Seven Orifices (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Those gigantic orifices
appeared suddenly.
A total of seven orifices.
Where do they lead to?
What could these orifices possibly be?
Even from this distance
you can tell it's huge.
Up close, it's probably
as tall as a building.
This is one of the orifices
that suddenly appeared.
Workers are currently
blocking off the area.
Investigations into the orifices
have been ongoing for
about three and a half years.
Seventeen investigators
entered the orifices
but none returned.
their tethers extending
out of the orifices are
proof that they are still alive.
How can they still be alive?
Why don't they come back?
Thank you for your questions.
Based on the current results
from our investigations,
we haven't been able to obtain
definitive information
on the depth of the orifices
or if they are connected.
Therefore, we have decided
to terminate our investigations.
If an orifice is deemed to be compatible
with the local area
and considerations are made regarding
its impact on safety and the environment,
it may be recognized
as part of the landscape.
Once the blockade
around the orifices was lifted,
people began to interact
with them in various ways.
All sorts of theories spread,
and many ventured inside.
Eventually, there appeared a man
who worshipped them as deities.
His name was Ozawa.
The orifices are
a place that relieves you from distress.
No one has returned from the orifices.
Which means, in the orifices,
you will find liberation.
The question is,
how should we enter the orifices?
In kindergarten, Ozawa would look for
oddly-shaped pine cones
and throw them from the jungle gym.
By making others pick them up,
he gained status in his class.
But that is another story.
The organization led by Ozawa
designated December 1st through the 30th
as the Festival of the Orifices.
Interested individuals were allowed
to enter the orifices during that period.
Before entering an orifice,
each person was to document their reasons.
To abide by those instructions,
eight people gathered
at this lodging owned by Ozawa.
-Let's eat.
-Great job, everyone.
Shall we start?
Some of us might want
to get it over with today.
Should we start with those
who are planning to enter early?
-Good idea.
I'm scheduled for the 21st.
I'm scheduled for the 13th,
so I'm before you.
Anyone scheduled before that?
I know what week
but I haven't set a date yet.
I'm going before her, though.
I don't have a set date either
because I'm still undecided.
I'm scheduled for the 6th.
-Then, you might be the first.
I'll tell my story first, then.
All set.
When I was in elementary school,
I started playing soccer
after watching a match
on a sports channel.
My father wanted me to engage
in some form of physical activity,
so I'd been taking swimming lessons
since kindergarten.
But I didn't really like it.
Soccer was the first sport
I felt like trying out
on my own initiative.
Whenever I had time on weekends,
I used to practice with my father.
My father had experience
in all kinds of sports
and was pretty athletic.
Among second graders,
Kawabata had decent soccer skills.
However, since he joined the team late,
he was not prioritized during matches
and he never got much playing time.
Do you see where I'm standing?
Where did the ball go?
That's no answer.
I'm asking you where the ball is.
Where is it?
When will you be able to play properly?
We're done for today.
Hey, Kawabata!
After quitting soccer,
Kawabata started to hang out
with Teppei and Yuki.
It's your fault!
There goes the cola-splashing hag again.
Iizuka got splashed the other day too.
It's a waste of money to buy cola
just to splash it on people.
Are you okay?
Do you want to go wash it off?
I'm okay.
Let's keep playing catch.
You two have a game coming up tomorrow,
so let's practice.
One day,
Kawabata realized
that his favorite eraser was missing.
The eraser had
trading card characters on it.
I had that eraser too.
I wondered where I'd lost it.
Did you drop it somewhere?
It wasn't in the lost and found box.
Did you look in your school bag?
I did but it wasn't in there.
And your desk drawer?
I looked.
They might not sell the same one anymore.
Who was it?
Someone found it.
That doesn't matter.
It's smaller than it was before.
Someone probably stole it
and came to return it.
You're a boy, so go retaliate.
In the end, I didn't retaliate.
But, whenever I faced unfair treatment
in my junior high school baseball club,
my father always told me to fight back.
Even in junior high school
and high school,
Kawabata never became angry.
Eventually, Kawabata went to college
and found a girlfriend.
Why were you late?
I was waiting for two hours.
But I'm totally fine
if you're two hours late. I can wait.
Um, I'm asking for
the reason you were late.
I don't care if you're late,
so it's fine if you run late.
I see
Why won't you get mad about that?
Apparently, she stays out
till morning every day.
Even if he tells her
to stop it, she won't.
You'd cover her in mayonnaise
while she's sleeping, right, Akira?
Did you ask her
why she stays out all night?
She said, "I'm not doing
anything suspicious."
But this concerns both of you.
Isn't her reaction to your question weird?
You don't like it,
so she should stop being late
if she wants to keep seeing you.
That's what I'm trying to tell her.
If she knows what you mean,
it means she doesn't care
if you like her or not.
I don't think it's like that
Then why won't she stop?
she goes on photography trips
with another guy.
Is she an idiot? Seriously.
-You're not getting through to her.
Yeah, I can't deny that possibility.
You should get mad at her.
Kawabata started thinking about
why he didn't feel like getting angry.
I didn't understand
what it meant to get angry.
Not just about this incident.
I've always been like this.
I wondered how everyone else knew
that they were getting angry.
But then, I realized that
her actions did annoy me and
that's why I asked them for their opinion.
I started thinking that
maybe I actually was angry.
I just hadn't realized it.
It made me wonder if the seeds of anger
were already sprouting within me.
Maybe, I had been
unconsciously plucking them.
And so,
I started practicing being angry.
First, I practiced facial expressions.
Then, articulation.
Stop messing with me.
Stop messing with me.
Stop messing with me.
Lastly, I worked out.
Next time she's late,
I'm going to give it to her.
Hey, there.
Did you read the book
you got at the flea market?
I've kept it in good condition.
And will you get another expensive book
for your collection today?
I like to display my books, you know?
I told myself I would do it next time
and kept practicing my anger.
I'm still practicing,
but that's when the orifices appeared.
My mom and my dad entered
an orifice pretty early on.
I'm the only one left in my family.
Did your parents know Mr. Ozawa?
Yes. They told me about him.
I never thought I would enter
an orifice too,
but since my parents went,
I started thinking
it might not be so bad after all.
Did they meet with Mr. Ozawa beforehand?
Yes, they did.
Did you tell your girlfriend off?
Well, kind of
The main reason
you can't get angry is likely because,
since childhood,
you have been seeking acceptance
from those around you,
particularly your parents.
That's why you have learned
to suppress your own desires and emotions
as much as possible.
I'm not intending to suppress my emotions
There are quite a few children like that.
Childhood life is
mostly designed by parents.
So, kids often try
to not inconvenience their parents.
They try to convince themselves that
what their parents want them to do
is what they want to do.
Even as you grew up,
a part of you believed that,
to blend in with your friends,
your own desires
might hinder communication.
And that's already ingrained
in your body and brain.
That's why, the moment you feel anger,
or any other emotion
Whenever an emotion
wells up inside you
and you have the urge to express it,
you instinctively suppress it.
Lately, I have started to recognize
when an emotion surfaces.
It's your environment.
In other words, society.
Society was what made you
give up on expressing anger.
But now, you have started
to interact with society
and the people are making you think
maybe it's okay to get angry.
That's how you're feeling right now.
You have the ability to get angry.
Hey, there.
Why are you late?
I'm asking for a tangible reason.
Like, the train was delayed or something.
Though a three-hour delay seems unlikely.
I need an explanation like that.
Why? You're at home.
I don't like it when you're late.
I told you that before, right?
Did you have plans later?
No, it's not that.
Waiting here alone
for two, three hours is not fun.
But I can wait.
That's not what I mean.
Maybe you can wait but
I'm sure you can wait too.
If you don't have any plans,
you can just kill time.
But we had set a time.
I want you to stop being late.
I don't think
we can maintain this relationship
if we keep doing things
each of us doesn't like.
I think so too but
Then why won't you stop?
I don't think being late is
something we both dislike.
It's not just about being late.
For example
Going to a café with another guy.
But I haven't done anything wrong.
Even so, it's still unpleasant, isn't it?
Not really.
If you don't do anything wrong,
you can go too.
I don't like being controlled.
What? You think I'm being controlling?
I do.
I mean, I'm fine if you do as you please.
I won't go out with other girls.
Because you can't prove it
if the other person isn't there.
You can't prove nothing happened.
Look, Hikari.
You went on a photography trip
with another guy and said
there were no romantic
Because it's true.
But you can't prove that, can you?
So, you don't trust me?
It's not about trust.
Even if we trust each other,
I want us to consider
each other's feelings.
So it is about trust.
No, it's not!
Why is the burden
on the trusting one greater?
Why am I the only one who's suffering?
Don't misuse the word "trust"
for convenience's sake.
Besides, we're in
this relationship together.
You can't just go off doing as you please.
When two or more people gather,
there are more things to consider
than when you're alone!
Getting angry is difficult, isn't it?
I don't know if I got too angry but
while we were arguing,
I started to lose control.
Maybe I should have been
more used to anger.
I think it's good you broke up.
It's scary if the other person
starts throwing things.
I think I'd be terrified too.
I realized how difficult it is
to control both your mind and body.
Writing it down while listening
must be hard.
I'm just taking notes for now.
I'll transcribe it later.
As instructed,
Kawabata documented his life
and headed towards an orifice.
This story is a compilation
of the personal histories
of eight individuals from the modern era,
who sought to enter the orifices.
Could you show me
what you wrote when you're done?
Of course.
Subtitle translation by:
Mariko Yasuoka-Sator
You wish to get married?
I'm cold. Can I sleep with you?
I didn't expect to meet you
again in this way.
Of course I remember.
My story begins with first love.
Seven Orifices.
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