Seven Orifices (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

A few days after it was decided to treat
the orifices as part of the landscape.
Kana Omura, who lived
in a nearby apartment,
started observing an orifice every day
and kept a diary.
This is what she wrote.
April 16th.
Since the blockade has been lifted,
people are coming to see the orifice.
April 29th.
Every night, I go to sleep
thinking about entering the orifice.
May 8th.
The decision to enter the orifices is
now left to the individual.
Why is it that no one is coming out?
June 15th.
I've been looking
at the orifice every day.
I somehow feel like I'm already in it.
My homeroom teacher is entering
an orifice next week,
so we are going to throw a farewell party.
June 27th.
I'm glad my teacher seemed
to have enjoyed the party.
She is really looking forward
to entering the orifices.
By the way, a famous actor also went in.
Everyone seems so happy going in,
it's making me jealous.
July 11th.
I started dreaming about
the orifices every night.
Inside the orifices
It's dark at first but you can see
a light on the other end.
Once you reach the other side,
there's nature
and you never feel hungry.
This is the last entry in her diary.
Why is it that people believe in aliens
but they don't believe in gods?
Same goes for ghosts,
but what's the reason
they can't believe in gods?
Well, aliens
they kind of feel tangible, don't they?
You could grasp them.
But I guess, to many people,
gods seem intangible.
What about the orifices, then?
The orifices are actually there.
That's why I can believe in them.
But we're talking about
the god of the orifices here.
Yeah, but
the orifices actually exist
here and there.
They're there.
I don't know if it's objective but
What do you think it's like
on the other side of the orifices?
I believe there's nothing
and it doesn't lead anywhere.
To be honest, I don't care
if there's something or not.
We won't know until we enter, right?
Who's up next?
It's Ms. Aoyama.
Yes, that's me.
Thank you.
I'm ready.
Okay, so
I may not look like it
but I was born in the UK.
-Oh, really?
I lived there until
I was about five years old.
My parents had started living in the UK
due to my mother's job.
They're both Japanese
but I was born in the UK.
That's why I look like this.
Are you a British citizen, then?
I haven't decided yet.
While we were living there,
my parents only spoke English,
so when we came to Japan,
I couldn't speak Japanese at all.
We moved to Japan right before
I started elementary school.
I was the only one in school
who couldn't communicate with anyone.
My classmates started
asking me why I couldn't speak.
That's why I had no friends.
But there was this one girl,
Ms. Ishida, who walked home
with me every day.
She didn't play with me in class,
which makes sense
because I couldn't speak Japanese.
But we happened to live
in the same direction,
so we started walking home together.
On their way home,
Aoyama and Ishida played a game.
One of them counted up
to a number of their liking
and tagged the other.
The one who was tagged had to continue
counting from that number.
Six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve.
However, as they started second grade,
Ishida transferred to another school.
Aoyama was alone once again.
Do you want me to teach you that?
The hiragana?
That's hiragana.
You were close with Ishida, right?
My mom and Ishida's mom are friends
because we're neighbors
and Ishida's my childhood friend,
so she's coming to my place.
You want to come too?
I have a brand-new cotton candy machine
that I got as a present
so we'll play cotton candy shop
and we'll even create our own money.
I grew more and more discouraged.
Maybe it would've been better
if I could have laughed more.
Ms. Iijima.
Oh, Ms. Aoyama. Hello.
Hi there.
How have you been?
I was surprised to hear you had come back
to Japan with your child.
Moving to different countries
for work can be tiring.
I got fed up of relocating. And elementary
school marks a new chapter, right?
I think it's a good time
to start ballet too.
She still can only speak English
and can't fit in at school.
Could you teach her ballet?
So she wants to do ballet?
No, but I didn't want to leave her
with strangers she can't communicate with.
My English is not very good but
In the end, I learned to speak Japanese
by the time I graduated
from elementary school.
Does becoming able to speak Japanese
have anything to do with ballet?
No, it doesn't have
much to do with ballet.
Ultimately, I couldn't make friends
with anyone at school or in ballet class.
-Hey, Aoyama.
Let's go to the mall. Do you have ballet?
Okay, but I'm going to have
to leave early because I have ballet.
Cool. Let's ask Nagase as well.
I took the entrance exam for a prestigious
junior high school and got in.
Once I could speak,
I started interacting with more people.
Still, I didn't have
any friends like Ms. Ishida.
I continued taking ballet lessons.
If anything, I grew to like ballet
more than when I first started.
And one,
and two, and three, and four, and five,
plié, arabesque, cross.
And one, and two,
and three, and four, and five,
plié, forward, cross.
Mr. Miura, do an arabesque for me.
Keep your hips aligned.
Straighten it up here
and point your toes to here.
Hey, I have two tickets for a show but
I can't go that day. You want them?
What show?
A ballet company coming from Germany.
I have to attend a memorial service.
How much are they?
13,000 yen each.
That company doesn't come to Japan often,
so it'll be a great learning experience.
The tickets are hard to get
because the lottery odds are high.
If it's such a great company,
aren't there other people who want to go?
There are,
so it's first come, first served.
Maybe someone who wants
to go pro should go.
But I want to see that show too.
You once said you wanted to quit
because practice was tough.
Since you have high school entrance exams
coming up, now's a good time to quit.
I don't want to quit anymore, though.
I'm going to ask Ms. Iijima when would be
a good time to quit, so think about it.
Right around that time,
I heard that my elementary school friend
Ms. Ishida was moving
into the neighborhood.
Ms. Ishida and I had both
just gotten smartphones,
and collecting contact information from
elementary school classmates was a thing.
My mom might make me quit ballet.
Convince her that ballet
won't interfere with your studies.
If I hadn't brought up the tickets,
it wouldn't have turned out like this.
But you don't want to quit, right?
I mean, I don't know
if I can become a pro or anything.
Everyone else is amazing
but I'm not particularly outstanding.
I do want to dance, though.
It's not ballet but my parents
are still letting me dance.
Though it won't help
with the entrance exams
Remember that counting game
we used to play?
The one we played on our way home.
I wonder what was so fun about it.
What game?
We counted and tagged each other.
Sorry, I don't remember. Did we play that?
Oh, really? We used to play it a lot.
I don't remember it at all.
Did we even walk home together?
You don't remember?
Not really
I only remember you as the kid
who couldn't speak Japanese.
Well, it was in first grade after all.
But hey, your Japanese got really good.
Yes, so I'm thinking of making her quit.
I think now's the time.
Aoyama was debating
whether to indicate that she could hear
what her mother was saying on the phone.
I mean, a lot of the kids
have long limbs and slender physiques
that are more suited for ballet.
I regret not letting her do another sport
that's more suited for her.
I hoped she could make friends through
a sport where she didn't have to speak.
Let's go out for a meal
again sometime, Ms. Iijima.
I want to thank you
for looking after her until now.
I didn't choose to be born
in this body and,
as for friends, it's not my fault
I couldn't communicate.
That's what I wanted to tell her.
I also knew
I couldn't become a pro.
I repeated my mother's words
to Ms. Iijima.
Although the reason I had to quit ballet
wasn't of my own making.
Everyone else started when they were
about three but I started late.
They're all tall and have long limbs.
Everyone moves so gracefully
and are much more talented than me.
I have to start going to cram school.
If I spend more time studying,
I'll fall further behind everyone else
and will become a burden to you, so
I want to quit.
Is the decision to quit
truly coming from you?
I'm not talented.
But you've improved at things
you couldn't do before.
Becoming able to do something
you couldn't before is amazing.
It's a waste of time for me
to continue with ballet.
I haven't had talent
since I was born in this body.
If you truly want to continue ballet,
I will support
It's pointless for me to continue,
so don't bother.
I didn't start ballet on my own will.
I only did it because my mom told me to.
And because I didn't have
friends at school.
I was only listening
to what my mom told me
because I didn't have
anyone else to talk to.
But, to be honest
I wanted to continue a little longer.
You can go to cram school
and come to my studio.
Just tell your mother
you're going to study and come here.
Aoyama washed her leotard at the studio
and left her equipment there too.
She covered her tuition
by helping out in the studio.
However, since it didn't amount
the full tuition fee,
it was largely thanks
to Iijima's kindness.
Aoyama told her mother
she was going to study at the library
and continued taking ballet lessons.
And one.
Extend your arm to the side.
Keep your back straight.
Aoyama's mock exam results were good
and she was deemed likely
to gain admission
to her preferred schools.
Most of the high schools she was going
to apply to were picked by her mother
but the list also contained
some schools Aoyama herself liked.
Ms. Aoyama.
I'm hoping you'll take on a role
in the next recital.
It's Columbine.
I'd love to.
I think it might be good
if you told your mother about this.
I don't know if you plan on continuing
ballet once you're in high school,
but I think it would be good for her
to see you perform.
I'll apologize to her, too,
for having kept this a secret.
I'll try inviting her.
Mom, can we talk?
What is it?
Is it bad news?
No, it's not that.
Then tell me.
So, I was going to cram school, right?
And I was studying with friends
at the library. Well, I still am.
I also got good results on the mock exam.
That's because I studied a lot
and I'm glad I did.
I think I can get into
my first-choice high school.
So, the thing is
When I said I was going
to the library, I was lying.
What do you mean?
At times, I really went to the library.
But most of the time
I was taking ballet lessons.
On the day I went to tell
Ms. Iijima I was quitting,
she said if I helped out at the studio,
she would let me take lessons for free.
I kept all of my equipment at the studio
and washed my things there too.
So, there were days where
I pretended to go to the library
and took ballet lessons.
I don't plan on continuing ballet
in high school.
Although I do love ballet.
Ms. Iijima and I were talking
about taking it easy, you know?
My last recital is coming up.
Ms. Iijima offered me a role,
and it's a proper role.
It's my first big recital,
so I was hoping you'd come.
It would be great if you came to see it.
What do you
How dare you meddle
in other people's educational choices?
You've not just been meddling
but also interfering.
I can't believe you've been
deceiving me all this time.
Working together with a child
to deceive her parents?
Are you going to adopt her, or what?
I'm not going to let her
participate in the recital.
Children this age aren't allowed to work,
and it's not just about paying her or not.
It's just wrong.
Making her work in exchange
for lessons? Seriously?
She was struggling and
you made her believe I'm a toxic parent.
What are you going to do about
our parent-child relationship now, huh?
Or did you think I couldn't afford
the tuition? How much is it?
I'll wire it to you.
Although it's money I shouldn't have
to pay since I thought I'd made her quit.
But I'll pay you that money.
Please accept this dirty money and
continue teaching ballet.
Now, please give me your banking details.
This goes for everything
but it's all about talent, right?
In the end, I couldn't
participate in the recital.
I haven't danced since getting
into high school, and now
The only feeling I have left is
that I wanted to dance.
Aoyama's mother had
already entered the orifices.
In her mind, Aoyama organized
the things she wanted to tell her mother
and headed towards an orifice.
If I could've chosen
how I wanted to be born,
I'm not sure if I would've chosen myself.
Subtitle translation by:
Mariko Yasuoka-Sator
I didn't get a job.
I wanted to take the judicial exam.
Shouldn't you give up
on the judicial exam?
I wanted to live an age-appropriate life.
How about getting a regular job?
What should I do then?
Should I just end my life here?
Seven Orifices.
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