Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e20 Episode Script

Pursuit of Hope

1 In order to defeat Gloxinia and Drole, Meliodas takes part in the Great Fighting Festival, knowing that it's a trap.
But just before he can claim victory, the Ten Commandments unleash a combined assault, and Meliodas falls in defeat.
It's because I love you.
Brings back memories, huh, Meliodas? Let me hear your voice some more.
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE 20: HAVE HOPE For a moment there, I was nervous about what might happen, so well done, Estarossa.
Gloxinia, perfect timing.
Would you fix my body? I suppose, but after this I shouldn't use Droplet of Life for a while.
Spirit spear Basquias, seventh configuration.
Moon Rose.
Droplet of Life.
Hey, Estarossa.
Bottom line, are you sure? I've been sensing a strange gaze focused on us.
It's very likely that it's Meliodas' party, so the question is, can we afford to leave them alone? Looks like they got away.
They found out! The Seven Deadly Sins.
Meliodas' new comrades.
When will you betray them? The same way you, the leader of the Ten Commandments, deserted the rest of us.
The strength and callousness you showed back then was devastating.
Everyone recognized you as the one fit to become the next Demon King.
Even we were helpless against the Goddess race, but they feared you, and tried to avoid you.
You were my idol, as well.
But then, you unexpectedly betrayed us, wreaked havoc on the Demon Realm, and vanished.
After murdering the two Commandments who were with you, that is.
Until Drole and Gloxinia joined us later on, you left two empty spots in the Ten Commandments.
The balance maintained between the Demon race and the Goddess race was shattered, and seeing it as their chance, the Goddess race incited the other races to eliminate the Demon race once and for all.
It was you who started that war 3,000 years ago.
Tell me, will you? How do you come up with such delightful ideas? No way The captain? So this time, it's the Seven Deadly Sins instead of the Ten Commandments, huh? Deep down, I bet you're full of anticipation, wondering when to betray them, right? You're a terrible person.
E liza beth Did you say something? Let me be the one to finish off Meliodas.
You? Why? His comrades really did a number on me.
It's obvious that Meliodas should take responsibility for this mischief.
She's not gonna What? Those guys eat souls! Then what will happen to Sir Meliodas? Well Ban! Ban! There's no need for you to ask for my forgiveness.
Thank you.
Hey, mage.
What is it? Send me over there.
Oh my, you're resisting.
But I happen to be a specialist at manipulating the dead their souls.
Extracting your soul when you're immobilized is simple for me.
Soul Invitation! Zero Sign! I could end up losing you if I do this.
But I'm going to bring you back to life someday, no matter what.
So It's all right, Ban.
Please save him.
There's no need for you to ask for my forgiveness.
So Meliodas, what does your soul taste li-- I have no idea what you're saying.
Fox Hunt! You moron.
Why did you come here? Who are you calling a moron? Don't try to look like the only cool guy here! You're a huge moron.
Well, it just goes to show that dumb pals get along really well.
That's the Seven Deadly Sins' Ban! She tried to devour my older brother's soul without my permission.
She got what she deserved.
Human, thank you for that.
Yeah, sure.
Can you get up, Captain? Moron.
Do I look like I'm injured? Of course, if you hadn't killed her, I would've done it myself.
Captain! Get back.
I'll take care of-- Meliodas has to die at my hands.
By the way, why did you come here? Why do you think? Fox Hunt! Let me teach you something useful.
We upper-level Demons have seven hearts.
That's number two.
Any Demon will die if you destroy them all.
I won't let you do that! Three.
I won't let you kill the captain! Five.
Hunter Fest! Six.
Can't I even protect my woman or a single friend? Stop it! So long, brother.
My beloved Meliodas.
Stop it! All your chirping is too noisy.
It's really grating.
Meliodas has just died.
Britannia is now ours.
I want you to take me there.
But Please.
Very well.
Sir Meliodas? Please answer me! Sir Meliodas? Sir Meliodas! Sir Meliodas! Please! Answer me! Sir Meliodas! There you are Sir Meliodas.
No No! No! No! Please! Open your eyes! No! Thank goodness! I don't know how to thank you.
Oh, no.
After all, this is the most I can do.
You're our greatest savior.
Not only did you heal our children's injuries, you even brought us such a wonderful get well gift! Meat! I'm hungry! Sure thing.
I'll put it on the grill for you right now! Hold on! I'm not some get well feast! What? Forgive my rudeness! Still, I wonder if the others are okay.
In order to stop the Demon race's invasion.
they ended up scattering all over Britannia.
A LITTLE SOUTHWEST OF CAMELO Iai Merciless Waterfall! You dare fight back, Human? You have two choices remaining.
Subjugation, or death.
I'll take the third choice.
To fight back till the bitter end! The Demon race is vast in number.
It's sure to be a struggle for all of them.
Hey this is just a suggestion, but if you want, why don't you all come with me to the Fairy King's Forest? To the Fairy King's Forest? As Fairy King, I have a duty to protect the forest, and I think it'll be safer there than here, at the very least.
What should we do, Matrona? So cute! Thank goodness their attention turned to Oslo! I have to admit, that's probably the best option for now.
What about you, Elizabeth? I'd like to do what I can right now.
We did it.
We did indeed, Sir Arthur! But who would've thought the Demon race was this powerful? Even so, somebody has to do it.
As long as we don't give up, one day we'll see the light.
If that's the case, you're that light, Sir Arthur! I would never presume to call myself the light! If Sir Nanashi hadn't been here, honestly, I might've been done for! Thank you, Sir Nanashi.
So long as that monster cat is with you, you'll never die.
What did he say? King Arthur! It's the Demon reinforcements! Retreat! I've got to become much, much, much stronger! Me would also like if Arthur got stronger.
D-Did you just speak? You can speak, then, Cath? What a creepy cat that is.
Th-That's how you refer to yourself in the first person? You're focusing on that? Let's go, Howzer! Leave the west to Gilthunder and the others, and we'll take the east! Right.
Merlin's shut herself in her lab when things are this busy! As for Gowther It's not as though I believe Dreyfus, but with the capital under attack by the Demon race, this is a state of emergency.
Until you're cleared of suspicion of being a Ten Commandment, we can't let you outside.
I hope you understand.
They're all idiots! It's a godsend for us that you're back to normal.
After the way you were blown apart what kind of body do you have? I'll never die.
Even if I want to die! After what happened to you and Meliodas By the time I noticed, Elaine had already She'd vanished, is that it? Sorry.
If only I'd been more watchful.
It's not your fault.
By killing the Demon woman who resurrected Elaine, I was the one who cut off that magical power.
That's something that Elaine and I decided on.
What happened to the northern village's guards? Th-The villagers The villagers offered Holy Knights as sacrifices We've cornered them! Hurry, let's report to that person! Stupid commoners! Who do you think we are? Shut up! You know we're on the run from the kingdom! We're Holy Knights of Liones, Sir Ruin and Freesia of the Weird Fangs! Idiot! Those are quality Power Levels! 420 for the guy, 440 for the woman! Capture them no matter what! That person desires even stronger souls! People like you I don't even need to use my magical power! Now that it's come to this, I have no choice! Hand them over! Hand over your souls! Hand them over! What's with them? I rushed over when I heard you were of quality, only to find out it was you two.
Grand Master Dreyfus! We'd heard the rumors about how you'd vanished after the final battle in the royal capital against the Seven Deadly Sins, but we never thought we'd get the chance to see you-- Ruin? Sir Dreyfus, what did you do to Ruin? You have no people to protect, nor a country to go home to, anyway.
Die with grace! Open your eyes, you damn worms! He's not Human! Hey, hold on! You-- You're not getting away! You sinful woman! That man is a Ten Commandment! Let me go! Hand it over.
As a mere Human, how dare you stand up to the Demon race? What do you mean, Demon race? Don't you have any pride as Humans? Pride won't save our families! No matter what you think! Dammit! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all! This soul looks more lively than that other one! You all did well finding these two.
As a reward, I'm extending your grace period three more months.
Sir Fraudrin! We're grateful, Sir Fraudrin! Did we find that Holy Knight? Dammit, he got away! He's probably fled into the Forest of White Dreams by now! Wanna chase him? I don't want to.
All I hear is rumors about the crazy monsters people have seen in that forest.
The fog seems to be getting thicker.
Looks like I got lucky! Got lucky, huh? It makes me laugh just saying it.
Now that the place is teeming with Demons, no matter where you run.
A Holy Knight is staying in this room now.
I'll report him right away.
If I offer up a Holy Knight's soul, we'll be saved.
First I was soundly defeated by the Seven Deadly Sins, and then driven out of the kingdom.
Am I to be fed to the Demon race next? What a drastic twist! D-Demon! So this is death.
It's more anticlimactic than I thought.
Hey! Five more ales! Yes, sir! I was so surprised when I found this place in the middle of the mountains! Yeah, I was sure I had gone to the afterlife! Where am I? It's so strange.
Just three days ago, there was nothing here.
A tavern? Man, this is great! Even in a world like this, as long as there's ale, we can be happy! Thanks for waiting! That's Here! Five large steins! Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa