Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e21 Episode Script

Certain Warmth

1 After the Commandment of Benevolence, Estarossa, destroys all seven of his hearts, Meliodas has died.
The Ten Commandments launch a full-scale invasion that ravages Britannia, with some Humans even starting to offer living sacrifices to them.
Being chased by such people, former member of the Weird Fangs, Golgius was sheltered at a certain place.
By the way, did you hear? Those rumors about the wandering Silver Knight? You mean the ghost knight wearing shining armor who's said to keep appearing lately? Apple-ish pie for our guests at table number three! Thanks for waiting! Elizabeth's sure become dependable lately.
We're fine! That's right.
Don't worry, just do your best! Okay, I'll do my best! Seriously, so dependable now! This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE 21: CERTAIN WARMTH Hey, so you woke up? Th-They're Princess Elizabeth, and the talking pig! -I see you're looking much better! -He does! Which means that man is also I must leave before my identity is exposed.
Uh, I am grateful to you for rescuing me.
I know it's abrupt, but I'll be on my way now-- There you go! This is my special homemade soup! Th-Thank you for the meal.
She has a different approach than Meliodas, but Elizabeth is a natural at cooking up really bad tastes! Um, please don't force yourself, you can leave some.
Oh, I'm fine.
Now that I know it tastes bad, it's not so bad I can't bring myself to eat it.
Man, how rude is that? By the way, Golgius Hey! Don't spit in my face! So you realized who I was? I never forget the scent of someone I've smelled even once! Why did you rescue me? I'm your enemy! You'd better not utter some nonsense about not forsaking someone in pain, even if he's the enemy! What are they trying to do? Bull's-eye! I think that Sir Meliodas would've done the same thing.
Even if I live, the only thing waiting for me is another bad end! There's nothing more that we can do! As long as you're alive not only can you continue to fight to protect someone, you can also share that person's suffering and anguish.
This is beyond ridiculous.
You and I have completely different ways of thinking.
The meal was unappetizing, but I thank you.
Now, then, farewell! I'm sure we'll never see each other again.
Dear me.
For someone who's lived in the darkness, that was too bright! Sir Golgius was just here in the tavern.
He was alone, and seemed to be in anguish.
The other customers also seemed worried, but they're hanging on with all their might.
So please open your eyes.
Everybody's waiting for you, Sir Meliodas! Me more than anyone else! To live in a world without you I can't bear it! All right! I've licked it all clean! Now that's pristine! I'm amazing! Hey, what's this smell reeking of iron? A-Armor-clad footsteps? D-Don't tell me it's Huh? What's this feeling of déjà vu? Is this the Boar Hat tavern? I-It's here! It's the Ghost Knight! Hawk! What's the matter? Ah, Lady Elizabeth! You've grown up to be a fine young lady! When I caught sight of you in Vaizel, I couldn't believe it was you, and so I didn't approach you.
Vaizel? I haven't seen you in more than ten years, after all.
N-No way! Are you Grand Master Zaratras? It's been a long time, Lady Elizabeth.
His Majesty must be overjoyed that you've grown up to be such a lovely young woman.
Is this a dream? Sir Zaratras but Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Zaratras? The former grand master who got skewered like a pincushion by the two grand masters ten years ago? Yes.
Yes, that's right! If only Hendy hadn't offered me a Yawning Black Cat Tavern's fish pie as a snack.
I mean, it was piping hot, rich and flaky, fresh out of the oven! I couldn't ignore my empty stomach after a night shift! Think about it! No one would suspect that the pie was poisoned, right? Even we grand masters are human, after all.
We get hungry, too! Lady Elizabeth, are you familiar with the Black Cat's fish pies? Y-Yes.
They're quite delicious, and are my father and sisters' most favorite food! Of course they are! He has to be an imposter! What? No, this is the real Zaratras.
He hasn't changed at all.
What? That was the biggest blunder of my life.
If I hadn't succumbed to the temptation of that fish pie, I could've saved Dreyfus and Hendy from the darkness.
Sir Zaratras There you go.
I appreciate it.
Apparently, I've been resurrected, if only temporarily.
Him, too? Thanks to Melascula's magical power? Then that means that Elaine is still Such an incredible magical power.
Bestowing a grudge and a physical body on souls that still have regrets in this world, and then resurrecting them.
Does that mean you were revived so you could get revenge on the two grand masters who killed you? That's right.
At least, if that were true, it would make things easy! To be honest, I guess you could say the only grudge I have is towards myself, for not seeing that Dreyfus and Hendy were being controlled by a Demon.
That's my lingering regret for this world.
I'm so pathetic, I can barely stand myself.
Elizabeth, can I hit this guy? Well, he's a lot more dignified when he's working.
Does Gil know about this? What can I say to him after everything that's happened? If he suddenly sees his dead father, he'll be more than just shocked! And if, by any chance, he's forgotten what I look like Gil was more attached to Sir Meliodas than he ever was to me, after all! Now I'm really starting to get angry.
Please let me see Sir Meliodas.
I'd like to make a few complaints.
Looks pristine, huh? You've healed him to perfection.
No ordinary Druid could've done this good a job.
This power is completely useless! His hearts are still completely stopped.
Sir Meliodas will never again I don't know what to do! Please tell me! Sir Zaratras! How about this? Why don't you ask Sir Meliodas directly? Sir Meliodas is a truly mysterious man.
The true meaning of his words and thoughts at the time, I couldn't understand.
When he'd utter those mysterious things, it was like he was living far in the past while grieving over the distant future.
Surprisingly, things that now make perfect sense to me keep coming up, one after the other.
Lady Elizabeth, please take my hand.
A-All right.
You, too, Lord Piglet.
