Seven Orifices (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

It started with the social media account
of a man who claimed
to have returned from the orifices.
The orifices lead
to 200 years in the future.
And it's not on Earth.
The orifices led to a planet
overflowing with brightness.
I don't think the brightness was
perceived through my eyes,
but rather through my five senses,
since I could even see it
with my eyes closed.
The brightness had a natural effect
of making people happy.
The place where people gather is
different from a town but is beautiful.
By the way,
many people are already
in this light-filled place.
And there is no cell service
that connects to Earth.
The word "return" gave rise
to a lot of unfounded speculation.
Many other accounts appeared,
which tried to enhance credibility
by posting descriptions of photos claimed
to have been taken in the orifices.
However, it took less than a month
for this man's lie to be exposed.
Not a single person has yet
returned from the orifices.
After having recorded
the stories of five people,
Okamoto remembered something.
His relationship with his grandmother.
He was wondering which part of his life
would be appropriate to record
for a life leading to the orifices.
Through the personal histories
of the first five people,
Okamoto's deeply rooted worry
had grown large enough
for him to clearly recognize it.
This worry would eventually
influence his final decision
but that comes later in the story.
At this time, Sugaya was pondering on
the option of not entering the orifices.
Upon thinking about the order of entry,
he had realized something.
If they followed their set schedules,
Kawabata would go in first.
Sugaya would be second.
He was afraid of being the only one
in this group not to enter the orifices.
In the absolute freedom where they could
decide if they wanted to enter or not,
Sugaya was binding himself
with his own self-consciousness.
Who's next?
Oh, me.
Actually, when I was in
my fifth year of elementary school,
I was being ignored by my classmates
for a short period of time.
It all started with a classmate of mine
who played soccer.
His name was Takayuki.
I joined the same
soccer club as him later on
and apparently, he didn't like that.
Kawabata saw a certain similarity
between himself and Shingo.
It was their positions in sports.
Like Shingo, Kawabata had also
struggled with jealousy.
He had to deal with
a good amount of unfairness,
yet he had never gotten angry.
However, he would later come to realize
that he was the exact opposite of Shingo.
Before I started playing soccer,
I was a quiet kid at school.
But after I began playing soccer,
I gradually started joining
in conversations in class.
Takayuki often said,
"You used to be the quiet kid."
Let's go to the schoolyard.
Okay. Dodgeball?
Let's play against Class 2.
With the soft ball?
The hard ball isn't good for curveballs,
so I'll go inflate the soft ball.
-Let's go!
Shingo. Soccer quiz time.
Uh, okay.
What's an early cross?
You don't know?
No way! Have you been pretending
to know soccer?
Hey guys, he's a pretender! Unbelievable!
You're a pretender who's playing soccer.
By the way, I was better
at soccer than he was.
You're so gross.
Don't act so cocky, you pretender!
Since then, Takayuki kept telling
the other classmates
to ignore Shingo because
he was pretending to know things.
At first, none of the classmates
listened to Takayuki.
But due to his persistent
ignoring of Shingo,
the classmates gradually
started to follow suit.
At first, they weren't
completely ignoring me.
Oh, uh-huh.
I started realizing that
they were avoiding me
but I kept talking to them as usual.
Let's go to the traffic park.
Hey, Akira.
You're friends with Mocchi, right?
One day, Shingo decided to talk to Akira,
a quiet student
who was good at basketball.
Until then, he hadn't
talked much with Akira.
We play cards together.
What game do you play?
A card game I came up with.
Wow, I'd like to try that too.
You have to start
by making your own cards.
But because you could
make cards that are too strong,
you can't make them alone.
You have to make them with me and Mocchi.
What kind of game is it?
I have a rulebook.
Ghost Bug Bird. Radiance of the Phoenix.
-Attack point 1,000!
-Hit 3,000 to all!
Guard with Shadow.
Megalo Monster. Illusion. 900.
Electric Attack with Electric Current.
Three thousand!
Cursed Mask. Guard again.
Here I go.
Devil's Hand. Attack 2,200!
