! What's going on? I've taken them all hostage.
Resist, and they'll die.
I'll defeat you before that happens! Oh my, I came close to departing for the afterlife.
I'll heal you soon, so please wait, Drole.
Starting now, the two of us will turn things around.
Give up.
You don't stand a chance.
The three of us once joined forces to defeat the Demon King, and now we're enemies.
Fate sure is twisted, huh? Meliodas, I want you to tell me the truth.
You don't really want to fight us to the death, do you? Of course not.
I know why you two went over to that side, and how you felt about it.
Gloxinia, you were betrayed by the people you trusted, and lost something you cared about more than your own life.
Drole, you were a warrior who always strove to be the best.
But then your pride was ripped to shreds.
If you know all that, then why But still once you switch sides, it's all over! Well, that's too bad! An extraordinary clash of energy.
Taking on those monsters by himself how reckless is that? Sir Meliodas! You guys! Come on, we're gonna go help Meliodas out! What good would that do? How many seconds would we be able to last out there? We'd only be in the captain's way.
No Ban's right.
These opponents are on a completely different level.
To be honest, the only one who can put up a fight at this point is Meliodas.
If that's true, then us being trapped here would also be a hindrance, wouldn't it? I know, but this rock even if we wanted to escape, we can't break through.
How are we supposed to bust out? Would you allow me to take care of that? I'll use Teleportation to bring everyone here to a safe place.
You can move this many people all at once? Well, let me try.
Are you kidding? I'm staying! I can't afford to retreat now! No! We have to run away for now! What about Zol and Della then? I have an idea.
Okay, Matrona? We're out of time.
Let's go! I-Is this Liones Castle? Hey! That was amazing! I'm going to heal you now.
Droplet of Life.
Just a few more seconds.
Cursed Vine Tree.
Sorry, but I can't wait for you.
All right? Farewell, comrade.
Giga Crush! Giga Fall! H-Hey! Don't tell me this is The shock waves from the battle in Vaizel have reached here.
The Ten Commandments never should've been revived.
They're now natural disasters, and that's not an understatement! But what about Sir Meliodas? No Meliodas has the upper hand.
1000 Divine Cuts! HEAVY METAL Nice! Droplet of Life! Whoops.
Giga Bick! Captain.
A-Amazing! Taking on two of the legendary Ten Commandments, and he's more than holding his own! To be precise, he seems to be constantly rendering one of them unable to fight, and keeping it a one-on-one battle.
Of course, it's a feat that can only be accomplished with the captain's abilities.
Not only is he more than able to take them on with his normal power restored, he also has that demonic power.
It's overwhelming! To me, it looks like he's holding back.
And he seems to know the Ten Commandments, too.
Those Ten Commandments said it themselves.
That the captain was a traitor to the Demon race.
Whether or not he's a Demon, the captain is the captain.
I'm not sure what you mean, but Meliodas is a really sweet kid.
I don't think he has a hidden side.
Just like you, Harlequin! Diane.
The enemy of our enemy is our friend! Sorry, but I still haven't forgiven you, all right? Sir Meliodas, promise me you'll come back safely! Meliodas, you're both as powerful and as naive as ever.
Why would you take the side of those hopeless Humans? If you chose to, you have the potential to succeed the Demon King.
I can see it.
The horrific end that's in store for you, because you can't be completely callous.
So this is how much all that suffering changed you? In that case, let me end your suffering! Sir Meliodas! What just happened? Th-This magical power is During this battle too much murderous intent was radiated.
Sir Meliodas! No way, are those the Ten Commandments? H-Hey, Gil! Look! Grand Master Dreyfus? Father! Huh? But one's missing, the one named Galand, I think.
Oh, mister-- I mean, Escanor kicked that one's ass.
What? P-Pardon me.
Damn! Melascula that woman's still alive? Ban, I told you, I'm still not Elaine.
Please! Use Teleportation to bring Sir Meliodas here right away! That's not possible.
To do that, I'd have to go there myself first.
But the Ten Commandments won't allow any escape.
Do it.
Binding Spell Grudge Chains.
What was that? An attack spell? I don't know.
But it's a devastatingly potent magical power! All right! He broke through the Ten Commandments' barricade! This is Grudge Spell Chains.
You can never leave the location where the curse was inflicted on you.
Death is inevitable now.
Y-You're kidding, right? Can't escape now? That means either Meliodas has to kill the Ten Commandments, -or he'll be killed by them! -Stop it, Hawk! B-But S-Something strange is happening! Her strength is increasing by the second! Surely you haven't forgotten, have you? Derieri's ability, Combo Star.
As long as she lands those consecutive blows uninterrupted, the weight behind each blow is increased.
It's a highly specialized attack-oriented magical power.
Fifty-three Fifty-four! Amazing.
You're the second one to endure more than fifty rounds of Combo Star.
But with both your arms pulverized, you won't be able to unleash Full Counter now.
Hellfire Bird! Please, stop! Not bad! Bottom line, that's so lame.
L-Let's leave that uninterpreted.
Please teleport me to where Meliodas is now! If you go, you'll only die in vain.
That's fine! Hey, Matrona.
No matter what kind of amazing power those monsters have, do you really think they'd save Zol and Della? You are a truly great sinner.
You don't know how long I've waited for this day.
I'll never forget the humiliation of my defeat at Danafall.
But your luck ran out when you didn't finish me off.
Neither Dreyfus nor Hendrickson's lives would've changed so drastically.
Dreyfus! You're a man with a strong spirit! Don't let yourself lose to that bastard! Open your eyes! Drive that guy out right now and run! No matter how much you try to reach his spirit, it's futile.
It will never reach Dreyfus-- Sir Meliodas? Star Breaker! No! Meliodas! Dammit! Stop it! Please stop it, Dreyfus! That's not my father! Griamore.
It's all your fault, for siding with the Humans! King Gloxinia please stop.
Spirit spear Basquias, first configuration! Basquias! Meliodas! Captain.
My elder brother Meliodas.
Upon your death, the first part of our revenge will have been finally realized.
If it hadn't been for you, we never would've been subjected to such humiliation.
Your betrayal caused the Demon race to be casualties of the war.
Captain? N-No way, is that the same as Apparently, he deliberately feigned being overwhelmed.
A choice he must've made thinking this was his only hope of defeating them.
The magical power stored is far greater than the battle for the royal capital.
In terms of power, it's around 30 times greater.
This isn't good.
Damn it, are we going to be defeated by you again? Revenge Counter! Hey, Meliodas, the truth is, I'd rather die than do something like this.
You understand, don't you? It's because I love you.
Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa