Seven Orifices (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

In May 1972,
at an amusement park in Hokkaido.
Rumors circulated about young women
disappearing one after another.
The rumor was that they were drugged
and abducted
when they went to the restroom.
He's an abductor!
However, no such incidents
had actually occurred.
Yet, in late May,
the owner found himself surrounded
by the public, on the verge of a riot.
Even though there were reports
denying the rumors,
the situation didn't settle down.
As with the amusement park incident,
rumors spread and don't die down
even if they're known not to be true.
Around the time the orifices appeared,
there was an increase in people
visiting hospitals due to asthma.
Even after it became clear that
the orifices weren't the cause,
many still kept blaming the orifices.
People like to spread captivating lies
even after the truth is revealed.
Please do your part
in spreading the real facts.
Are there any warm drinks?
Wine can be warmed up, right?
I brought some camping gear,
so I'll go get them.
Did we run out of wine?
No, we still have some.
We all can see the orifices,
but what if we're all just imagining them
at the same time?
Do you mean, what if they don't exist?
But we all believe they're there.
You mean, if everyone believes
they're there, everyone can see them?
If so, where are the people who entered?
I don't know about that.
Who wants some hot wine?
I'd like some too.
Should we warm up the whole bottle or
should we pour it in here and heat it up?
Oh, I'll do it.
You're up next, Mr. Watanabe.
Oh, yeah.
This story is a bit embarrassing for me
to tell, especially in front of women.
I felt embarrassed too.
Your story was fine.
I have a sister
who's a year older than me.
Our parents divorced when we were young.
We both went to live with our mother,
and so we played together a lot.
When we were in junior high school,
our father passed away
and our mother had to pay off his debts.
That's why my sister took on a part-time
job when she started high school.
And she got busy.
we were both able to go to university.
My sister started working after graduation
but I didn't get a job.
I wanted to take the judicial exam.
I've been studying meticulously
and taking the exams until recently.
How old are you now?
I'm 54. Yeah
I even didn't get a part-time job.
I was relying on my mother
to send me money and focused on studying.
Have you taken on a part-time job?
Um, no
Well, you know, studying is
harder than I thought.
Shouldn't you give up
on the judicial exam?
How old are you?
How old am I again?
Mom doesn't have the money
to support you anymore.
I want this to be the last time.
It's going to be my 12th attempt anyway.
Either way, I want this to be
the last time she sends you money.
Even if I pass the exam,
it'll still take time until I find a job.
I'll still be needing money
during that time.
I wonder what I should do then.
If you pass, I'll lend you a little money.
A loan
What does Mom say about this?
What I just told you.
For Watanabe, being cut off meant
the end of his life.
Of course,
he did think about what would happen
when his mother grew old and passed away.
But it was something he'd rather not
think about, even more so than the exams.
What should I do then?
Should I just end my life here?
No, I just need 100,000 yen.
It's half of what Mom used to send me.
You have a stable job, don't you?
It's only until I find a part-time job.
What should I become
if I can't find a part-time job?
So you do mean I should end my life.
In the end, my sister
didn't lend me money.
But she introduced me to an acquaintance
who owned a movie theater.
They paid 500 yen for a drink that costs
100 yen at the convenience store.
They bought two of those 500-yen drinks.
They were probably
20 years younger than me.
With my hourly wage of 920 yen,
I would have to work two hours.
This guy will buy two colas
and a premium popcorn.
Can I get two colas and
a premium popcorn? The caramel one.
I can't afford this kind of lifestyle.
If I had an income appropriate for my age,
I could afford to eat and drink here too.
Excuse me, the movie's starting soon,
so could you hurry?
I'll be quick.
I didn't want to breathe the same air
as those who couldn't even plan
their shopping time
before coming to the cinema.
Can I talk to you?
So, lately
On the days you're working here,
the number of ice creams
somehow doesn't add up.
Don't play dumb.
I mean,
I appreciate you working almost every day.
But I found it strange,
so I checked the surveillance cameras
from the past days.
Do you have anything to say?
Um, I'm not sure what to say.
If you don't know what to say, it's okay.
Just wait here.
What are you going to do?
About what?
If I die and I'm not around anymore,
what will you do?
No one will help you.
I need you to die before that.
Before I die.
Watanabe's next part-time job was
at a wedding hall.
However, this didn't last long either.
Watanabe delved into quicker ways
to turn his life around.
The most talked-about place now is Dubai.
With the right methods and strategies,
even monkeys can become successful.
I'm not into information products.
But many live in places
like Thailand and Dubai,
and I think just meeting
and talking to them would be insightful.
Will those people meet with you?
I don't think there's anyone else with
such initiative to come and meet them.
You don't need to do that.
Just by changing your goal from
the judicial exam, you've changed a lot.
It's not about that.
I want to change my perspective on life.
What do you think?
Just to be sure. You're not asking me
for money, are you?
Of course not. I'll go by myself.
Please exchange this for Thai currency.
Oh, here.
To Narita Airport, please.
I overslept on the day of my flight.
I actually didn't want to pay for a taxi.
Money's tight for me this month,
so I'm grateful for
this drive to Narita Airport.
No problem.
I considered that paying this person
may have been a good thing.
In the end, the only thing I'm good for is
borrowing money and spending it on others.
Watanabe was disheartened but searched
for tickets he could buy on the spot.
I don't mind the destination,
but are there any tickets still available
for a flight to Asia?
Watanabe came to meet
famous influencers living in Dubai.
However, he did not know
any of them personally,
nor did he have their contact information.
What drove Watanabe was a mentality
similar to that of gambling.
Naturally, they didn't conveniently appear
in the places he had seen on social media,
and time passed by.
No negotiation here.
Hotel first.
You speak Japanese?
Half Asian.
Let's go. Which way?
But I need to know the price first.
1,000 dirhams.
I do have money, you know?
Just give me a minute.
This is bad.
Seriously bad.
I was actually planning
on going to Thailand today.
So I exchanged yen
for baht and not dirhams.
I thought
it would be fine
since I have a credit card.
That's why I don't have dirhams on me.
I have money
and I am definitely going to pay you.
The banks are closed now, right?
I could pay you in baht but
No, that's not
I know.
you know what?
Let me calculate how much
this would be in dirhams.
Let's see
Oh, wrong number.
One second.
-No need to rush.
Okay, yeah
I have 1,000 dirhams. No problem at all.
How about I pay you in baht?
These are genuine baht bills.
I can give you more than
1,000 dirhams' worth if you want.
I can't make out
if they're really genuine,
so I'll stay here
until you can exchange it.
In fact, this incident brought
Watanabe and Rina closer.
Rina became the first friend
Watanabe made as an adult.
But that's a story for another time.
Have you ever been to Japan?
It's the opposite.
What do you mean?
I lied about being mixed.
Well, it happens.
I came here to work
because I can make more money.
By standing?
There used to be a middleman
who would refer clients to me.
I made good money the first time I came,
and this is my second time.
But apparently, it wasn't allowed
and the middleman got caught.
I didn't want to go home
without earning anything.
I didn't want to end up
losing money on the flight.
Did you come alone?
Yeah, well
I'm not here on vacation.
I'm here to learn something, even though
I haven't done anything productive yet.
What do you want to learn?
About life.
I want to figure out stuff like that.
I see.
What do you do for a living?
I actually wanted to get into law
to help people, you know?
But I failed the judicial exam every time.
So I gave up recently.
I wanted to get a job but at my age
So I worked some part-time jobs.
I wanted to live an age-appropriate life
and thought I'd try out different things.
Did you learn anything today?
No, today I didn't learn anything.
The people I saw on social media
aren't anywhere to be found.
Have you met any of them in Dubai?
No, I haven't.
I see.
How about getting a regular job?
It's not possible.
At my age, I can't start over anymore.
I'm even belittled at my part-time jobs.
Be it getting qualifications or
going out for fun, everything costs money.
-I can't get a regular life anymore.
No "buts."
It's just impossible for me.
What others are allowed to do,
I'm not anymore.
It's enough for me if I can watch
one movie a month.
It's enough if I can go out
for drinks with friends twice a month.
With the jobs I can still get, I can't
afford to treat my sister to a meal
or to take my mother
on a trip for Mother's Day.
I can't start over anymore.
Had I known life doesn't allow do-overs,
I wouldn't have bothered taking the exams.
I hope you find a job soon.
It's double my price.
I don't need it anymore, so take it.
when I'm back in Japan, I'll treat
you to a meal. Just once, though.
Go enjoy some good food in Dubai.
Where in Tokyo do you live?
In Iogi.
I'm planning to tell my sister
that I'm going to enter the orifices.
Your story isn't embarrassing at all.
Of course it is.
Not at all.
Did you go have a meal
with that person in Japan?
Ah, yes.
We met a few times.
I hadn't expected
to become friends with her.
It's easier to make friends when
you're abroad, right? I totally get you.
I don't know her real name, though.
-Could you pass me the wine?
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
I've never stolen anything.
Don't do it.
Although, the ice cream was delicious.
Watanabe hadn't met his sister since
he informed her about going to Dubai.
Oh, I see.
I'm actually on my way right now.
Yeah, but
It's not urgent,
so I could turn around and come meet you.
Well, yeah,
I don't have to enter the orifices today.
On that day, Watanabe went to see
his sister and his mother.
Watanabe lamented that his life was one
where he couldn't obtain what he desired.
His sister suggested that he join
the company she was working for,
making it his first full-time job.
Subtitle translation by:
Mariko Yasuoka-Sator
I successfully promoted
several hotels and guesthouses.
Your hotel in Oita was quite the buzz.
It hit my highest revenue ever.
Your videos have
never hit it big, have they?
What he did to me won't disappear.
Seven Orifices.
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