Why don't you get along with Takayuki?
I didn't have a problem with him.
But in our soccer club,
he gets scolded and I don't.
Actually, he's the quiet one on our team.
In my opinion, he's a pretender too.
I'm not pretending to know stuff.
Rock Arm. Attack
-Twelve hundred!
About four months after Shingo
and Akira started hanging out together,
the other classmates who had been ignoring
Shingo started talking to him again.
We want to play cards with you two too.
Shingo accepted this.
As for Takayuki,
he had stopped coming to school.
I heard this from my parents,
so I don't know the whole story,
but apparently Takayuki and his parents
had to run from debt collectors.
That's why he transferred schools
without goodbyes.
To be honest,
when I found out about this, I felt
Happy's not the right word
Well, I guess I was kind of happy.
But I thought I shouldn't say it out loud.
After graduating from university, Shingo
traveled around Japan and other countries,
searching for ways
to make money on his own.
Actually, I got a job
after graduating from university
but it got boring after three years.
I probably didn't have to travel
around the world
but everyone on social media
seemed to be traveling.
Shingo had started to think
working with others at a company
and living amid others' jealousy wasn't
suitable for him.
I tried my hand at various things.
Like programming and things
I could start my own business with.
I did come up with new services
and created apps
but none of them caught on.
Seeing other entrepreneurs I knew
appear in the media,
I felt the urge to start
something new too.
Yet, everything new
I tried to create failed.
And this was what worked out for me.
-Here you go.
You'll handle it?
Yes. I will pay you once it's sold.
-What account will you be using?
This one.
Let me take this.
My proxy online sales business
went fairly well,
and I started earning
a small profit from it.
An ad campaign I did on social media
worked out well too,
and after six months,
I managed to save up a bit of money.
My follower count skyrocketed too.
Excuse me.
I have an appointment. I'm SHINGO.
Using social media to attract customers is
incredibly effective.
Yet, it won't work if
the actual charm of an inn isn't there.
It's not enough if the place
only looks appealing on the internet.
On the other hand,
it's a shame if an inn has charm
but isn't effectively promoted
on social media.
We have young staff who are managing
a few accounts on social media.
Don't worry. I'm good at what I do.
It hasn't made much of a difference.
The question is, is that person
a professional social media marketer.
On page 12, I have listed the performance
of the accounts I previously managed.
Shingo started a new business
as a social media management consultant.
Let me introduce a Japanese inn
that is perfect for
a summer getaway for couples.
It's surrounded by stylish spots
that are totally photogenic,
and it's also a foodie heaven.
The seafood at the inn is
top-notch as well.
And the ocean view from the window is
seriously stunningly blue.
On top of that
If you mention you've seen
this review on SHINGO's account,
you'll get a free one-hour pass
for the private hot spring.
A Japanese inn that is perfect
for a summer getaway.
A Japanese inn that is perfect
for a summer getaway!
Shingo's consulting services
were successful once again.
The inn's clientele shifted
to younger people,
attracting a large number of visitors.
It quickly became a popular destination.
I successfully promoted
several hotels and guesthouses.
The business itself finally got on track,
and I made some friends.
-Hey, man.
Your hotel in Oita was quite the buzz.
It hit my highest revenue ever.
You're making good money, huh?
I hope you're not gambling illegally.
Nah, I'm clean.
You might not have to make money anymore
but there's a call for PR proposals
for a foreign-owned hotel.
Do you want to collaborate
with my company?
Oh, I didn't know that. When's it due?
We're working directly with the hotel,
bypassing the ad agency.
Is it legit?
Well, it might be a bit
Whoa, you're really pushing the envelope.
The presentation I prepared with Kondo
was able to beat out other ad agencies.
That's amazing. How old were you?
Um, I was
Matsuoka reacted to the term "ad agency."
That term had her momentarily wondering
how many times she had been manipulated
by those who bore that title.
She instantaneously had stopped
listening to Shingo's story.
So, I actually started working
with the hotel's PR director.
I heard he's pretty nice, but that
he'd drop me if the results were bad.