We've succeeded.
Where are we? Weren't we at the Boar Hat-- What is that? Danafall, right after it was destroyed.
Where Sir Meliodas used to live with Ms.
Liz? This is horrific.
I can't believe my eyes.
Father? And you, too, Sir Zaratras? It's a memory of the past.
They can neither see nor hear us.
But why were we sent into a crazy scene like this? It's most likely because it's where Sir Meliodas, myself, and Lady Elizabeth first came into contact.
Sir Meliodas and me? Look! There's a young boy.
Hey! What happened in this country? No That's That's you as an infant and Sir Meliodas.
Why would the infant me be with Sir Meliodas? I don't know.
Regarding that, he never spoke a word.
Hey, those are serious injuries.
You should lie down for a bit.
Let me take the baby.
Don't touch her! Don't touch my woman in such a familiar way! W-Woman? Sir Meliodas? With his magical power called Vision, which allows him to see into the future, the king saw an omen the other day, that the baby he met in Danafall's ruins would become his third daughter.
-That means he wants to adopt Elizabeth? -Yes.
Gotcha! But only on the condition that he hires me, okay? Uh, well I'm sorry, but we already have a nanny.
Don't get the wrong idea! I mean as a Holy Knight.
I-I yield! The murderous intent I sensed from him was the essence of demonic.
But there wasn't a hint of evil in his eyes.
I bet you wet yourself, Zara-chin! Well, a little.
On my recommendation, he was appointed to the royal family or to be more precise, he was appointed to you as a Holy Knight.
I'm sure you don't remember, but when you were a child, you were very attached to Sir Meliodas.
I was? It was right after that.
What did you say? Seven sinners are destined to become the protectors of Liones Kingdom? How could something so ludicrous come to be? Please rest assured.
The research and selection process regarding that omen is taken care of.
Who Who are you? The king's omen is quite impressive, Meliodas.
Locating the five of them without the omen would've been close to impossible.
Which makes the remaining two Naturally, that would be you and me.
All right.
Then let's gather everyone right away.
It's time for the Deadly Sins to defeat the Commandments! For the Deadly Sins to defeat the Commandments? It can't be! Exactly, Lady Elizabeth.
The Seven Deadly Sins were chosen to defeat the Ten Commandments.
What's next? Your face is red! You never get drunk, so it's rare for you to get hammered! FIRST DRINK How much did you drink? It's been 3,000 years.
I'm happy, so of course I'd get drunk.
I've been waiting 3,000 years for the curse to be lifted.
Curse? 3,000 years? Is there a Human like that? Not even the Fairy race, or the Giant race not even the legendary Goddess race or the Demon race could possibly live 3,000 years, could they? Ugh, what a bad drunk! If that's really true, then you're astounding, Sir Meliodas.
I mean, if it were me, I'd never be able to stand it! I'd either kill myself, or have someone kill me! I've tried everything.
What? But the curse won't allow it.
What does that mean? Perhaps that the curse won't allow him to die? A storm is coming.
Back at the castle? Yo, Elizabeth! Sir Meliodas! Can't sleep? Can you actually see me? There, there, there! What a good girl you are, Ellie! -You're going somewhere to work tomorrow? -Yeah.
Will you come back to me right away? What, is that what you were worrying about? I believe.
That one day you'll come back to me.
I'll make you a promise, okay? No matter where I might be, I'll always come back alive to you.
L-Looks like we're back.
Lady Elizabeth are you all right? I'm fine.
Sir Meliodas is definitely coming back! After all, he promised me! How does it feel to have come to Purgatory? You were beaten quite spectacularly this time, Meliodas.
Peeping to pass the time that's quite the hobby you have! Oh please, my loyal Eye showed me everything, that's all.
Is that right? Even you were rendered helpless before the Commandments of Piety and Benevolence, and could only wait for death.
Because of that, the Commandments were lifted.
There are two ways to dispel the Commandments I created.
Either defeat the Ten Commandments on whom they were bestowed or die! But I'm resurrected, over and over, because of the curse you inflicted on me.
Pretty ironic, huh? Enough with the bravado! Is it fear, or rage? The fact that you're trembling is clear to me.
Now then, now then, now then! What are you talking about? Still full of bluster? Not only did you fail to end my life, but it's already been 3,000 years since you the Demon renowned as the ultimate evil, became a useless shell of yourself, thanks to that woman.
Who do you have to thank for being restored to your current state? That's right.
It's only because each time you chose death, and made your way to Purgatory, I fed on those budding emotions of yours! Now, then! You may satiate my hunger and thirst yet again.
I can use the nutrients of your emotions to build up my lost power, while you can once again draw closer to becoming the most powerful Demon of all.
Isn't this a joyous occasion, my son? I'd like to see you try it! It appears the Ten Commandments have advanced this far.
Don't worry, Brother.
I've dispatched my elite troops to defend Liones Castle.
Ban will do something about this.
Yeah! I have no strength in my sword hand! Why is that? I can't use my magical power, either! What's going on, Gil? Why are we powerless before that blasted Demon? I'll be the one to avenge Meliodas! Let's stop now, Gil! Quiet! Don't get in my way! Anyone who stands before me with hatred in his heart loses the ability to hurt others.
I am Estarossa.
The one who was granted the Commandment of Benevolence.
Benevolence? Don't give me that! After murdering the captain, how dare you spew crap like that? Are we unable to grip our swords, clench our fists, or even walk towards him? You poor things.
Let me save you from your suffering.
Why isn't the Commandment working on him? Of course it wouldn't.
Why should I bear any hatred towards someone weaker than myself? All I feel is pity.
So proud.
That's who I am.
The Sin of Pride Lion Sin, Escanor! Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa