Seven Orifices (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

It is said that sheep were the first
to enter the orifices.
But the first human to enter
is said to be a live streamer.
The man claimed to be an illustrator,
but since he only had work
every six months,
he wanted to gain recognition.
Today, I am going to explore this orifice
to see what it is and where it leads,
so I brought all the food I need.
It could get dangerous
if I encounter monsters along the way.
That's why I also packed some garlic
and a cross to fight them off.
It's pretty dark in here.
Can you guys see me?
You can? Okay, good.
The temperature?
It's not exactly cold but it's chilly.
Hold on, I brought a device
to measure the temperature.
And humidity too.
By the way, I haven't sensed
anything unusual so far.
I've been walking straight, haven't I?
I haven't walked that much.
Maybe like three minutes, right?
What?! No reception?
Here it is.
Oh, this is it
It's not very detailed, though.
There's a list of those who entered
and those who haven't.
Does it mention why some didn't enter?
Yes, it's vague.
It's very helpful, though.
-Thank you.
It has notes from previous people
and might come in handy.
It's almost like a history book.
Don't you all have this in your rooms?
My room only had magazines
of barbecue and camping.
And a scented candle
the previous person left.
That's nice.
I want to light a scented candle too.
-Do you want me to bring it?
Okay, tonight.
Who's entering the orifices next?
I'm going on the 21st.
I'm scheduled for the 13th.
-I'm on the 8th.
Anyone else going before that?
Are we going to do this every time?
Let's just write it down.
Can you write it down, then?
What, me?
You're the one who suggested it.
I'll do it.
Thank you.
So, my story begins with first love.
I used to do karate.
I believe I was in third grade
of elementary school.
That's when I started karate.
Now, I've lost all my muscle.
I started because
my father liked martial arts.
He wanted me to try it.
I wasn't really keen on it at first.
In third grade, I tried out a karate class
and started attending that dojo.
My classes are tough.
Will you be able to keep up?
Thank you for accepting him.
Can you do it?
Answer me.
You also didn't greet
when you entered the dojo.
You have to greet when you enter. Got it?
Let me hear your voices.
Fore fist punch stance.
Raise your voices!
The response is osu.
Don't look at your mother!
It's osu!
That's the kind of dojo I was attending.
Apparently, he doesn't smack
his students anymore.
But he was a very strict sensei.
Every year, this dojo had
a three-day training camp.
We ate meals the sensei cooked,
bathed together at a public bathhouse,
and slept in the training hall.
That kind of training camp.
The first time I attended that camp
I'm cold. Can I sleep with you?
The bathroom was freezing.
Oh, yeah?
Did you go?
No, I didn't.
It's super creepy.
Oh, yeah?
I don't want to have my back facing
the bathroom, so can I lean against you?
Don't you find it creepy
sleeping near the bathroom?
I don't believe in ghosts at all.
She snuck into my futon
again the next night.
That's when I started
being attracted to her.
But I was just a kid in elementary school
and didn't know what to do.
Moreover, all students of this dojo
went to different schools,
so I only knew her name.
Thinking back, Sugaya vaguely remembers
holding hands for the first time
while sleeping during this camp.
However, after all these years,
his memory is fuzzy.
Although I couldn't even
ask for her phone number during the camp,
I consider that my first love.
Her name was Ms. Mori.
But since that camp,
I didn't see her at the dojo anymore.
Are karate classes only on Tuesdays?
They also have children's classes
on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Can I switch to another day?
On Tuesdays, I also have PE
before my karate lesson,
so it's exhausting.
You also have PE on Fridays.
But it's in the second period.
First, I switched to Fridays,
where I had PE in the second period.
If she didn't come, I would then change
to Wednesdays, where I didn't have PE.
However, even after switching days,
Sugaya did not see her again.
After about a year, I quit karate.
I started playing basketball
and played on my junior high school team.
My first relationship was
in my third year.
We were together for three months.
But I didn't want my friends to find out,
so I broke up with her
before they found out.
I did have my fair share of girlfriends.
I never thought about Ms. Mori again.
Sugaya coincidentally met Mori again
in his second year of university.
It happened while he was running an errand
for his host family in the US.
Is your host family
making you run errands?
How did you know?
My host mother told me
to go buy my own food.
You should tell the school.
It's because I eat a lot
and she doesn't know how much to buy.
There's an all-you-can-eat party
in two days. Do you want to come?
Where at?
-The whiskey's over there.
You want anything?
They only have whiskey, though.
I'll have that, then.
Why do they only have whiskey?
I was told we could have
whatever's in the fridge.
First time here?
My friend Masaya invited me.
-I don't know anyone else.
-Studying abroad?
-Yes, I'm staying with a host family.
-Second year?
Am I that obvious?
Starting to crave Japanese friends, huh?
It seems like I don't even need to talk.
One more thing. You're from Tokyo.
You've nailed it.
My turn.
Are you here by yourself?
No, with friends.
You're bad at this.
I kind of thought
we went to the same school.
You smoke?
I just started.
I used to play sports,
so I didn't like cigarettes.
What kind of sports?
This and that.
I played basketball in junior high school,
and then softball in high school.
I quit, though.
In elementary school, I did karate.
I see.
I used to do karate too.
Full contact? What style?
I did karate until my third year
of junior high.
At Mr. Ushigome's dojo.
Wait, Mr. Ushigome?
The Mr. Ushigome?
He's a famous martial artist,
so you might have heard of him.
I know him all too well.
I asked her if she remembered the camp.
Of course I remember.
I was scared of the bathroom.
Since then, I started talking to Ms. Mori
when we ran into each other at school.
We went out with a few people
and smoked together at the smoking area.
I quit smoking pretty quickly, though.
If you come here so often, why not smoke?
Nah, I quit already.
You're quick to give up.
I got fed up of smoking.
I'm hoping to find work here in the US.
That's impressive.
Have you found anything yet?
I might look for work here too.
Do you know what you want to do?
This might be the first time
I let someone into my place.
Sugaya's homestay period
was coming to an end,
and he was scheduled
to fly back to Japan the next day.
A farewell dinner on Christmas Eve, huh?
What will you do back in Japan?
I'm going to eat a ton of Japanese food.
I totally get that.
No matter how long I live here,
I will always crave Japanese food.
Want some?
No, I'm good.
I got them for you because you're leaving.
Is something going on?
You're spinning.
What's going on?
I'm going to fly. I'm going to fly away.
-The centrifugal force is insane.
You're not spinning.
It's not spinning
Wait a minute, hey!
-We definitely are spinning.
-No, we're not.
We're not spinning.
Oh my gosh.
We are spinning.
No, we're not spinning.
We're not.
Sugaya returned to Japan
and started working.
The next time he encountered Mori was
eight years later at an airport in Egypt.
I got off the plane
and ran to the bathroom.
I was in such a hurry that
I didn't check the restroom signs.
But while I was in the restroom,
I suddenly felt anxious.
I sat with my feet up so they weren't
visible from under the door.
When I came out and was washing my hands
That's a reasonable reaction.
We hadn't met in eight years
and what are the chances
of meeting at an airport in Egypt?
On top of that, I had accidentally entered
the women's restrooms.
That too but
Wait, let's get out of here first.
I took her hand,
pulled her out of the restrooms
and realized
She was wearing a ring.
Ms. Mori was on vacation with her fiancé.
I could see her fiancé waiting for her,
so we didn't talk much.
But we did exchange our phone numbers.
You wish to get married?
I do.
We never contacted each other.
The third encounter was a year later.
She contacted me
that she had moved back to Japan.
I didn't expect to meet you
again in this way.
After all, we didn't stay in touch.
You could've reached out to me.
I did.
Took you long enough.
Well, you didn't reach out either.
Speaking of
I was wondering
when you'd start working in the US.
I kept wondering what kind of company
you wanted to work for.
I don't know.
It was more of a joke, really.
That's what I thought.
Where do you live?
In Shimouma.
We're heading in the same direction then.
When we were in the States,
I thought you were hot.
Not anymore, though.
My friends were sure you wouldn't
come back and told me not to wait for you.
Sorry, I didn't mean it like that
when I said I wanted
to get a job in the US.
I know.
It's not that I didn't like you
or didn't have feelings for you.
So, yeah.
I liked you.
I see.
It's just not what "getting a job" meant.
I broke up with my fiancée the other day.
How long were you together?
When we met in Egypt,
I was already engaged to her.
I see.
I got married last month.
I see.
I'm getting off here.
-See you.
I kind of felt
I would never see her again.
I think
it was a lie that she'd gotten married.
I think she'd broken up with her fiancé.
But I'd lied to her too.
I think we both knew we were lying.
I was engaged to my current wife,
and we were living together.
Who did you like more?
That's a harsh question.
I reached out to Ms. Mori once,
but she didn't reply.
There's your answer.
Your poor wife.
I might lose hope in marriage
if I can't be with my true love.
Don't get me wrong, I love my wife.
From your story,
it's hard to believe that.
No, I mean it.
I don't know, though
Maybe it's karma.
My wife and I were blessed with a child,
but the doctor told us
our child wouldn't live long.
Karma doesn't sound right.
But it's easier for me to think that way
and punish myself.
Such a tiny human being
is already destined to die.
And what's more, before me.
Yet, all we can do is wait.
I just can't accept the fact
that everyone dies
as anything other than a punishment.
And that's when the orifices appeared.
Oh no.
Did I bring down the mood?
That wasn't my intention, you know?
Seems like those who haven't entered yet
are still in contact with Mr. Ozawa.
The only thing we know about Sugaya is
that he probably
didn't enter the orifices.
There is even no record of him returning.
However, the person who recruited
Sugaya to join the organization
told Ozawa that Sugaya's wife
and child were living happily.
Sugaya's whereabouts
remain unknown to everyone.
Subtitle translation by:
Mariko Yasuoka-Sator
I reserved tickets for today's show.
My name is Yukie Hara.
A Yukie Hara with the same kanji
came to see the show.
It's hard to cross paths.
Who was I doing all this for?
Seven Orifices.
But the orifices are there for us.
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