The turnover is quick
in rich foreign-owned companies.
Excuse me.
Come in.
This is SHINGO.
I'm SHINGO. Nice to meet you.
I'm Sato.
-Take a seat.
-Thank you.
So SHINGO, in the end, the inns and hotels
you were managing were rural, right?
Um, yes.
You might've been a star there,
but I wonder how it'll be here.
You're pretty much a newbie.
How old are you again? Pretty young, huh?
Can you handle our brand?
I mean, our clientele is different,
and that age group
doesn't use social media much.
But with this campaign, you're aiming
to target a younger demographic, correct?
Well, yes. But that doesn't matter much.
All I need to see are results.
My campaigns have been
successful most of the time,
so I just wondered
if I can leave it up to you.
I see.
I'll do my best.
if it doesn't work out in three months,
I can just drop you, so it's fine.
Thank you for your time.
-Thank you.
He wasn't nice at all.
I heard he's usually a really nice guy.
Great news for young people
who want to stay at a resort hotel
but don't have much money.
That famous luxury hotel is
starting an amazing campaign
for those who have
never stayed with them before.
The signboard might've
already given away a spoiler.
-Details about the hotel are at the end
-Hold it.
What are you going to do with that?
First, I'm going to edit it
to target couples and upload it.
Will it achieve it?
Achieve what?
High views.
Look, my campaigns are always successful.
Instead of uploading
these short videos online,
I could teach you a more effective way.
I think I mentioned this
in my presentation.
Yeah, so?
You want me to do something different?
It's not about doing something different.
May I continue filming, then?
It's not that.
I want someone who listens to me.
Not being flexible about changes
shows that you still have
the mindset of a student.
Your videos have
never hit it big, have they?
You have no idea
how quickly I got promoted.
I got to this position in no time.
Instead of relying on social media,
you should reach out to the media.
Just tell them,
"PR director Sato is making a move."
I see
This is the buffet.
One, two, three, four, five, six
Although it's a buffet,
there are 13 chefs
who will cook for you on the spot.
Here is the buffet.
One, two, three
One, two, three, four, five, six
Although it's a buffet, there are 13 chefs
who will cook for you on the spot.
This is a surprise even for me!
The rooms have large windows
with a panoramic view.
And even the bathroom! Voila, ocean view!
Yeah, no.
We can't use this.
It's not suitable for our clientele.
For the younger clientele
We can't use this at all.
None of Shingo's videos were released
during the contract period,
and the contract ended.
Six months later,
Shingo received a phone call.
Mr. Sato, the PR director,
apparently passed away from a stroke.
I was wondering if you'd like
to attend his funeral.
No way, I'm not going.
Why not?
Why would I?
After I endured all that power harassment
and unfair criticism,
he practically broke the contract.
Yeah, but he died.
So what?
What he did to me won't disappear.
I can go on bad-mouthing him
without a problem.
Don't be so petty.
I'm petty? What do you mean petty?
You know exactly what happened.
Yeah, but he's already dead.
What do I care if he's dead?
Does being dead suddenly
make him above criticism?
Why won't you answer?
You're not grateful to him at all?
Nope, not at all.
Okay, yeah.
I do understand your sentiment too.
But aren't you being petty?
I mean, it would be nice if I could live
without holding grudges.
I know people like that exist.
But whether you can forgive someone
just because they're dead is
a separate issue.
Calling you petty
makes it sound like it's your problem.
-That's not fair.
Well, yeah.
Towards the end, I was just complaining
but that's my story.
I hope no one has to experience that.
Before entering the orifices,
Shingo posted his last social media post.
In his post, he wrote that
he would be entering the orifices.
And also that, if someone was holding
a grudge against him,
he would like to talk to them
before entering the orifices.
Subtitle translation by:
Mariko Yasuoka-Sator
Apartment number 813!
Why are you shouting out
the apartment number?
We wanted to see the corpse.
Want me to find out?
I'm not interested in your curiosity.
Seven Orifices.
This was the first time I regretted it.
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